STRATOVARIUS: Nemesis Cover Artwork Unveiled; “Unbreakable” Audio Sample Available

Today melodic metal unit, STRATOVARIUS, reveals the cover artwork and final track listing of their forthcoming new studio offering, Nemesis. Produced and mixed by guitarist Matias Kupiainen and mastered by Mika Jussila (Finnvox Studios), the 11-track Nemesis will be released in North America via Armoury Records on February 26, 2013.

Comments Kupiainen of Nemesis: “I have more or less lived in the studio for four months, obsessing over every detail. I feel very relieved that we are done and I am very happy with the material and the sound.”

Adds vocalist Timo Kotipelto: “It has a darker more modern sound. We, as a band, have gone through a lot and have matured as songwriters. Making the album this time was easier because we gave it as much time as it needed. We have worked our asses off to make this and we hope the fans will like it.”

From the signature power of “Abandon,” and the aggressively energetic “Stand My Ground,” to the folkish elements of “Out Of The Fog,” and the title track “Nemesis,” which boasts medieval melodies and double bass drumming, Nemesis offers up new elements fused with the traditional melodic power metal for which STRATOVARIUS is known.

As a tide-me-over, fans can check out a sample of track two, “Unbreakable,” as well as the Nemesis cover art below. Notes Kupiainen of the tune: “‘Unbreakable’ is a very important song to me and the lyrics have a lot of personal meaning. Sometimes you can snap out of you day to day fog and see what is important. And when you are in that special moments, when you have that special feeling, you are invincible, unbreakable; you should really stop and enjoy the feeling. Even if the whole world falls apart tomorrow.”

Nemesis Track Listing:
1. Abandon
2. Unbreakable
3. Stand My Ground
4. Halcyon Days
5. Fantasy
6. Out Of The Fog
7. Castles In The Air
8. Dragons
9. One Must Fall
10. If The Story Is Over
11. Nemesis