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LAE: Debut Album By Montreal Psychedelic Post-Rock Troupe Featuring Steve Austin From Today Is The Day Streaming At The Quietus Break The Clasp Out Now Via The Compound/Battleground Records

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

The official debut recordings from Montreal-based LAE are out this week in the form of the collective’s Break The Clasp full-length — a monumentally dejected yet inspiring nearly hour-long psychedelic journey through thirteen dynamic movements — and the entire record is now playing at prevalent online magazine, The Quietus.

LAE’s Break The Clasp was recorded in full analog in main songwriter Marc Lucas Ablasou’s woodshop in Montreal by Steve Austin of Today Is The Day and Austin Enterprises, who coincidentally ended up providing lead vocals to the entire album, bringing out some of the most heartfelt and non-violent verbal deliveries from the infamous frontman to date, making him a full-time member of the outfit, completed by Ronald Jean-Gilles, Serge Nakauchi Pelletier, Stephane Desgroseilliers. This crew of multi-instrumentalists envisioned the band’s original anthems, penned under initial moniker LAE-TSEU in the mid-late 1990s, and recreated them fully live on vintage equipment, utilizing a range of guitars, basses, drums, accordion, trumpet, saws, organs, pianos, electronics and a multitude of vocal styles into a four-part storyline of life, love, hope and death. Completed through several overdub sessions at Austin Enterprises where the final product was mixed and mastered, and embodied with uncanny artwork by Sonny Kay (The VSS, Angel Hair, Gold Standard Laboratories label), Break The Clasp closes 2014 with an incredibly transcendentally gloomy yet beautifully delivered opus.

In honor of its release, UK-based online magazine, The Quietus, was pleased to host this exclusive stream of LAE’s long-awaited and hard-earned debut release. The site’s account of Break The Clasp breaks it down, including, “The resultant record is a fragmentary, shifting record, switching between Slint-like passages of angular guitar and sung-spoken vocals and abrasive assaults (witness the caustic fuzz at the core of ‘Sister’), punctuated by acoustic sketches in the shape of ‘Broken Knee’, ‘Let Me Die In The Memory Of Her Arms’ and ‘Space Travel’, and we’re hugely pleased to be able to host a full stream…”

Listen to all of Break The Clasp now at THIS LOCATION.

A new gear feature on LAE’s Marc Lucas Ablasou’s main guitar setup is live at PureGrainAudio now RIGHT HERE, and an Albums We Like feature on drummer Serge Nakauchi Pelletier’s infatuation with the Bad Brains is live at No Echo HERE.

Break The Clasp is out this week through a collaborative effort between The Compound and Battleground Records. The six-panel, spot-varnished, eco-friendly digipak can be ordered HERE, and digitally via BandCamp, iTunes , Google Play and more. A gatefold 180-gram 2xLP is coming from the same union in early 2015 as LAE begins touring the East Coast of North America and beyond in support of the album.

“…the heart-on-sleeve frontman that Austin occasionally embodies is on full display here, with only snippets of backwoods dementia seeping through. And the band has created an ideal atmosphere, borrowing liberally from the likes of Slint and Tortoise with mesmeric rhythms and askew harmonies, while adding dollops of psych and the occasional metallic bombast that’s actually reminiscent of early TITD. 8/10” – Decibel Magazine

“…echoes psychedelic progressive rock and post-rock but the overall picture is far more expansive… wholly unique and escapes categorization.” – American Aftermath

EOLIAN EMPIRE’s Near-Year-End Playback; HEAVYVIBES Holiday Sale

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

It was the best of times, it was… sorry, what was that? Anyway, before you are deluged by a slew of half-assed year-end lists and enter into a thunderdome of thread battles with commenters much less sophisticated than you, the consummate discerning listener, EOLIAN EMPIRE is here with the playback of the heavy, noisy, weird highlight reel of 2014.

WHORES and RABBITS answered the age-old question, “Darf man alte The Cure Klassiker so behandeln?” with a definitive, “Ja, wir können,” on their 7-inch split–co-released by Brutal Panda–of Cure covers. Verbicide called it “a gloriously deranged take on a few songs from one of alt rock’s heavy hitters done by a couple of bands who are keeping it dirty and nasty in the underground,” and CVLT Nation effused, “off the freaking charts.”  WHORES hit the road hard this year, wowing crowds at SXSW (one of Spin’s “The Five Best Things We Saw on Friday”), Heavy Montreal (its “secret champions” according to, Fun Fun Fun Fest, and elsewhere, plus have a brand new track on the 13th installment of AmRep’s Dope, Guns, & Fucking in the Streets. RABBITS released their latest 12-inch, Untoward, on Lamb Unlimited in August to much acclaim, like The Onion’s A.V. Club, who spat, “Like a shovelful of sludge to the skull, the record reeks of blood, mud, and the rancid pheromones of AmRep veterans like Cows and Killdozer,” Verbicide who came in with, “Their ability to absorb outside influences makes even more deadly,” and Invisible Oranges said some cool shit like, “In a noise rock scene dulled by younger musicians trying to be someone else, RABBITS have been RABBITS. Lines can be drawn — you could add the descriptor ‘heavier’ to Flipper or Shorty and be in the ballpark — but nothing really sticks besides ‘RABBITS.” The band spent October crushing skulls in Europe with Norwegian touring partners Arabrot and MoE. Old school Lehigh Valley zinester Frank FOE put it simply, but perhaps best: “WHORES and RABBITS are two modern day noise rock bands. Unsane set the standard in my books back in the day, these two bands carry the torch mightily.” Hear hear. (Cough cough.)

