BAPTISTS: Vancouver Hardcore Unit’s Southern Lord Debut LP Confirmed

Vancouver quartet BAPTISTS will set loose its debut LP Bushcraft this February via Southern Lord.

BAPTISTS advocate a creed of destruction through a blistering, discordant hybrid of punk-fueled hardcore. Immediately following its 2010 formation, the sect took to the road and built a strong buzz in the underground scene with ferocious live shows, as Southern Lord unleashed the self-titled 7″ in 2011, which sold out instantly. Having laid to waste several The Power Of The Riff events and a plethora of high-profile shows in Canada over the past few years, BAPTISTS have spent a good portion of 2012 vigilantly writing material for an anticipated LP release.

For the recording, BAPTISTS traveled to Salem, Massachusetts to record at the infamous Godcity studios with Kurt Ballou, who captured the eleven anthems embodied on Bushcraft. With nearly a half hour of unhinged lyrical angst and a seething vocal delivery propelled by white-knuckled snare-blasts, d-beat thunder, dissonant riff urgency and an overall relentless by-the-throat approach, Bushcraft is a release not to be ignored.

Bushcraft will drop in North America on February 19th, with BAPTISTS live/tour actions being devised in support of the release. Stay tuned as more details emerge.