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LYCIA: New Psalm From Exclusive Record Store Day Seven-Inch Streaming At Cvlt Nation

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Today, Cvlt Nation kicks off the weekend with the cathartic resonance of LYCIA’s “Silver Leaf.” The airy psalm comes off the band’s limited edition, split seven-inch with Black Mare, set for release tomorrow via Magic Bullet Records in honor of Record Store Day.

Hailing from Mesa, Arizona, LYCIA was initially forged back in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, confounding ears their groundbreaking ethereal darkwave sound conjurings. Heavily reverbed guitars, dark, wraithlike keyboard tones, and ominous programmed drums pushed the gothic scene forward as their music inspired Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative, and many within tangential dark, industrial circles. Their 1995 album, The Burning Circle And Then Dust (Projekt Records) remains a cult hit to this day. With “Silver Leaf,” there is no joy; only an eternity to ponder what’s been done. “Silver Leaf” comes about long after summer is gone, “where bright horizons are hard to find.” All that remains is reflection and memory slipping like sand through worn fingers.

“I feel like I’m floating in darkest space, gliding through the sonic universe of LYCIA,” relays Cvlt Nation. “Allow the tune to guide you at THIS LOCATION.”

The BLACK MARE/LYCIA split will be unleashed on April 18th, 2015 (Record Store Day) and is available for preorder on limited edition black wax and grey swirl at THIS LOCATION. Digital lovers can order the split via Magic Bullet’s BandCamp page HERE or iTunes HERE. The title goes immediately out of print after Record Store Day. Exclusive cover art and insert art by the bands themselves round out this frostbitten slab of wax.

BROKEN CROSS: Through Light To Night Debut LP From Swedish Cult Lo-Fi Punk Soloist Nears Release; New Track Streaming

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Swedish project, BROKEN CROSS, has completed the outfit’s debut LP, Through Light To Night, and is preparing it for release in the coming weeks.

Since 2011 the solo Swedish architect who issues his unholy creations under the moniker BROKEN CROSS has infiltrated the population with an intense brew of lo-fi punk/hardcore iniquity and a caustic metallic shell, citing G.I.S.M., Septic Death, Gehenna and unquestionable devotion to Integrity. Through an impressive discography of EPs and singles to date, titles like New World Soldier, Anti-Human Life and Secret Destruction have reared their heads against humanity through independent releases, as well as part of the Holy Terror Records movement and various underworld sects.

The maiden BROKEN CROSS full-length affront now comes crushing forth as Through Light To Night. Boasting ten new anthems for the end of times, the unhinged vibe of the album’s gutter punk approach is driven with merciless divebomb guitar leads, d-beat manglings and blackened punk might, fueled by a razor-lined vocal tirade. Enshrouded in a gloomy fog of eerie effects and samples, steeping the entire concoction in a horror/sci-fi Cannibal Holocaust vibe, the perilous back-alley sensation one endures with Through Light To Night is as unholy and unnerving as it is crucially compelling. Visually portraying this rapture, the cover art and layouts for the majority of BROKEN CROSS’ releases, including Through Light To Night, were created by Dwid Hellion (Integrity, Vermapyre, Holy Terror Records).

The second track from Through Light To Night, “Forsaken Existence,” is playing at THIS LOCATION.

Seekers of ill-omened, depraved extreme music far from the polished shores of the mainstream should pay heed to the calling of Through Light To Night. The creator of BROKEN CROSS will unveil Through Light To Night through his own Apocalyptic Visions cult on May 8th with both digital and 12” vinyl preorders and packages now available RIGHT HERE.