Gruesome bass-and-drums twosome TOWERS redefined what it means to be a “doom” band with their second LP, aptly titled II, “a portrayal of otherworldly toxicity made real and concrete through righteously vile and unwelcoming noise” (The Obelisk).  The stunning apocalyptic symphony of four movements through mutant grooves, weird hooks, sludgy crawls, cavernous explorations, and haunting nightmares had UK zine The Quietus championing it as “vivid, vicious, viscous, deeply psychedelic stuff,” adding: “Submit yourself to the mindflames immediately.” Mindflames.

PRIZEHOG released their third LP Re-Unventing the Whool, driving esteemed Aquarius Records to heap on the praise: “PRIZEHOG should be adored, they should be worshipped the way Harvey Milk and Boris and the Melvins are… as hard as it may be for some folks to believe, PRIZEHOG might have outheavied, and outweirded, and outgeniused those masters, and become masters themselves, masters of fucking alien prog-doom, long haired, psych sludge, dirge-drone, damaged art pop.  Fuck yeah.” Fuck yeah indeed.  The celestial space sludge trio trekked across the US and back this summer for the umpteenth time with their “oppressively bodacious guitar/synth/drum attack (Boston Hassle), bludgeoning, bewildering, and bewitching in equal measure. Get your “Whoady” on with the video for that mindwarper by Cinco Sanders and starring Newt Gingrich HERE.

Doom devastators GRAVES AT SEA relocated and reformed with a new rhythm section in Portland, Oregon, and wasted no time reminding everyone why they were missed. Their first new track in four years, the A-side title track of the This Place Is Poison EP, was a crusty taste of their energetic path forward, backed by their heavily damaged and deconstructed take on Black Sabbath’s “Lord of This World.” The Sleeping Shaman smoked the EP with accolades including, “The riffs are monstrously heavy and there is a groove that will not let you go. Everything is covered in a thick crust of filth and the vocals are still insane and hateful. These guys do such a great job at pounding their listeners into a pulp.” Apoch’s Metal Review roasted it with a 9/10 review: “…by the end you’ll have the urge to go to your favorite (or the most suiting) vice, flip the record, and experience this solid doom metal EP all over again.” Longtime fans and newbies alike were treated–or rather, mistreated–with intense performances at Roadburn, Maryland Death Fest, and Heavy Days in Doomtown [links for full sets] as well as a UK tour with Sourvein. What’s next?! Live footage from Maryland Deathfest is rolling HERE.

Cyberneticists HOT VICTORY dropped their first ever full-length, “an album’s worth of jarring samples and polyrhythmic propulsion unmatched by anyone this side of Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider” (Willamette Week), “throw[ing] a kitchen sink of drums, drum pads, synths, tape loops, samples–you name it–together in pretty fascinating ways” (Brooklyn Vegan). This Summer HOT VICTORY supported the mighty Floor, The Obelisk calling their set “some of the most satisfying prog I’ve seen live since the early days of Zombi.” You can see how just how much racket two people can make while sitting down in their tripped-out performance video for “Island Realm” RIGHT HERE.

DRUNK DAD dropped their debut Ripper Killer LP this year, “combining the thunderous sludge of Melvins, the confrontational punk rock of Flipper, and the abrasion and psychosis of Harvey Milk” (Decibel). Invisible Oranges likened the record to, “a triple word score for ‘noise rock’ and ‘grunge’,” Verbicide called it “equal parts shocking, thrilling, and kick ass,” and Metal Descent stated succinctly, “Finally, someone uses the monikers grunge and hardcore and that’s exactly what you get all modernized and shit.” All modernized and shit–it’s a new age. DRUNK DAD got weird on a whirlwind US tour with Portland and Eolian party-violence pals HONDURAN in September. New friendships were forged, old brain cells were lost. You can check out a live-in-studio performance from KEXP:          CLICK THIS.

