EAST OF THE WALL: Metal Injection Releases Band’s Official Video For “Obfuscator Dye”

New Jersey’s “post-everything” progressive powerhouse, EAST OF THE WALL, has today released another video from their brand new fourth album, Redaction Artifacts. The song, “Obfuscator Dye,” is the third track from the band’s new opus, which has been garnering near-universal critical acclaim surrounding its release at the end of October. The simplistic but vibrant performance video for the track was filmed by Jolil Ula of Vacant Eye Photography.

Metal Injection is hosting the premiere of “Obfuscator Dye” now AT THIS LOCATION.

Redaction Artifacts can be procured through the usual online retailers such as Amazon and iTunes, and exclusive colors of the vinyl version can be found at scienceofsilence.net.

Following a round of record release shows for the new album, EAST OF THE WALL will be bringing their powerful live performance on the road to the U.S. this Spring and to Europe over the Summer, but for now those local to the band’s home state can catch them at the following shows. Additional live actions for the band will be announced in the weeks ahead.

11/22/2013 Court Tavern – New Brunswick, NJ w/ Black Wine, Brick Mower, Risk Relay
11/23/2013 The Saint – Asbury Park, NJ w/ Hammer Fight, Carnavarice Breath, Sydbarret, El Drugstore

“Once again, progressive rock, noise, post-punk, and sludge metal are referenced but never solely relied on in these elastic compositions, instead turning into an adventurous, cohesive whole that blends melody and atonality well, at times beautifully. Like Intronaut, this is wholly unclassifiable music, created and performed with tremendous discipline.–Decibel

“Without hyperbole, this is the band’s greatest work and one of the finest records of the year. 9.5/10” – Metal Injection

“Redaction Artifacts is a thoughtful, ear-candy-laced labyrinth with a lot to explore and absorb. This is dense, challenging music, and as impressive as East of the Wall’s releases have been thus far, Redaction Artifacts is certainly their finest album yet.” – No Clean Singing

“…what you would come to expect out of these New Jersey progressive masterminds. Even revamping a line up didn’t allow the music to suffer. East of the Wall have crafted yet another outstanding release that truly highlights the benefits of virtuosic musicianship and creative songwriting. To put it in simple terms, it’s just damn good. 9/10” – American Aftermath

“East Of The Wall is the intersection of Mastodon earthiness and any-prog-band complexity. Redaction Affairs puts a tighter focus on the former, giving you those lost-in-the-wilderness feels and a sense of disconnect from melody and chord.” – MetalSucks

“…a stunner, a record that surpasses even the great strides of 2011’s The Apologist… working in elements of art rock and prog and hardcore for a final product that dazzles.” – eMusic

“There just isn’t a better example of hall-mark progressive metal for 2013. These amalgamations were superbly sculpted with in studio both recording and rehearsal. East of the Wall again triumph embodying the progressive moniker in name and due diligence. 9.4/10” – HBNBM

“Liken to a first serving of fine whiskey, it may take an open mind open to appreciate something as innovative and complex as it is, but Redaction Artifacts is just a fantastic goddamn Rock and Roll record.” – Live High Five