Through Light To Night Track Listing:
1. Intromancy
2. Forsaken Existence
3. World Demolition
4. Total Isolation
5. Into The Fire
6. Path To Extinction
7. The Age Of Deceit
8. Open The Black Hole
9. Poison Of Insanity
10. Outrocalypse

DAWN OF AZAZEL: New Zealand Progressive Death Metal Merchants Drop New Tune At Skulls ‘N’ Bones; The Tides Of Damocles Release Day Draws Near

Friday, April 17th, 2015

In less than two weeks, New Zealand ear-bleeders, DAWN OF AZAZEL, will drop their The Tides Of Damocles full-length upon the living. A name referencing the ocean as a metaphor for the forces of life that constantly assail and erode the will of those who seek power, The Tides Of Damocles marks the trio’s first new compositions in six years. Recorded, mixed and mastered last year at Mana Recording Studios (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Goatwhore, et al) in Tampa, Florida by Brian Elliot and J.J. Hrubovcak, the ten track creation offers up forty-eight battering minutes of brutal, scrupulously detailed death metal deviltry.

Said Kill Your Stereo in an early review of the record, “The Tides Of Damocles is aggressive, brutal while still incorporating grooves and melodies to make a more modern and progressive sound for DAWN OF AZAZEL. The blast beats are furious, the vocals raw and emotional and all backed up by driving riffs and solos. This album is definitely a standout work for a band appealing to a large fan base.”

Following No Clean Singing’s premiere of the Scott Rudd (Aborted, Acrania, Fit For An Autopsy)-producedVassalplasty” lyric video, still sullying the interwebs at THIS LOCATION, today Skulls ‘N’ Bones hammers faces in with a taste of “Controlled Burn,” the band elaborating, “‘Controlled Burn’ is one of the first songs we wrote for the album. We incorporated a wide range of tempos and probably the closest thing to a hooky chorus on the album on this track. Lyrically, it is a rejection of comfort, ease and familiarity, choosing to burn them to the ground in favour of the power, wisdom and confidence that is found the in the ashes of hardship, uncertainty, pain and toil. The greatest treasures are born of fire.”

Adds Skulls ‘N’ Bones, “Since 1999, DAWN OF AZAZEL has written some of the most intense and aggressive music in our scene, and The Tides Of Damocles is a culmination of all of those years thrown into one album. It’s their most diverse record yet, but don’t let that fool you, it’s still as crushing as ever.”

Feel the burn at THIS LOCATION.

DAWN OF AZAZEL will bring their bestial compositions to the stage on a slew of live incursions through New Zealand and Australia with future live demolitions to be announced shortly.

4/18/2015 Napier Deathfest – Napier, NZ
4/23/2015 The King’s Arm Tavern – Auckland, NZ w/ Napalm Death, Carcass
5/02/2015 The King’s Arm Tavern – Auckland, NZ w/ Suffocation, Decapitated
7/04/2015 Rust In Perth 2015 – Perth, AU
8/29/2015 Living Death Fest 2015 – Melbourne, AU

Influenced by the audio violence of bands like of Order Of Chaos, Immolation and Sarcofago, DAWN OF AZAZEL was forged in 1999 and rapidly established themselves with relentless live shows throughout New Zealand and Australia. The release of two demos and a 7″ received widespread acclaim within the underground fanzine and tape trading community. DAWN OF AZAZEL would later release their debut, the volatile The Law Of The Strong, though Agonia Records in 2003 followed by an extensive tour through New Zealand, their first ever shows in Europe and a headlining tour of Australia. Second full-length, Sedition, was unleashed via Ibex Moon and found the band playing over one-hundred-and-twenty shows touring first through Thailand, Indonesia, and the U.S., followed by thirty-two shows through Europe supporting Immolation. Australian tours with Deicide, Katyklysm and support slots on their homeland for Motörhead, Korn, Suffocation and Children Of Bodom capped off a year and a half of live bedlam to support the album. The band’s infamy was further bolstered by the controversial mix of the band’s violent and Satanic lyrical content and frontman Rigel Walshe’s occupation as a police officer becoming the subject of television and newspaper coverage at home and abroad.

