NY IN 64: New Jersey Instrumental Act Featuring You And I and East Of The Wall Members Releases Debut LP Details, New Track

March 24th, 2015

New Jersey’s instrumental quartet, NY IN 64 — featuring former members of You And I and current residents of East Of The Wall — will release their recently completed debut LP, NY64 via Magic Bullet Records on April 7th with a vinyl edition to follow shortly after. The enigmatic album’s artwork, track listing and additional details have been revealed this week, in addition to new live shows the band is booking in support of its release.

NY IN 64’s maiden voyage into album land explores vast, lush terrain in genre territories some may apply “post” prefixes to, or refer to as “progressive,” but the simple fact is, the band merely executes spectacularly crafted, instrumental, melodic, hardcore/rock, constructed from an unbreakable core, and its shimmering layers seemingly weaving directly into the earth as they unfold. With turmoil and tranquility interwoven throughout the entire album, the seven dynamic sequences that formulate NY 64 were recorded in November at Volume Fact and Backroom Studios (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Foxy Shazam, Meek Is Murder) by guitarist Chris Alfano, and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East, and the cover photography and layout by guitarist Justin Hock.

Magic Bullet Records has unveiled the track listing and cover art for NY 64, which will see official release on CD and digital outlets on April 7th. A 12” vinyl version will be released in the near future as well, with a street date to be confirmed shortly. Digital preorders via Bandcamp have been posted HERE; CD and LP preorders will be available shortly.

NY IN 64’s sixth track “Maintaining Now, The Contact,” is now playing via Bandcamp HERE and Youtube HERE.

NY 64 Track Listing:
1. Soon, You Will Lose Me
2. Bystander
3. A Towering Relic
4. Washington Square
5. The World’s Fair
6. Maintaining Now, The Contact
7. Stan & Steve

NY IN 64 has begun booking new shows in support of their debut album, including a short record release trek. The three-city run sees the band playing Wayne, New Jersey on Wednesday, April 8th — just one day after the record is released — followed by a show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Friday, April 10th and a set in New York City on Saturday, April 11th. Additional tour dates will be announced in the coming weeks, along with additional album news and more.

NY IN 64 Live:
4/08/2015 Gili’s Place – Wayne, NJ w/ Locktender, Entia, Forever Losing Sleep, Facility
4/10/2015 Lava Space – Philadelphia, PA w/ Locktender, Soul Glo, To Tremble
4/11/2015 ABC No Rio – New York, NY w/ Locktender, Cinema Cinema, Sangharsha

After taking a fifteen-year hiatus from writing music together, Justin Hock and Thomas Schlatter — both part of the writing team behind ‘90s screamo band, You And I — began laying down the framework to collaborate once again. To flesh out the outfit, Schlatter and Hock recruited New Jersey musical veterans Chris Alfano and Seth Rheam, best known for their work in the progressive powerhouse East Of The Wall, among many other acts, completing the lineup for NY IN 64. Completely void of vocals, the raw energy of ‘90s hardcore supplied by Hock and Schlatter, mixed with the refined technical aspects of progressive metal Alfano and Rheam deliver, were like two worlds colliding, however, resulted into something that seamlessly blended the two contrary styles. While injecting the energy and enthusiasm of a basement show into a more refined musical composition, NY IN 64 attempts to harness two sides of many coins; youth and age, rawness and precision, joy and hostility.


FULGORA: New Full-Length From Grindcore/Death Supergroup Out TODAY Via Housecore Records

March 24th, 2015

Stratagem, the new seven-track skull-crusher from grindcore/death henchmen, FULGORA, is out TODAY via Housecore Records. A name representing the female personification of lightning in Greek mythology, FULGORA unites members of Pig Destroyer, Misery Index and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Together, their output is unapologetically vicious, sadistic and infuriated.

A maniacal collection of limited vinyl singles and samples, Stratagem takes the searing, audio demolition of their collective pedigrees to new realms of sonic punishment. Houston Press notes, “FULGORA skews far more to the modern hardcore and crossover thrash side of metal. [Guitarist/vocalist B.L.] LaMew’s vocals are not screamed or squealed, but rather shouted. But never fear; FULGORA still serves up quite a helping of jagged time changes and math-metal riffage. These guys probably couldn’t write a completely straightforward song if they tried to,” while Alternative Control commends FULGORA’s undeniably “sick twist on the ever evolving grindcore genre.” In an 8/10 review, Decibel boasts, “With Adam and John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, Agoraphobic Nosebleed etc.) acting as the rhythmic backbone  for guitarist/vocalist B.L. LaMew, it’s not a surprise that direct lines exist between those bands. Not that we’re complaining. Adam’s drumming …unfathomably exudes space, breadth and surprising amounts of groove, while sounding like he’s hitting everything at once. His frenetic style works well with LaMew’s weaving of splashy discord into taut powerful riffs.” Dead Rhetoric opines, “Whereas the ‘big three’ bands noted… go into mostly death, grind, and destruction, FULGORA sets their sights at something a bit more hardcore in nature, not to mention melodic. We aren’t talking melodic in the sense of something bouncy and happy, as Stratagem is quite loaded with vitriol but there’s fair bit of backing groove to the usual approach. The overall sound is pretty filthy… and this helps in terms of the caustic approach of the tunes,” while MetalSucks elaborates, “…if Misery Index is a determined fanatic seething with the righteous rage of political revolution and Pig Destroyer is the lovelorn, desperate stalker of every woman’s nightmares, then FULGORA is a mad scientist who is going to make you the middle section of his human centipede. FULGORA’s music is unforgiving and furious, but it’s also executed with surgical precision,” furthering, “Their music has been scientifically proven to cause an overwhelming desire to cut one’s own face off and feed it to dogs.”

Witness Stratagem in all its mutinous glory at Decibel Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, watch the visual companion to the track “Meridian,” playing at Metal Injection at THIS LOCATION.

Stratagem is out NOW via Philip H. Anselmo’s Housecore Records. For CD orders, visit THIS LOCATION. Vinyl lovers go HERE.


MACABRE OMEN: Greek Epic/Pagan Black Metal Act Releases Sophomore LP Through Ván Records; Two Tracks Now Streaming

March 24th, 2015

As Ván Records proudly releases the majestic sophomore album from Greek epic/pagan black metal band, MACABRE OMEN, bearing the title Gods Of War – At War, two tracks from the album have been released via the label’s Soundcloud page for streaming.

Through the expanses of the album’s second and also title track, “Gods Of War – At War,” and sixth of the album’s eight odes, “Rhodian Pride, Lindian Might,” one immediately becomes succumb to MACABRE OMEN’s enchanting harmonies and grand delivery, making it all the easier to fall victim to the grim and malicious core of these warrior hymns. Gods Of War – At War was recorded at Priory Recording Studios in the West Midlands in the Land of the Angles. Produced, engineered and mastered by Greg Chandler under the supervision of The One over a period of six months and through the Summer Solstice of 2013 A.B., all drums and percussion were recorded intermittently during the last two weeks of February 2013 A.B and engineered by T. J. F. Vallely at Eidola Studios. Throughout the album’s hour-long duration, a multitude of vocal approaches and entities appear among waves of choirs, acoustic and electric guitars and bass, recorder, mouth harp, synths, tambourine, gongs, and an array of different drums and percussive instrumentation, making the album an incredibly rounded and endlessly entertaining album which immediately demands repeat attention.

Stream MACABRE OMEN’s “Gods Of War – At War” and “Rhodian Pride, Lindian Might” at THIS LOCATION.

Gods Of War – At War is out now through Germany’s Ván Records on both CD limited edition mighty 2xLP version RIGHT HERE. Stateside order links will be available shortly.

Gods Of War – At War Track Listing:
1. I See, The Sea!
2. Gods Of War – At War
3. Man Of 300 Voices
4. Hellenes Do Not Fight Like Heroes, Heroes Fight Like Hellenes
5. From Son To Father
6. Rhodian Pride, Lindian Might
7. Alexandros – Ode A’
8. Alexandros – Ode B’

MACABRE OMEN was founded in August 1994 by Alexandros and Mournful on the island of Rhodes, Greece, in the town of Kremasti and Ialysos. Their first release was the Secrets Of The Moonlight demo (1994). By 1995, as a four-member band with Alexandros on guitars, Lefteris on vocals, Mournful on bass and Stephen on keyboards, they released their second demo, Before Darkness. By 1996, only Alexandros and Mournful remained. With Alexandros also taking over the role of lead vocals and with the addition of Polyvios on drums and Michalis Savvakis as a guest on keyboards, they released the promo tape Olympus where the typical sound of MACABRE OMEN came to be. In 1997, Polyvios left the band and Stephen returned on keyboards. The same year, they released a split 7” with Godblood from Cyprus. By 1998, Alexandros moved to London, England and the band became a one-man-act. With only Alexandros remaining and performing all instruments except drums and the split 7” with Walhalla from Finland was released in 1999. The four-way split None Shall Escape With Wrath saw release in 2000 and the split 7” with Ad Inferos in 2001.

MACABRE OMEN went on a small hiatus until 2004 when Gionata Potenti and Claudio Alcara joined on drums and acoustic guitar respectively. Then working as a full act again, they released their first full-length album to see release in their eleven years since their creation with The Ancient Returns. In 2006, they appeared on the compilation by Kyrck Productions & Armour, Hellas – The Black Death Anthology – 1989-2006, with the song “We Won With War.” Also in 2006 and 2007, two split 7” EPs were released as a tribute to Bathory. In 2013, Tom Vallely joined in drums and their second album after ten years entitled Gods Of War – At War is finally released in early 2015.

Alexandros – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Choir, Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass, Recorder, Mouth Harp, Samples, Synths
T. J. F. Vallely – Drum Kit, Timpani, Medieval Drums, Bodhrán, Frame Drums, Tambourine, Gongs, Clash Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal


GHOUL: Creepsylvania’s Favorite Masked Mutants To Take To The Streets This May On The Weapons Of Mosh Destruction 3-D Tour; Band To Devour Kirk Von Hammett’s Fear FestEvil + New Episode Of Brutally Delicious Available

March 24th, 2015

Following a short bout of downtime spent harvesting the dead, the masked mutants in GHOUL will return to the States for another round of live debauchery on this year’s Weapons Of Mosh Destruction trek, now in astounding 3-D! The three-dimensional beatings will commence on May 15th in Denver, Colorado and rampage its way through three weeks’ worth of dates including a stop at the Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore. GHOUL will be joined by California grind miscreants, Phobia, and Ohio scumsmiths, Necrofilth. 3-D glasses not included. As a precursor to the fetid festivities, the band will also contaminate the stage of the Rockbar Theater in San Jose, California as part of Kirk Von Hammett’s Fear FestEvil alongside Meshuggah, High On Fire, Agnostic Front and more!

