PYRRHON: New Noise Magazine Hosts Exclusive Track-By-Track Breakdown; The Mother Of Virtues Detonates TODAY In North America

In celebration of today’s North American release of The Mother Of Virtues, the long-anticipated new full-length from New York experimental death metal peddlers, PYRRHON, New Noise Magazine is currently hosting an exclusive, in-depth, track-by-track breakdown of the record Exclaim! dubbed “an ugly menace,” and, “an intelligent, beautifully written slab of bleakness.

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Recorded by Ryan Jones (Today Is The Day, Mutilation Rites) and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice), the nine tracks occupying The Mother Of Virtues takes its listeners on a harrowing sound voyage into the darkest portals of musical severity and continues to reap the approval of fans and critics globally for its seamless fusion of clanging death, dark jazz rhythms, demented storytelling and subtle shades of otherworldly psychedelia. Vice’s mega music portal, Noisey, elaborates “PYRRHON sits alone in the fold between a pair of local giants, Unsane and Suffocation. The band clearly leans on its nerdier than thou technical death metal approach to provide the backbone of what they do, but for some of the breakdowns and parts that surround the fretboard wizardry is a devotion to the noisy, misanthropy found on records by Today Is The Day and most of the early Am-Rep roster. It’s a mix of intelligent hatred that could only come from the five boroughs,” while Revolver boasts in a 4/5 rating, “Seasick guitar leads dance dizzingly around patches of crushing, steady riffage, accompanied by frenetic drumming and vomited vocals that range from malevolent shrieks to tortured moans. The resulting nine songs are discordant and unpleasant, but deeply compelling.”

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