COLOMBIAN NECKTIE: Los Angeles Sludgecore Unit Drops “Guiding Light” At Decibel: Twilight Upon Us Release Draws Near

As the official unveiling of Twilight Upon Us, the forthcoming debut from West Coast sludgecore perpetrators, COLOMBIAN NECKTIE, draws near, today Decibel spews forth a new helping of heaviness with the sonic menace of “Guiding Light.”

Called “scary sick,” follow the light to Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, break some pavement to “Sleepwalking” still streaming at Metal Insider at THIS LOCATION.

Named in honor of a song by iconic noise rockers Big Black but more commonly known as a method of murder where the victim’s throat is slashed and the tongue is pulled through the open wound, COLOMBIAN NECKTIE‘s Twilight Upon Us was produced by Erol “Rollie” Ulug (Graf Orlock) at Bright Lights Studios. Dubbed, “violent and impressive…,” in a 4/5 review from Stereokiller and a, “highly recommended listen for all connoisseurs of heaviness,” by Wonderbox Metal, Twilight Upon Us delivers thirteen grisly tracks of dark, riff-soaked, emotionally explosive audio wreckage.

Since forming in the Los Angeles in the Fall of 2010, COLOMBIAN NECKTIE – vocalist Scott Werren, guitarists Juan Hernandez-Cruz and Ben Daniels, drummer Ben Brinckerhoff and bassist Alex DuPuis – has earned a reputation for their punishing riffs and maniacal DIY work ethic. Though clearly rooted in hardcore, tracks like the syncopated, sludgy death march of “Play The Game” and midtempo thrash of “Drought,” complete with squealing synths, add a welcome dose of variance to an album that’s uncompromising in its aggression. “We don’t feel like we fit in any one genre, we just kind of slam things against a wall and focus more on how it makes us feel than where it fits in,” Hernandez-Cruz admits. “Our influences range from Cave In and Snapcase to Orchid and Page 99 so we never try to limit ourselves when it comes to what we do stylistically.”

Twilight Upon Us will be released independently on August 19th, 2014.