Those surly space punks BIG BLACK CLOUD gave us Lessons in Fuck You 2, a collection of weird and wild anxious alien anthems and monster madness, a reckless rollercoaster ride through punk, noise, garage, surf, and B-movie soundtracks, “a musical narrative that would seem suitable for a Repo Man reboot (though this should never happen), sci-fi for cassette geeks still firmly attached to underground anti-everything” (Stereokiller). Do like the Portland Mercury says and get “all loud and mad and splattery.”

EOLIAN also added a couple special editions to the digital discography: the mind-melting psych/kraut/protometal jams of UNDERLORDS TAKE ACID, featuring members/ex-members of RABBITS, FIST FITE, and DIESTO, and the twelve-band live compilation (We’ve Gotta) KEEP OUR HEAD Alive — culled from last year’s release shows for (We’ve Gotta) KEEP OUR HEADS: Heavy Vibes from Portland, Oregon featuring ACRE, IX, NORSKA, HOT VICTORY, BIG BLACK CLOUD, GAYTHEIST, REDNECK, SIOUX, PALO VERDE, TOWERS, HONDURAN, and RABBITS.

And this week is the HEAVYVIBES sale.  Vinyl and cassettes are 11% off with code HEAVYVIBES, and digital releases are 10% off with code heavyvibes, including BIG BLACK CLOUD, DRUNK DAD, HOT VICTORY, GRAVES AT SEA, PRIZEHOG, TOWERS, WHORES, RABBITS, DEAD, DIESTO, HONDURAN, ARABROT, ORDER OF THE GASH, GONE TO CROATOAN, REDNECK, SLAM DUNK (WITH AUTHORITY!), ACRE, THE CYSTS, UNDER MOUNTAINS, CITY OF CHURCHES and PURPLE RHINESTONE EAGLE. Happy motherfucking holidays. God hates you.

Oh, you check out lots of videos, including live and in-studio stuff, of EOLIAN EMPIRE bands at

AMERICAN HERITAGE: Prolapse LP Released Today Via Solar Flare Records; Full Album Streaming At Decibel Magazine

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Prolapse, the ravenous sixth full-length studio output from Chicago-based hardcore earthmovers, AMERICAN HERITAGE, is now publicly available worldwide via Solar Flare Records. To dispatch the news of its release, mighty Decibel Magazine’s online entity, The Deciblog, is running a stream of the entire LP alongside a track-by-track deconstruction of the album’s six brand new originals and accompanying three cover tunes courtesy of the band.

Swing by Decibel Magazine to get pummeled by Prolapse in its intoxicating entirety now at THIS LOCATION.

Additionally, PureGrainAudio is now running a gear feature on AMERICAN HERITAGE guitarist Scott Shellhamer’s rig which helps unload the band’s potent sound RIGHT HERE.

AMERICAN HERITAGE has delivered their ever-evolving brand of diverse, sludge-amplified hardcore mayhem through eleven official releases since their 1996 inception, and their sixth full-length, Prolapse keeps things fresh and distressing without a moment of filler on the LP. The six new original tracks unload some of their most destructive but well-constructed material to date, and at the tail end of the record, the band lives up to their moniker by paying homage to some of their most influential US acts, including covers of the Descendants classic, “Hürtin’ Crüe,” Black Flag’s infamous booze rager, “Thirsty And Miserable” and Girls Against Boys’ emotive “Bulletproof Cupid.” Produced by Sanford Parker at SOMA Studios — who also supplied keyboards and handled mixing duties — Prolapse was created with additional recording contributions from Mike Lust (Tight Phantomz, Football) and Che Arthur (Pink Avalanche), and includes guest vocals and guitars from Lust and guest vocals from Jeffrey Lohrber (Enabler, Today is the Day).

Clermont-Ferrand, France-based Solar Flare Records this week issues Prolapse on CD, LP and digital formats; orders for the physical product are available HERE and the digital HERE.

DEIVOS: Fourth Album Nears Completion For 2015 Release Via Selfmadegod Records

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Leading Polish death metal band, DEIVOS, is currently putting the final touches to their fourth full-length album, which will see release in early 2015 via Selfmadegod Records.

The new DEIVOS album, entitled Theodicy, was recorded between July and November 2014 in Zed Studio (Black River, Rootwater, Frontside) with producer Tomek Zalewski, with the mastering and mixing duties scheduled to go down in December. The follow-up to 2011’s Demiurge Of The Void features the same recording lineup, with vocalist Hubert, guitarists Tomek and Mscislaw, bassist Kamil and drummer Krzysiek, and the album’s six songs include “Theodicy,” “El Shaddai,” “Ochlocracy,” “Mandatory Mayhem,” “Amor Sui” and “Parasite.”

Guitarist Tomek comments, “The songs on the material are definitely longer and more complex compared to its predecessor. The six-song album lasts for about thirty-five minutes. It’s gonna be fast, heavy, and technical. We have lower down guitar tones a bit and it gave our music much more power”.

