STEARICA: Italian Instrumental Trio Releases “Nur” With Atypical Vocals From Ryan Patterson Of Coliseum Via Revolver Magazine

As Italy’s STEARICA, sets the final details of their Fertile LP in place for release via Monotreme Records mid-month, Revolver Magazine is hosting a premiere of the album’s “Nur” anthem, which boasts a rare bout of vocals for the instrumental trio, courtesy of Ryan Patterson, of Coliseum.

STEARICA‘s intense sophomore album, Fertile, features guest contributions from Colin Stetson (Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver) and Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys) in addition to Coliseum’s Ryan Patterson, in an effort to involve more friends and cohorts to help them fulfill their vision for the album. Following times STEARICA shared on the stage and behind the scenes together with Coliseum, the enduring friendship between them came to a different fruition when Patterson was requested to offer a rare vocal performance on the Fertile LP, was heavily inspired by the Arab Spring and uprising of Barcelona’s Indignants, arising against their governing bodies in search of true freedom. Patterson’s vocals not only stand out as an oddity for a band generally void of vocals, they burst forth on the record like a voice yearning for change, the musical buildup of the album’s flow coming to some of its most monumental moments surrounding the vocal delivery.

Revolver Magazine today reveals STEARICA’s “Nur,” which is now playing at THIS LOCATION.

Issues Patterson on the convergence with the band: “In December 2007, Coliseum was added last minute to a bill in the small French town of Lille that included STEARICA and Toronto’s Lullaby Arkestra, the kind of beautifully diverse bill that happens too infrequently. Over a meal before the show, we all met and shared stories, a collective connection of bands who travel the world. We were welcomed with open arms. The thing I recall most about the evening was a genuine sense of camaraderie and sincere kindness from the folks in STEARICA. We played our sets that night, all vastly different but with the connective tissue of sincerity and passion. These brief moments and memories stick with us. Years later, I was invited to lend my voice to a new STEARICA song and gladly accepted. To take part in making music together, across oceans and many years after our first meeting, brings these memories back and rekindles friendships. I was an honor to be a part of STEARICA‘s music.”

As Fertile nears its bloom, additional tracks have also been released, including audio of “Shāh Māt” featuring Colin Stetson at Clash Magazine HERE, “Halite” through The Obelisk at THIS LOCATION, and the video for “Delta” alongside an exclusive interview with STEARICA via Noisey right HERE.

Monotreme Records will release Fertile worldwide on April 13th, on CD, digital download, and a deluxe 180-gram 2xLP double-gatefold edition of 500 copies which include a poster and CD — 300 copies on red and black vinyl and 200 copies on black. Physical preorders can be placed HERE and iTunes preorders HERE.

STEARICA Tour Dates:
4/24/2015 The Ferret – Preston UK
4/25/2015 The Blue Room – Blackpool, UK
4/27/2015 The Hope and Ruin – Brighton, UK
4/28/2015 The Old Blue Last – London, UK