Seeking a level of professionalism that could not be found at home, the band entered Erik Rutan’s famed Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida to record their third offering, Relentless, released via Unique Leader Records. Live journeys alongside Krisiun as well as support slots for Megadeth, Suffocation, Aborted, The Faceless, Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Morbid Angel, and Slayer ensued. Shortly after its release, Walshe was offered a position of a covert nature within the police department. During this period from 2010 through 2013 the band went on hiatus and focused on creating new material, re-gearing their personal circumstances to enable them to take the band to greater heights. 2013 was spent composing new material, and in early 2014 the band once again entered Mana Studios to record their fourth album The Tides Of Damocles.

The Tides Of Damocles will be released independently via the official DAWN OF AZAZEL BandCamp page at THIS LOCATION on April 28th, 2015 and come available digitally and as a stunning, deluxe, six-panel digipack with 20-page booklet. Preorder your copy today.

“Blunt ‘n’ belittling malevolence, mathy yet molten in nature, prepare to meet your new masters: New Zealand’s DAWN OF AZAZEL” – Terrorizer Magazine

OBSEQUIAE: Medieval Metal Artisans Offer New Tune From Aria Of Vernal Tombs LP With “Pools Of A Vernal Paradise” Via Cvlt Nation

Friday, April 17th, 2015

As these days thrive with fresh vegetation and foliage taking root, a new dawn breaks for Minnesota’s OBSEQUIAE, as the outfit presents its sophomore album, Aria Of Vernal Tombs, through 20 Buck Spin. Cvlt Nation has presented the one of these seasonally dedicated anthems from the expansive LP early, in the form of “Pools Of A Vernal Paradise.”

OBSEQUIAE taps into wells of inspiration from a vast array of lands and eras, their distinctive sound flourishing with as much early-1990s Scandinavian melodic black/thrash as it does classical passages of The Middle Ages. Glorious and mesmerizing facets of instrumentation from hundreds of years ago, including the extensive use of mournful but beautiful harp passages, find themselves within the disparate harshness of blackened wrath in a seamless design. The newest precursory sampling of the nearly forty-five minute, eleven-movement endeavor becomes accessible via Cvlt Nation, through a premiere of the album’s fifth track, “Pools Of A Vernal Paradise,” a prime example of these culminating factors.

OBSEQUIAE’s “Pools Of A Vernal Paradise” is now playing at THIS LOCATION.

No Clean Singing also released the LP’s two segued opening tracks, “Ay Que Por Muy Gran Fremosura” and “Autumnal Pyre” RIGHT HERE.

OBSEQUIAE’s sparse, sorrowful harp pieces appearing throughout Aria Of Vernal Tombs provide a foundation on which to base the longer metal-based sagas that form the album’s core. Black metal, death metal, traditional heavy metal and medieval music are all weaved seamlessly together in baroque yet abrasive reverence on Aria…, resulting in a remarkably original long-player. With a wet clarity to the incandescent production that cites underrated obscurities like Sacramentum’s Far Away From The Sun and Eucharist’s A Velvet Creation, along with the early works of Varathron, Samael and Rotting Christ, the atmosphere created on Aria Of Vernal Tombs brings to 2015 what such bands strangely but sincerely captured years ago. Every sound and shimmering tone is intentional and essential to this rite of Spring. Following their 2014 vinyl issue of OBSEQUIAE’s masterfully unique 2011 debut album, Suspended In The Brume Of Eos, 20 Buck Spin will release Aria Of Vernal Tombs on CD and through digital outlets on May 12th, and will follow with the LP version on June 9th with both physical versions delivered in gorgeous, foil stamped packages.

IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS: Denver Doom Titans To Open For Sleep This Weekend; Band Unveils New Tune + Limited Edition Artwork

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Following a successful, near-month-long live US takeover last month, Denver doom titans, IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS, will open for the originators of The Riff, Sleep, this Sunday as a precursor to 4/20, the unofficial national day of cannabis celebration. The following weekend, the duo will crush the weak at the Bluebird Theater where they’ll premiere new hymn, “Rendered Unto Ash,” live for the very first time. Additionally, the band will also have special limited screen-prints of the “Rendered Unto Ash” artwork by FTG Illustrations.