Comments Digestor, “Greetings, numbskulls! It is I, Digestor, announcing that GHOUL is once again coming to your wretched country to cleanse it of the gutter trash that litter your streets and our shows. We are joined in this effort by legendary grinders Phobia, and sleaze masters Nekrofilth: two bands that we will no doubt miss after we are forced to murder and eat them at the end of the tour. And this time we are doing it all in 3-D, mainly because it allows us to charge more at the door. So, accept your fate, prostrate yourself in front of the altar of GHOUL, and die by the manifold murderous machinations of Weapons Of Mosh Destruction 3-D!”

4/10 – 12/2015 Kirk Von Hammett’s Fear FestEvil @ Rockbar Theater – San Jose, CA [info]
GHOUL on the Weapons Of Mosh Destruction 3-D Tour w/ Phobia, Necrofilth:
5/15/2015 Mo’s – Denver, CO
5/16/2015 Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA
5/17/2015 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
5/18/2015 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
5/19/2015 Cattivo – Pittsburgh PA
5/20/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY
5/21/2015 Voltage Lounge – Philadelphia, PA
5/22/2015 Maryland Death Fest – Baltimore, MD
5/23/2015 Maryland Death Fest – Baltimore, MD
5/24/2015 New Mountain – Asheville, NC
5/25/2015 The Earl – Atlanta, GA
5/26/2015 The Hi-Tone – Memphis, TN
5/27/2015 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
5/28/2015 Fitzgeralds – Houston, TX
5/29/2015 Red 7 – Austin, TX
5/30/2015 The Korova – San Antonio, TX
6/02/2015 Club Red – Mesa, AZ
6/03/2015 Til Two – San Diego, CA
6/04/2015 TBA – Ventura, CA
6/05/2015 Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA
6/06/2015 Los Globos – Los Angeles, CA
6/07/2015 DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA

In related news, GHOUL’s Dissector and Digestor recently crashed the set of Brutally Delicious to whip up some Beef Carpaccio. For cooking tips from the greats, scroll on over to THIS LOCATION.

GHOUL unleashed their We Came For The Dead!!! release on waxy awesomeness late last year. Initially released in 2002, We Came For The Dead!!! was an instant cult classic in the most putrid depths of the metal underworld, delivering a slick, punk-infused style of American goregrind from an unidentified tomb in the depths of Creepsylvania, where they’ve since waged war on mortals from with full anonymity. GHOUL now offers up We Came For The Dead!!! on vinyl which includes a GHOULish rendition of Megadeth’s “Skull Beneath The Skin.” We Came For The Dead!!! is out now on Tankcrimes. Get in on the action HERE. And for the CD and digital format junkies, the album comes paired up with GHOUL’s ghastly follow-up to We Came For The Dead!!!, Maniaxe, as a nifty two-for-one album deal available now. Who says GHOUL doesn’t like bargains. Order the CD HERE (or in stores worldwide) or the digital version HERE.


ENTRAILS: Swedish Death Metal Overlords To Unleash New Studio Offering This May Via Metal Blade Records; Preorders + Teaser Track Unveiled

March 24th, 2015

Swedish death metal overlords, ENTRAILS, will unleash the putrid fruits of their newest studio offering this May via Metal Blade Records. Fittingly dubbed Obliteration, the follow-up to 2013’s Raging Death full-length was tracked by guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist at his own Bloodshed Studios and mixed and mastered by legendary musician/soundsmith Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Aeon, Hail Of Bullets etc.) at Unisound. Featuring nine mangled tracks of sonic malevolence, Obliteration carries on the torch of true, oldschool Swedish brutality.

Comments Lundqvist: “Finally, we can unleash this beast named Obliteration to the fans out there, this time with a more driven and raw style that shall taste good to everyone’s ears if you’re into the older simplified death metal that we prefer to play. Recorded in our own Bloodshed Studios and mixed by the mighty Dan Swanö nothing else but slabby, Swedeath can be served.”

Sample the sonic severity of third track, “Beyond The Flesh,” at metalblade.com/entrails.

Obliteration Track Listing:
1. No Cross Left Unturned
2. Epitome Of Death
3. Beyond The Flesh
4. The Grotesque
5. Obliterate
6. Skulls
7. Midnight Coffin
8. Bonestorm
9. Abyss Of Corpses

Boasting members of Birdflesh and General Surgery, ENTRAILS celebrates the teachings of Dismember, Grave, Entombed and Tomas Skogsberg’s Sunlight Studio alumni with a mutinous air raid of buzzsaw riffs, bestial vocal tirades, earth-rumbling rhythms and repugnant tales of suffering, doom and the undead with the expert brutality of their forefathers. The band was initially forged in 1990 by Lundqvist but disbanded prematurely due to his dissatisfaction with their initial demo recordings. Half the lineup went their separate ways while Lundqvist continued to write music until 1998, when ENTRAILS officially went dormant. It would be a full decade before the band would ascend from the grave when Lundqvist found the band’s early recordings in an old tape collection and decided they deserved to be released as they should have been originally. With modern recording technology, the first two ENTRAILS demos — Reborn and Human Decay — finally took shape.

The band unleashed their menacing Tales From The Morgue debut in June of 2010. The album featured songs from both newly recorded demos and was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö. 2011’s delightfully repugnant The Tomb Awaits full-length would follow. The record reaped critical adoration from metallers and media outlets both stateside and abroad with No Clean Singing noting, “although massive distortion is (of corpse) the name of this game, Lundqvist enhances the morbid fascination of the music with near-clean, Dismember-ish, reverberating guitar solos that alternately slither, writhe, and moan seductively. Indeed, all of the multi-faceted guitar tones and riffing techniques on this album, and the way in which they’re balanced in the mix with the gut-punching bass and the drum-kit attack, are near-textbook representations of how this genre of music should sound.”

ENTRAILS joined the Metal Blade Records roster in March of 2012, leveling the stages of numerous festivals throughout Europe (Party.San, Summer Breeze etc.) that Summer before composing 2013’s ravenous Raging Death full-length. It was then that Lundqvist moved his studio into the woodshed where it all began in the ’90s. The new/old surrounding inspired Lundqvist to write material like never before. Released later that year, The New Noise crowned the record, “an absolutely perfect slab of catchy, violent Swedish death metal,” while Stereogum commended it for being, “perfect for blasting, banging, and bashing.” Added All Music, “What comes through right away is the guitar tone, with its perfect blend of thickness and crunch feeling like a portal to the days when the fat distortion that was the backbone of Swedish death metal was (and perhaps still is) the heaviest thing to come out of an amp. Immediately afterwards you’re hit by just how punishing the album is. These songs aren’t here to dazzle you with their speed or virtuosity. Instead, they offer up the fat slabs of classic riffage that seek only to crush the listener under their immense weight, bringing a muscularity to the table that’s hard to fake.”

Dubbed “one of the more vital and warranted demo collections to be made available” by Metal Injection in an 8/10 review, ENTRAILS dropped the Resurrected From The Grave – Demo Collection last Summer. The mammoth eighteen-track offering delivers the band’s Reborn and Human Decay recordings – the now infamous demos that started it all — in one venomous helping. And now comes the time for a new chapter in extremity with the audio disease of Obliteration.

Obliteration will see release via Metal Blade Record on May 19th, 2015. For preorder bundles, visit metalblade.com/entrails.

Jimmy Lundqvist – guitars
Joakim Svensson – vocals/bass
Pontus Samuelsson – guitars
Adde Mitroulis – drums


BRETT NETSON & SNAKES: Spirited Scavenger Cult 12” EP Slithers Into The Population Worldwide

March 24th, 2015

Scavenger Cult, the new 12” EP by BRETT NETSON & SNAKES, is now available worldwide, independently released in North America by guitarist/vocalist, Brett Netson, and released across Australia, New Zealand and Europe by TYM Records.

The latest endeavor from the Caustic Resin/Built to Spill/Earth voyager, the Scavenger Cult EP personifies an entirely new entity than of Netson’s other current or previous projects, yet carries his outspoken nature through as if delivered from a parallel existence possibly much cooler than this one. Through a diversified, psychedelic rock display captured through an incessant focus on specific, vintage equipment, Scavenger Cult may only bear three tracks, yet the passages formulate a mesmerizing auditory voyage, inspired by life’s brutalizing personal hardships yet personified through a realistic, gritty, if not uplifting, organically delivered recording. Rather than extreme, caustic lamentation, for their deliverance, BRETT NETSON & SNAKES plot courses high above burning civilizations, utilizing classic instrumentation to navigate magic carpet escapades across grand prairies and valleys, with the exploding nighttime cosmos above or the soil beneath our very feet set as possible destinations for this journey’s end. Welcome to the Fleetwood Mac of doom-trodden, free-form rock.

Scavenger Cult can be streamed in its entirety, and ordered — including three different mixes (digi/analog), live bonus tracks and a limited poster by Noble Hardesty — at THIS LOCATION, and in AUS/NZ/EU HERE.

In addition to premiering the first single to Scavenger Cult and interviewing Netson for an upcoming issue on the release, a new playlist on Netson’s heavier influences has been posted HERE.

Also catch cultivator Brett Netson as a guest blogger on Magnet Magazine’s website, with contributions discussing a wealth of all things worth delving into… that action happens in about two weeks.

BRETT NETSON & SNAKES has confirmed several new live performances, including a set at part of this year’s annual installment of the Treefort Festival in the band’s backyard, as the trio will hit the stage this Thursday, March 26th alongside Crosss, Wild Throne, Burien,Cerberus Rex and more, the entire festival embodying countless bands from across the realms of music with no barriers. Additionally, BRETT NETSON & SNAKES will open for the local show of the massive Ufomammut and Usnea North American trek as the tour swoops through Boise on June 8th.

3/26/2015 The Shredder – Boise, ID @ Treefort Fest [info]
6/08/2015 Neurolux – Boise, ID w/ Ufomammut, Usnea [info]

Brett Netson will also be on tour with Built to Spill through May, including various festival appearances, and the Scavenger Cult vinyl will be for sale at the merch booth. Catch the BTS tour dates HERE.