The band’s first album for Selfmadegod Records, Theodicy is set for a February 15th, 2015 release date, The front cover, designed by Pastor Xisaq Graphics, has been revealed. Audio samples from the album will be released in the coming weeks as the album is finalized.

Boasting a technical and cruel style of death metal inspired by some of the best bands of this genre including Morbid Angel, Suffocation and Cryptopsy, DEIVOS originated in 1997, releasing their first demo, Praised By Generations, in 1999. In 2003, they released the Hostile Blood MCD through Butchery Music, the EP enthusiastically accepted by the underground death community. In 2004, the band started to write new material for their first record which was ultimately recorded in January and February 2006 at the famous Hertz Studio (Decapitated, Vader). The record, entitled Emanation From Below, was released in Poland by Empire Records in November 2006. Thanks to Metal Mind Production, in January 2008 the record was subsequently released in Europe and then in the US in 2008. At the end of 2008 the band once again entered Hertz studio to record their second album Gospel Of Maggots, the album gaining the attention of Unique Leader Records who released it in February 2010. Following lineup changes, the band revisited Hertz Studio in February 2011 to record their third full-length effort, Demiurge of the Void, which was also released by Unique Leader in September 2011.

More info on DEIVOS and the act’s pending new release will be announced in the months ahead.

DEIVOS Discography:
Praised By Generations (1999)
Hostile Blood (2003)
Emanation From Below (2006)
Gospel Of Maggots (2010)
Demiurge Of The Void (2011)
Theodicy (2015)

EARSPLIT PR: Roundup From The Compound November 17, 2014

Monday, November 17th, 2014

LAE: Decibel Magazine Premieres Title Track To Debut LP From Montreal Psychedelic Post-Hardcore Outfit Featuring Steve Austin From Today Is The Day – Decibel Magazine’s high-traffic online body, The Deciblog, has exclusively premiered the title track to the debut record from Montreal, Quebec-based LAE, as the album nears its public street date, now less than two weeks away. [More…]

Remembering Housecore Horror Film Fest Co-Founder/True Crime Author Corey Mitchell; Family Fundraiser Launched – In an overwhelming outpouring of sympathy and condolences, friends, fans and bands globally remember Housecore Horror Film Festival co-founder/best-selling true crime author, Corey Mitchell, who died of a heart attack Monday October 27, 2014 at Emo’s, venue home of the event. [More…]

COWARDS: Parisian Quintet Completes Second Album; February Release Date For Rise To Infamy Locked – Decimating Paris-based sludge/hardcore outfit, COWARDS, has completed the final stages of preparation on their second full-length helping of callous and remorseless hymns of self and communal destruction, and is now ready to contaminate the planet with Rise To Infamy this Winter. [More…]

PRIMORDIAL Reaps Widespread Media Approval In Germany; Where Greater Men Have Fallen Release Day Looms – Ireland’s PRIMORDIAL are making a serious impact on German press with their latest offering, Where Greater Men Have Fallen. [More…]

Crucial Blast Issues Free Carrion Anthems Label Sampler; Compilation Includes New/Unreleased Tracks From GNAW THEIR TONGUES, DEGENERATE SLUG, LUASA RAELON and PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING – Crucial Blast Records has just issued a brand new label sampler through a name-your-price BandCamp download. [More…]

Metal Grasshopper: Weekly Series Starring Down’s Philip H. Anselmo And Comedian Dave Hill Continues With Episode 3 Now Playing At Metal Injection – In Metal Grasshopper Episode 3, metal god Philip H. Anselmo puts delusional manchild, Dave Hill, to the test with a round of heavy metal flash cards. [More…]

FIRST FRAGMENT: Canadian Technical Death Metal Strategists Join Unique Leader Records; Debut Full-Length To Be Released In 2015 – Québécois technical death metal strategists, FIRST FRAGMENT, are pleased to join the brutal ranks of Unique Leader Records for the release of their as-yet-untitled debut full-length, set for unveiling in 2015. [More…]

CANNIBAL CORPSE & BEHEMOTH Confirm Co-Headlining North American Winter Tour - Two of the most prominent bands in the history of death metal are teaming up to take North America in 2015! [More…]

SORXE Confirms New Material For 2015 Release; Live Footage From Southwest Terror Fest Posted – With their debut album, Surrounded By Shadows, still fresh, and having just returned from their West Coast US tour with state mates Godhunter, Phoenix-based SORXE will continue to perform live over the coming months in support of the album while also writing new material for release in 2015. [More…]

MAID MYRIAD Confirms Northeast US Shows In December; East Coast February And March Tour Dates Being Booked – Having released one of the most dynamic and impressive progressive crossover albums of the year with their debut album, With Haste On Its Breath, Ohio’s MAID MYRIAD continues to take these soaring, ambitious and infectious tunes to the people, booking new waves of regional touring in support of the record. [More…]

