SOFY MAJOR: Documentary Of Band’s Conquest Through Superstorm Sandy Disaster Playing At GearGods

Tech/equipment/studio-based internet portal, GearGods, is now playing Buckets, Curtains & More Noise, an incredibly in-depth video documentary released by French noise metal act, SOFY MAJOR, meshing intense interviews of the band members with endless amounts of footage captured during October 2011’s massive Superstorm Sandy.

The decimating, record-setting hurricane inundating the East Coast US right as SOFY MAJOR had migrated from the post-industrial badlands of Clermont-Ferrand, France to Brooklyn, New York to record their Idolize LP at Brooklyn’s Translator Audio studios with Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Keelhaul, Cave In). Sandy razed the studio, flooding and ruining endless thousands of dollars of equipment, including everything the French trio had imported for the recording. Forging through it all, with the help of some remarkable friends, the sessions were quickly rescheduled at nearby locations, Idolize was recorded with extreme aggression, and the band’s US tour carried on. This nearly twenty-five minute documentary showcases the band’s entire incredible story of their struggle to keep spirits high and tells the heartfelt appreciation for their American cohorts and fans who helped them through and made the album a reality.

Watch the riveting Buckets, Curtains & More Noise documentary via GearGods AT THIS LOCATION.

Like a demented mesh of the Melvins slamming into High On Fire with undeniable noise/metal influences instigated by the likes of Unsane, Quicksand and Deadguy, Idolize encapsulates SOFY MAJOR‘s intoxicating concoction of sludge riffage, stale beer, shattered dreams and perseverance. Listen to and purchase the entire bruising LP via Solar Flare Records HERE.

“The roads traveled by post-hardcore, the caustic noise-core of Unsane and guitar acrobatics of Cleveland favorites Keelhaul converge at French band Sofy Major.” – Invisible Oranges

“…an example of excellent and intelligent musical execution, as well as a defiant refusal to accept defeat… The energy and clarity of Idolize, combined with its excellent execution under difficult circumstances, make it both a triumph of aesthetic and will.” – Exclaim!

“…finds the Clermont-Ferrand three-piece beating out a stirring blend of crunchy noise rock and heavier fuzz riffing, somewhere between Kyuss Big Muff fuzz (see “Comment”) and modern Unsane’s sense of churning chaos, with – and why not? – a touch of Melvins tossed in for good measure…” – The Obelisk

“Sofy Major has riffs that have that type of instant hook that suck you in, and there’s a nice balance between the slower, off-kilter noise rock and faster numbers where the instrumentalists throw everything they have at the listener.” – Cosmos Gaming