BLACK ANVIL Unleashes New Track, “Eventide;” Hail Death Preorders Available

New York black metallers, BLACK ANVIL, today unveil the first taste of their forthcoming album, Hail Death. An epic and simultaneously predatory number, “Eventide” writhes under the gravity of its own inexorable heaviness highlighting the separation between brutality and melodicism that lies at the very heart of BLACK ANVIL‘s sound.

Hear BLACK ANVIL’s “Eventide” below or stream it on Soundcloud HERE.

Set to drop next month via Relapse Records, third full-length, Hail Death, serves as BLACK ANVIL‘s most ambitious manifestation yet. Captured at Magpie Cage Studio by J. Robbins, Hail Death remains true to the band’s roots while still transcending them in a way that works all of their seemingly disparate influences into an amalgam of heavy music that’s as original as it is earth-consuming.

As anyone who’s witnessed BLACK ANVIL in the live setting already knows, the band’s venomous onstage sound and energy is indisputable and Hail Death manages to encapsulate that kinetic liveliness. “We really wanted to capture our live sound on this record which is one of the reasons we went with J. Robbins,” drummer Raeph Glicken relays. “We didn’t want it to sound perfect; we wanted it to sound like us.” Bassist/vocalist Paul Delaney agrees, adding, “We bring it live and I feel confident saying that. We are black metal but we also aren’t interested in doing what hundreds of bands have done before,” he continues, “We’re interested in doing our own thing and this album is the most self-realized expression of that to date.”

Ultimately Hail Death is an album that speaks for itself in the sense that it’s both a mission statement and a battle cry. If the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ever descend on the planet, this is the perfect soundtrack to the bloody aftermath. Hail Death, which comes adorned in the sinister cover art of Metastazis (Behemoth, Alcest, Black Dahlia Murder) will be released via Relapse Records in North America/UK/World on May 27th, 2014 preceded by Germany/Benelux/Finland on May 24th, 2014. Recommended for iniquitous souls who worship at the altars of Celtic Frost, Metallica, Bathory, Watain, Emperor, Marduk, and Deströyer 666.

Preorder Hail Death today HERE.

“A brawny style of traditional black metal that owes as much to Motörhead and ’80s punk/hardcore as it does Darkthrone.” – Outburn

“…raw savagery and sophisticated songwriting…” – All Music