ABSU Streaming Entire New Album Via Decibel Magazine

As ABSU‘s latest evolutionary output — their sixth full-length, Abzu — nears North American release this Tuesday, October 11th via Candlelight Records, advance reviews from print and online media worldwide are praising the brilliant, blazing textures the opus bears. As with every album in the Texas-based outfit’s lineage, Abzu takes ABSU‘s occult blackthrash mythology to new calculating, dark new territories through a whirlwind of razor-sharp riffage and Proscriptor’s signature scathing cackle and some of the most top-notch drumming in extreme metal.

Today, Decibel Magazine is helping us bring the wrath of Abzu to the masses as we await its pending release, by streaming the entire album. LISTEN HERE!

Abzu,is the second part of an ongoing trilogy of albums, which began with 2009’s acclaimed Absu, and will eventually come to a finale with Apsu. Recorded at Nomad Recording Studios in Carrollton, Texas, Abzu finds drummer/vocalist Proscriptor and bassist/vocalist Ezezu sharing equal vocal duties and debuts the skills of new guitarist Vis Crom. The record was mixed by J.T. Longoria (King Diamond/Solitude Aeternus), and features original cover art from Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak (Watain, Behemoth, Destroyer 666, Vader).

ABSU Confirmed Live Rituals:
10/22/2011 007 Rock Bar – San Antonio, TX
10/29/2011 Aurora Infernalis Festival – Driel, Netherlands
11/10/2011 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA [info]
11/11/2011 Club Europa – Brooklyn, NY [info]
11/12/2011 Reverb – Reading, PA [info]
11/13/2011 Wonderland Ballroom – Revere, MA
11/26/2011 Messe des Morts Festival – Montreal, QC [info]

“…a hellaciously adventurous, unrelentingly brutal slab of fully actualized gonzo metal… It is a new extreme metal benchmark…” – Decibel

“…another strong release for one of black metal’s most underrated groups. Few albums can touch the complex drum play… a top tier album of 2011.” – Metal Underground

“Very few bands truly know how to create music that sonically obliterates the listener while maintaining a critical groove. Absu clearly is one of them and Abzu is clearly their greatest release this side of Tara.” – Blistering

“Proscriptor’s drums are of particular note as they absolutely detonate across the disc, and they’re treated in the furious mix like the lead instrument they ought to be… Without doubt, one of the best records I have heard this year.” – Hellbound