CHILD BITE: Punk/Metal Marauders Premiere New Canticle Via Invisible Oranges; Strange Waste EP Release Day Draws Near – With the imminent release of their Strange Waste EP now less than two weeks away, today the gate keepers at Invisible Oranges hurl forth the tumultuous sounds of “Molestation Of The Arts” from Detroit punk/metal marauders, CHILD BITE. [More…]

SPOOK THE HORSES: New Zealand Post-Hardcore Quintet Prepares Sophomore LP For Winter Release – Delivering mercurial, heavily textured post-hardcore of the highest order, New Zealand-based quintet, SPOOK THE HORSES, has completed their sophomore album and are preparing Rainmaker for a mid-Winter 2015 release. [More…]

NERVECELL: Dubai Death/Thrash Perpetrators Revisit Their “Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness)” Video Featuring Nile’s Karl Sanders; Behind-The-Scenes Footage Posted – Dubai death/thrash perpetrators, NERVECELL, will reissue their critically adored Psychogenocide full-length via Unique Leader early next year. [More…]

Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost Out NOW; Decibel Magazine Talks In-Depth With Author Mark Rudolph + New Trailer PostedMorbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost is a mega 155-page comic with illustrations and illustrated anecdotes from a varied bunch of metal musicians/authors. [More…]

TNT: Long-Running Norwegian Heavy Metal Troupe Releases 30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Live In Concert With Trondheim Symphony Orchestra Stateside Via Indie Recordings – Long-running Norwegian heavy metal troupe, TNT, is pleased to unleash their 30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Live In Concert With Trondheim Symphony Orchestra release stateside via Indie Recordings. [More…]

NEUROSIS Announces Trio Of Year-End California PerformancesNEUROSIS has just confirmed three more shows for 2014, set to take place during the final days of the year in California. [More…]

OVID’S WITHERING: Theatrical Blackened Tech Metallers Join Unique Leader Records; New Full-Length To See Release Next Year – Florida-based theatrical blackened tech metallers, OVID’S WITHERING, are pleased to join the expanding roster of extreme metal powerhouse, Unique Leader Records, for the release of their sophomore full-length. [More…]

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY To Kick Off Gwar Eternal North American Tour 2014! – North Carolina crossover icons, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, will kick off a near month-long run of live tirades with Gwar tomorrow to finalize the year. [More…]

DIMESLAND Premieres Intense Second Track From Debut LP Via Stereogum - With the word now out on the streets about the impending release of Psychogenic Atrophy, the debut full-length from Oakland-based DIMESLAND, heavily popular online mag, Stereogum, has released one of the album’s most intense tracks, with an exclusive premiere of “Dying Foretold.” [More…]

LETALLIS: NYC Progressive/Death Metal Entity Independently Releases Second Album - New York City-based metal outfit, LETALLIS, has just independently released the band’s second full-length album, Resonate, which is now available for free download worldwide with a physical edition to follow shortly. [More…]

WIZARD RIFLE: West Coast Noise Rock/Psych Doom Exhibitionists Kick Off November Live Incursion; Here In The Deadlights Reaps Critical Hails Nationally – West Coast noise rock/psych doom exhibitionists in WIZARD RIFLE have taken their big guns to the streets today to kick off their November live incursion. [More…]

USNEA Confirms Red Bull Sound Select Performances And Record Release Show; Track-By-Track Breakdown Of Random Cosmic Violence Posted At Cvlt Nation – With Relapse Records’ official unveiling of Portland, Oregon-based USNEA’s sophomore LP, Random Cosmic Violence, having taken place this week, the celestial/funeral doom outfit has released a meticulous track-by-track commentary piece on the album’s four movements via Cvlt Nation, as the band also announces a slew of year-end live appearances. [More…]

RABBITS Wraps-Up European Tour With A Plethora Of Gratis Media And Dope Merch; Videos, Photos And Audio As Well As FUCKRABBITS Merch Deals Enacted – Deviant, outsider horde, RABBITS, upon arrival back stateside following their Noise Rock On Parade European romp in support of their Untoward LP alongside Norwegian acts Årabrot and MoE, has just shat a plethora of new viral and physical media and product which you can either embrace or evade with hostility. [More…]


Contact or for interviews with the above artists, or bands listed below with current and/or pending tour dates; keep up to date on all Earsplit-related tour offensives at our Live Actions page HERE.


USNEA Confirms Red Bull Sound Select Performances And Record Release Show; Track-By-Track Breakdown Of Random Cosmic Violence Posted At Cvlt Nation

Friday, November 14th, 2014

With Relapse Records’ official unveiling of Portland, Oregon-based USNEA’s sophomore LP, Random Cosmic Violence, having taken place this week, the celestial/funeral doom outfit has released a meticulous track-by-track commentary piece on the album’s four movements via Cvlt Nation, as the band also announces a slew of year-end live appearances.