Comments IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS guitarist/vocalist Grant Netzorg: “‘Rendered Unto Ash’ was recorded in collaboration with our friends at TRVE Brewing CO & Flatline Audio, who are two of the biggest advocates for awesome heavy tunes here in Denver. Dave Otero spearheads Flatline Audio, where we also recently recorded Merging In Light, so we were excited to head back in to record with him once again. The new material is simultaneously among the heaviest stuff we’ve recorded, while it is also some of the more experimental. I was able to indulge my inner Ennio Morricone, and there are several passages in ‘Rendered Unto Ash’ which would be at home in an eerie spaghetti western. The artwork for this release was done by Fred Grabosky of FTG Illustrations. We met when he was touring with his old band, the awesomely heavy and psychedelic Sadgiqacea,and he has really gone all out for this piece. I gave him the very broad subject of wanting imagery that would invoke the idea of life springing from death, or something positive that is presaged by cataclysm. The end result of his work embodies this perfectly, and we are thrilled with it. For the TRVE/Flatline release show for’ Rendered Unto Ash’ at the Bluebird Theater on April 24th, we will have two different hand-screened versions of this art available in limited editions of twenty-three each, and will also have shirts with this art as well.” Discounted presale tickets are available at TRVE’s Denver tap room, or via the band directly.

4/19/2015 Ogden Theater – Denver, CO w/ Sleep, Primitive Man
4/24/2015 Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO w/ Khemmis, Ghosts of Glaciers, Lotus Gait

IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS continues to tout psalms from their Merging In Light EP, released at the close of 2014. Produced, mixed and mastered by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Catheter, Nightbringer, Primitive Man etc.) at Flatline Audio in Denver, Colorado, Merging In Light boasts over twenty, soul-collapsing minutes of rumbling, riff-sodden, fuzzed out cheerlessness. Featuring artwork by renowned illustrator Sam Turner, (Sleep, Speedwolf et al) the EP was released independently on limited 12″ colored vinyl and is currently available via the IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS BandCamp page HERE.

“…the most crushing doom I’ve experienced in some time. This EP needs to come with a warning: Head may implode.” — HeadbangorGTFO

“…perfect and depressing in its sound… a thunderous and downtuned beast. How this duo can make such a thunderous, epic, filthy, sludgy sound is bewildering.” – The Sludgelord

“…one of the most exciting bands around in the doom genre.” — Echoes And Dust

“…equal parts fucking heavy, headbangingly groovy, and a thickness in sound that makes most songs sound thin and obsolete in comparison.” – Teeth Of The Divine

“The music is tank-like in the roll of its mechanics, the guitar and bass chords so distorted and sludgy that it seems like an experiment in the most efficient means of sonic spinal compression, the drum strikes so powerful that they come down like a pile-driver on concrete. The effect is near-cataclysmic. But oh man, the groove is so dominant — these are neck-grabbing songs that will bend your head up and down to their will.” — No Clean Singing

“…an excellent addition to the collection of any one interested in the slow, dense and sludgy.” – Invisible Oranges

IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS have, yet again, succeeded in crafting a collection of tunes that are malicious and ugly, while still possessing an irrefutable catchiness.” – Heathen Harvest

BOSS KONG: Bloody Disgusting Debuts “Viet Kong” Single; Magic Bullet Preps 7” For Record Store Day As Simian Slaughter Unfolds

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Magic Bullet Records’ latest label acquisition — the simian mercenaries known as BOSS KONG – launch the full-on offensive of The Humans Soundtrack Vol. II tomorrow as an official Record Store Day release, but skirmish has broken out early, and the invasion of the “Viet Kong” has begun, raging through the frontline defenses intent on pillaging your village.

Charlie runs wild through the jungle dawn, Shovel mass graves for the Viet Kong.
Charlie runs thick as the day is long, Gonna get stabbed by the Viet Kong.
Ripping out throats in the hot Mekong, Don’t get fucked by the Viet Kong.
M-60s pierce the night, Special Forces & firefight. Cut loose & cut off heads, Put those Viet Kong to bed.

