ULCERATE Releases New Track; Bear The “Weight Of Emptiness” Now At Loudwire

Loudwire is hosting an exclusive new track from Vermis, the pending new album from Auckland, New Zealand’s death metal innovators, ULCERATE. The fourth of the album’s nine cataclysmic hymns, the volatile “Weight Of Emptiness” is its lengthiest, inundating the listener with over seven-and-a-half minutes of purely contorted, dissonant and suffocating death metal, the track slowly swelling, building, breathing, and eventually exploding, rushing the listener like a pyroclastic flow — an inescapable scorching demise of unimaginable power — ultimately resulting in one of the most unforgettable and haunting tracks on Vermis.

Bear the “Weight Of Emptiness” now via Loudwire right now, RIGHT HERE.

ULCERATE drummer Jamie Saint-Merat was featured in Decibel Magazine’s Decebrity Playlist today as well. Here he discusses a wide array of music far-removed from the extreme, clandestine torturous metal he creates with ULCERATE, but are tracks which feature drumming he feels “display phenomenal drumming from drummers that really transcend all musical boundaries, regardless of whether or not you like the style or genre.” Check in HERE.

A Youtube art video for the album’s “Confronting Entropy” is also playing AT THIS LOCATION, and view the in-studio video documenting the making of Vermis posted HERE.

ULCERATE‘s relentlessly explosive, unfathomably destructive methodology is in a class of its own, as proven on their previous LPs released by Neurotic and Willowtip as well as across the globe in the live setting, and on Vermis is at its most ominous and technical in the entire decade of the band’s existence to date. Undeniably one of the most anticipated extreme underground albums of 2013, Vermis will see release September 17th in North America, preceded by September 13th in Germany and Benelux, and September 16th in the UK and rest of the world. Preorders for all versions — CD, 2xLP, and Digital — are available HERE.