PISS VORTEX: Mind Bending Grinders To Release Debut Album Via Indisciplinarian This November; Track Posted At No Clean Singing

It’s with utmost pleasure that Indisciplinarian announces the upcoming self-titled debut album from Denmark grinders extraordinaire, PISS VORTEX, on November 3rd. The label views this awesome quartet as one of the most exciting bands of today, not only in Denmark, but internationally as well, as their first album is truly mind blowing in all its majestic filth.

Formed 2011 in Copenhagen, PISS VORTEX is the incarnation of raw inspiration, imagination and energy. As unrelenting and intense as it is uniquely different from the rest of their native scene, the sound of the band can be described as an abrasive amalgamation of the blastbeat-driven fury of old-school grindcore, the filthy twang of noise rock and the mind-bending intricacy of early-00’s chaotic hardcore.

The band’s self-titled debut album is the result of three years of experimentation, writing and shaping what has now taken the form of fourteen crushing tracks in the album’s twenty-three-minute run time. Produced by Jakob Reichert Nielsen (Lack, Rising, Anti Ritual) and mastered by Brad Boatright (no introduction needed), the album is a hectic tour de force in relentless creativity, blinding aggression and off-the-wall musicianship. This band doesn’t give a single fuck about genre conventions, but solely strives to write, record and perform absolutely crushing progressive music while fucking with all minds within earshot — including their own — in the process.

Today the track “Of Bodily Waste and Desire” is streaming via No Clean Singing, who calls the track “eerie, discordant, explosive, and hammering – and difficult to classify,” at THIS LOCATION.

The band itself is also streaming three other album tracks at their Soundcloud page RIGHT HERE.

Indisciplinarian will release Piss Vortex on November 3rd 2014 as a 12″ LP in two editions, with 350 copies black and 150 piss yellow, as well as digitally worldwide on all relevant online platforms.

More info on PISS VORTEX release shows, tour dates and general madness will follow shortly.

Piss Vortex Track Listing:
1. Detrimentalist
2. Voice of the Worthless
3. Devouring Intent
4. Inoperable
5. Altered State
6. Liar(s)
7. Hollow Success
8. Beaten Womb
9. Organic Shrapnel
10. Of Bodily Waste and Desire
11. Filth
12. Shit Life
13. Those Who Labor
14. Our Maker’s Invisible Hand