WAILIN’ STORMS Joins The Magic Bullet Records Family For Summer Release Of Debut LP

[photo by Mark Maya]

The diverse roster of Magic Bullet Records continues to expand with new Summer releases, which will include the debut full-length release from North Carolina’s brooding rock quartet, WAILIN’ STORMS.

Originally formed in the unrelenting heat of Corpus Christi, Texas, WAILIN’ STORMS migrated east and ended up in Durham, North Carolina. Producing a mix of doom-punk and swampy rock with elements of their prior and current surroundings culminate into a unique and volatile brew, overridden with ominous vocal elements reminiscent of bluesy masters like Howlin’ Wolf and Samhain, and musically carved from the Southern American East Coast with emotive nods to Destruction Unit, Clockleaner, Unsane, and Pussy Galore. The band’s output is incessantly passionate and harrowing in its entirety; the songs, dark and gritty, with incisive guitar slicing through heavy, churning rhythms. Lead singer Justin Storms howls convincingly amongst the cacophony, belting along as if he’s looking to recruit others to join in with him at any moment.

After two successful EPs — 2011’s Bone Colored Moon and 2014’s Shiver — the band began collaborating with members from various bands including Bats and Mice to release their upcoming debut LP, One Foot In The Flesh Grave. WAILIN’ STORMS‘ deep, dark, swampy and catchy as hell new material bears seven hymns for this ongoing funeral procession of everyday life, which are now being finalized for release through Magic Bullet Records. Upon completion of its current mixing at the hand of Carl Saff, One Foot In The Flesh Grave will be finalized for a late Summer release, with prevalent US touring to take place preceding and well through its street date.

WAILIN’ STORMS has toured extensively throughout the US, having played with countless bands including The Rock*A*Teens, Sterling Sisters, Priests, and Torche. They’ve also recently performed at festivals such as Hopscotch, MacRock Festival, Spazzfest, and Brooklyn’s Northside Fest. Media reactions to the band’s prior releases and performances have made heavy impact, especially in their Mid-Southern East Coast home region. As part of a Hopscotch Picks preview, DC Music Download issued, “There are a lot of no-frills, kick-out-the-jams rock ‘n’ roll bands playing Hopscotch, but WAILIN’ STORMS is the best of them. They inject their straightforward, chugging sound with a little dark humor and some Misfits-style noir, and deliver it all with a fervor that’s hard to resist.” Indy Week has issued a plethora of live previews and reviews of the band, in one issuing that their standout vocal delivery, “lumbers and sometimes sprints, their doom-punk reminiscent of the horror movie villain who’s in no rush-and is scarier for it,” and another offering, “For years, Carolina foursome WAILIN’ STORMS have tended a foment of sinister psych-rock music. Their latest EP, Shiver, never busts into a full sprint – excusable, as every step shudders with sweaty menace. Fans of degenerates like Clockcleaner and Destruction Unit, take notice.”

Stand by for further updates on WAILIN’ STORMS and the impending One Foot In The Flesh Grave in the coming days.