DIE CHOKING: Tour With Fantasy Panther Begins With II Record Release Show This Friday

October 14th, 2014

This week, DIE CHOKING embarks on their headlining ten-city tour, beginning with their hometown record release show this week.

The release show for their blazing second EP, II, will see DIE CHOKING joining Pyrrhon, Artificial Brain and Fantasy Panther this Friday, October 17th on their Philadelphia home turf, followed by another solid week of shows in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Tennessee with Fantasy Panther. DC has two additional shows in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Montclair, New Jersey on their way home after FP drops off following the Knoxville gig. DIE CHOKING will be toting a brand new shirt design from Japanese artist ToK which will be available in special bundles with the new II 7” on this trek.

II is out now on blazing opaque red wax via The Compound and digitally direct through the band. Included in the package is a special document serving as a Living Will created by DIE CHOKING in conjunction with the theme of the EP’s closing track, “Tonsil,” the Will printed on several random color schemes, including a special version only available on the tour and a mailorder-exclusive version of only thirty copies available via The Compound/Earsplit Distro HERE.

Philly’s hyperthrash tyrants, DIE CHOKING returned to Mark It Zero Studios earlier this year, recording II with Dan O’Hare (Brutal Truth) in only one day and the vocals in another, the material then mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege (Baptists, Code Orange Kids, Integrity) and fitted with graphics by Jeffrey V. Daniels. Featuring a former member of Total Fucking Destruction and current members of Cop Problem and Burden, DIE CHOKING’s hyperactive grind/thrash resounds with an even darker powerviolence edge than their self-titled EP, fueled with even more speed and vehemence, and the perfect bait to lure in diehard seekers of earthmoving brutality citing Wormrot, Brutal Truth, Human Remains, Magrudergrind and Noisear. Unleash this torrent of savagery via Decibel RIGHT HERE.

10/17/2014 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA *record release show w/ Pyrrhon, Artificial Brain, Fantasy Panther [info]
10/18/2014 The Joke Hole – Glenmoore, PA @ V.O.S. Fest w/ Fantasy Panther, Empty Vessels [info]
10/19/2014 Voodoo Brewery – Meadville, PA w/ Fantasy Panther, Grin & Bear It [info]
10/20/2014 Ottawa Tavern – Toledo, OH w/ Fantasy Panther, Grin & Bear It [info]
10/21/2014 The Foundry – Cleveland, OH w/ Fantasy Panther [info]
10/22/2014 Quarters – Milwaukee, WI w/ Fantasy Panther
10/23/2014 Standard Projects – Hortonville, WI w/ Fantasy Panther [info]
10/24/2014 The Poison Lawn – Knoxville, TN w/ Fantasy Panther
10/25/2014 Rock Room – Pittsburgh, PA w/ No Brainer [info]
10/26/2014 DIV Lounge – Montclair, NJ [info]
11/16/2014 Dishaus - Baltimore, MD w/ Visions Of War, Wrath Cobra, Incisor [info]


WORMWOOD: Self-Titled LP Now Playing At Noisey/Vice Magazine

October 14th, 2014

Vice Magazine’s prevailing music channel, Noisey, has today unleashed one of the year’s most extreme doom/sludge albums, by streaming the entire self-titled debut LP from WORMWOOD.

The new Boston-based act spawned by Chris Pupecki (Doomriders, Cast Iron Hike) and Chris Bevilacqua (ex-Doomriders, Hallraker), as WORMWOOD, the duo produces a caustic type of slow-motion audio terror. Their debut recording memorialize this torrential onslaught with five steamrolling new movements, recorded in full analog as well as mastered by Alex Garcia-Rivera (Cold Cave, Bloodhorse, Shelter) at Mystic Valley Studios. The Wormwood logo was drawn by Pupecki and tweaked by Jake Bannon (Converge), then infused into photos taken by Brad Fickeisen (Trap Them, The Red Chord) to create the bleak album cover. The sonic attack of WORMWOOD is harsh, the vocals are unapologetically negative, and it’s all destructively perfect as the needle digs in across the vinyl expanse of this stunning debut.