The Scavenger Cult EP features three glorious, sprawling anthems created with drummer Steve Gere (Uzala, Built To Spill), stereo bass contributions from Ian Waters (Kid Cordiroy, Boise Cover Band) and Josh Galloway (Cerberus Rex), with additional bass, synth contributions and all guitar and vocals courtesy of Netson. Recorded on 2” 16-track tape with Jason Ringelstetter at Tonic Room in Boise, Idaho, mixed to 1/2″ tape by Steve Lobdell at Audible Alchemy in Portland, Oregon with analog mastering at Salt Mastering in Brooklyn, New York, the Scavenger Cult EP is not good-time rock and roll, although it speaks the same language. The roots are there… ‘70s rock, metal and punk, psychedelics and garage rock, space rock, drone and thud, blues… But, whatever you hear, the work is unmistakably that of Brett Netson. Much thought went into the making of this record. Scavenged analog tape machines, used tape and various hand built circuits. A steep learning curve; an effort to make the sound as expansive as possible. Many miles traveled to gather the implements. A carbon footprint balanced out by bringing machines made long ago to live another day. These are not inanimate objects. This two inch tape, these tube amplifiers, transformers… they are extensions of the artists, who feel they owe it to them to rise to the standards of their excellence since these machines will never be made that way again. The point of all this is not self-aggrandization, the point is to make something that lasts; something that is worth the labor and natural resources used to produce it. They put it out there. The rest is up to you.


DIE CHOKING Mini-Tour With Artificial Brain Begins Thursday

March 23rd, 2015

Philly’s DIE CHOKING trio takes their grindblasting mayhem out on a four-city run this week alongside NYC death henchmen, with shows in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey between this Thursday, March 26th and Sunday the 29th.

As DIE CHOKING is about to hit the studio to record their debut LP, which promises to demonstrate their most lethal and over-the-top material to date, nearly the entire thirteen-song arsenal being set out of the cages onto audiences throughout this Northeastern beating and subsequent confirmed Springtime shows both hometown and abroad. In May, DIE CHOKING raids the Midwest for shows in Milwaukee and Indianapolis surrounding their performance at No Tomorrow Fest in Appleton, Wisconsin joining MDC, Channel 3, Hemdale, Sick/Tired, Tenement, Cloud Rat and more, after which another run through NYC, New England and more awaits.

A recent Gear Gods video feature on DIE CHOKING drummer Josh Cohen is playing RIGHT HERE, and the band’s video for “Tonsil” playing HERE. The remaining copies of The Compound’s limited mailorder edition of the band’s II 7” and its self-titled predecessor are available HERE.

DIE CHOKING Live Actions:
3/26/2015 Main Manor – New Castle, DE w/ Artificial Brain, Traitor, Wojtek, Vicious Embrace [info]
3/27/2015 Ottobar – Baltimore, MD w/ Artificial Brain, Mother Brain, Kreig, Occult 45 – all ages [info]
3/28/2015 The Shop – Pittsburgh, PA – all ages w/ Artificial Brain, Dendritic Arbor, Meth Quarry [info]
3/29/2015 The Meatlocker – Monclair, NJ – all ages w/ Artificial Brain, Organ Dealer, Sunrot
4/25/2015 Ortleibs – Philadelphia, PA w/ Starkweather, Darkside NYC, Edgewise, Dysphoria
5/01/2015 Bremen Cafe – Milwaukee, WI w/ No Brainer [info]
5/02/2015 No Tomorrow Fest – Appleton, WI w/ MDC, Hemdale, Solstice, Sick/Tired, Tenement, Cloud Rat, Deathwish, more [info]
5/03/2015 Spunk Manor – Indianapolis, IN w/ Cloud Rat, Sick/Tired [info]
5/14/2015 Lucky 13 – Brooklyn, NY w/ Fantasy Panther, Scowl
5/15/2015 TBA New England
5/16/2015 TBA New England

DIE CHOKING will enter Studio 4 in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania with Will Yip (Lauryn Hill, Circa Survive, Blacklisted, Cop Problem) April 1st to lay down thirteen tracks for their debut LP. With an unyielding and uncompromising style of thrash-gone-grind speedfreak hardcore, DIE CHOKING’s already frighteningly unhinged attack will be witnessed with even greater magnitude on the as-yet-unnamed LP, with even faster BPM-rates and more complicated arrangements employed in the design work of the songs.


GOD’S HATE Premieres “Father Inferior” Single At Bloody Disgusting; Single Precedes Debut LP Coming This Summer

March 23rd, 2015

Kicking off the week with a brutalizing slab of revulsion, Southern California’s GOD’S HATE has released the title track to their impending Father Inferior 7” through the aid of Bloody Disgusting entertainment portal. “Father Inferior” is the lead song from the impending single of the same name, which is set to strike in April. Recorded at The Pit in Van Nuys, California by Taylor Young, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige, this A-side destroyer is the perfect introduction to GOD’S HATE’s sacrilegious, low-end thunder they so dominantly deliver, influenced by the likes of Merauder, Stigmata and Hatebreed,

The GOD’S HATE hymn, “Father Inferior,” is now punishing all in earshot at Bloody Disgusting RIGHT HERE.

The impending Father Inferior will be a limited 7” single, pressed in a run of 500 copies and made available in late April. Stand by for additional release details on the single and following LP, entitled Mass Murder — which is currently being recorded by the band — both to see release through Closed Casket Activities, the label also responsible for the GOD’S HATE debut EP, Divine Injustice, released in February 2014. Preorders for Father Inferior are now available HERE.

In the meantime, GOD’S HATE has confirmed several upcoming tour actions for the weeks ahead, including a performance on the first of two days of mayhem at Richmond, Virginia’s United Blood Fest this Friday, March 27th, joining the likes of Judge, Breakdown, Terror, Cold World, Crown Of Thornz, Harm’s Way and others. Just two weeks later, GOD’S HATE returns to the East Coast to provide direct support for SoCal kin, Disgrace, on the band’s True Enemy tour, which includes sets from both acts at this year’s New England Metal & Hardcore Fest in Worcester, Massachusetts on Saturday, April 18th with Testament, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Nails, Indecision, Incendiary, Suburban Scum, Incantation, Wisdom In Chains and many more.

GOD’S HATE Tour Dates:
3/27/2015 The Canal Club – Richmond, VA @ United Blood IX [info]
4/12/2015 Amityville Music Hall – Amityville, NY w/ Disgrace
4/13/2015 Bogies – Albany, NY w/ Disgrace
4/14/2015 Sala Rossa – Montreal, QC w/ Disgrace
4/15/2015 SHIBGB’s – Toronto, ON w/ Disgrace
4/16/2015 Ocean Garden – Buffalo, NY w/ Disgrace
4/17/2015 The Voltage Lounge – Philadelphia, PA w/ Nails, Incendiary, Disgrace
4/18/2015 The Palladium – Worcester, MA @ New England Metal & Hardcore Fest [info]


EarsplitPR: Roundup From The Compound – March 23, 2015

March 23rd, 2015

SKINLESS: Reunited New York Death Metal Legion To Release First New Full-Length In Over Eight Years; Artwork + Release Date Revealed – Reunited New York death metal legion, SKINLESS, will defile the ears of the living this June with their first new studio offering in nearly a decade. [More…]

STEARICA: Clash Magazine Premieres Track From Italian Instrumental Trio Featuring Colin Stetson; Additional Fertile LP Guest Musicians Revealed – A brand new single from powerful Turin, Italy-based instrumental rock outfit, STEARICA, off of their impending album Fertile, has been premiered by massive UK-based Clash Magazine, the song featuring Colin Stetson (Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, etc.). [More…]

TODAY IS THE DAY Declares Spring US Tour With Lazer/Wulf; Two New Videos From Animal Mother LP Near CompletionTODAY IS THE DAY hereby announces the band’s return to widespread live performances this Spring, this week announcing a month-long US tour to take place in April and May. [More…]

MELTED SPACE: New Album From Orchestral Metal Outfit To See Late Summer Release Via Sensory Records – Orchestral/operatic metal collective, MELTED SPACE, is proud to announce a newly-signed worldwide deal with Sensory Records for the late Summer release of the outfit’s sophomore full-length opus, The Great Lie. [More…]

MAESTUS: Debut Full-Length From Blackened Doom Collective Streaming In Full At Decibel – Pacific Northwestern blackened doom collective, MAESTUS, recently unveiled the forlorn fruit of their debut full-length, Voir Dire. [More…]

OBSEQUIAE: Middle Ages Metal Outfit Premieres Two Lead Tracks From Impending Aria Of Vernal Tombs LP Via No Clean Singing – While Minnesota-based Middle Ages-inspired metal clan, OBSEQUIAE, prepares for the looming release of its Aria Of Vernal Tombs sophomore LP through 20 Buck Spin this May, the diehard followers of the band at No Clean Singing have publicly unveiled exclusive streams of the album’s first two tracks, as the vernal equinox nears this week. [More…]

DISGRACE: Southern California Hardcore Henchmen Now Streaming Entire True Enemy LP At Lambgoat – Southern California-based DISGRACE will release their defiant debut LP, True Enemy, through upstate New York-based Closed Casket Activities at the end of the month, and as an early indulgence for the band’s fans, Lambgoat is now streaming the entire album early. [More…]

KINGS DESTROY: Brooklyn Stoner Rock/Doom Collective Unveils First Single From New Album Via Noisey – Today, Brooklyn stoner rock/doom collective, KINGS DESTROY, are pleased to unveil, “W2,” the first single from their forthcoming new, self-titled full-length. [More…]

KING PARROT Releases New Video Featuring Philip H. Anselmo; Album Preorders Available + Band To Kick Off US Tour With Weedeater Friday – Australian thrash grind unit and recent Housecore Records signees, KING PARROT, will release their long-awaited new full-length May 19th in North America via Housecore Records. [More…]

WINO & CONNY OCHS Premiere Freedom Conspiracy LP Opener “Drain” Through Revolver MagazineFreedom Conspiracy, the second collaborative album between American doom/rock icon, SCOTT “WINO” WEINRICH, and enigmatic German singer/songwriter, CONNY OCHS, is now less than two weeks from worldwide release via Exile On Mainstream Records, and today, Revolver Magazine is hosting a stream of the LP’s overcast lead track, “Drain.” [More…]

THEORIES: New Full-Length From Pacific Northwest Death Grind Miscreants Streaming In Full At Invisible Oranges; Regression To See North American Release Via Metal Blade Records – Today,Pacific Northwest death grind miscreants, THEORIES, offer up the molten fruitage of their impending Regression full-length in its scathing entirety via Invisible Oranges. [More…]

GRUESOME: No Clean Singing Debuts Opening Track From Impending Relapse-Bound Album By Death Metal Division; Members Of Exhumed, Possessed, Malevolent Creation And Derketa Unite – While Relapse Records puts the final grisly details in place for the release of Savage Land, the debut album from Death-inspired metal collective, GRUESOME — uniting members of Exhumed, Possessed, Malevolent Creation, Derketa and more — No Clean Singing has unleashed the opening title track to the disc. [More…]

