ABOVE & BELOW: No Clean Singing Streams Suffer Decay Alone Debut From Plaguewielder Guitarist’s Industrial Metal Entity; Album To See Release Friday On Disorder Recordings

No Clean Singing is hosting an exclusive stream of Suffer Decay Alone, the infectious debut from blackened industrial metal entity ABOVE & BELOW, ahead of the album’s release through Disorder Recordings this Friday.

Directly following the 2021 release of Ohio-based black metal act Plaguewielder’s Covenant Death album, primary member Bryce Seditz branched out in 2022 with his solo act ABOVE & BELOW. Utilizing the local noises of mines, steel mills, and the gloom of his surrounding area to create an overwhelming feeling of rejection and despair on the debut album, Suffer Decay Alone sees Seditz applying his influences from the likes of Tim Skold and 3Teeth, and taking the approach of Ministry’s Al Jourgensen handling all songwriting and most of the production, resulting in an album fans of Ministry, 3Teeth, Godflesh, Frontline Assembly, Meathook Seed, Dødheimsgard, (V.E.G.A.), Red Harvest, and Thorns must hear.

Suffer Decay Alone sees Bryce Seditz handling all vocals, guitar, synth programming, and engineering, while Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves, Deeper Graves, Contrition, Disorder Recordings) helps polish off the album with bass, manipulation, mixing, and mastering. The album’s vibrant cover artwork was created by Chris Smith.

Seditz states, “Suffer Decay Alone is an amalgamation of how I’ve felt over the past two years, from feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness to suicidal and downright blood boiling anger. I’ve always wanted to make industrial music. Making this album taught me a lot, not only in a musical sense, but it taught me a lot about myself. It’s crushing, brutal, and very emotional for me. I hope everyone feels that vibe from this album, as it means a lot to me.”

No Clean Singing reviews Suffer Decay Alone in great detail alongside their early stream of the album, the stellar critique including, “Would you want to dance to this music? Maybe… but you’d have to let Seditz‘s scarring voice and afflicting sonic assaults live in your head while you do. And you’d have to lurch like a wounded animal if you move to the stagger-and-stomp of ‘Isolate,’ which is also one of the most frightening and demented of all the tracks — until you reach the immediately following track ‘Dead,’ which will just make most people want to curl up in a corner and shudder in fear.”

Hear ABOVE & BELOW’s caustic Suffer Decay Alone first at No Clean Singing RIGHT HERE.

Suffer Decay Alone will see release on CD and digital through Disorder Recordings this Friday, June 10th. Find preorders HERE, and watch the “Rust” video HERE.