RABBITS Ruins Your Day With New Video, Drops “Straight Edge/Wasted” Flexi

Portland’s caecothrophic collective RABBITS have excreted their very first hare-raising video to help ruin your day, constructed for the rampant skronking riffage of “Fight Right,” the second track off from their recently birthed Bites Rites LP. The cinematic mayhem was completed by Wes Johnson of Good to Die Productions — the film team responsible for labelmates Deadkill’s “Oh God Help You” video — utilizing early live footage shot by the fourth Rabbit Daniel Abell and RABBITS‘ own warped “us-versus-them” concept. Unleash the visual chaos of “Fight Right” below…

For this year’s Record Store Day these racket practitioners dropped a two-song flexi postcard thing called Flexihead, busting out conflicting covers of Minor Threat’s “Straight Edge” and Black Flag’s “Wasted” in the relentlessly blaring noise-infested RABBITS rage. Portland Mercury’s music editor issued a short blog post, highlighting the hand-written love note from the band stating “Enjoy your desperate attempts to make this thing play.”

Through the RABBITS Bandcamp outpost stream all of the “Straight Edge/Wasted” Flexihead HERE and the entire Bites Rites fiasco HERE.

RABBITS Stagefuckeries:
12/07/2012 The Josephine – Seattle, WA w/ Fist Fite, Monogamy Party, Brokaw
12/08/2012 Club 21 – Portland, OR w/ Fist Fite, Monogamy Party, Brokaw
1/18/2013 Alleyway – Portland, OR w/ Gaytheist, Transient

“…sounds like it was recorded in a collapsing steelworks…” – This Is Not A Scene

“Ever wonder what would happen if you put your Butthole Surfers records through a buzz saw?” – Vancouver Weekly

“… like running headfirst into a wall until you see stars.” – Portland Mercury

“Sort of like the soundtrack to a cheap slasher film with car sex, but better.” – Seattle Weekly

“…a choppy and rhythmically alarming dig toward hell. Guitars slice and poke, eventually slowing toward a bad trip of unsettling, drowning screams. Ugh…” – Heavy Planet

“…sped up and aggro hateful, like some mean, ratty pissed off uncles of Fu Manchu from up north of the redwood/good bud curtain.” – Your Flesh