ABRE OJOS: New Sonic Exploration From Cult One-Man Audio Visual Project Engulfing The Airwaves Of Cvlt Nation

Scroll on over to Cvlt Nation and bask in the auditory menace that is “Light On Our Foreheads,” from one-man audio visual project, ABRE OJOS. A chilling number that probes the darkest recesses of the mind, this latest track is from ABRE OJOSGates full-length album, set for release later this month on Secrets Of Giza.

ABRE OJOS consists of one Scott Baker, a multimedia artist from Melbourne, Australia with over twenty years of experience working across the areas of installation, experimental music, video and illustration. Baker’s ABRE OJOS project creates immersive experiences for meditation and the exploration of the human spirit. Gates constantly assuages and challenges the participant, leading them on a path of self-exploration filled with reflection, anticipation and contemplation. As a CD/DVD package, Gates combines mesmerizing visuals and audio for this difficult journey, engaging the ears with a fusion of dark ambient mantras and ritualistic drums while soothing and challenging the eyes and mind with mandalas and subliminal imagery. A unification of sight and sound that opens a doorway to thought and self-reflection, Gates is a unique and masterful work.

Notes Cvlt Nation of the track, “I see colors swirling around prisms of light dancing inside of my brain. I hear unknown spirits guiding my past lives into another realm of forever. All of this change going on inside me is being caused by the astral sounds of ABRE OJOS.”

Sink deep into “Light On Our Foreheads,” now playing at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, visit Heathen Harvest to experience “Fractured Signals,” HERE.

Gates will be released via Secrets Of Giza on May 13th, 2014. The eleven-track offering includes an accompanying full-length DVD for an extraordinary jolt to the senses. Gates is both art and mantra, challenging and soothing, reflective and punctuated, feeding and consuming. To appreciate Gates, one must fully embrace its active principle time and time again, shedding all resistance and inhibition.

Purchase your copy today at THIS LOCATION.

“Baker explores the unsettling worlds between conventionally accepted euphonic sounds… this is evocative ambient music for late night hours.” – Crawl Space Magazine

“ABRE OJOS is a mechanical beast, portrayed through the Occult sense of Creation through divine Will. It is the inanimate object brought to life, by the use of machinery and human expression reflecting a futuristic yet modern world that was first imagined, then created. Technology is a magical act, and when we see the Occult and myth through this lens, much of it can begin to make sense.” – Heathen Harvest