Roundup From The Compound – October 24th, 2016


GRIDFAILURE Issues “Digital Crush” At Metal Riot; Further Layers Of Societal Collapse EP Nears Free Samhain Release – Hostile alchemist GRIDFAILURE has completed the Further Layers Of Societal Collapse EP impending its free digital distribution on Samhain 2016, leaking new track “Digital Crush” through Metal Riot. GRIDFAILURE is the auditory harvest of David Brenner (Earsplit, ex-Theologian, ex-Heidnik), who abuses dozens of instruments, brewing a haunted apocalypse aura. The outfit’s Ensuring The Bloodline Ends Here debut was released in May via The Compound Recs. With a second album, Teeth Collection, nearing completion, Further Layers Of Societal Collapse provides some insight of the bizarre directions the unit’s output is taking. The use of field recordings infusing elements of nature and civilization into the mix carries into the new material, which infuses more percussive elements and guitars than the debut. Contributions from cohorts BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot) and Pete Tsakiris reflect the first GRIDFAILURE collaborations to see release, a trait that lies heavily in the upcoming releases. [MORE…]

COLISEUM & DOOMRIDERS: Magic Bullet Records Confirms Reissue Of Long Out-Of-Print Danzig Covers For November Release – Magic Bullet Records will reissue the long out-of-print Not Of this World split 7″ from COLISEUM and DOOMRIDERS in November, this week posting preorders and more on the release. Back in 2005, COLISEUM‘s Ryan Patterson self-released a 12″ on his label Auxiliary which featured both his band and Boston’s DOOMRIDERS‘ ultimate tribute to the almighty Danzig. Each band turned a cover of a song from the classic self-titled debut Danzig LP, with COLISEUM adding two originals and DOOMRIDERS putting up one original. A CD version of the release was also issued on the defunct Level Plane label. [MORE…]

NATHANIEL SHANNON AND THE VANISHING TWIN To Release The Macabre Sounds Of Trespasses Via Aqualamb Records; Album Teaser Posted + Two-Part Memorial Announced“His multi-dimensional songwriting takes you down a dark ally. You’re in a smoke filled room surrounded by thieves and hustlers. Every song on this record is true. It picks up and slams you down emotionally. NATHANIEL‘s no rules approach to putting these songs together pits it as the alternate version of the Taxi Driver soundtrack. In other words, it’s honest. It’s real.” – Steve Austin, Today Is The Day Trespasses is the startling full-length debut from the Brooklyn-via-Detroit artist NATHANIEL SHANNON AND THE VANISHING TWIN. Set for release on October 28th via Aqualamb Records, the record features fifteen truly haunting tracks, the accumulation of nearly a decade of bedroom recordings by singer and multi-instrumentalist NATHANIEL SHANNON. [MORE…]

DIE CHOKING Begins Tour With Department Of Correction – Philadelphia’s DIE CHOKING begins their US tour with Paris-based Department Of Correction this week. Following DIE CHOKING‘s first European tour early this year with DOC, the tour will now repeat itself on US shores. DOC will head into the country mid-October to join up with DIE CHOKING for a week-and-a-half of tour dates down the East Coast, beginning the eleven-city run across the East Coast in Allentown on Thursday, October 20th. From there, the bands will blaze through Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Richmond, Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia, Atlanta, and Jacksonville, before coming to a finale at the massive The Fest 15 in Gainesville, with the likes of Fucking Invincible, Coke Bust, Braid, Night Birds, and dozens more. [MORE…]

COKEGOAT: Windy City Death Doom Dealers Premiere “Winter Of Fear” At Decibel – “…making life is a disgusting, gooey, bloody mess.” – COKEGOAT Windy City-based death doom dealers COKEGOAT will self-release their anticipated Drugs And Animals full-length on wax late next month. In advance of its release, today Decibel Magazine is offering up the corrosive sounds of third album cut, “Winter Of Fear,” for public inebriation. Elaborates the band, “‘Winter Of Fear’ was written after a most traumatic birthing experience. When we scream about pain in this song, we mean it. If you’re getting chills at any point during this track, it’s because making life is a disgusting, gooey, bloody mess. Just like being in COKEGOAT.” [MORE…]

CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE: Magic Bullet Records Adds Reissue Of Classic 7″ To 20th Anniversary Release Roster – As part of Magic Bullet Records’ 20th anniversary celebrations, the label is proud to announce another installment in the CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE reissue project, this time in the form of the “4010” b/w “Away” 7″ originally issued on Freewill Records in 1994. During a brief run of less than three years (1993-1996), CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE managed to turn punk on its head via their trademark (and often imitated) sound that holds up to this day. Everyone from Jimmy Eat World to The Get Up Kids to Texas Is The Reason has cited the influence of the band on both their bands and what became known as “emo” at large, with Alternative Press going so far as to name the CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE as one of “13 Bands that Became Legends in Four years or Less” (2010) AND “23 Bands Who Shaped Punk” (2007). [MORE…]

FRIEND OR FOE And PIECE BY PIECE Exclusive Tracks From The Extermination Vol. 3 Flatspot Records Comp Playing At Decibel Magazine – With the November release of Flatspot Records’ The Extermination Vol. 3 compilation LP closing in, two more tracks have been issued, as Decibel Magazine unloads the new songs from PIECE BY PIECE and FRIEND OR FOE for exclusive streaming. The demise of Carry On hath wrought a beast with aggression and attitude that cannot be controlled. A beast that has been built from the dead, PIECE BY PIECE was formed by Nick Jett (Terror, Carry On) and Corey Williams (Internal Affairs, Carry On) in late 2001 as an outlet for the music that had no place within the framework of their other projects. They have perfected the technique of pushing boundaries and not compromising their raw expression one bit. Along with Edgar Vazquez and The Smacman, PIECE BY PIECE has become the quintessential hardcore punk band from Los Angeles influencing many and pissing off many more. [MORE…]

MOTHER FEATHER To Support The B-52’s On Halloween Scream NYC Tour Dates – Later this month, New York City’s self-described “pop cock rock” band MOTHER FEATHER will join The B-52’s on their Halloween Scream NYC tour dates at the Space at Westbury Theater on October 28th and Webster Hall on October 29th. See below for event details and ticketing information. [MORE…]

THE PINE BOX BOYS: The Feast Of Three Arms By Bay Area Horrorbilly/Bluegrass Bandits Playing At Metal Underground; Album Out NOW – This week, San Francisco’s horrorbilly/bluegrass bandits THE PINE BOX BOYS will issue their fifth full-length The Feast Of Three Arms. Ahead of its officially-declared street date, the band now serenades the public with the ill-omened wares of the album through an exclusive stream at Metal Underground. Over the course of four prior albums, San Francisco’s THE PINE BOX BOYS have charted the course of a killer named Willie who, accompanied by a rogue’s gallery of other nefarious types, slashed a bloody career across the south and westward to the territories. [MORE…]

ANAGNORISIS: Entire New Album Streaming At Noisey; Peripeteia Out NOW Via Vendetta Records, Yehonala Tapes, and Like Young Records – Louisville-based black metal brigade ANAGNORISIS will this week unveil their intense third full-length, the conceptual Peripeteia, through an alliance of labels including Vendetta Records, Yehonala Tapes, and Like Young Records. Noisey is now streaming Peripeteia in its sprawling entirety, offering of the album, “This is black metal at its most grand, coldly melodic and unapologetically over-the-top without stumbling into wimpy, overly symphonic territory,” continuing, “ANAGNORISIS/ has always felt like a band that demanded quite a lot of itself, and on Peripeteia/, one gets the distinct impression that they’re finally satisfied–not enough to stop, or to slow down, but to push even harder.” [MORE…]

BLACK HOLE GENERATOR: Black Metal Unit Spearheaded By Vulture Industries’ Bjørnar E. Nilsen To Release First New Offering In A Decade; Single Streaming At No Clean Singing – Forged in 2006, BLACK HOLE GENERATOR is the brainchild of Vulture Industries’ mainman Bjørnar E. Nilsen. It’s been a decade since the band’s first release, the critically-lauded Black Karma MCD, saw the proverbial light of day. And it’s of little wonder why given Nilsen’s frantic work schedule. Not only has Nilsen kept busy with the increasingly successful Vulture Industries, he is also among Norway’s most noted producers, working with bands such as Taake and Helheim, as well as owning Bergen’s Conclave and Earshot Studios with Enslaved’s Herbrand Larsen and Arve Isdal. But the wait is finally over as BLACK HOLE GENERATOR prepares for the release of their long anticipated A Requiem For Terra full-length. [MORE…]

FULL SCALE RIOT: Opening Track To Eulogy Recordings-Bound empower By NY/NJ Hardcore Act Playing At Revolver Magazine – NYC area-based hardcore quartet FULL SCALE RIOT‘s debut album, empower – featuring an all-star cast of guests including Ben Harper, Chris Rivers, Marc Rizzo, Jimmy Gestapo, and more – is scheduled for late November release through Eulogy Recordings. Revolver Magazine is now exclusively streaming the album’s opening track, “Hold You To The Fire,” as preorders for the record and more are unveiled. [MORE…]