Noisey today lets the entire Wormwood LP off the chain with an exclusive stream of the album, now playing at THIS LOCATION.

The self-titled album today sees CD and digital release through Magic Bullet Records, with the 12” vinyl edition on both black and smoke variations on October 28th. Orders for the CD and preorders for the LP are available HERE, and the digital via Bandcamp HERE, as well as through iTunes, Amazon and more. A CD run including a limited woven patch will be released through Patac Records on the 28th as well.

WORMWOOD will announce their first live performances and more in the dark days ahead. Stand by for further broadcasts.

“Born out of a need for yet-unexplored heaviness, WORMWOOD have retched out twenty minutes of crusty crush that are sure to nod some heads.” – Decibel

“The Boston heavy music scene has delivered some absolutely phenomenal acts lo these last 25 or so years and Wormwood has to the potential to adroitly carry that torch into the foreseeable future.  Their synthesis of Southern sludge with American doom is a lethal, and yes, bitter combination played to absolutely chilling depths.” – Metal Insider

WORMWOOD’s music is not warm and fuzzy – it has the darkness of a hellish nightmare.” – Cvlt Nation

“Sometimes crushing, sometimes creeping, this piece reimagines a modernist ‘Morbid Tales’ for the -very- angry, whilst being a whole lot more than simply derivative.” – The Sludgelord


CHILD BITE: Detroit Punk/Metal Misfits To Unleash Strange Waste EP Via Housecore This November; Live Takeover To Commence This Week

October 14th, 2014

Michigan punk/metal misfits, CHILD BITE, are pleased to unleash the noxious fruits of their Strange Waste EP later this Fall via Housecore Records.

Spewing their self-proclaimed “music for losers,” the nine-track Strange Waste — recorded at Russian Recording in Indianapolis, Indiana and produced by the band — finds CHILD BITE in full-throated pigfuck mode, pulling from various extreme ends of metal, noise, and hardcore without falling squarely into any of those genres. Instead, CHILD BITE boasts something altogether different and original. Refusing to slide comfortably into your music library, CHILD BITE can lurch from synth-driven punk to yelping, sax-soaked art-rock to thundering, ugly sludge. Their only constant? Wringing every mode and expression out of the music and exhausting it before barreling on to the next adventure. This is truly heavy rock music, saved from any namby-pamby genre qualifiers.

Strange Waste serves as the follow-up to CHILD BITE’s Morbid Hits EP, a collection of Anal Cunt covers with Philip H. Anselmo on vocals, released earlier this year. Despite clocking in at a mere nineteen minutes, Strange Waste is doused in so many twisted riffs, biting, guitar solos, clanking, chugging bass lines, splattering drum blasts and yowling vocals, you’ll be gnawing on it like gristle for months to come. Fans of The Jesus Lizard, Black Flag, Faith No More, and Dead Kennedys pay heed.

Strange Waste Track Listing:
1. Still fucked Up After All These Years
2. Garbage Odyssey
3. Sinking In Your Skin
4. Ancestral Ooze
5. Molestation Of the Arts
6. Foreign Tissue Purge
7. Mongoloid Obsession
8. Obey The Wraith
9. In A Cloud OF Blood/Bog Infinity

In related news, CHILD BITE will bring their audio damnation to the stage on a near three-week run of live takeovers, including a performance at this year’s Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin. The band will be joined by King Parrot and Acid Witch on select dates.

