AENAON: Greek Avant Black Metal Collective Streams David Lynch-Inspired “Fire Walk With Me” At No Clean Singing; Hypnosophy Preorders Available


Hypnosophy is the impending new long player from Greek avant black metal alchemists AENAON. Set for release next month via Code666, the overwhelming, seven-track offering was captured at Crown Audio Conspiracies and is a true work of vision and devotion. Dreamlike yet nightmarish, sensual yet dark, extreme, progressive and regal, Hypnosophy is a portal to a glorious surrealistic voyage like no other.

In advance of its release, today No Clean Singing delivers the harrowing sounds of the band’s David Lynch-inspired “Fire Walk With Me” in lyric video form. “The mercurial song is deliciously multifaceted – bombastic, sulfurous, progressive, jazzy, and soulful,” issues the esteemed blog. “To borrow from the lyrics, it ‘blusters mightily’ and hits hard. The drumming and bass rhythms jump out and grab you right from the start and command attention all the way through, but it also becomes dreamlike and hypnotic, especially when the exuberance of the mood pulls back to make room for an extended guitar solo in the song’s back half. And to add further textures to the music, AENAON have again deployed saxophone and the striking, clean guest vocals of Giorgos Papagiannakis (Absinthiana) as a contrast to the savage growls of vocalist Astrous. And it’s really easy to imagine that, when AENAON play the song live, a throng of voices will be joining them from the audience during the chorus: ‘Rise! Rise! Rise from the flames!‘”

Adds the band of the hymn, “Influenced by David Lynch’s film of the same title, this title was chosen as an inspiration for a hymn about the mythical creature, Phoenix. The element of fire is represented by the maelstrom of multiple instruments that are combined to create a Promethian atmosphere. It concludes all the distinctive elements of the AENAON sound whirling into a fiery musical vortex.”

Sample the scorching sounds of “Fire Walk With Me,” courtesy of No Clean Singing, at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, check out first single “Oneirodynia” below.

Complemented by the unique art of Łukasz WodyÅ„ski, AENAON‘s Hypnosophy will be released via Aural Music sublabel Code666 on CD, vinyl, and digital formats on November 25th in Europe and December 9th in North America. Preorders – including special bundles – are available at THIS LOCATION

Forged in 2006, AENAON takes its name from the Greek word “Αέναον,” the Eternal. Churching a distinctly atypical brand of experimental black metal, the band recorded their debut EP Phenomenon in 2007. It was released in 2009 via the Canadian Bleak Art Records and followed by a seven-inch split with Satanochio titled A Parallel Zoetrope in 2010. By 2011, the band had culled a solid underground following and united with Italian label Code666 who released their debut full-length, Cendres et Sang. The release marked the beginning of a new era for the band and a solid collaboration. In 2013, the Greeks released another seven-inch split with the Russia’s Stielas Storhett. However, it was 2014’s Code666-issued Extance long player that earned them the most acclaim. Continuing the tradition, in 2015 a third seven-inch split was released in alliance with their Greek comrades Virus Of Koch. And now the world awaits Hypnosophy….

AENAON is not a surprise anymore, probably one of the best progressive black metal bands on the planet, Hypnosophy will end in many top 2016 list for sure.” – Metal Hammer

“Extance was pure perfection and Hypnosophy is even better…” – G.O.M. Magazine