CONCLAVE Undrapes “Aethereum” From Soon-To-Be-Released Sins Of The Elders Full-Length At Cvlt Nation; Band Unites Members Of Warhorse, Grief, Disrupt, Desolate, And Martyrvore

Photo by Hillarie Jason

Photo by Hillarie Jason

Sins Of The Elders is the forthcoming full-length from Massachusetts-based doom metal faction CONCLAVE. Captured at Raven’s Head Studio in Allston, Massachusetts with Eric Braunschweiger at the recording helm, with Sins Of The Elders the members of CONCLAVE — which unites Warhorse, Grief, Disrupt, Desolate, and Martyrvor alumni — fuse their death and doom influences into a unique amalgam of heavy grooves, pounding sludge and melodic doom.

As a precursor to its release, today Cvlt Nation delivers “Aethereum” for public inebriation. Issues the band of the track, “‘Aethereum’ was written in minor keys with a feeling of darkness in tribute to the great forefathers of doom that paved the road before us. The lyrical concept is that of falling through space, time and all ethereal planes. It brought forth thoughts of the infinite vastness of space, the extremes of temperature, light and sound or absence thereof. Other parallels were drawn from the stories of World War II naval convoys traveling to Murmansk and the conditions those soldiers lived and died under. Hell is real and it extends beyond Earth and throughout the cosmos.”

Calling the record, “punishing,” yet, “fucking groovy as heck,” Cvlt Nation further elaborates, “CONCLAVE are stellar song writers and they know how to engage the listener with riffs you can feel beyond surface level.”

Bask in the doomy delights of “Aethereum” at THIS LOCATION.

You can also sample “Black Lines,” still streaming at The Obelisk at THIS LOCATION.

Building off CONCLAVE‘s 2014 self-released Breaking Ground EP, Sins Of The Elders boasts nine grisly tracks of staggeringly heavy and atmospheric oppression – pure and honest metal in an uncompromised form. In an advance investigation of the record, The Obelisk hails a record that, “expands both the command and the crush of that release [Breaking Ground] with an assured direction toward abysmal sludge, the metal of death, and consuming disaffection. In the slow, dense roll of ‘Cut It Off’ and the quiet acoustic closer ‘Kaltas’ alike, CONCLAVE maintain an oppressive feel that dares the listener to keep moving forward along its plotted course.” Sins Of The Elders will be released on CD through Lost Apparitions Records and on cassette via PATAC Records on June 10th, 2016.

Watch CONCLAVE crumble stages throughout Massachusetts on their upcoming live dates. Additional onstage decimations are in the plotting stages.

5/13/2016 One Bar & Grill/Pearl St. – Northampton, MA
6/30/2016 Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA * Record Release Show
6/23/2016 Grub Sweat & Beers Fest @ O’Brien’s – Cambridge, MA
8/27/2016 RPM Fest – Greenfield, MA

Jerry Orne – bass, vocals
Jeremy Kibort – guitars, backing vocals
Terrenza Savastano – guitars
Dan Blomquist – drums, percussion

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