LIFELESS: Dream LP From New Jersey Hardcore Crew Playing At Blow The Scene; Album Out Next Week Via Fast Break! Records – Following well over a year of buildup and preparation, New Jersey’s LIFELESS will finally unveil their punishing second full-length, Dream, via Fast Break! Records on March 31st, and the entire album is now boiling over upon the masses in its entirety via Blow The Scene. [More…]

WRVTH: Technical Death Dealers Announce May Live Takeover – Following their recent journey breaking stages alongside labelmates, Inanimate Existence, WRVTH, technical death dealers WRATH OF VESUVIUS, otherwise known as WRVTH, will embark upon another run of live takeovers, this time supporting Ænimus as part of the Dawn Of The Shred tour. [More…]

ANCIENT VVISDOM: Occult Death Rock Conjurors Announce North American Spring Tour With SólstafirOccult death rock conjurors, ANCIENT VVISDOM, will bring their rituals to the stage on a near month-long live run alongside atmospheric Icelandic metallers, Sólstafir. [More…]

ENCOFFINATION Confirms Rare Abyss Of Funeral Winds Mini-Tour In April; 2xLP Version Of III – Hear Me, O’ Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs) Available – American cult death/doom duo, ENCOFFINATION, will crawl forth from their usual obscurity early this April to deliver a rare wave of their macabre, slow-motion funeral marches to several East Coast US locations on the Abyss Of Funeral Winds Tour. [More…]

BURNT BOOKS: 2nd Album From Avant-garde Punks Out Now On Retro Futurist; Album Now Playing At Selective MemoryWhere There’s Smoke There’s Fire, the writhing second album from Columbia, South Carolina-based BURNT BOOKS, is out today through Retro Futurist Records. I [More…]

DAWN OF AZAZEL: Long-Running New Zealand-Based Death Metal Tyrants To Release New Full-Length - Long-running New Zealand-based progressive death metal tyrants, DAWN OF AZAZEL, will release their fourth full-length next month. [More…]

CROM DUBH: London Epic Black Metal Sect Releases Debut Album Heimweh Through Ván Records – Germany’s Ván Records is proud to have London-based epic black metal sect, CROM DUBH, a part of their ever-expanding roster, as the band’s debut full-length album Heimweh is released onto the masses. [More…]

VALBORG: German Dark, Primitive Metal Trio To Unleash Fifth Full-Length Opus Via Temple Of Torturous – German-based dark, primitive metal trio, VALBORG, will unleash their fifth full-length opus via Temple Of Torturous. [More…]

TOTAL NEGATION: One-Man Blackened Doom Metal Venture To Release New Full-Length Via Temple Of Torturous – One-man blackened doom metal assault, TOTAL NEGATION, will unleash third full-length, Zeitzeuge, this May via Sweden-based Temple Of Torturous Records. [More…]

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Bands In Vans: March 20th, 2015

March 20th, 2015

Lotta bands. Lotta tours. Support live music! Contact your local Earsplit operative for coverage inquiries: liz@earsplitcompound.com, dave@earsplitcompound.com or pr@earsplitcompound.com.

4/12/2015 Hotshots – Shreveport, LA
4/13/2015 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO w/ Vital Remains, Vale Of Pnath
w/ Boris the Blade, Alterbeast, Reaping Asmodeia:
4/15/2015 High Tone Cafe – Memphis, TN
4/16/2015 Tremont Music Hall – Charlotte, NC
4/17/2015 10th Street Live – Kenilworth, NJ
4/18/2015 Coco 66 – Brooklyn, NY
4/20/2015 Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY
4/21/2015 Mavericks – Ottawa, ON
4/22/2015 The Ritz – Detroit, MI
4/23/2015 Vintage Villains – Danville, IL
4/24/2015 Bada Brew – Crest Hill, IL
4/25/2015 Warehouse – Lacrosse, WI
4/26/2015 Metal Grill – Milwaukee, WI
4/27/2015 Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA
w/ Boris The Blade, Alterbeast:
4/28/2015 The Skatuary – Denver, CO
4/29/2015 Metro Bar – Salt Lake City, UT
4/30/2015 Green T – Pocatello, ID
w/ Boris The Blade, Alterbeast, Lord Of War:
5/02/2015 The Pin – Spokane, WA
5/03/2015 Duffy’s Hangar – Salem, OR
5/05/2015 The Rockbar – San Jose, CA
5/06/2015 The Grizzly Den – Upland ,CA
5/07/2015 Rock City Studios – Camarillo, CA
5/08/2015 Soma – San Diego, CA

8/14-16/2015 Oakland Metro Operahouse – Oakland, CA @ Deadfest [info]
10/15-18/2015 Southwest Terror Fest – Tucson, AZ [info]

ALLEGAEON w/ The Agonist, Product Of Hate:
3/21/2015 The Rock – Tucson, AZ
3/22/2015 Pub Rock – Scottsdale, AZ
3/23/2015 Adrenaline Sports Lounge – Las Vegas, NV
3/26/2015 The Boardwalk – Orangevale, CA
3/27/2015 Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor – Reno, NV
3/28/2015 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
3/29/2015 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
4/04/2015 Maverick’s – Ottawa, ON
4/06/2015 The Agora Theatre –  Cleveland, OH w/ The Agonist
4/07/2015 Mojoe’s –  Joliet, IL
4/08/2015 Aftershock – Merriam, KS
4/10/2015 Curtain Club-  Dallas, TX
4/11/2015 Warehouse Live – Houston, TX
4/12/2015 Texas Independence Festival @ Empire Control Room And Garage – Austin, TX
4/14/2015 Fubar – St. Louis, MO
4/15/2015 Emerson Theater – Indianapolis, IN
4/16/2015 The Token Lounge-  Westland, MI
4/17/2015 Trickshots – Clifton Park, NY
4/18/2015 New England Metal And Hardcore Festival @ The Palladium – Worcester, MA
4/19/2015 The Papers Box – Brooklyn, NY
4/20/2015 Backstage At Championships – Trenton, NJ
4/24/2015 The Complex – Glendale, CA

ALTERBEAST w/ Boris The Blade, Abiotic, Reaping Asmodeia:
4/12/2015 Hotshots – Shreveport, LA
4/13/2015 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
4/15/2015 High Tone Cafe – Memphis, TN
4/16/2015 Tremont Music Hall – Charlotte, NC
4/17/2015 10th Street Live – Kenilworth, NJ
4/18/2015 Coco 66 – Brooklyn, NY
4/20/2015 Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY
4/21/2015 Mavericks – Ottawa, ON
4/22/2015 The Ritz – Detroit, MI
4/23/2015 Vintage Villains – Danville, IL
4/24/2015 Bada Brew – Crest Hill, IL
4/25/2015 Warehouse – Lacrosse, WI
4/26/2015 Metal Grill – Milwaukee, WI
4/27/2015 Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA
w/ Boris The Blade, Abiotic:
4/28/2015 The Skatuary – Denver, CO
4/29/2015 Metro Bar – Salt Lake City, UT
4/30/2015 Green T – Pocatello, ID
w/ Boris The Blade, Abiotic, Lord Of War:
5/02/2015 The Pin – Spokane, WA
5/03/2015 Duffy’s Hangar – Salem, OR
5/05/2015 The Rockbar – San Jose, CA
5/06/2015 The Grizzly Den – Upland ,CA
5/07/2015 Rock City Studios – Camarillo, CA

4/22/2015 The Shop – Brooklyn, NY
4/23/2015 L’ail’ze – Montreal, QC
4/24/2015 Mavericks – Ottawa, ON
4/25/2015 Garrison – Toronto, ON
4/26/2015 Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
4/27/2015 31st St Pub – Pittsburgh, PA
4/28/2015 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH
4/29/2015 Pyramid Scheme – Grand Rapids, MI
4/30/2015 TBA – Milwaukee, WI
5/01/2015 Nether Bar – Minneapolis, MN
5/03/2015 Reggies – Chicago, IL
5/04/2015 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
5/05/2015 Larimer – Denver, CO
5/06/2015 Bar Deluxe – Salt Lake City, UT
5/08/2015 The Pin – Spokane, WA
5/09/2015 Rickshaw – Vancouver, BC
5/10/2015 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
5/12/2015 Oakland Opera – San Francisco, CA
5/13/2015 Los Globos – Los Angeles, CA
5/14/2015 Pub Rock Live – Scottsdale, AZ
5/15/2015 Sister – Albuquerque, NM
5/16/2015 Sons Of Hermann – Fort Worth, TX
5/17/2015 Red 7 – Austin, TX
5/18/2015 One Eyed Jacks – New Orleans, LA
5/20/2015 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA

APEX VI Festival:
6/05/07/2015 Trans Pecos – Queens, NY w/ The Body, Gnaw Their Tongues, Svartsinn, IRM, Burial Hex, Menace Ruine, Sutekh Hexen, more [info]

5/08/2015 BB King’s – New York, NY
5/09/2015 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
5/30/2015 House of Blues – W. Hollywood, CA

ARTILLERY w/ Striker, VX36:
4/09/2015 Rock Bar Theatre – San Jose, CA
4/10/2015 Five Star Bar – Los Angeles, CA
4/11/2015 The Drunken Lass – Prescott, AZ
4/12/2015 Blue Max – Midland, TX
4/13/2015 The Three Links – Deep Ellum, TX
4/14/2015 The Dirty Dog – Bar Austin, TX
4/15/2015 Walter’s – Houston, TX
4/16/2015 Siberia- New Orleans, LA
4/17/2015 West End Live – Orlando, FL
4/19/2015 The Brass Mug – Tampa, FL
4/21/2015 The Pour House Music Hall – Raleigh, NC
4/22/2015 The Syndicate Venue – Birmingham, AL
4/23/2015 Good Time Charlie’s – Tupelo, MS
4/24/2015 The Metal Grille RK NYDM Spring Bash ‘15- Cudahy, WI
4/25/2015 Vaudeville Mews Des – Moines, IA
4/26/2015 Bushwacker’s Saloon – Denver, CO
4/27/2015 The Metro Bar – Salt Lake City, UT

4/05/2015 The Orange Peel – Asheville, NC
4/06/2015 Music Farm – Charleston, SC
4/08/2015 Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL
4/09/2015 The Howlin Wolf – New Orleans, LA
4/10/2015 Empire Garage @ Texas Independence Fest – Austin, TX
4/11/2015 The Bomb Factory @ Atomic Music Festival – Dallas, TX
4/13/2015 The Granada – Lawrence, KS
4/14/2015 The Ready Room – St Louis, MO
4/15/2015 Deluxe @ Old National Centre – Indianapolis, IN
4/17/2015 The Palladium @ New England Metal & Hardcore Fst – Worcester, MA
4/18/2015 Port City Music Hall – Portland, ME
4/19/2015 Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA

