BLACKQUEEN: BrooklynVegan Premieres “Feed The Worm” Single; The Destructive Cycle LP From Seattle Avant Metal Act With Assück And Wormwood Alumni Nears Release

BrooklynVegan is now hosting an exclusive stream of “Feed The Worm,” the new single from Seattle-based avant metal unit BLACKQUEEN, and the band’s impending The Destructive Cycle LP, which sees release next week.

Founded by life-long punk/metal scene veterans having played with seminal Florida grindcore outfit Assück and cult avant sludge outfit Wormwood, among others, the band unleashes a haunting and intriguing amalgam of metal infused with a wide array of elements. The Destructive Cycle features both guest vocals and artwork contributions from Paul Pavlovich of Assück and Wrest of Leviathan and Lurker Of Chalice.

Offers BLACKQUEEN‘s Pete Jay with the new single’s premiere, “‘Feed The Worm’ represents the element of wood. Wood is born from the earth and has been twisted by man to construct dwellings, ships used in conquest, weapons and finally in the coffins they are buried in. As wood burns, it is destroyed, then it purifies the earth so that creation can blossom from it. In death, man is devoured by worms thereby going from the top of the food chain, to the absolute bottom. And so, the cycle continues.”

Writes BrooklynVegan, “We’re premiering second single ‘Feed the Worm,’ which covers a lot of ground throughout its seven-minute running time, from brutal grind to soaring post-metal and plenty of the in-between.”

Hear BLACKQUEEN’s “Feed The Worm” early only through BrooklynVegan at THIS LOCATION.

The Destructive Cycle will see CD and digital release next Friday, November 22nd, with the vinyl to see release in January. Find preorders for all formats at Bandcamp where “Calefactorum Occulta” is streaming HERE.

BLACKQUEEN‘s The Destructive Cycle is written based on Taoist five element theory. The band always strives to write music that creates dark and powerful soundscapes while at the same time embracing the deep esoteric knowledge of many cultures, from the powers of the known universe, into the unknown beyond; a musical representation of the powers of nature being channeled through a human host, and of the fear born from its misunderstood creative and destructive elements.

The Destructive Cycle was recorded and mixed by Brandon Fitzsimons at Airport Grocery, and mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony Mastering with additional engineering by Jeremy Davis, the record features guest vocals from Paul Pavlovich (Assück) on “Needle Grinding Well,” “Infinitesimal,” and “Calefactorum Occulta,” and Wrest (Leviathan, Lurker Of Chalice) on “The Sorcerer’s Jian.” The album is completed with cover art by Wrest and the LP version features design by Pavlovich, who will release the vinyl on his own Roman Numeral Records, the CD to see release by Super Sargasso, and the digital via handled by BLACKQUEEN.