USNEA has confirmed several new live appearances over the coming weeks, leading off with a show at the Wisp House in Salem, Oregon for Wednesday, November 24th with Urzeit and In Thoth. Directly after that, the band will take part in two Red Bull Sound Select Presents shows in both Portland and Seattle! The Portland gig is set for Tuesday, December 2nd, supporting Lesbian and Deavheaven, followed by the Seattle show the next night, Wednesday, December 3rd, also with Deafheaven.

Then on Saturday, December 13th, USNEA will give their hometown a vicious taste of the new album at the official record release show for Random Cosmic Violence at the White Owl Social Club in Portland, the set culminating in a performance of the entire new LP. The free show will also feature two acts the members of USNEA consider close friends, including California-based Cold Blue Mountain providing opening support, and bigtime local doomsters Lord Dying headlining the event. The band has also produced a limited 100-copy run of Random Cosmic Violence cassettes which will be available that evening, in addition to both the standard black and limited colored vinyl.

Check out the track-by-track breakdown of Random Cosmic Violence at Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

Also endure all of Random Cosmic Violence via Stereogum RIGHT HERE.

11/24/2014 The Wisp House – Salem, OR w/ Urzeit, In Thoth
12/02/2014 Holocene – Portland, OR w/ Deafheaven, Lesbian [info]
12/03/2014 Chop Suey – Seattle, WA w/ Deafheaven [info]
12/13/2014 White Owl Social Club – Portland, OR *Random Cosmic Violence release show w/ Lord Dying, Cold Blue Mountain [info]

Through their ruthlessly overwhelming style of black/occult metal-influenced funeral doom, USNEA has created a classic of the new millennium with Random Cosmic Violence. Not only an album which more than satisfies the urge diehard cult fans of the band since previous outings, Random Cosmic Violence packs a monumentally damaging and contagious dose of some of 2014’s finest metal of the slow-motion doom/death/sludge-influenced variety sucking endless new fans into its fathomless expanses. Recorded and mixed by Jared “Fester” See at Haywire Studios (Stoneburner, Rabbits, Nux Vomica) who supplies additional guitars to the title track, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Yob, High On Fire, Integrity), the artwork and design was handled by Justin Cory and Orion Landau. The album is available on CD and both colored/limited and standard black 2xLP right HERE and via digital download HERE.

“Random Cosmic Violence has a Floydian vastness that both balances and amplifies the overwhelming, crushing heaviness. Like the night sky itself, Random Cosmic Violence is full of terror and awe and ice and fire. It is a massive, monumental thing.” – Stereogum

“…perhaps what really vaults the album high above the average, apart from Usnea’s knack for generating titanic power and morbid, minor-key melodies, is the band’s skill in creating dynamic changes and salting this heartless sonic landscape with ingenious touches, which come like breaths of air in an atmosphere that’s being rapidly sucked into space, or poisoned with the smoke of burning tires in an urban dead zone.” – No Clean Singing

“Usnea balance knuckle-dragging rumble with high-minded elegance on this funereal test of endurance… This is what it sounds like to be swallowed by gravity.” –

LAE: Decibel Magazine Premieres Title Track To Debut LP From Montreal Psychedelic Post-Hardcore Outfit Featuring Steve Austin From Today Is The Day

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Decibel Magazine’s high-traffic online body, The Deciblog, has exclusively premiered the title track to the debut record from Montreal, Quebec-based LAE, as the album nears its public street date, now less than two weeks away.

Over thirteen movements verging on an entire hour of superb, dynamic material encompasses LAE’s Break The Clasp LP, which was recorded in full analog in a woodshop in Montreal by Today Is The Day and Austin Enterprises founder, Steve Austin, who became enveloped by the songs as he produced them, which led to his permanent involvement in the band as the main vocalist. With one of the most disheartened but beautiful displays of psychedelic, post-hardcore/rock possibly ever captured to tape, Austin’s gritty, visionary vocal delivery and final mastering incredibly fits the structures created by creators Ronald Jean-Gilles, Serge Nakauchi Pelletier, Stephane Desgroseilliers and Marc Lucas Ablasou as if they were incepted with this purpose in mind, resulting in a true masterpiece of whatever genre one may attempt to categorize the songs into. The unearthly, heartbreaking artistry will attract fans of Three Mile Pilot, Swans, Sonic Youth, Unwound, Slint, Shellac and more, yet Break The Clasp remains an unfathomably original album unlike anything currently out there.

Decibel today releases “Break The Clasp” to the planet. The second track on the album of the same name showcases LAE’s varied nature, integrating electronics and guest backup vocals courtesy of the band’s friend, Christina Frances Musacchio into the layered song. The exclusive premiere of the song is joined by a detailed account of its origin from the band, and a stellar write-up of the track by the trusted scribe who took on the premiere, who issues, “Sit back, y’all. Steve Austin-affiliated psychedelic post-rockers LAE are about to take you to another plane of existence via the title track of the album Break the Clasp…”

“Break The Clasp” and unleash the song through the Deciblog portal now at THIS LOCATION.

