BEWARE OF SAFETY: California Instrumental/Post-Rock Outfit Digitally Reissues dogs And Leaves/Scars Albums Via Pax Aeternum

photo by Steve Molter

Pax Aeternum Digital is happy to announce the formal reissuing of dogs and Leaves/Scars, two full-length albums from BEWARE OF SAFETY, across all digital service providers worldwide.

BEWARE OF SAFETY is an instrumental/post-rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Established in 2005, founding members Adam Kay (guitars), Jeff Zamina (guitars), Morgan Hendry (drums, keyboards, samples), and Steve Molter (guitars, samples, loops) released their debut EP It Is Curtains in 2007 with dogs following up as their debut full-length in 2009. Tad Piecka (bass, guitars, programming) joined in 2009, and the quintet has since recorded and released three additional studio albums: Leaves/Scars, Lotusville, and Mabon.

Having joined the Pax Aeternum collective, BEWARE OF SAFETY‘s dogs and Leaves/Scars albums can now be streamed and downloaded via your favorite sources for portable music on the go.

Stream BEWARE OF SAFETY’s dogs at Spotify HERE and Apple HERE and Leaves/Scars at Spotify HERE and Apple HERE.

BEWARE OF SAFETY has conducted several tours of North America and Europe since its inception and their music has been featured across various film, television, and broadcast projects spanning their entire career.

Watch for more updates from BEWARE OF SAFETY and Pax Aeternum to post over the months ahead.

dogs Track Listing:
1. Nü Metal
2. The Supposed Common
3. Step or Stone
4. Hexa
5. Circa
6. dogs
7. Yards and Yards
8. Light of Day
9. The Laughter Died
10. Raingarden

Leaves/Scars Track Listing:
1. Meridian
2. Kevin Spacey
3. Lowercase West
4. Crooked Nails For Catching Skin
5. Moorpark Ends
6. Small Victories
7. Memorial Day