OUT NOW! Joel Grind’s The YELLOWGOAT Sessions – Name Your Own Price

Joel Grind’s The YELLOWGOAT Sessions full-length is now available on iTunes, Bandcamp and Nimbits with Spotify, Amazon, MOG, etc. soon to follow.

Recorded as a Toxic Holocaust return-to-form of sorts (think the Critical Mass demo), The YELLOWGOAT Sessions features 10- tracks of raw, abrasive fuzzed out rock /metal /punk a la early Bathory and Motörhead. Comments Grind: “If you are looking for over produced shit that passes as Metal today this is NOT for you.”

Like first single “Cross Damnation,” the album is now available as a “name your own price” release with a suggested donation of $5 allowing fans to pay whatever they feel like paying… or pay nothing at all.

Grind elaborates: “Making a recording is far from free; your donation of any size goes toward supporting an independent artist and allows projects like this to continue. In my opinion, music being released direct from the artist to the fan with no middle men is the future. With your support of this project as well as similar ones from other artists, I think we can make a serious change in the way the music ‘biz’ is run.”

Preorders for the LP, as well as a limited edition bundle that includes the LP, T-shirt and a bonus track are available at the links below.

LP Preorders Available HERE

Limited Edition Bundle Preorders Available HERE.

It’s thrashy in places, but has more of a thrash n’ roll vibe. ‘Hells’ Master Of Hell’ is very Motorhead-influenced, with even raspier vocals. Songs like ‘Foul Spirit Within’ have a slower tempo and more ominous feel. The production is rough and raw with plenty of distortion, perfect for a project like this. Fans of Toxic Holocaust will definitely dig The Yellowcoat Sessions, as will those who appreciate down and dirty thrash-infused rock.” – About.com