CHILD BITE Live 2014
10/16/2014 V Club – Huntington, WV *
10/17/2014 31st St. Club – Pittsburgh, PA *
10/18/2014 Good Weekend – Allentown, PA *
10/19/2014 Double Happiness – Columbus, OH
10/20/2014 Smiling Skull Saloon – Athens, OH
10/21/2014 Joyful Noise – Indianapolis, IN **
10/22/2014 Vino’s Back Room – Little Rock, AR **
10/23/2014 The Boiler Room – Dallas, TX **
10/26/2014 Housecore Horror Film Fest – Austin, TX
10/27/2014 Circle Bar – New Orleans, LA **
10/28/2014 The New Vintage – Louisville, KY **
10/29/2014 PG – Evansville, IN
10/30/2014 Cactus Club – Milwaukee, WI
10/31/2014 The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL
11/01/2014 Spoke Folks – Grand Rapids, MI
11/02/2014 Crossroads – Ypsilanti, MI
11/04/2014 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
11/05/2014 Club K – Baltimore, MD
11/08/2014 Death By Audio – Brooklyn, NY
* w/ King Parrot
** w/ Acid Witch

Strange Waste will be released on CD, double vinyl seven-inch and digitally via Housecore Records November 25th, 2014. Preorder your copy today via Housecore at THIS LOCATION.

“This shit is the shit.” – Philip H. Anselmo


Noisey Presents NOLA: Life, Death And Heavy Blues From The Bayou Episode 6

October 14th, 2014

In the sixth episode of the NOLA: Life, Death And Heavy Blues From The Bayou documentary, Noisey joins Down guitarist Pepper Keenan. Despite tragedy surrounding the band and their native city in the wake of Katrina, Down rose again to new heights with their new LP and subsequent tour.

Life, Death And Heavy Blues From The Bayou is a seven-part series examining the people and the culture that helped foster bands like Down, Eyehategod, Crowbar, Acid Bath, Goatwhore and so many others. Launched on September 23rd, the series features in-depth appearances from the likes of Philip H. Anselmo (Housecore Records, Down, ex-Pantera), Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod), Jimmy Bower (Eyehategod, Down, Superjoint Ritual et al), Kirk Windstein (Crowbar, ex-Down), and Sammy Duet (Goatwhore, ex-Acid Bath), discussing the bands, catastrophe, drugs, suicide, murder, and records that helped shape the New Orleans sound known the world over.

Watch episode six below:


Metal Grasshopper: Weekly Series Starring Down’s Philip H. Anselmo And Comedian Dave Hill Premieres TODAY At Metal Injection

October 14th, 2014

Beginning today and basically threatening to melt your goddamn computer every Tuesday through November 11th comes Metal Grasshopper, a new web series in which comedian Dave Hill travels to the wilds of Louisiana to get schooled in the ways of heavy metal by legendary frontman Philip H. Anselmo (Down, Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals, et al).

Metal Grasshopper pairs the unlikely duo of metal master Philip H. Anselmo with comedian, dandy, and NPR darling Dave Hill. Dave begs Phil to mold him into “the baddest metal motherfucker of all time”. Phil begrudgingly relents and the abuse and absurdity reach epic levels.

If you like stuff with corpse paint, burning pentagrams, medieval weaponry, irritable goats rented by the hour, couples counseling, delicious smoothie recipes, and real live chickens, you will love Metal Grasshopper, because it has all that stuff and then a bunch of other awesome stuff on top of that too. Holy shit.

Conceived by Hill, Anselmo, and writer/director Chris Lee during a torchlit ceremony in the goddamn woods while it was seriously late at night, Metal Grasshopper begins with Hill showing up unannounced at Anselmo’s secret compound somewhere in the sticks outside of New Orleans to learn directly from the master. Anselmo isn’t exactly crazy about the idea at first, but after Hill eventually proves he’s not messing around, Anselmo reluctantly agrees to take Hill under his heavily tattooed wing, share his unholy wisdom, and let Dave crash in one of the upstairs guest rooms.

