EXTINCTION PROTOCOL: Erie Sci-Fi Death Metal Outfit’s Debut Album Out Now

Aeonic Obliteration, the debut full-length from Erie, Pennsylvania-based death metal henchmen EXTINCTION PROTOCOL, is out now via NYC-based D.I.Y. label P2.

Merging modern tactics with primal, classic death metal vitality, EXTINCTION PROTOCOL bridges schizophrenic old-school riffage with overpowering breakdowns. Their debut album Aeonic Obliteration lyrically scrutinizes the greed and corruption of mankind thus concluding humanity’s eventual downfall due to genetic testing and world altering events. With nine devastating songs packed into a nearly thirty-three minute event horizon, Aeonic Obliteration features stellar production values courtesy of Ivan at Anthropocide Studios (Abominable Putridity) and full-color cosmic destruction ala JoeJesus of DeviantArt.

Aeonic Obliteration can now be streamed in its entirety and purchased at the P2 Bandcamp RIGHT HERE, and the ultra-affordable CD version ordered HERE.

“Aeonic Obliteration is technically solid, chocked with vicious riffs and creative passages throughout the disc. The mix of comprehensible death growls and the guttural brutal voice is great and it’s even challenging lyrically as this disc isn’t about the usual horror and gore. 9/10” – Popdose

“Each song is just a journey of its own and will really get you banging your head and just turning up the volume and just listening to the sound of why death metal will never die. This record is one bad mother fucker, brutal and intense from start to end. 9/10” – Wicked Channel

“Anyone looking for a new up-and-comer from Pennsylvania who holds true to the old ways ov brutal death metal while still keeping things interesting should definitely keep their eyes on Extinction Protocol! 92%” – Absolute Hell