Early reports on the carnage come in courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, with the ape-drape savagery of BOSS KONG’s “Viet Kong” now playing HERE.

The Humans Soundtrack Volume II 7” was created solely for Record Store Day 2015 in a limited, one-time-only run of orange/gold vinyl, the bloody slab’s exclusive cover art and insert art created by creator Tom Neely (Henry and Glenn Forever) for extra scene points. Fans of Boris, Deathspell Omega, and Sonic Youth, this sounds nothing fucking like that. Bandcamp preorders are HERE, and mailorder HERE.

Set in the late 1960s/early ‘70s, “The Humans” is a book about an all-simian biker gang from Bakersfield, California, drinking, fighting, and fucking their way through the turbulent world around them. BOSS KONG is one of the book’s more popular, interesting characters and this installment of the soundtrack series tells tales from the perspective of an ape that’s seen inhumanities both abroad and on the home front. Voiced by a mystery metal figurehead and performed by a cast of mystery stoner rockers, part of the fun of this 7” is trying to figure out who’s behind the music itself. Once revisiting the glory days, two new hash-pipe nightmare rocker jams await, spreading the rampaging demoralization of the Tet Offensive onto coked-up mullet debauchery on The Humans Soundtrack Volume II, like Ponyboy Curtis ten years after he went from gold to crushed Milwaukee aluminum, now leading the outcasts from the Planet Of The Apes into full-on bar-brawl burnout turf of the metal underworld.

SIGH: Legendary Japanese Avant Extreme Metal Quintet To Release Tenth Studio Album Via Candlelight Next Month; New Tunes Posted

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Japanese extreme metal/noise icons, SIGH, will unveil their crushing tenth studio opus next month. Titled Graveward, the eclectic, ten-track offering took over two-and-a-half years to complete with each song comprising over one-hundred recording tracks exceeding 100GB of audio to select from in the final mixes. Inspired by musician/composer Fabio Frizzi, Graveward pays homage to Italian zombie and Hammer Horror classics. Graveward features guest performances from Trivium’s Matthew Heafy, DragonForce’s Fred Leclercq, Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth, Rotting Christ’s Sakis Tolis, The Meads Of Asphodel’s Metatron and others with fittingly twisted, grave-born cover art by Costin Chioreanu (Ihsahn, At the Gates, Deicide, Ulver, etc.).

In an early impression of the record, A Metal State Of Mind notes, “With a focus of a theme, more touches of thrash, and guest spots from more ‘mainstream’ metal artists from bands like Trivium and DragonForce, I would have to say Graveward is the most accessible SIGH record. A great starting point to delve into the madness with if you haven’t yet.  Best thing, with this accessibility, none of the experimentation that makes SIGH great has been sacrificed.”

Already devouring the hordes in Europe, Graveward will be released in North America via Candlelight Records on May 4th, 2015. Already devouring the hordes in Europe, Graveward will be released in North America via Candlelight Records on May 4th, 2015. In the meantime sample opening canticle of chaos “Kaedit Nos Pestis” as well as the official video for “Out Of The Grave” below.

Graveward Track Listing:
1. Kaedit Nos Pestis
2. Graveward
3. The Tombfiller
4. The Forlorn
5. The Molesters Of My Soul
6. Out Of the Grave
7. The Trial By The Dead
8. The Casketburner
9. A Messenger From Tomorrow
10. Dwellers In Dream

For over two decades, SIGH has been transcending the confines of extreme metal. Forged in 1989 in Tokyo, Japan, the band was initially signed by Euronymous’ infamous Deathlike Silence Records on which they released their debut full-length, Scorn Defeat, in 1993. SIGH would go on to release records via various imprints including Cacophonous, Century Media, Baphomet and The End before making Candlelight Records their label home with the release of 2012’s crushing, critically-adored In Somniphobia and this year’s Graveward.