Over the course of the series’ five episodes, Anselmo educates Hill on everything from headbanging to crowd work to even the most extreme of all breakfast cereals and man, that shit is nuts. Will Hill survive and come out the other end even more metal than before? Or will Anselmo scare Hill straight back to his parents‘ basement in Cleveland? Guess there’s only one way to find out, goddammit. The journey begins TODAY with the exclusive premiere of episode one on Metal Injection.

Check out episode 1, “Origins,” at THIS LOCATION.

About the Cast:

Philip H. Anselmo is best known as the singer for Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual, and Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals and has sold millions of albums worldwide. He is the best at heavy metal. Anselmo owns his own record label, Housecore Records and is the co-founder of the Housecore Horror Film Festival, now in its second exhilarating year. He also has a pet pig named Lucy, which is awesome.

Dave Hill is a comedian, writer, and musician who appears frequently on public radio’s This American Life, hosts the Goddamn Dave Hill Show on WFMU, is the author of the book Tasteful Nudes, and has appeared on such TV stations as Comedy Central, HBO, BBC-America, Cinemax, VH1, MTV, and more. He is a pretty sweet guitar player as well and has made out with a lot of chicks.

Chris Lee is a writer, director, and musician. He is the frontman for New Orleans’ Supagroup as well as the Chris Lee band. His hair is pretty sweet and goddamn he is handsome.


DISCORD: New Jersey Death Trio Unleashes Debut EP Via Bandcamp

October 13th, 2014

New Jersey-based modern death metal trio, DISCORD, has just self-released their debut recordings in the form of their Pale Death EP, which is available now via Bandcamp.

Incorporating violent, snarl-inducing brutality blanketed by melodic passages brimming with despair, DISCORD formed as a studio project in New Jersey, as an outlet for main songwriter and guitarist PJ Spilletti (ex- Purge the Plague, etc.). The band’s music tells a story of evil and misery in the language of the riff. Pale Death, DISCORD’s first release, delivers scathing melodic death metal with intoxicating hooks. Spanning five decimating tracks, Pale Death delivers caustic vocals by Bryan Martinez (Grimus) and Michael Goncalves (Grimus, Windfaerer, Binary Code), and drums by Dan Arminio. The record was engineered, mixed, and mastered at Frightbox Recording by Bobby Torres and the band’s logo and the Pale Death cover art created by Chis Horst, Horst Designs.

Vocalist Michael Goncalves muses about Pale Death, “When PJ approached me about recording vocals for DISCORD I was honored. He allowed Bryan and me to take free rein on our lyrical contributions. The riffs are energetic and metal as fuck but carry an aura of defeatism. We just worked the lyrics off of that vibe — purely pissed and miserable.”

Pale Death is available for streaming on the band’s Bandcamp and can be downloaded for as much or as little as the listener is willing to give. Check it out HERE.

Pale Death Track Listing:
1. Misery
2. Doom: Annihilation From Within
3. Beneath The Weight Of Putrid Fantasy
4. Otherrealm
5. Forsaken

PJ Spilletti – guitars, bass
Bryan Martinez – vocals
Michael Goncalves – vocals
Dan Arminio – drums


EARSPLIT PR: Roundup From The Compound – October 13, 2014

October 13th, 2014

CALM HATCHERY Third Full-Length From Polish Death Metal Quintet Now AvailableFading Reliefs, the most relentless and forward-thinking album to date from Polish death metal quintet, CALM HATCHERY, is now available from Selfmadegod Records. [More…]

ORBWEAVER: Orange Amplifier Video Demonstration Featuring Sally Gates Now Playing - Orange Amplifiers recently featured a special gear interview and demonstration video featuring ORBWEAVER guitarist Sally Gates. [More…]

OBLITERATIONS: Pitchfork Advance Now Playing Entire Poison Everything Debut LP Southern Lord; Tour With Baptists & Obliterations Begins - As Southern Cali’s OBLITERATIONS, unifying current and ex-members of Black Mountain, Saviours, Night Horse and others, now come within a week of the release of their Poison Everything LP via Southern Lord, Pitchfork, is letting the entire album off the chain in one of their Advance features this week. [More…]

