TOTAL NEGATION: New Hymn From Harrowing One-Man Blackened Doom Venture Streaming At No Clean Singing

Zeitzeuge is the third long-player from one-man blackened doom metal project, TOTAL NEGATION. Set for release via Sweden-based Temple Of Torturous Records, Zeitzeuge maintains the cold, eerie elements of its 2013-released predecessor, Zur Späten Stunde | Zeiträume. The integration of instruments like the melodica and the vibraphone still intact, on Zeitzeuge master craftsman Wiedergaenger allows for more breathing room and breadth in his compositions. Still cold, depressive and atmospherically corrosive, Wiedergaenger manages to merge the principals of primeval black metal, doom and Krautrock into a sound that’s at once lush, confounding, and harrowingly apocalyptic.

Today, No Clean Singing brings forth the first official taste of Zeitzeuge with a premiere of second movement,Fluechtling” noting, “There is no easy way to sum up this long song. It is both a lyrical and a musical narrative, one that unfolds (as the album does) very much like a story – a dark and disturbing story full of changing moods reflected in changes of pace and intensity. A mid-paced rocker at the start, it becomes brooding and eerie, with a spacious interlude pierced with twisted feedback, flickering noises, and the strumming of an acoustic guitar. As the song continues to unfold, bursts of double-bass and blast-beats join with whipping tremolo chords, rhythmic bass lines bound along beneath the reverberation of discordant guitars, and hand drums make an appearance as the song reaches its hallucinatory finale.”

Bask in the twisted tones of “Fluechtling” at THIS LOCATION.

Sullen, dire, diseased and bedecked in Wiedergaenger’s intense German storytelling, Zeitzeuge relays the story of a contemporary witness, who breaks under the pressure of controlling the life and death of others. Zeitzeuge will be released digitally and on vinyl via Temple Of Torturous on June 16th, 2015.

“…if you’re always on the lookout for the strangest, most obscure output black metal has to offer, there’s no way around TOTAL NEGATION.” – Cvlt Nation