Metal Grasshopper: Episode 6, “A New Level Of Courtesy And Power,” Starring Down’s Philip H. Anselmo + Comedian Dave Hill Now Playing At Metal Injection

As the Metal Grasshopper series draws to a fucking dramatic and monumental close, the final episode finds metal god, Philip H. Anselmo, and delusional manchild, Dave Hill, mending their often tumultuous relationship before Hill is released back into the wild (or at least the end of Anselmo’s driveway). Also, Anselmo confronts Hill about not relaying those messages from King Diamond. It’s goddamn nuts.

Sally forth towards Metal Injection to watch Metal Grasshopper, Episode 6: “A New Level Of Courtesy And Power” at THIS LOCATION. And while you’re there, catch your goddamn lazy ass up on the last five chapters:

Episode 1: “Origins” – Anselmo reluctantly agrees to share his heavy metal wisdom with Hill.

Episode 2: “The Awakening” – Anselmo schools young Hill on headbanging, heavy metal vocals, and the most extreme of all breakfast cereals. Oh, and Dave takes a phone message for Phil from King Diamond, which is awesome.

Episode 3: “Metal Or Not Metal?” – Anselmo puts Hill to the test with a round of heavy metal flash cards. Later Anselmo makes Hill sit in a closet for a seriously long time while he makes an awesome salad. Also, Hill rents a goat.

Episode 4: “Unscared” – Anselmo lets Hill loose on an unsuspecting public, where he meets an actual woman. Anselmo also schools Hill on stage banter, corpse paint, and other important topics. Later Anselmo and Hill get in a huge argument from which they may never recover!

Episode 5: “Vulgar Display Of Feelings” – Anselmo agrees to undergo group counseling with Hill in an effort to rescue the goat that also happens to be Anselmo’s grandmother. There’s not a dry seat in the house as Dr. Joe Randazzo aids Anselmo and Hill in an exploration of their feelings.

Metal Grasshopper pairs the unlikely duo of metal master Philip H. Anselmo with comedian, dandy, and NPR darling, Dave Hill. Hill begs Anselmo to mold him into “the baddest metal motherfucker of all time.” Anselmo begrudgingly relents and the abuse and absurdity reaches epic levels.

Episode 6 stars Philip H. Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual, The Illegals, etc.) and comedian Dave Hill with special guest Joey “Blue” Gonzalez, Marzi Montazeri, and Steve Taylor. Directed by Chris Lee with Joe Randazzo. Written by Chris Lee, Dave Hill, and Phil Anselmo. Edited by Phil Costello. Produced by Chris Lee.

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