Preorder Graveward via Candlelight Records at THIS LOCATION.

Mirai Kawashima – vocals, keyboards, orchestrations etc.
Dr. Mikannibal – alto, tenor, baritone saxophones, vocals
Satoshi Fujinami – bass, drums
You Oshima – guitar
Junichi Harashima – drums

“There’s no getting around it: SIGH is weird. But it’s the kind of weird you can get cozy with, once the foreignness subsides.”  - Invisible Oranges

BLACK MARE: New Video From Dark, Psychedelic Moon Movers Now Playing At Noisey; Split With Lycia To See Release This Saturday

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Today, Vice’s music portal, Noisey, offers up the visual accompaniment to BLACK MARE’s “Low Crimes,” a hymn that comes by way of the band’s forthcoming split 7” with Lycia, set for release on Record Store Day via Magic Bullet Records.

BLACK MARE is the dark ambient side project of Ides Of Gemini frontwoman, Sera Timms. On “Low Crimes,” bandmates from Ides Of Gemini and Mustard Gas & Roses (MGR) contribute to an aurally lush, yet glacially-paced cruise through Timms’ frozen world wherein she encourages the mind’s eye to notice relics like the feathers of fallen angels scattered about the snow. Ice crystals form on an old church bell in the distance as the subarctic tones of the composition take over everything in their path. There is no escape and there will be no thaw.

“I was trying to capture a deep, lush underworld feeling on ‘Low Crimes,’” elaborates Timms of the track, “but I wanted there to be a thread of light and softness. My own voice was not providing this, so I ended up having Tara Vanflower from Lycia add backing vocals which gives the vocal parts this perfect ethereal shimmering quality just hovering above the darkness.”

Directed by Timms, the haunting visual journey that comprises “Low Crimes,” is currently playing at Noisey who issues of the tune, “…the slow-burn heroin blues of the track is made even more ethereal with Timms’s vocal, who shifts the song down an even darkly enchanting path. ‘Low Crimes’ is witchy, unique, and ultimately gorgeous stuff, and the video is similarly enthralling.”

Get swept away at THIS LOCATION.

The BLACK MARE/LYCIA split will be unleashed on April 18th, 2015 (Records Store Day) and is available for preorder on limited edition black wax and grey swirl at THIS LOCATION. Digital lovers can order the split via Magic Bullet’s BandCamp page HERE or iTunes HERE.

BRAVE THE WATERS: The Obelisk Premieres “Voice Of The Ancient Oak” By Grey Skies Fallen/Buckshot Facelift Instrumental Duo

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

New York-based instrumental duo, BRAVE THE WATERS, is preparing to release their recently completed debut recordings in the form of the Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days EP. Nearly a month ahead of its release, a fresh tune from this new venture is now streaming through the rock underworld portal of The Obelisk.

Created by two New York musicians who both hold rank in epic death/doom quintet, Grey Skies Fallen, and spastic hardcore/powergrinders, Buckshot Facelift, the tranquil, wandering, instrumental passages the duo produces with BRAVE THE WATERS are far removed from the extreme ways of their other acts. The third of the half-dozen arrangements on Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days, “Voice Of The Ancient Oak” is one of the act’s favorites, and while it seemingly fell into place on its own — having been executed and captured in about a half hour — stands out as a glowing highlight of BRAVE THE WATERS’ maiden release. Issues the Taskmaster of The Obelisk on the ebbing movement, “Composed, according to the duo, in about half an hour, and expressed completely in three minutes, it’s emblematic of the efficiency with which Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days is able to conjure its atmospheres, and still holds firm to the human sensibility at the core of the project — two friends getting together and trying something new instrumentally that’s soaked in reverb and giving a brief look at a vast sonic horizon.”

BRAVE THE WATERS’ “Voice Of The Ancient Oak” can be heard at The Obelisk RIGHT HERE.

The EP’s “Journey Through Highwood Forest,” is also playing HERE.

