EL DRUGSTORE: New Jersey Technical/Instrumental Trio To Release The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas Through Nefarious Industries In November; Trailer Posted

[photo by Alex Jackson]

New Jersey’s EL DRUGSTORE breaks a six-year gap of silence with The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas, a brand new studio full-length recording of the band’s dexterous, twisted, technical, instrumental metal melee. With the album now confirmed for November release through Nefarious Industries, a brief trailer for the record has been dispatched.

EL DRUGSTORE has been making an unnecessary amount of noise since 2008. The trio is devised by the corrupted intellect of guitarist Kevin Conway (ex-East Of The Wall), drummer Seth Rheam (East Of The Wall), and bassist Rolando Alvarado (Vandelles). The band’s debut recording Dope Soaked And Wow // Silver Medals For Everyone, a split full-length with cohorts A Fucking Elephant, was released in July 2011 and marked the inauguration of their conjoined independent label, Nefarious Industries. Plague Ship, the band’s first full-length effort, set sail on the very last day of 2013.

Now, after years of silence, EL DRUGSTORE makes their triumphant return to obscurity with The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas. The bizarre nature of the band douses the listener with thirty-six dense minutes of explosively captured but organically delivered new material. The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas was recorded by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios (The Dillinger Escape Plan) and Chris Alfano at Volume Fact (East Of The Wall), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Toxic Holocaust, Torche, Eye Of Nix), and completed with art and layout by Bryan Elkins.

See a brief trailer for The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas RIGHT HERE.

The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas is due out on CD and digital via Nefarious Industries on November 15th. Watch for several new singles to be issued with preorders and other details over the weeks ahead.

El Drugstore is Rolando Alvarado, Kevin Conway, and Seth Rheam, unified as the fingers of a fist.
Their merging is the sound of a mad machine.
These are their observations, electric and wordless.
They see you, the fractured Things.
They see your tension, your resolution.
The sacred, the profane,
Brightly colored and burning,
Black as the endless dark,
Chaos pregnant with ideas,
And Order the pointed finger,
Graceful and threatening.
Theirs is a music absurd, serious, like you,
But more precise.
Gnash your teeth with intention,
Paradoxes all,
And merge.

The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas Track Listing:
1. Lifeboat Ethics
2. Dog Food Days
3. Moral Curve
4. You Call This An Embarrassment Of Riches?
5. Tomb Of Skin
6. Ancient Hatreds
7. Samaritrophia
8. Overreacting To The End Of The World