DORO: Reigning Queen Of Metal Kicks Off North American Leg Of 30 Years Strong & Proud Anniversary Tour; NYC Special Guests Announced – Reigning Queen Of Metal, DORO PESCH, will kick off the North American leg of her 30 Years Strong & Proud anniversary tour next week. [More…]

WORMWOOD: Boston Doom/Sludge Outfit Sets Loose “White Plague” Via Cvlt Nation; Magic Bullet Preps Debut LP From Doomriders Resident/Alumni For Release – With Magic Bullet Records preparing to release the self-titled debut album from Boston-based WORMWOOD — a newly-formed doom/sludge duo founded by current and former members of Doomriders — Cvlt Nation this week sets loose the first wave of the album’s contagion with “White Plague,” the lethal fourth track from the LP. [More…]

LETHAL DOSAGE Completely Meaningless Party Tour Begins Today – Tucson, Arizona metal henchmen, LETHAL DOSAGE, today begin their latest live expedition into human populations in search of debauchery of all forms, as the Completely Meaningless Party Tour kicks off in Anaheim, California. [More…]

OvO: Avant Experimentalists Premiere Twisted Animated Video Via Cvlt Nation – Genre defiant, avant experimentalists, OvO, are pleased to premiere the official new video for “O Cannibali.” [More…]

Noisey Presents NOLA: Life, Death And Heavy Blues From The Bayou Episode 5 – In the fifth episode of NOLA: Life, Death And Heavy Blues From The Bayou documentary, Noisey joins Down guitarist Pepper Keenan at his bar in New Orleans. [More…]

LAE: Montreal Act Confirms Details Of Debut Album Set For Release Via The Compound/Battleground; Trailer And More Posted – The final details are being aligned for Break The Clasp, the otherworldly debut album from Montreal-based psychedelic post-rock artisans, LAE, to finally see its release this Autumn, as the eclectic outfit undergoes an absolute rebirth. [More…]

MAID MYRIAD: Debut Full-Length From Ohio Kaleidoscope Rock Act Out Today; Trio Makes Album “Name Your Price” Available – Ohio’s mesmerizing progressive/alternative power trio, MAID MYRIAD, today officially releases their debut studio full-length, With Haste On Its Breath, and in addition to the CD version via Nefarious Industries, the trio has made the digital version available through a “name your price” purchase via Nefarious Industries as a token of public celebration of its availability. [More…]

ORANGE GOBLIN: Back From The Abyss Out Today Via Candlelight Records; Revolver Hosts Exclusive Track-By-Track Breakdown – In celebration of the official North American release of Back From The Abyss, the newest studio recording from UK stoner metal titans, ORANGE GOBLIN, today Revolver Magazine is hosting an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of the record as told by vocalist Ben Ward. [More…]

ANNIHILATED: Extreme Death Metal Goliaths Premiere New Tune At Metal Assault; Band Prepares To Drop Unique Leader Debut – California-based extreme death metal unit, ANNIHILATED, is pleased to drop the sonic debauchery of “Eradication Profit” upon unsuspecting masses. [More…]

DER BLAUE REITER: Cvlt Nation Streams New Hymn From Post-Apocalyptic Darkwave ProjectLe Paradis Funèbre II – L’ Adieu Du Silence is the stunning, new, near hour-long full-length from Barcelona-based darkwave project, DER BLAUE REITER. [More…]

Corpse Flower Records And CV Comics To Release Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost; Trailer Posted + Preorders Available – Corpse Flower Records and CV Books are pleased to join forces for the release of Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost, a mammoth 155-page comic with illustrations and illustrated anecdotes from a varied bunch of metal musicians/authors. [More…]