3/20/2015 New Brookland Tavern – Columbia, SC *record release show w/ Glittoris, UnInhabitable, more
4/02/2015 Milestone – Charlotte, NC w/ Crazy Bag Lady, Sea Of Storms, Pig Mountain [info]
4/03/2015 Odditorium – Asheville, NC w/ Crazy Bag Lady, Sea Of Storms, Uninhabitable, Spliff
4/04/2015 25 Watt – Richmond, VA w/ Crazy Bag Lady, Sea Of Storms, Slowing [info]
4/05/2015 The Ottobar Upstairs – Baltimore, MD w/ Crazy Bag Lady
4/06/2015 Legion Of Doom – Columbus, OH w/ Crazy Bag Lady, Checkmate [info]
4/07/2015 Fifth Quarter Lounge – Indianapolis, IN w/ Crazy Bag Lady, Torturess, Voidweaver [info]
4/08/2015 The Bishop – Bloomington, IN w/ Crazy Bag Lady, Torturess, Wounded Knees [info]
4/09/2015 The Stone Fox – Nashville, TN w/ Crazy Bag Lady. Sky Burial, Thetan, Subject/Rulers [info]
4/10/2015 Poison Lawn – Knoxville, TN w/ Crazy Bag Lady
4/11/2015 Caledonia – Athens, GA w/ Crazy Bag Lady, Cinemechanica, Harsh Words, Savagist
4/12/2015 New Brookland Tavern – Columbia, SC w/ Crazy Bag Lady, Cinemechanica
5/02/2015 Caledonia – Athens, GA
5/19/2015 TBA – Atlanta, GA

4/18/2015 The Columbia City Theater – Seattle, WA [info]

3/23/2015 The End – Nashville, TN
3/24/2015 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
3/25/2015 Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA
3/26/2015 Cake Shop – New York, NY
3/27/2015 Middle East – Upstairs – Cambridge, MA
3/28/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY

4/02/2015 TBA
4/03/2015 Green Light Studio – Augusta, GA
4/04-05/2015 Club Aqua – Jacksonville, FL @ Southeast Beast [info]
4/06/2015 TBA – Tallahassee, FL
4/07/2015 Churchill’s Pub – Miami, FL
4/11/2015 Club 77 – San Juan, Puerto Rico
4/12/2015 Goat House – Odessa, FL
4/13/2015 TBA – Myrtle Beach, SC
4/14/2015 TBA
5/08-09/2015 The Drunk Horse Pub – Fayetteville, NC @ Breast Fest

3/27/2015 Distrò – La Spezia IT
3/28/2015 Socio – Massa Carrara IT
4/03/2015 Bardamu / Calderara di Reno – Bologna IT
4/04/2015 La Girada – Udine IT
4/06/2015 Maximum Festival – Zerobranco IT
5/16/2015 Maximum Circus Festival – Berlin DE
5/29/2015 Eulenbruch Festival – Rostock DE

3/22/2015 The King’s Arm Tavern – Auckland, NZ w/ Goatwhore
4/18/2015 Napier Deathfest – Napier, NZ
4/23/2015 The King’s Arm Tavern – Auckland, NZ w/ Napalm Death, Carcass
5/02/2015 The King’s Arm Tavern – Auckland, NZ w/ Suffocation, Decapitated
7/04/2015 Rust In Perth 2015 – Perth, AU
8/29/2015 Living Death Fest 2015 – Melbourne, AU

5/01/2015 Red Line Tap – Chicago, IL w/ MDC, Channel 3
5/02/2015 No Tomorrow Fest – Appleton, WI w/ MDC, Channel 3, Solstice, Hemdale, more [info]
5/02/2015 Triple Rock – Minneapolis, MN w/ MDC, Channel 3
5/04/2015 The Hide Out – Omaha, NE w/ MDC
5/05/2015 7th Circle – Denver, CO w/ MDC
5/06/2015 Music GarageSalt Lake City, UT w/ MDC
5/07/2015 The Shredder – Boise, ID w/ MDC
5/08/2015 Old Nick’s – Eugene, OR w/ MDC
5/09/2015 Tonic Lounge – Portland, OR w/ MDC
5/11/2015 TBA – Medford, OR w/ MDC
5/12/2015 755 After Dark – Santa, Rosa, CA w/ MDC
5/13/2015 924 Gilman – Berkeley, CA w/ MDC
5/14/2015 Los Globos – Los Angeles, CA w/ MDC
5/15/2015 Til 2 – San Diego, CA w/ MDC
5/16/2015 The Music Hall – Anaheim, CA w/ MDC
5/17/2015 51 West – Tempe, AZ w/ MDC
6/27/2015 The Music Hall – Anaheim, CA @ Cruststock 3 w/ Deviated Instinct, Antisect, Capitalist Casualties, Theories, Wartorn [NO MDC] [info]

4/17/2015 The Palladium – Worcester, MA @ New England Metal & Hardcore Fest [info]

DISGRACE The True Enemy Tour:
4/12/2015 Amityville Music Hall – Amityville, NY
4/13/2015 Bogies – Albany, NY
4/14/2015 Sala Rossa – Montreal, QC
4/15/2015 SHIBGB’s – Toronto, ON
4/16/2015 Ocean Garden – Buffalo, NY
4/17/2015 The Voltage Lounge – Philadelphia, PA w/ Nails, Incendiary
4/18/2015 The Palladium – Worcester, MA @ New England Metal & Hardcore Fest [info]

4/27/2015 Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
4/28/2015 The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
4/29/2015 Webster Hall – New York, NY
5/01/2015 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
5/02/2015 Metropolis – Montreal, QC
5/03/2015 Phoenix Concert Theater – Toronto, ON
5/05/2015 Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH
5/06/2015 Mojoes – Joliet, IL
5/07/2015 Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN
5/09/2015 Garrick Centre – Winnipeg, MB
5/10/2015 Louis Pub – Saskatoon, SK
5/11/2015 MacEwan Hall Ballroom – Calgary, AB
5/12/2015 Union Hall – Edmonton, AB
5/14/2015 The Grand Ballroom at the Regency – San Francisco, CA
5/15/2015 The Grove – Anaheim, CA
5/16/2015 Marquee Theater – Tempe, AZ
5/18/2015 Ogden Theater – Denver, CO
5/20/2015 Emos – Austin, TX
5/21/2015 Iron City Live – Birmingham, AL
5/22/2015 New Orleans Civic Theatre- New Orleans, LA
5/23/2015 House of Blues (Orlando) – Lake Buena Vista, FL

5/09/2015 Austin Psych Fest: Levitation – Austin, TX
5/11/2015 Sister – Albuquerque, NM w/ True Widow
5/12/2015 Club Congress – Tucson, AZ w/ True Widow
5/13/2015 Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ w/ True Widow
5/16/2015 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA @ Psycho California

3/20/2015 Circolo Agora – Milan, IT
3/21/2015 Freakout – Bologna, IT
3/22/2015 Stadtwerkstadt – Linz, AU
3/24/2015 007 – Prague, CZ
3/25/2015 Klub Re – Krakow, PL
3/26/2015 Dwa Osiem – Warsaw, PL
3/27/2015 Ut Connewitz – Leipzig, DE
3/28/2015 Shockoladen – Berlin, DE
3/29/2015 Hafenklang - Hamburg, DE
3/31/2015 The Joker – Brighton, UK
4/01/2015 The Cube – Bristol, UK
4/02/2015 Gullivers – Manchester, UK
4/03/2015 The Maze – Nottingham, UK
4/04/2015 Electrowerkz - London, UK
4/05/2015 Ramsgate Music Hall - Kent, UK

ENCOFFINATION Abyss Of Funeral Winds w/ Father Befouled, Ghoulgotha [info]:
4/01/2015 529 – Atlanta, GA
4/02/2015 The Holy Mountain Compound – Raleigh, NC
4/03/2015 The Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
4/04/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY

ENSIFERUM w/ Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum:
3/20/2015 La Laiterie – Strasbourg, FR
3/21/2015 Z7 – Pratteln, CH
3/22/2015 Ninkasi Kao – Lyon, FR
3/23/2015 Le Bataclan – Paris, FR
3/24/2015 O2 Academy Islington-  London, UK
3/25/2015 Patronaat – Haarlem, NL
3/26/2015 Hedon – Zwolle, NL
3/27/2015 Biebob – Vosselaar, BE
3/28/2015 Tivoli – Bremen, DE
3/29/2015 Grünspan – Hamburg, DE
3/30/2015 Vega – Copenhagen, DK
3/31/2015 Göta Källare – Stockholm, SE
4/01/2015 Sticky Fingers – Gothenburg, SE
4/02/2015 Inferno Metal Festival – Oslo, NO
w/ Korpiklaani, Trollfest:
5/06/2015 House of Blues – Los Angeles, CA [tickets]
5/07/2015 Slim’s – San Francisco, CA [tickets]
5/08/2015 Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR [tickets[E1] ]
5/09/2015 El Corazon – Seattle, WA [tickets]
5/10/2015 Rickshaw Theatre Vancouver, BC [tickets]
5/12/2015 Republik – Calgary, AB [tickets]
5/13/2015 Union Hall – Edmonton, AB [tickets]
5/15/2015 Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO [tickets]
5/16/2015 Bourbon Theater – Lincoln, NE [tickets]
5/17/2015 Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN [tickets]
5/18/2015 Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL [tickets]
5/19/2015 Agora Theater – Cleveland, OH [tickets]
5/20/2015 Opera House – Toronto, ON [tickets]
5/21/2015 Mavericks – Ottawa, ON [tickets]
5/22/2015 Club Soda – Montreal, QC [tickets]
5/23/2015 Imperial de Quebec – Quebec City, QC [tickets]
5/24/2015 Brighton Music Hall – Boston, MA [tickets]
5/26/2015 Mr. Small’s Theater – Pittsburgh, PA [tickets]
5/27/2015 Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD [tickets]
5/28/2015 Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA [tickets]
5/29/2015 Irving Plaza – New York, NY [tickets]
2015 Summer Festivals:
8/13/2015 Rockstadt Extremefest – Rasnov, DE
6/19-21/2015 Hellfest – Clisson, FR
7/30-8/1/2015 Wacken Open Air – Wacken, DE
8/06-08/2015 Party San Open Air – Schlotheim, DE
8/08/2015 IntoThe Grave Festival – Leeuwarden, NL
8/09/2015 Bloodstock Open Air – Walton-On-Trent, GB
8/13-15/2015 Summer Breeze – Dinkelsbühl, DE