AUROCH: Full Mute Books LP By Vancouver Death Metal Outfit Streaming At Noisey; Album Out This Week Via Profound Lore – As Profound Lore Records prepares to issue the monolithic third album by Vancouver’s death metal elite, AUROCH, with Mute Books this week, the entire record is now streaming in its entirety at Noisey, alongside an interview with the band. Enveloping shadows of ominous death metal chaos loom with AUROCH‘s Mute Books, which reveals itself as the band’s darkest, most brutal, complex, and musically virulent release to date. Carrying the innovative Canadian death metal tradition laid down by the likes of early-1990s records by Gorguts, Cryptopsy and Kataklysm, and more recently through the likes of Mitochondrion and Chthe’ilist, the songwriting on Mute Books reaches a new plateau in technicality and over-the-top dynamics along with a new achievement in production and sound. [MORE…]

AENAON: Greek Avant Black Metal Collective Streams David Lynch-Inspired “Fire Walk With Me” At No Clean Singing; Hypnosophy Preorders AvailableHypnosophy is the impending new long player from Greek avant black metal alchemists AENAON. Set for release next month via Code666, the overwhelming, seven-track offering was captured at Crown Audio Conspiracies and is a true work of vision and devotion. Dreamlike yet nightmarish, sensual yet dark, extreme, progressive and regal, Hypnosophy is a portal to a glorious surrealistic voyage like no other. [MORE…]

THEOLOGIAN and LAMENT CITYSCAPE: Soft Tissue Full-Length Streaming; Record Out NOWSoft Tissue, the collaborative full-length from LAMENT CITYSCAPE and THEOLOGIAN, is out tomorrow, October 21st, the entire record now available for streaming. Recorded between Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016, Soft Tissue is a collaborative album conceived by brooding Oakland-based “larva rock” project LAMENT CITYSCAPE, and New York “blackened synth-death” act THEOLOGIAN, compositing industrial degeneracy and post-metal heft to create a thoroughly oppressive, and immersive, sonic experience. The project was initiated by David Brenner (Gridfailure, Earsplit, ex-Theologian) and David Rodgers (Godhunter, Battleground Records), and spearheaded by Mike McClatchey of LAMENT CITYSCAPE and THEOLOGIAN‘s Lee Bartow. [MORE…]

SLEEP’s “The Clarity” 12″ To Receive Official Pressing Via Southern Lord – Southern Lord Recordings is pleased to announce the impending re-release of SLEEP‘s “The Clarity”. The special 12″ contains the first new song from the band in nearly two decades. Initially released digitally as part of the Adult Swim Singles Program in 2014, SLEEP‘s “The Clarity” is the first new track the band released since their critically-adored, 1998-released Dopesmoker album. Afterward, the band issued a very limited run of the song on vinyl which was sold exclusively at their live shows and the band’s online store. Having been out-of-print in physical format since, Southern Lord will now re-release the mammoth track for official distribution. [MORE…]

EXCEL: SoCal Thrash/Hardcore Crossover Group To Reissue The Joke’s On You Via Southern Lord This November – SoCal punk-hardcore-metal hybrid outfit EXCEL has remastered their seminal 1989 release, The Joke’s On You, which is now set to be released via Southern Lord in November. Originally released via Caroline Records, and produced by Randy Burns (Megadeth, Kreator, Possessed), The Joke’s On You is EXCEL‘s second full-length, which saw wide acclaim from thrash, punk, metal, and skate rock circles, as members have been known to share ramps with pros Christian Hosoi, Eric Dressen, and Tony Alva, and others. Drawing influence from a diverse range of artists including Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Jimi Hendrix, and early era-Corrosion Of Conformity, people often talk of “crossover” acts, but none quite do it as exceptionally well as EXCEL. [MORE…]

EARSPLIT DISTRO: Be sure to raid EARSPLIT DISTRO for all titles from The Compound Recs including CLASSHOLE (featuring members of Eyehategod, Mountain Of Wizard, haarp, and more), DIE CHOKING, LAE (featuring Steve Austin from Today Is The Day), GRIDFAILURE, GODHUNTER, and more, in addition to hundreds of imported/distributed titles from Selfmadegod Records, Supernatural Cat, 20 Buck Spin, Indisciplinarian, Exile On Mainstream, and many others. [GO HERE]


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