ANCIENT VVISDOM: Burning Ambulance Premieres New Hymn From Occult Death Rock Alchemists; New Full-Length To See Release Via Magic Bullet Next Week – Burning Ambulance is currently hosting the official premiere of “Chaos Will Reign,” the second hymn from ANCIENT VVISDOM’s forthcoming new full-length, Sacrificial. [More…]

PISS VORTEX: Danish Grinders Extraordinaire Stream Track From Forthcoming Debut LP At American Aftermath; Preorders Posted – American Aftermath has just dispatched an exclusive stream of “Those Who Labor,” the next to last of fourteen relentless tracks encapsulated on the self-titled debut LP from Danish extreme grind executioners, PISS VORTEX. [More…]

COLOMBIAN NECKTIE: Sludgecore Perpetrators To Play Record Release Show in Los Angeles This Evening: Live Footage Posted – West Coast sludgecore perpetrators, COLOMBIAN NECKTIE, will level the stage of All Star Lanes in Los Angeles this evening alongside Black Sheep Wall, Crowhurst and The Love Below! [More…]

FATHER MURPHY’s North American Live Rituals Continue + Band Added To Le Guess Who Festival – Following a successful journey through Mexico, Italy’s favorite avant occult twosome, FATHER MURPHY, is bringing their séances to North American stages on another run of live rituals. [More…]

TODAY IS THE DAY: Entire Animal Mother LP Streaming At Lambgoat; Tour With Lord Mantis Underway – As TODAY IS THE DAY begins their exhausting, widespread tour schedule in support of the act’s tenth LP, Animal Mother, now just days from release through Southern Lord Recordings, the entire dynamic and demoralizing album is now playing courtesy of the longtime TITD supporters at Lambgoat. [More…]

AMERICAN HERITAGE: Revolver Magazine Releases Debut Single From Sixth Album From Chicago Outfit; Preorders PostedProlapse, the sixth full-length studio album from Chicago’s AMERICAN HERITAGE will see release in late November through French noise mongers, Solar Flare Records, and the first single from its onslaught is now on the loose courtesy of Revolver Magazine. [More…]

ROSES NEVER FADE: New Ballad Of Desolation From Dark Neofolk Trio Now Playing At Cvlt Nation – Cvlt Nation is currently streaming With Each Passing Wave,” the newest ballad of desolation from dark neofolk trio, ROSES NEVER FADE. [More…]

RABBITS: Noise Rock On Parade European Tour With Årabrot, MoE Begins Next Week – With the dust barely starting to settle following the release of their third LP, Untoward, Portland noiseshredders, RABBITS, are packing up their shit (album-related pun) as their brutalizing trek across the European continent in support of the record begins this Monday. [More…]

YAUTJA Launches North American Tour Today – Resting for brief intervals in between attacks, Nashville’s wicked trio, YAUTJA, has been touring steadily for nearly the past year in support of their debut LP, Songs Of Descent, released in February of this year via Forcefield Records. [More…]

SAHHR: Blackened Death Strategists Wage Auditory War With “Miscreant” Now Playing At Metal Insider; Preorders Available + Video Teaser Posted – Blackened death strategists, SAHHR, are pleased to wage auditory war today with “Miscreant.” [More…]

SOS To Play Outdoor Gig at Tompkins Square Park This Saturday; Band To Rage The NYC Marathon Once Again – The SOS heavy melodic groove machine is rolling heavy, as the band continues booking new gigs across their vast NYC home turf in support of their fifth full-length album, Strength And Conditioning. [More…]

WORMWOOD: Doomriders Offshoot Duo Releases New Track From Debut LP At Decibel Magazine – Decibel Magazine is now playing the newest single from the slow-motion facecrush that is Boston-based WORMWOOD’s self-titled LP, set for release next week through Magic Bullet Records. [More…]

WIZARD RIFLE: Stoner/Doom/Mathrock Conjurers To Release Long-Awaited New Full-Length On Seventh Rule; Preorders Available – Los Angeles-by-way-of-Portland stoner, doomed out, mathrock conjurers, WIZARD RIFLE, are very pleased to unveil their brand new full-length in the form of the smoldering five-track Here In The Deadlights. [More…]

Contact liz@earsplitcompound.com or dave@earsplitcompound.com for interviews with the above artists, or bands listed below with current and/or pending tour dates; keep up to date on all Earsplit-related tour offensives at our Live Actions page HERE.