3/30/2015 Kuudes Linja – Helsinki, FI
3/31/2015 Kuudes Linja – Helsinki, FI
4/01/2015 Klubi – Tampere, FI
4/03/2015 Debaser – Stockholm, SW
4/04/2015 Truckstop Alaska – Gothenburg, SW
4/05/2015 1000Fryd – Aalborg, DK
4/06/2015 Atlas – Aahus, DK
4/07/2015 Loppen – Kopenhagen, DK
4/08/2015 Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE
4/09/2015 Roadburn Festival 2015 – Tilburg,NL
4/10/2015 Roadburn Festival 2015 – Tilburg, NL
4/11/2015 Durbuy Rockfestival 2015 – Durbuy, BE
4/12/2015 Bastard Club – Osnabrück, DE
4/13/2015 Cassiopeia – Berlin, DE
4/14/2015 Schlachthof – Wiesbaden, DE
4/16/2015 Lo Fi Club – Milano, IT
4/17/2015 Init – Roma, IT
4/18/2015 The Cage – Livorno, IT
4/19/2015 Freakout Club – Bologna, IT
4/20/2015 Gaswerk – Winterthur, CH
4/21/2015 Usine – Geneve, CH
4/22/2015 Mjc Totem – Lyon, FR
4/23/2015 Molodoi – Strasbourg, FR
4/24/2015 Le 106 – Rouen, L
4/25/2015 Desertfest 2015 @ Electirc Ballroom Desertfest 2015 – London, UK
6/20/2015 Hellfest 2015 – Clisson, FR

4/12/2015 Cul de Sac – Tilburg, NL @ Roadburn Festival [info]
5/23/2015 Ram’s Head Live – Baltimore MD @ Maryland Deathfest [info]
6/06/2015 Trans Pecos – Queens, NY @ APEX VI [info]
10/09-11/2015 Oakland Metro – Oakland, CA @ California Deathfest [info]

3/21/2015 Gypsy Lounge – Austin, TX SXSW (Day show)
3/21/2015 Yellow Jackets Social Club – Austin, TX SXSW (Night Show)
5/02/2015 Pappy & Harriets – Joshua Tree/Pioneertown, CA
5/20/2015 Complex – Glendale, CA w/ Bl’ast, Eagle Twin
5/24/2015 Maryland Deathfest – Baltimore, MD w/ Amorphis, Anaal Nathrakh, Inverloch, Neurosis, Winter, more
5/30/2015 Temples Festival – Bristol, UK
6/01/2015 De Kreun – Kortrijk, BE
6/02/2015 Melkweg – Amsterdam, NL
6/03/2015 SO36 – Berlin, DE
6/04/2015 Freakvalley Festival – Siegen, DE
6/07/2015 AN Club – Athens, GR
6/20/2015 Crucialfest – Salt Lake City, UT

3/20/2015 The Brisbane Hotel – Hobart, AU
3/21/2015 Wrangler Studios – Melbourne, AU
3/25/2015 The Basement – Canberra, AU
3/26/2015 The Cambridge Hotel – Newcastle, AU
3/27/2015 The Factory Theater – Sydney, AU
3/28/2015 Crowbar – Brisbane, AU
w/ Skeletonwitch, Mortals:
4/03/2015 Inferno Fest – Oslo, NO
4/04/2015 Kulturakademin- Motala, SW
4/06/2015 Pumpehuset – Copenhagen, DK
4/07/2015 Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE
4/08/2015 Bastard Club – Osnabruck, DE
4/09/2015 013- Tilburg, NL
4/11/2015 Sound Control  - Manchester, UK
4/12/2015 Voodoo Lounge – Dublin, IE
4/13/2015 Ivory Blacks  - Glasgow, UK
4/14/2015 The Oobleck  - Birmingham, UK
4/15/2015 Corporation – Sheffield, UK
4/16/2015 Underworld – London, UK
4/17/2015 Magasin 4 - Brussels, BE
4/18/2015 Underground – Koln, DE
4/19/2015 Covent Garden – Paris, FR
4/20/2015 La Nef – Angouleme, FR
4/21/2015  Sala Lemon  - Madrid, ES
4/22/2015 Sala Razz 3  - Barcelona, ES
4/23/2015 MJC O Totem – Lyon, FR
4/24/2015 Dynamo/Werk 21 - Zurich, CH
4/25/2015 Lo Fi – Milan, IT
4/26/2015 Traffic Live – Rome, IT
4/27/2015 p.m.k. – Innsbruck, AT
4/28/2015 Backstage – Munchen, DE
4/29/2015 Conne Island  - Leipzig, DE
4/30/2015  Magnet – Berlin, DE
5/01/2015  Arena – Wien, AT
5/02/2015 Exit-us – Prague, CR

6/12/2015 Pumpehuset – Copenhagen DK w/ Harms Way, The Southern Oracle, No Fealty, Czar [info]
6/18/2015 Copenhell Festival – København DK [info]

3/20/2015 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
3/21/2015 Churchill’s Pub – Miami, FL w/ Kult Ov Azazel, Solstice, Druid Lord, more

3/29/2015 Mango’s – Houston, TX *
3/30/2015 Siberia – New Orleans, LA * w/ Yob, Witch Mountain
4/01/2015 Thirsty Hippo – Hattiesburg, MS *
w/ Mountain Goats:
4/02/2015 Mercy Lounge – Nashville, TN
4/03/2015 Grey Eagle – Asheville, NC
4/04/2015 The Jinx – Savannah, GA
4/07/2015 Cat’s Cradle – Carrboro, NC
4/08/2015 9:30 Club – Washington, DC
4/09/2015 Webster Hall – New York, NY
4/10/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY * (no Mountain Goats)
4/11/2015 City Winery – New York, NY
4/12/2015 City Winery – New York, NY
4/13/2015 Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA
4/14/2015 House of Blues – Boston, MA
4/16/2015 Bogart’s – Cincinnati, OH
4/17/2015 Majestic Theatre – Detroit, MI
4/18/2015 Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL
4/19/2015 First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN
4/21/2015 Headliners – Louisville, KY
4/22/2015 Wexner Center – Columbus, OH
4/23/2015 Mr. Smalls Theatre – Millvale, PA
4/24/2015 Wunderkammer Art Gallery – Fort Wayne, IN *
4/26/2015 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO *
4/27/2015 Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO *
4/28/2015 Metro Bar – Salt Lake City, UT *
*new dates

5/10/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY
5/11/2015 Rockin Buffalo Saloon – Buffalo, NY
5/13/2015 Quarters – Milwaukee, WI
5/14/2015 5th Quarter Lounge – Indianapolis, IN
5/15/2015 Live Wire Lounge – Chicago, IL
5/17/2015 Carabar – Columbus, OH
5/19/2015 TBA – Knoxville, TN
5/20/2015 The Earl – Atlanta, GA
5/21/2015 The Brass Mug – Tampa, FL
5/24/2015 Maryland Death Fest – Baltimore, MD

3/20/2015 The Blue Note  – Oklahoma City, OK w/ Idre
3/21/2015 The Crows Nest – Wichita, KS w/ The Serpent Overlord, Idre

4/18/2015 New England Metal/Hardcore Festival – Worcester, MA
4/23/2015 Smiling Moose – Pittsburg, PA
4/24/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY
4/25/2015 Lost Horizon – Syracuse, NY
4/26/2015 Broadway Joes – Buffalo, NY
5/13/2015 The Foundry – Lakewood, OH
5/14/2015 Madison Theater – Cincinnati, OH
5/15/2015 Expo Five – Louisville, KY
5/16/2015 The End – Nashville, TN
5/17/2015 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
5/18/2015 The Motlight – Asheville, NC
5/19/2015 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
5/20/2015 Maryland Death Fest Pre-Party – Baltimore MD

3/27/2015 Fuzz – Athens GR w/ Epica [info]
3/28/2015 Fix Factory Of Sound – Thessaloniki GR w/ Epica [info]

KING PARROT w/ Weedeater [remaining dates]:
3/20/2015 SXSW Tone Deaf Touring Showcase @ Dirty Dog – Austin, TX
3/21/2015 The Lost Well – Austin, TX [more]
3/24/2015 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM [more]
3/25/2015 Pub Rock Live – Scottsdale, AZ [more]
3/26/2015 Casbah – San Diego, CA [more]
3/27/2015 The Complex – Los Angeles, CA [more]
3/28/2015 Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA [more]
3/29/2015 DNA – San Francisco, CA [more]
3/30/2015 Starlite Lounge – Sacramento, CA [more]
3/31/2015 Dante’s – Portland, OR [more]
4/01/2015 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA [more]
4/02/2015 The Pin – Spokane, WA [more]
4/03/2015 Neurolux – Boise, ID [more]
4/04/2015 In The Venue – Salt Lake City, UT [more]
4/05/2015 Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO [more]
4/07/2015 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO [more]
4/08/2015 Wooly’s – Des Moines, IA [more]
4/09/2015 Rock Island Brewing – Rock Island, IL [more]
4/10/2015 Pyramid Scheme – Grand Rapids, MI [more]
4/11/2015 Subterranean – Chicago, IL [more]
4/12/2015 Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH [more]
4/13/2015 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY [more]
4/14/2015 Nectars – Burlington, VT [more]
4/15/2015 T.T. The Bear’s Place – Boston, MA [more]
4/16/2015 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA [more]
4/18/2015 Ziggy’s By The Sea – Wilmington, NC [more]
4/19/2015 The Earl – Atlanta. GA * KING PARROT headlines
4/20/2015 Blue Nile – New Orleans, LA Housecore Records Signing Party * KING PARROT headlines

LAGO Tyranny Tour:
4/24/2015 The Hive – Flagstaff, AZ
4/25/2015 Blacklight District Lounge – Long Beach, CA
4/26/2015 Sweet Springs Saloon – Los Osos, CA
4/27/2015 Rock Shop – San Jose, CA
4/28/2015 Soundcontrol – Portland, OR
4/29/2015 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
4/30/2015 The Shredder – Boise, ID
5/01/2015 TBA – Salt Lake City, UT
5/02/2015 TBA – Denver, CO

4/05/2015 Club Aqua – Jacksonville, FL @ Southeast Beast
4/18/2015 West Side Park – Nanticoke, PA * record release show
4/19/2015 TBA – New Jersey * record release show
7/11/2015 TBA – Detroit, MI