Additionally, American Aftermath leaked the album’s “Sister” alongside an interview with band architect Marc Lucas Ablasou, RIGHT HERE, and a trailer for the album is playing HERE.

Break The Clasp will see release through The Compound and Battleground Records in a collaborative effort, with the initial CD and digital release set for November 25th. Preorders for the six-panel, spot-varnish adorned, eco-friendly digipak are live HERE, and preorders for the digital download — which includes an instant download of “Break The Clasp” are now live HERE. A deluxe, gatefold 180-gram double 12” LP is coming in early 2015 as LAE begins touring North America in support of the album.

Performing under LAE-TSEU, their original moniker, LAE impacted their local scene in the mid 1990s, yet life’s plan impeded them from taking off until now. In mid-2013, the band went through a rebirth, re-envisioning their original songs with new life knowledge and a ravenous hunger to make them better than ever. The band invited Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) to record in Ablasou’s wood shop, utilizing accordion, trumpet, saws, organs, pianos, electronics and more to capture their long-awaited full-length on vintage analog equipment. During the recording process, Austin ended up performing lead vocals to the album in addition to other musical contributions, becoming a full-fledged member of the band. Mastered at Austin Enterprises, the album features otherworldly artwork by Sonny Kay (The VSS, Angel Hair, Gold Standard Laboratories label) and a layout by Kay and Dave Brenner.

ARCANE: Premier Australian Progressive Rock Outfit Signs With Sensory Records For Release Of Double CD Conceptual Masterpiece

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

With a strong foothold on the diehard progressive rock/metal circuit worldwide as well as a dominant place at the top of Australia’s prog scene, ARCANE has signed with Sensory Records for the international release of their epic new double-disc conceptual masterpiece, Known/Learned.

In 2013, ARCANE sanctioned Sam Vallen (Caligula’s Horse) to produce their most massive album to date, a two-part conceptual masterpiece entitled Known/Learned. Encompassing sixteen expansive tracks totaling an immense two hours of music, the new project will see release as a two CD package. The first movement, Known delivering a more traditionally-oriented progressive rock performance, and the second, Learned, taking a lighter, more acoustic/folk inspired journey, both opuses forming one central storyline. “Known/Learned is a collection of themes and moments, captured between recurring characters,” issues ARCANE, on the basis for their latest and most bold undertaking as a band. “While never explicitly told in the traditional vein of the ‘concept album’, the imagery of Known/Learned depicts fragmented moments in the lives of a father and his daughter, their loss, their love, their journey. A bittersweet love song for life.” The recordings were mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Mastering in Seattle, and the album’s cover art provided by Chris Stevenson-Mangos.

A generous crowd funding campaign supported by passionate fans, organizations and fellow bands helped ARCANE produce Known/Learned, yet as the album was seeing completion, the band crossed paths with New Jersey-based progressive label, The Laser’s Edge, who took the album on for worldwide release and distribution upon its recent completion through its Sensory Records entity. A limited run of the album will be dispatched to the loyal funding crowd, while Sensory will release the album on a 2xCD digipak and deluxe digital package worldwide on January 20th.

An advance single from Known/Learned has been released in the form of third track, “Instinct,” now playing at THIS LOCATION.

ARCANE has confirmed a string of live launch shows tied in with the release of Known/Learned, with shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne later this month and into mid-December.

ARCANE Known/Learned Album Launch:
11/22/2014 The Brightside – Brisbane
11/28/2014 The Bald Faced Stag – Sydney
12/13/2014 The Esplanade Hotel | Gershwin Room – Melbourne

Stand by for additional audio teasers and more from Known/Learned in the coming days, in addition to new tour dates from ARCANE in the months ahead.

Occupying a unique place in the Australian progressive music scene, ARCANE formed in 2006, and the following year issued their now out of print debut album, Ashes. Since, the band’s transcendental live performances have captivated fans across their home country, and their monumental recorded works draw in fans abroad. Their respectable success is largely to their immersive sound, and the vocals of Jim Grey, something that was immaculately portrayed in their 2009-released critically acclaimed, dark and enigmatic concept album Chronicles Of The Waking Dream, an album which has helped earn them an inimitable reputation as one of Australia’s premier progressive rock bands.

On stage, ARCANE’s live show, often accompanied by a backdrop of staggering visualizations, is a vast sensory experience. The band has taken their craft to the maximum, having headlined the annual Progfest tour, providing touring support for Ne Obliviscaris, and performing to capacity crowds at Sonic Forge Festival in Melbourne, and has shared the stage with artists as diverse as Anathema, Soilwork, Queensryche, Dead Letter Circus and hundreds more.