Producing a mesmerizing, ethereal brew of beautiful, instrumental movements, BRAVE THE WATERS unites Grey Skies Fallen and Buckshot Facelift bandmates Tom Anderer (bass guitar, acoustic guitar) and Rick Habeeb (guitar). Having decided to write and record some instrumental tracks in a stripped-down fashion, with improvisation and spontaneity important aspects to each track the vast majority of what appears on their debut EP, Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days, was written and recorded on the spot. The six tracks of the EP sees the pounding drums, death metal vocals, and immense guitar distortion of their other acts completely abandoned, here replaced with clean guitars, melodic bass lines, and a healthy dose of Strymon’s amazing Big Sky reverberator.

Just in time for the Winter’s thaw, these winding passages inspire visions of lush nature and rebirth, matching the cover artwork by Travis Smith (Death, Opeth, King Diamond). Reminiscent of several styles at once, yet emerging as its own being, Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days is an immediately comforting, almost familiar release. BRAVE THE WATERS will release Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days independently through Bandcamp on May 12th.

SIXTY WATT SHAMAN: Long-Running Desert Rock/Doom Unit Joins Ripple Music; Band To Enter Studio With J. Robbins + Live Assaults Announced

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Long-running, Baltimore-based heavy desert rock/doom unit, SIXTY WATT SHAMAN, are pleased to announce their official union with California rock powerhouse, Ripple Music, for the release of their forthcoming new full-length. Titled Tabula Rasa and slated for release this Winter, the record will be tracked by J. Robbins of Jawbox at Magpie Cage Studio in Baltimore, Maryland next month.

Comments the band: “We are honored, proud, and excited to release our fourth album, Tabula Rasa, with Ripple Music, and join the incredible roster of such a fan driven, artist supportive and creatively freeing label. With our new material we have wiped the slate clean, the past is the past. It’s darker and heavier than our previous efforts, with the energy and soul that made us who we were, and will always be. Brothers, climbing up and down that mountain. Toss genre tags around as you will, we’re SIXTY WATT SHAMAN, and we’re back.”

In the meantime, SIXTY WATT SHAMAN – vocalist/guitarist Daniel Soren, lead guitarist Todd Ingram (King Giant), bassist/backing vocalist Rev. Jim Forrester and drummer/backing vocalist Chuck Dukehart III – will bring their blues-laden swagger to the stage of the The Opera House next month in Sheperdstown, West Virginia with Karma To Burn and RHIN. The following evening, the band will rumble the Empire in Springfield, Virginia as part of King Giant’s record release show. In June the band will quake pavement at The Maryland Doom Fest in Frederick, Maryland with additional onstage jam sessions to be announced soon.

5/29/2015 The Opera House – Sheperdstown, WV w/ Karma To Burn, RHIN
5/30/2015 Empire – Springfield, VA King Giant CD Release Party w/ Foghound
6/26/2015 The Maryland Doom Fest @ Club 611 – Frederick, MD

SIXTY WATT SHAMAN delivers a varied repertoire of hard hitting groove rock and ethereal psychedelic jams. The band’s influences vary from classic tube tones to heavy blues, southern groove, doom, and even the ghostly spirit of historic Americana and Appalachian bluegrass. With emotive impact as a center point in every song, from fully-amped hard hitters to the celestial space of acoustic tones, SIXTY WATT SHAMAN are true masters of all things heavy. With diverse musical influences and backgrounds, from punk, hardcore, and thrash metal to the distorted, fuzzed out, bands of the ‘70s to dark, experimental sludge, crust and noise and bluegrass, outlaw country and American southern rock, SIXTY WATT SHAMAN has become a true amalgamation of stimuli making for an uniquely undeniable “Sixty Watt Sound.” Having spent the nearly two decades manifesting their own untouchable brew of creativity and power this year SIXTY WATT SHAMAN are back to defy and erase categorical definitions and make their own brand of bad ass, American rock ‘n’ roll.

Stay tuned for further SIXTY WATT SHAMAN developments to be announced in the coming weeks.