ERRANT: Heavy Blog Is Heavy Streams “The Amorphic Burden” From Brooding New Solo Project Led By Immortal Bird’s Rae Amitay; Debut EP Nears Release

Photo by Andrew Rothmund

“…an introspective and deeply personal release, exploring the rises and falls of mood and temper.” — Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Heavy Blog Is Heavy is streaming “The Amorphic Burden” from ERRANT, the brooding new solo project led by multi-instrumentalist Rae Amitay (Immortal Bird, Thrawsunblat). The hymn comes by way of ERRANT‘s impending eponymous debut EP, set for release on April 3rd via Manatee Rampage Recordings.

Writes Heavy Blog Is Heavy of the latest track, ” ‘The Amorphic Burden’ does a fantastic job of introducing us to this EP as it channels many of the themes which are then explored over the next three tracks. The dark, brooding, and slow-tempered opening channels some grunge vibes, especially before the guitars and the vocals arrive. When they do, the blackened timbre’s of Amitay’s vocals operate as a kind of goad, egging the rest of the instrumentation on into a fervor. The guitars stay contemplative though, never bursting into full black metal mode but flirting with a more shoegaze-y, introspective kind of tone, at least for the beginning of the track. Closer to the track’s middle, post-rock/blackgaze tremolo picking, heavy on the delay, coincide with the drums picking up pace into blastbeats, crossing over that black metal threshold almost fully…”

Adds Amitay, “I had a lot of fun recording this song. Even though the lyrics are bleak, and I think the overall atmosphere is dark, there are also moments in the song that feel triumphant at times. The guitar solo at the end was a last-minute decision based on a melody I was hearing in my head, and it felt really powerful to hear something I imagined immediately come to fruition in the studio. I want to write more songs that feel like this, and hopefully there’s something in it that resonates.”

Read more and stream ERRANT’s “The Amorphic Burden” at Heavy Blog Is Heavy HERE.

Find previously released single “A Vacillant Breath” below.

Errant will be released on CD and digital formats on April 3rd. For preorders go HERE.

ERRANT was conceived in 2019 as a vehicle for realizing ideas that exist in a separate space from Immortal Bird. Recorded by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, Illinois, ERRANT is a look at self-loathing, confusion, and searching for strength in an enervating world. The three original tracks see Amitay playing synth, guitar, bass, drums, and performing both harsh and clean vocals. The music isn’t wedded to genre and explores black metal, rock, thrash, doom, and other styles. The arrangements are direct but take time to weave in progressive elements and dynamic atmosphere. Closing out with a cover of Amitay’s favorite song by Failure, “Saturday Saviour,” ERRANT is also an opportunity to record something removed from the metal genre, while still being rooted in emotion and urgent, melancholic energy.