UFOMAMMUT’s ORO: Opus Alter Out Now; Final Video Chapter of ORO Series Posted

After months of buildup, the closing chapter in the two-part ORO album series from Italian supernatural sludge sorcerers UFOMAMMUT is finally available via Neurot Recordings. The genius ORO: Opus Alter follows its predecessor ORO: Opus Primum released in April, the double-album set conceived and constructed together and meant to be played back-to-back as one entity, undoubtedly showcasing some of UFOMAMMUT‘s finest and most forward-thinking material in their thirteen years as a band.

As with Opus Primum, over the past few weeks the first four tracks from ORO: Opus Alter have been released one at a time, depicting each song through sight as well as sound in the UFOMAMMUT tradition. In commemoration of the album’s release, with both pieces of ORO now available to fans worldwide, today the video for the final track “Deityrant” has been released. Submerge yourself in the full album with all five videos from ORO: Opus Alter now posted below.

And as released back in April, all five tracks from the previous ORO installment Opus Primum can be viewed HERE as well.

“Theirs is among the finest executions of space doom in the world today, and the two parts of Oro ultimately succeed in picking up where Eve left off without seeming either redundant or a step backwards from that album’s landmark brilliance… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Ufomammut are one of the best bands in the world.” – The Obelisk

“…Ufomammut are too mood-neutral and musically experimental to be doom. Stockpiling amplifiers and old synths, Ufomammut have carefully alloyed a sound that’s a genuinely cinematic trip.” – Decibel

“…it’s quite possible that this half of the ORO experience will end up eclipsing its cousin. It’s just so… decimating. And it’s the Ufomammut riff-enthusiasts’ dream because each tune pretty much stands on its own and delivers a slightly different flavor of ruinous heft. 9/10” – MetalReview

“What UFOMAMMUT have created is not only a highlight of the year 2012, but it may end up being one of the definitive Doom Metal records of the decade. In every way there is, the “Oro” project is a mind-blowing effort and an utterly heavy success. 9/10″ – The Metal Observer

“It possesses such strength and power that it amplifies the silence after it’s over to something more significant, a coda in which the experience of ORO settles and all that remains is a person slightly different than they were 93 minutes before. This is a monument to what music can be. 10/10” – Axis of Metal

UFOMAMMUT European Tour & Festival Appearances:
10/03/2012 Caf̬ Cairo РWurzburg, Germany
10/04/2012 Connewitz – Leipzig, Germany
10/05/2012 Bi Nuu – Berlin, Germany
10/06/2012 Truckstop Alaska – Goteborg, Sweden
10/07/2012 The Liffey – Stockholm, Sweden
10/09/2012 Klubi – Turku, Finland
10/10/2012 Klubi – Tampere, Finland
10/11/2012 Kuudes Linja – Helsinki, Finland
10/13/2012 Betong – Oslo, Norway
10/15/2012 Alte Meierei – Kiel, Germany
10/16/2012 Underground – Koln, Germany
10/17/2012 013 – Tilburg, Netherlands
10/18/2012 De Kreun – Kortrijk, Belgium
10/19/2012 Ekko – Utrecht, Netherlands
10/21/2012 Supersonic Festival – Birmingham, UK
10/23/2012 Glazart – Paris, France
10/24/2012 Le Comforte Moderne – Poitiers, France
10/25/2012 Heretic Club – Bordeaux, France
10/28/2012 Amplifest (Hard Club) – Porto, Portugal