CAULDRON BLACK RAM: Decibel Magazine Streams Entire Slaver LP; Album Sees Release This Friday Through 20 Buck Spin

Australia’s CAULDRON BLACK RAM – formed by members of Mournful Congregation, Stargazer, and more – presents Slaver, their fourth LP and second sordid slab of metallic wrath for the 20 Buck Spin armada. Ahead of its release this Friday, Decibel Magazine is hosting the album for exclusive advance streaming.

Slaver was recorded by Andy “The Smiter” Kite and mastered by Damon Good. The record features cover art by Misanthropic Art, additional art by Konstantyn Kopacz / Warhead Art, and layout by Dan Capp.

Declares CAULDRON BLACK RAM of the album’s release, “Slaver encapsulates a darkening age, either from the tumultuous past or possible future. It is the manifestation of man’s fears, lusts and personal litanies unbound and enforced with deceit, fire and the sword. This is the soundtrack to such an un-civilization.”

Decibel writes, “It’s difficult to write about CAULDRON BLACK RAM without at least mentioning Aussie death/doom heroes – and perpetual Decibel Top 40 charters – Mournful Congregation, so let’s get that out of the way… CAULDRON BLACK RAM maintain the ‘low’ part of the Mournful formula, but often ditch the ‘slow’ in favor of mid-tempo black and death metal hammering.”

Unleash CAULDRON BLACK RAM’s Slaver via Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

20 Buck Spin will release Slaver on LP, CD, and digital platforms this Friday, May 22nd. Find preorders at the label armory HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Australia’s bastard horde of pillaging plunderers CAULDRON BLACK RAM sail the high seas again producing a full-length decree for the first time in six years. Slaver presents ten new tales of grim malevolence and dishonorable miscreants. The experienced hand of decades renders this singularly underground beast adept in the dark arts of skulduggery and churning sodden death deliverance, a task of which they partake with cruel delight.

Though rising from their watery tombs only infrequently, the burglarious villains of CAULDRON BLACK RAM uniquely slay their enemies with demented grooves, blackened thrash malice, and sludgy death metal barbarity. The lash of the whip hangs heavy on Slaver and the stench of war-torn lands, scorched villages, and wanton thievery seeps from the thick heavy atmosphere. A declaration of disparate yet almighty blows, rending limbs, and dimming hopes.