EMPEROR’s “Curse You All Men” And “Inno A Satana” Added To Rock Band Network

EMPEROR classics “Curse You All Men (Live)” and “Inno A Satana (Live)” are now available for download via Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360. Both songs are taken from EMPEROR’s 2009 double-live album, Live Inferno. The songs represent UK-based Candlelight Records’ first to appear via the popular music video game.

Members of EMPEROR, with Brooklyn-based Noisy Puppet Studios, have been working for months scripting, testing, mixing and perfecting the songs. Founder/developer Jeremy Parker says “these tracks will put you through the ringer on every instrument. It’s a struggle to survive but once you master these tracks you have lived through one of the most intense, powerful, rock game-play ever seen.”

Guitar and drumming charts were quite a challenge to development during the creative process confirms Parker. “Both songs are a torture session that seems to never end,” he says. “And the expert drum chart in ‘Curse You…’ is the most difficult challenge ever seen in a music video game. You may need a friend to play the kick drum pedal for you, just to play half the hits from the live performance.”

EMPEROR/The Wretched End guitarist Samoth notes, “we think it’s great kids want to be able to play more classic extreme metal! EMPEROR is pleased to offer these songs to those that dare to give them a try!”

Vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn adds, “several of my guitar students started out with music games and I believe this is how many young people develop a more passionate relationship to bands and songs these days. It’s cool to be part of it.”

EMPEROR released their swansong, Prometheus – The Discipline Of Fire And Demise, early September 2001. It was an epic and progressive metal album that once and for all marked EMPEROR as one of the most adventurous and gifted black metal bands of all times. In 2005, EMPEROR surprised all with an unannounced appearance at Oslo’s famed Inferno Fest. Following the performance, the band announced additional concerts that would include a visit to America; marking the second trip to the states in the band’s legendary career. Fans flocked to New York City and Los Angeles to witness the sold out performances. In 2007, additional shows would see the band return to the US for a repeat performance in New York City, a stop in Chicago, and what would be their final American performance in Los Angeles.

Released in April of last year, Live Inferno is an exclusive/professionally tracked live recordings. The beautiful 2xCD package contains a stunning 16-page booklet capturing the inner details of the special reunion performances from both band and fan perspectives. Also released was a lavish deluxe version which included an enhanced 24-page booklet plus the 70-minute Live At Wacken Open Air DVD in a captivating box.

Noisy Puppet Studios works with premier labels and bands to develop quality downloadable content for Rock Band video games. The company offers a full authoring service, which includes charting the game-play for all of a song’s playable parts, programming character animations, and designing lighting and cinematography for the in-game venue.

Free demos of the songs are available to Xbox LIVE members by visiting the links below.

“Curse You All Men”


“Inno a Satana”