4/15/2015 Mohawk Place – Buffalo, NY – w/ METZ
4/16/2015 Double Happiness – Columbus, OH w/ METZ
4/17/2015 Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OH w/ METZ
4/18/2015 The Loving Touch – Ferndale, MI w/ METZ
4/19/2015 Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL
4/20/2015 Turf Club – Saint Paul, MN
4/21/2015 The Luminary Center for the Arts – St. Louis, MO
4/22/2015 Jackpot Music Hall – Lawrence, KS
4/24/2015 GLOB – Denver, CO
4/25/2015 Kilby Court – Salt Lake City, UT
4/27/2015 The Shredder – Boise, ID
4/28/2015 Neumos – Seattle, WA w/ Liturgy
4/29/2015 Dantes – Portland, OR w/ Liturgy
5/01/2015 The Chapel – San Francisco , CA w/ Liturgy
5/02/2015 Leo’s – Oakland, CA w/ Liturgy
5/03/2015 Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA w/ Liturgy
5/04/2015 Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA w/ Liturgy
5/05/2015 Casbah – San Diego, CA w/ Liturgy
5/06/2015 Valley Bar – Phoenix, AZ
5/08/2015 Austin Psych Fest – Austin, TX
5/09/2015 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
5/10/2015 Mammal Gallery – Atlanta, GA
5/11/2015 Kings – Raleigh, NC
5/12/2015 Rock & Roll Hotel – Washington, DC
5/13/2015 Floristree – Baltimore, MD
5/14/2015 Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA
5/15/2015 The Wick – Brooklyn, NY
5/16/2015 LPR – Le Poisson Rouge – New York, NY

LO-PAN NxNe Tour 2015 w/ Against The Grain:
3/20/2015 The Pinch – Washington, DC
3/21/2015 31st Street Pub – Pittsburgh, PA
3/22/2015 Spacebar – Columbus, OH
w/ Abrahma:
4/09/2015 Mudd Club – Strasbourg, FR
4/10/2015 Paunchy Cats – Lichtenfels, DE
4/11/2015 Rare Guitar – Munster, DE
4/12/2015 Roadburn – Tilburg, NL
4/14/2015 Black Sheep – Montepellier, FR
4/15/2015 Maravillas Club – Madrid, SP
4/16/2015 Rocksound – Barcelona, SP
4/17/2015 Helldorado – Vitoria, SP
4/18/2015 Le Volume – Nice, FR
4/19/2015 TBA – IT
4/20/2015 Altraquando Club – Zero Baranco, IT
4/21/2015 Orange House – Munich, DE
w/ Black Pyramid:
4/23/2015 Desertfest – Berlin, DE
4/24/2015 Romer – Bremen, DE
4/25/2015 Desertfest – London, UK
4/28/2015 Sedel – Lucerne, CH
4/2/20159 Gaswerk – Winterthur, CH
4/30/2015 Das Bett – Frankfurt, DE
5/01/2015 Schaubude – Kiel, DE
5/02/2015 Asymmetry Fest – Wroclaw, PL

MAID MYRIAD Woven In Haste Tour 2015 w/ The Fine Constant:
4/09/2015 The Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH *
4/09/2015 High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI #
4/10/2015 Basement Transmissions – Erie, PA
4/11/2015 Gorham Brothers – Syracuse, NY
4/12/2015 Bogie’s – Albany, NY
4/13/2015 Monkey House – Winooski, VT
4/14/2015 Village Billiards – Warwick, NY
4/15/2015 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
4/16/2015 Lucky 13 Saloon – Brooklyn, NY
4/17/2015 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
4/18/2015 New York Pizza – Greensboro, NC
4/19/2015 Deep South Bar – Raleigh, NC
4/21/2015 Maggie Meyers – Huntsville, AL
4/23/2015 Egan’s – Tuscaloosa, AL
4/24/2015 Open Chord – Knoxville, TN
4/25/2015 Ziggy’s Underground – Chattanooga, TN
4/27/2015 The Tavern – Hattiesburg, MS
4/28/2015 Heffe’s Saloon – Lafayette, LA
4/29/2015 Lucky Lounge – Austin, TX
4/30/2015 TBA – Dallas, TX
5/01/2015 Vintage Pub – Houston, TX
5/02/2015 Kamiposi – Midland, TX
5/03/2015 Sky Bar – Tucson, AZ
5/05/2015 Yucca Tap Room – Tempe, AZ
5/06/2015 Los Globos – Los Angeles, CA
5/07/2015 TBA – CA
5/08/2015 DownLo – Chico, CA
5/09/2015 Black Forest – Eugene, OR
5/11/2015 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
5/12/2015 The PIN – Spokane, WA
5/14/2015 Railyard – Billings, MT
5/15/2015 Sanford’s Grub and Pub – Casper, WY
5/16/2015 Seventh Circle Music Collective – Denver, CO
5/17/2015 The Hideout – Omaha, NE
5/18/2015 The Underground Rock Shop – Des Moines, IA
5/19/2015 Firebird – St Louis, MO
5/20/2015 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL
5/21/2015 The 5th Quarter – Indianapolis, IN
5/22/2015 Backstage Bar – Lexington, KY
5/23/2015 Musica – Akron, OH
* Maid Myriad only.
# The Fine Constant only.

4/09/2015 Roadburn Festival – Tilburg, NL
4/10/2015 Doom Over Leipzig – Leipzig, DE
4/11/2015 Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE
4/12/2015 Cassiopeia – Berlin, DE
4/13/2015 Hydrozagadka – Warsaw, PL
4/14/2015 007 – Prague, CZ
4/15/2015 P.M.K. – Innsbruck, AU
4/16/2015 Feierwerk – Munchen, DE
4/17/2015 Freakout – Bologna, IT
4/18/2015 Lo Fi Club – SoloMacello Fest – Milano, IT
4/19/2015 Le Romandie – Lausanne, CH
4/20/2015 Escape B – Paris, FR
4/21/2015 La Scene Michelet – Nantes, FR
4/22/2015 La Peniche – Lille, FR
4/23/2015 FZW – Dortmund, DE
4/24/2015 Desertfest – London, UK
4/25/2015 Kavka – Antwerp, BE

5/24/2015 Maryland Deathfest – Baltimore, MD w/ Amorphis, Anaal Nathrakh, Goatsnake, Primordial, more [info]

5/29-31/2015 Temples Festival – Bristol, UK w/ Converge, Sunn O))), Nails

3/22/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Dispirit [info]
3/25-29/2015 Treefort Music Festival – Boise, ID [info]

3/26/2015 Churchill’s Pub – Miami, FL w /Mutilation Rites, Mantar
4/03/2015 Churchill’s Pub – Miami, FL w/ Insatanity, Koroidia
5/08/2015 Churchill’s Pub – Miami, FL w/ Cave Of Swimmers (CD release), Shroud Eater

3/26/2015 Stengade – Copenhagen DK – Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Fossils, Anti Ritual
3/27/2015 Radar – Aarhus DK – Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Fossils, Anti Ritual
3/28/2015 1000fryd – Aalborg DK – Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Fossils, Anti Ritual
4/16/2015 Jazzhouse – Copenhagen DK w/Retox
6/12/2015 TBA – DK)- Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Fossils, Anti Ritual
6/13/2015 Von Hatten – Randers DK)- Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Fossils, Anti Ritual

4/17/2015 Schaubude – Kiel DE
4/18/2015 1000Fyrd – Aalborg DE
4/19/2015 Hafenklang – Hamburg DE
4/20/2015 Little Devil – Tilburg NL
4/21/2015 Willemeen – Arnhem NL
4/22/2015 AU – Frankfurt DE
4/23/2015 Chez Heinz – Hannover DE
4/24/2015 Wild At Heart – Berlin DE
4/25/2015 Luka – Lodz PL
4/27/2015 Alte Malzerei – Regensburg DE
4/28/2015 Exit Us – Prague CZ
4/29/2015 Explosiv – Graz AU
4/30/2015 Arena – Vienna AU
5/01/2015 Unterhund – Ormoz SL
5/02/2015 Kaleidos – Poviglio IT
5/03/2015 Traffic Club – Rome IT
5/04/2015 Border – Torino IT
5/05/2015 Between – Bregenz AT
5/06/2015 Mecanique Ondulatoire – Paris FR
5/07/2015 Borderline – London UK
5/08/2015 The Doghouse – Nottingham UK
5/09/2015 The Black Bull – Gateshead UK
5/10/2015 Audio – Glasgow UK
5/11/2015 Star & Garter – Manchester UK
5/12/2015 Adam And Eve Pub – Birmingham UK
5/13/2015 The Exchange – Bristol UK
5/14/2015 The Owl Sanctuary – Norwich UK
5/15/2015 Het Bos – Antwerp BE
5/16/2015 MTC – Cologne DE
5/23/2015 Dante’s – Portland, OR *Record Release Show w/ The Derelicts, Exacerbators
6/12/2015 924 Gilman – Berkeley, CA
6/13/2015 Los Globos – Los Angeles, CA
6/14/2015 You Revolution – Tijuana, MX
6/16/2015 TBA – Long Beach, CA
6/17/2015 Jerrys Pizza – Bakersfield, CA
6/18/2015 TBA – Fresno, CA
6/19/2015 The Blue Lamp – Sacramento, CA
6/20/2015 755 After Dark – Petaluma, CA
6/25/2015 Dadas – Dallas, TX
6/26/2015 Fitzgeralds – Houston, TX
6/27/2015 Red 7 – Austin, TX

3/22/2015 South By So What?! - Grand Prairie, TX [info]