WIZARD RIFLE: Stoner/Doom/Mathrock Conjurers To Release Long-Awaited New Full-Length On Seventh Rule; Preorders Available

October 10th, 2014

Los Angeles-by-way-of-Portland stoner, doomed out, mathrock conjurers, WIZARD RIFLE, are very pleased to unveil their brand new full-length in the form of the smoldering five-track Here In The Deadlights.

Set for release via Seventh Rule Recordings later this month, the follow-up to 2012’s critically adored Speak Loud Say Nothing full-length, which MetalSucks likened to a “Big Business-ified Melvins fucking a baby into Shellac and then hired Matt Pike as their au pair,” was tracked by guitarist Max Dameron over three weeks at Breakfast Studio in Los Angeles, then toiled over for a year, with Billy Anderson (Sleep, Eyehategod, Melvins et al) and Jesse Johnstone sharing mixing duties. The album sees WIZARD RIFLE for the first time as a trio featuring Dameron alongside, drummer Sam Ford, and bassist David Boe  pushing its sound into far sludgier realms and reaching new levels of monolithic heaviness, while maintaining a propulsive groove which spins and twists itself into oblivion. Tracks range from two to ten minutes, encompassing everything from sprawling psychedelic epics to surf-sludge noise-romps. Drawing from the sounds of Lightning Bolt, Karp, Sonic Youth, Black Sabbath and High on Fire, WIZARD RIFLE cannot sit still sonically for more than two seconds. Prepare thineself…

Here In The Deadlights Track Listing:
1. Crystal Witch
2. Buzzsaw Babes
3. Paul The Sky Tyrant
4. Psychodynamo
5. Beastwhores

WIZARD RIFLE arose from the rain and gloom of Portland — two malcontent twenty-somethings with a bent on creating something exhilarating and progressive amidst a scene of tepid dreamy pop, and redundant revival acts. Drummer Sam Ford is a blur of tom rolls, rapid-fire rim shots, screaming out harmonies amid the flurry. Meanwhile guitarist Max Dameron spews forth tentacles of noise, at times angular yet bizarrely groovy, at times psychedelic ambience, or purely crushing space-rock. The sheer sonic wall created by two is a sight to behold live, both members sharing signing duties and pushing to the limit of their abilities and ears.

With a sound rooted in a reverence for ‘70s psychedelic and punk, and myriad contemporary acts without ever feeling like a throwback, WIZARD RIFLE seeks to push the boundaries beyond reference points and obvious nods to rock idols. Still, they’ve commonly been likened to King Crimson, Lightning Bolt, High On Fire, Misfits, Karp, Melvins, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Sleep and so many others. In 2012 the band released their debut LP Speak Loud Say Nothing to critical adoration on Seventh Rule. Teaming up with Nanotear Booking, they honed their live sound on several US/Canadian tours, sharing the stage with the likes of Yob, Church Of Misery, Black Cobra, Arabrot, Rabbits and Witch Mountain. Last year, the lads relocated to Los Angeles, and immediately started work on the delightful, riff-encased bruiser, Here In The Deadlights.

Here In The Deadlights will be released on CD and limited red-inside-deep purple colored vinyl via Seventh Rule Recordings on October 28, 2014. Preorder your copy today at THIS LOCATION. Track teasers to be unleashed in the coming days stay tuned.


