THE ANTIKAROSHI: Treble Premieres “Constitution Shall Not” From German Post/Avant-Rock Trio; Fifth LP, Extract.Transform.Debase, Nears Release Via Exile On Mainstream

Treble is hosting an exclusive stream of “Constitution Shall Not,” the new single from German post-rock trio THE ANTIKAROSHI. The track precedes the band’s impending fifth LP, Extract.Transform.Debase, nearing April release through their friends at Exile On Mainstream.

On Extract.Transform.Debase, THE ANTIKAROSHI reliably delivers eight resilient songs fans of Fugazi, Unwound, Drive Like Jehu, Quicksand, Lungfish, and Exile On Mainstream labelmates Dÿse, We Insist!, Bulbul, and Beehoover will enjoy.

With the release of “Constitution Shall Not,” the band writes, “The track was created out of a mood of personal disillusion on current democracy. While right-wing political leaders noticeably seem to solidify their power worldwide, the amount of infotainment is increasingly high. It must be clear that there’s an interest to keep things on this level of emotional blunting. Therefore, other measures than a comment on social media are necessary to stop your next-door neighbor flying unmanned aerial vehicles in Syria and keep our so-called democracy alive. Nevertheless, it is the people we believe in!”

The premiere at Treble describes the song as, “a tense, heavy exercise in post-punk rhythms and deep, pummeling bass. It finds a middle ground between the dark pulse of Joy Division and the powerful art punk of Unwound, with a dose of political commentary as well.”

Stream THE ANTIKAROSHI’s “Constitution Shall Not” first only through Treble RIGHT HERE.

Also see the video for the recent single “Requiem for R. S.” – written for Rolf Schulz, who was murdered in the band’s hometown in 1992 by three Neo-Nazis – at THIS LOCATION.

Extract.Transform.Debase was recorded, mixed, and mastered in the Autumn of 2020 at Blockhausstudio and ChaosAudioProd Basement by Nikolaus Schwab. Joining Christoph Hennig (vocals, guitar, electronics), Dirk Hoffman (vocals, bass, electronics), and Andre Pautz (drums), the record features guest piano and vocals from Marco Henschke and cello from Mette Wätzel on “Set Your Reminder” and vocals from Tonia Reeh on “Spitting Image.” The captivating cover artwork was created by Matt Irwin (A Whisper In The Noise, Wive).

Exile On Mainstream will release Extract.Transform.Debase on April 23rd, pressed on 180-gram 12″ black virgin vinyl with a bundled CD and digitally. Find physical preorders HERE and iTunes preorders HERE.

Watch for additional audio previews and more to post over the weeks ahead.