ABOMINANT: Eleventh Full-Length From Kentucky Death Metal Faction Streaming In Full At New Noise Magazine; Napalm Reign To See Release This Friday Via Deathgasm


“Ultimately Napalm Reign succeeds at its goal: not to reinvent the wheel, but to light it on fire and send it scorching to the finish on a tread of searing riffs and forged-in-the-underground flair.” – Angry Metal Guy

Long-running Kentucky-based death metal faction, ABOMINANT, will release their Napalm Reign full-length this Friday Via Deathgasm Records. The band’s inexorable eleventh studio album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Scott Briggs and ABOMINANT inside Velocity Studios during the Winter months of 2015/16 and spews forth eleven brand new aural assaults, the band executing their subterranean, thrash-tinged blackened death with the passion and vehemence of true scene veterans.

In advance of its release, New Noise Magazine is currently streaming the record in its malevolent entirety. Comments bassist Mike May, “ABOMINANT is super excited about the release of our eleventh studio album. We think it’s our most destructive and infernal release to date and we hope it brings anyone who hears it the urge to drink a few beers and bang your head extra fast while you play it at full volume, the way it was meant to be heard. Metal Above All!”

Get brutal with Napalm Reign at THIS LOCATION.

Napalm Reign will be unleashed by Deathgasm Records on July 29th; preorders for the CD and digital versions can be placed HERE.

Angry Metal Guy champions ABOMINANT‘s Napalm Reign hailing a sound that’s, “thick, hot, and stuffy, with booming drums and a clear yet potent guitar tone. After over 20 years, I guess ABOMINANT know what production suits them best, and their experience is apparent in songwriting as well. While often easily digestible with its ABABC arrangements, the group avoid drudgery by alternating catchy main ideas with more malevolent chords, keeping the average song length to a succinct four minutes, and incorporating twists like the false ending in… ‘Burning Hemispheres’ and the growled speed metal chorus of ‘The Watchers.’… Ultimately Napalm Reign succeeds at its goal: not to reinvent the wheel, but to light it on fire and send it scorching to the finish on a tread of searing riffs and forged-in-the-underground flair.” Dead Rhetoric agrees, “ABOMINANT‘s dedication to the scene and releasing albums that take bits and pieces from the underground to strengthen their death metal attack is admirable…. they’ve continued to create death metal that can be at times brutal yet melodic and fits into their long discography. A band that plugs along to its own tune, rather than blindly follow the leader.” Moshpit Nation applauds an “excellent album by a veteran and accomplished group of musicians,” further hailing a, “rawness that speaks not of a lack of ability, but a purposeful will to play raw, aggressive music. On the skeleton of death metal (fused to a skeleton of power metal, I suppose), ABOMINANT have fleshed out an intriguing, ominous, brutal, and mesmerizing sound which demands repeat listens.” Adds No Clean Singing of fifth track “Burning Hemispheres” specifically, “The song is convincingly and disturbingly evil – there’s really no better word for it. It begins like a distant storm that rushes up to you in full force in the blink of an eye, with a morbid, twisting, grinding riff giving way to thundering drums and demonic, slashing chords pulsing with unholy energy – and a snare beat that hits between the eyes. A poisonous melody slithers through the song like a viper, and that attention to sinister melody, which is prominent even in the song’s vibrant and pestilential soloing, is one of the things that makes the song so seductive (as well as unmistakably feral and vicious).”

Abominant-Napalm Reign cover