Known/Learned Track Listing:

1. Promise [Part 2]
2. Unturning
3. Instinct
4. Womb (In Memoriam)
5. Selfsame
6. Holding Atropos
7. Keeping Stone: Sound on Fire
8. Learned

9. Hunter, Heart & Home
10. Little Burden
11. Impatience and Slow Poison
12. Known
13. Nightingale’s Weave
14. Eyes for the Change
15. Keeping Stone: Water Awake
16. Promise [Part 1]

GALE: Debut From Arizona Sludge/Doom Metal Faction Out Now

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Another new name surges forth from Arizona’s flourishing sludge/doom scene in the form of GALE, as the outfit self-releases their debut recordings, Vol. 1.

The moniker references the massive desert winds, a trait which the band attempts to exemplify with similarly devastating results through their exceptionally loud craft, the band even playing at full live volume at practice where the drums are amplified, as they also do live. Formed in the sunbaked soil of Phoenix, the very new quartet, GALE razes all in their path with a very promising, killer brew of modernized, organic sludge/doom metal. As per the band: “We play loud as fuck. This is rock n roll; it should be loud and dangerous.”

Burning with twenty-six minutes of material, GALE’s debut recordings have been independently released by the band in recent days as Vol. 1, the record recorded in nearly one take by Jalipaz Nelson at Audioconfusion in Mesa, Arizona. While not a concept record, the album and its lyrical basis primarily deals with existentialism and the darkness that can be revealed upon self-analysis. With a brutalizing tone sure to intoxicate fans of statemates Godhunter, Sorxe, Methra and the like, the ultra-amplified output of GALE here alludes to the works of Yob, Melvins, Crowbar, Neurosis and Sleep, yet only in theory and not simply regurgitated. The band performs their engulfing craft with each member of the four-piece lineup contributing a different style of vocals in addition to their respective instruments.

With the hopes all reaching as many diehard fans of doom, sludge and all open-minded forms of extreme music, GALE has self-released Vol 1. as a name-your-price digital download. Stream, purchase and spread the destruction from THIS LOCATION.

GALE will forge a physical version of Vol. 1 in the pending months, and the band has already begun the planning stages on additional new material which will see release through several new works throughout 2015. Additionally, GALE will perform their next live set this Saturday, November 8th in Mesa, joining the massive lineup including Column III, Funerary, Godhunter, Today Is The Day and Eyehategod. Additional live incursions will be continually announced through the coming months.

GALE Live:
11/08/2014 Club Red Theaters – Mesa AZ w/ Eyehategod, Today Is The Day, Godhunter, Funerary, Column III [info]

SOS: NYC Heavy Groove Machine To Perform At Massive The NYC Marathon For The 15th Year This Sunday

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

This weekend, Sunday, November 2nd, long-running NYC-based heavy groove machine, SOS will once again play live at the NYC Marathon.

This 2014 performance marks the fifteenth year in a row SOS has played for the runners of the world famous annual event. The band will set up right on the street at 44th Road and Crescent Street in Long Island City, Queens at 10am on Sunday to fuel the participants with a high-octane set. Issued the band’s founding frontman Mike SOS on the upcoming performance, “This is our fifteenth time playing the NYC Marathon! Hard to believe, but it’s true! That makes this year EXTRA SPECIAL! Come hang with us and cheer the thousands of runners who pound the pavement across the five boroughs! This is truly something we look forward to every year and we’d love to share this unique NYC experience with you! We’ll be playing some of our favorite songs off our older releases as well as our new album Strength And Conditioning in its entirety! We hope to see you Sunday!” See more info on the SOS set at the NYC Marathon HERE.

Preceding the band’s marathon set, Mike SOS will co-host and perform in the ninety-seventh installment of FBOMB, NYC’s best monthly rock ’n roll party this Saturday night at Arlene’s Grocery! This edition features a dastardly Halloween-themed double feature of tributes that finds The Bombardiers tackling both The Rocky Horror Picture Show (where Mike SOS plays Dr. Scott) and punk icons The Misfits, plus sets from Big Ultra, Trip On Gravity, & Atom Strange. More info is available HERE. “There’s not gonna be a lot of sleep, but there will be a ton of rock this weekend!”

SOS is a fusion of heavy sounds; a maniacal musical beast which flails madly yet seamlessly in all directions at once. Strength And Conditioning is a nearly forty-eight minute excursion into barrier-free musical chaos with heavy melodic grooves, recorded and mixed by Travis Harrison at Serious Business Studios, mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. Lineup changes and a restructuring of the band followed by heavy-duty local performances for the past year formed a six-year gap between albums, but the band’s heavy dedication has paid off, as Strength And Conditioning boasts SOS’ most action-packed mayhem yet. Strength And Conditioning is streaming and available for purchase by the band’s DIY label 316 Productions RIGHT HERE.