WORMWOOD: Doomriders Offshoot Duo Releases New Track From Debut LP At Decibel Magazine

October 10th, 2014

Decibel Magazine is now playing the newest single from the slow-motion facecrush that is Boston-based WORMWOOD’s self-titled LP, set for release next week through Magic Bullet Records.

The feel-good anthem of the day this is not, which the low-end demolishing power the introductory seconds of “I’d Rather Die” make painfully obvious. Feedback seemingly pours forth from a cavern full of amps which immediately begin pumping forth some of the most caustic, bruising sludge/doom grooves of the year. It’s a perfect example of what fans of the more slug-paced realms of extreme music can expect from WORMWOOD, the new act spawned by Chris Pupecki (Doomriders, Cast Iron Hike) and Chris Bevilacqua (ex-Doomriders, Hallraker). Alongside the auditory battering ram of “I’d Rather Die,” Decibel has posted an interview with Pupecki about the origins of this monstrous output, stating, “Born out of a need for yet-unexplored heaviness, WORMWOOD have retched out twenty minutes of crusty crush that are sure to nod some heads.”

Shred, slowly, to WORMWOOD’s “I’d Rather Die” at the Deciblog RIGHT HERE.

Also hear the previously dispatched “White Plague” via Cvlt Nation at THIS LOCATION.

Magic Bullet will release Wormwood digitally this impending Tuesday, October 14th. On the same day, a CD run including a limited woven patch will be released by Patac Records. Negative Fun Records also just released a limited tape version for Cassette Store Day. And Magic Bullet will deliver a fat colored vinyl LP version on October 28th. Recorded in full analog by Alex Garcia-Rivera at Mystic Valley Studios, the sonic attack of WORMWOOD is harsh, the vocals are unapologetically negative, and it’s all destructively perfect as the needle digs in across the vinyl expanse of this stunning debut.


SOS To Play Outdoor Gig at Tompkins Square Park This Saturday; Band To Rage The NYC Marathon Once Again

October 10th, 2014

The SOS heavy melodic groove machine is rolling heavy, as the band continues booking new gigs across their vast NYC home turf in support of their fifth full-length album, Strength And Conditioning.

This Saturday, October 11th, SOS and friends will rip it up at a free, all-ages outdoor gig at Tompkins Square Park on Avenue A between 7th and 10th on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The festivities begin at 2pm and rolls into the evening with sets from Valence, Fall Of The Albatross, Jotunheim and Nole in addition to SOS confirmed. This is the band’s last matinee show of 2014 in Tompkins Square Park and the band wants everybody in the area to come spend a fine Autumn day at the “crown jewel” of NYC Parks.

SOS will also raid the world famous annual NYC Marathon once again this year. On Sunday, November 2nd, SOS will set up right on the street at 44th Road and Crescent Street in Long Island City to fuel the runners with a high-octane set as they have for the past fifteen years straight.

Strength And Conditioning is streaming and available for purchase by the band’s DIY label 316 Productions RIGHT HERE.

SOS Live:
10/11/2014 Tompkins Square Park – New York, NY w/ Valence, Fall Of The Albatross, Jotunheim, Nole [info]
11/02/2014 NYC Marathon @ 44th Rd and Crescent St, Long Island City – New York, NY

SOS is a fusion of heavy sounds; a maniacal musical beast which flails madly yet seamlessly in all directions at once. Strength And Conditioning is a nearly forty-eight minute excursion into barrier-free musical chaos with heavy melodic grooves, recorded and mixed by Travis Harrison at Serious Business Studios, mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. Lineup changes and a restructuring of the band followed by heavy-duty local performances for the past year formed a six-year gap between albums, but the band’s heavy dedication has paid off, as Strength And Conditioning boasts SOS’ most action-packed mayhem yet. In addition to their shows in support of the new record, the ringmaster Mike SOS keeps busy playing hostmaster at the rock capitol of Queens, NY, Blackthorn 51 and co-producing NYC’s best monthly rock ’n roll party, FBOMB and more.