COUGH: Full Audio Set From Roadburn 2013 Posted; Band To Play NYC’s Martyrdoom Fest

In conjunction with the release of Reflection Of The Negative — their split album with local doom outfit Windhand, released by Relapse in April — Richmond, Virginia-based sludge crew COUGH took to Europe on a three-week tour with included performances at Copenhagen, Denmark’s Heavy Days in Doomtown festival, as well as the massive annual Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland. For a limited time, audio evidence of band’s entire fifty-minute set is streaming at massive Dutch portal Vpro 3voor12 as well as the official Roadburn website.

Additionally, COUGH is one of the main acts confirmed to invade New York City at the end of next week for Martyrdoom II, the second annual installment of the massive underground doom/black/death gathering. Running from Friday, June 28th through Sunday the 30th, the brutal lineup of nearly thirty acts including Atrum Inritus, Decrepitaph, Kommandant, Ptahil, Morbosidad, Bestial Mockery, Crucifier, Hour of 13, Morpheus Descends, Bastard Sapling and more set to overthrow two clubs in the city, COUGH set to perform the opening night at Manhattan’s club Paper Box. View full info on the fest here.

COUGH are currently working on their third LP and second for Relapse, the follow-up to 2010’s praised Ritual Abuse full-length, coming together for release sometime in early 2014. Stay tuned as further details are hacked up and spat into the public.