PRIMITIVE MAN w/ Sea Bastard:
3/30/2015 Unicorn – London, UK
3/31/2015 Zanzibar – Liverpool, UK
4/01/2015 Roadhouse – Manchester, UK
4/02/2015 South Sea Live – Sheffield, UK
4/03/2015 Head Of Steam – Newcastle, UK
4/04/2015 Nice N Sleezy – Glasgow, UK
4/05/2015 Bannermans – Edinburgh, UK
w/ Fister:
4/06/2015 The Pit’s – Kortijk, BE
4/07/2015 Het Bos – Antwerp, BE
4/08/2015 Vera - Groningen, NL
4/09/2015 Roadburn Festival 2015 @ 013 Venue – Tilburg, NL
4/10/2015 1000fryd – Copenhagen, DK
4/11/2015 Urban Spree – Berlin, DE
4/12/2015 Modra Vopice – Prague, CZ
4/13/2015 Chemiefabrik – Dresden, DE
4/14/2015 L’usine - Geneva, CH
4/15/2015 Freakout Club – Bologna, IT
4/16/2015 Lo-Fi – Milan, IT
4/18/2015 Jugendhaus Kloster – Weil der Stadt, DE
4/19/2015 Ogden Theater – Denver, CO w/ Sleep
w/ Wake:
5/16/2015 TBA – Omaha, NE
5/17/2015 The Black Hole – Cedar Falls, IA
5/18/2015 Skeletunes Lounge – Fort Wayne, IN
5/19/2015 The Sanctuary – Detroit, MI
5/20/2015 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
5/21 – 5/24/2015 Maryland Death Fest – Baltimore, MD
5/25/2015 TBA – Washing DC w/ the Body Water Torture, Wake
5/26/2015 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
5/27/2015 JJ’s Bohemia – Chatanooga, TN
5/28/2015 The Demo – St. Louis, MO
5/30/2015 Flux Capacitor – Colorado Springs, CO (No Wake)
w/ Celeste:
6/17/2015 Total Drag Records – Sioux Falls, SD
6/18/2015 Hexagon – Minneapolis, MN
6/19/2015 Club Garabaldi’s – Milwaukee, WI
6/20/2015 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL
6/21/2015 Death House – Grand Rapids, MI
6/22/2015 Mr. Roboto Project – Pittsburgh, PA
6/23/2015 Good Weekend – Allentown, PA
6/24/2015 Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
6/25/2015 The Maywood – Raleigh, NC
6/26/2015 New Brooklyn Tavern – Columbia, SC
6/27/2015 Uncle Lou’s – Orlando, FL
6/28/2015 Churchill’s - Miami, FL
6/29/2015 Epic Problem – Tampa, FL
6/30/2015 529 – Atlanta, GA
7/1/2015 The Stone Fox – Nashville, TN
7/2/2015 TBA – Kansas City, MO
7/3/2015 South LuLu Temple Of Doom – Wichita, KS
7/4/2015 Glob – Denver, CO
w/ Opium Lord
7/16/2015 TBA – Kalamazoo, MI
7/17/2015 Coalition – Toronto, ON
7/18/2015 TBA – Montreal, QC
7/19/2015 Middle East – Boston, MA
7/20/2015 Funky Jungle – Providence, RI
7/21/2015 TBA – Long Island, NY
7/22/2015 Bar – New Haven, CT
7/23/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY
7/24/2015 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
7/25/2015 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH
7/26/2015 Jackpot Music Hall – Lawrence, KS
w/ Northless:
8/10/2015 Fly Catcher – Tucson, AZ
8/12/2015 Star Bar – Los Angeles, CA
8/13/2015 Thee Parkside – San Francisco, CA
8/14/2015 Oakland Deadfest 2015 @ Oakland Metro – Oakland, CA
8/15/2015 Oakland Deadfest 2015 @ Oakland Metro – Oakland, CA
8/16/2015 Starlite- Sacramento, CA
8/18/2015 Rotture – Portland, OR
8/19/2015 Obsidian – Olympia, WA
8/20/2015 Highline – Seattle, WA
8/21/2015 Black Sparrow Tattoo – Billings, MT

4/04/2015 Radau gegen HIV – Münster, DE
4/05/2015 Dark Easter Metal Meeting – München, DE
6/13-14/2015 Metalhead Meeting 2015 – Bucharest, RO
6/19-21/2015 Graspop Metal Meeting – Dessel, BE
7/17/2015 Bang Your Head – Balingen, DE

PYRRHON w/ Department Of Correction:
4/10/2015 Cirque Electrique – Paris, FR
4/11/2015 TBA – Poitiers, FR
4/12/2015 Canadian Café – Tours, FR
4/13/2015 Pavillons Sauvages – Toulouse, FR
4/14/2015 Secret Place – Montpellier, FR
4/15/2015 Raymond Bar – Clermont Ferrand, FR
4/16/2015 L’Assomoir – Saint Etienne, FR
4/17/2015 La Tannerie – Bourg En Bresse, FR
4/18/2015 Caffette – Bern, CH
4/19/2015 Epplehaus – Tubingen, DE
4/20/2015 Péniche Inside Out – Liege, BE
4/21/2015 Unicorn – London, UK
4/22/2015 Temples of Boom – Leeds, UK
4/23/2015 Northumberland Arms – Newcastle, UK
4/24/2015 Alma Inn – Bolton, UK
4/25/2015 Tiki Pub – Plymouth, UK

3/21/2015 Shea’s Tavern – Reno, NV
4/01/2015 The Astoria – Vancouver, BC
4/02/2015 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
4/03/2015 Tonic Lounge – Portland, OR
4/05/2015 Backstage Bar & Billiards – Las Vegas, NV
4/06/2015 Club Red – West Theater – Mesa, AZ
4/07/2015 Club Congress – Tucson, AZ
4/08/2015 Constellation Room at the Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
4/09/2015 SLO Brew – San Luis Obispo, CA
4/10/2015 Strummer’s – Fresno, CA

SIX FEET UNDER w/ Marduk, Vader, Hate:
4/02/2015 Hellraiser – Leipzig, DE
4/03/2015 Gasometer – Wien, AT w/ Eisregen, Debauchery
4/04/2015 Z7 – Pratteln, CH w/ Eisregen, Debauchery
4/05/2015 Weststadthalle – Essen, DE w/ Eisregen, Debauchery
4/06/2015 Garage – Saarbrücken, DE
4/07/2015 Club Vaudeville – Lindau, DE
4/08/2015 Rockfabrik – Ludwigsburg, DE
4/09/2015 Markthalle – Hamburg, DE
4/10/2015 Musichall – Geiselwind, DE w/ Eisregen, Debauchery
4/11/2015 Backstage – München, DE w/ Eisregen, Debauchery
4/12/2015 Postbahnhof – Berlin, DE w/ Eisregen, Debauchery

5/21/2015  Maryland Deathfest @ Soundstage - Baltimore, MD
6/21/2015 Hellfest Open Air – Clisson, FR

SOREPTION w/ Cryptopsy, Disgorge, Erimha:
5/14/2015 Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA
5/15/2015 Championship Bar & Grill – Trenton, NJ
5/16/2015 Coco 66 – Brooklyn, NY
5/17/2015 Revolution – Amityville, NY
5/18/2015 Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
5/19/2015 Shakas Live – Virginia Beach, VA
5/20/2015 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
5/21/2015 West End Trading Co. – Sanford, FL
5/22/2015 Churchill’s – Miami, FL
5/23/2015 The Handlebar – Pensacola, FL
5/24/2015 Korova – San Antonio, TX
5/25/2015 Dirty Dog – Austin, TX
5/26/2015 Gas Monkey – Dallas, TX
5/27/2015 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
5/28/2015 Val Air Ballroom – Des Moines, IA
5/29/2015 Bada Brew – Crest Hill, IL
5/30/2015 Metal Bar – Cudahy, WI
5/31/2015 Agora – Cleveland, OH

4/25/2015 The Blue Room – Blackpool, UK
4/27/2015 The Hope and Ruin – Brighton, UK
4/28/2015 The Old Blue Last – London, UK

3/20/2015 The Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK
3/21/2015 Walters – Houston, TX
3/22/2015 QuikTrip Park – Grand Prairie, TX @ South By So What?!
4/10/2015 Game Changer World – Howell, NJ w/ No Warning, Breakdown, Foundation, Think I Care, King Nine
4/18/2015 The Palladium – Worcester, MA @ New England Metal & Hardcore Fest
5/16/2015 Webster Hall – New York, NY @ Black N’ Blue Bowl

3/27/2015 Drunken Donut – Joliet, IL
3/28/2015 Melody Inn – Indianapolis, IN w/ Kvlthammer
4/04/2015 The Burlington – Chicago, IL w/ Auxes
4/25/2015 Pyramid Scheme – Grand Rapids, MI w/ Hum, Cloakroom (SOLD OUT)

5/16/2015 Quenchers Saloon – Chicago, IL w/ Scientist, Pale Horseman, Highdiver

4/06/2015 Soundpony – Tulsa, OK
4/07/2015 JR’s Lightbulb Club – Fayetteville, AR
4/08/2015 Melt – St. Louis, MO
4/04/2015 Deep Desert – Providence, RI w/ Full of Hell
4/16/2015 Golden Tea House – Philadelphia, PA  w/ Full of Hell
4/17/2015 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA w/ Full of Hell
4/19/2015 Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA w/ Full of Hell
4/20/2015 Local 662 – St. Petersburg, FL w/ Full of Hell
4/21/2015 Churchill’s – Miami, FL w/ Full of Hell
4/22/2015 The Warehouse – Gainesville, FL w/ Full of Hell
4/23/2015 The End – Nashville, TN w/ Full of Hell
4/24/2015 Sticky Fingerz – Little Rock, AR w/ Full of Hell
4/26/2015 Sisters In Christ – New Orleans, LA w/ Full of Hell
4/27/2015 Mohawk Inside – Austin, TX w/ Full of Hell
4/28/2015 Three Links – Dallas, TX w/ Full of Hell
4/29/2015 Electric Banana – El Paso, TX w/ Full of Hell
4/30/2015 52 West – Phoenix, AZ w/ Full of Hell
5/01/2015 Complex – Los Angeles, CA w/ Full of Hell
5/02/2015 924 Gilman – Berkeley, CA w/ Full of Hell
5/03/2015 Highwater Mark – Portland, OR w/ Full of Hell
5/04/2015 Black Lodge – Seattle, WA w/ Full of Hell
5/05/2015 Feral House – Boise, ID w/ Full of Hell
5/07/2015 Glob – Denver, CO w/ Full of Hell
5/08/2015 Ernie November’s – Cheyenne, WY w/ Full of Hell
5/10/2015 Triple Rock – Minneapolis, MN w/ Full of Hell
5/11/2015 Quarters – Milwaukee, WI w/ Full of Hell
5/12/2015 The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL w/ Full of Hell
5/13/2015 Belvederes – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Full of Hell
5/14/2015 Sugar City – Buffalo, NY w/ Full of Hell
5/15/2015 The Middle East – Boston, MA w/ Full of Hell
5/16/2015 ABC No Rio – New York, NY w/ Full of Hell (matinee show)
5/16/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Full of Hell
5/17/2015 Machines With Magnets – Providence, RI w/ Full of Hell

3/20/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Dispirit, Vorde, Anicon
4/17/2015 Holy Underground – Baltimore, MD w/ Father Murphy, Jeff Carey

3/24/2015 Linda’s Tavern – Seattle, WA *Regression Listening Party
3/31/2015 The Showbox at the Market – Seattle, WA * Decibel Tour w/ At The Gates, Converge, Pallbearer, Vallenfyre [tickets]
4/18/2015 Silver Platters – Seattle, WA in-store performance
5/29/3015 Seven One Grind Fest – Colorado Springs, CO w/ Capitalist Casualties, Weekend Nachos, Samothrace more [info]

TODAY IS THE DAY w/ Lazer/Wulf:
4/24/2015 Space – Portland, ME
4/25/2015 Cambridge Elks Lodge – Boston, MA
4/26/2015 Coco 66 – Brooklyn, NY *
4/27/2015 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
4/28/2015 Cafe 611 – Frederick, MD
4/29/2015 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
5/01/2015 Hideaway – Johnson City, TN
5/02/2015 New Mountain – Asheville, NC
5/03/2015 Siberia – New Orleans, LA *
5/05/2015 Fitzgeralds – Houston, TX *
5/06/2015 Lost Well – Austin, TX *
5/07/2015 Doublewide – Dallas, TX
5/08/2015 Sister – Albuquerque, NM
5/09/2015 Pub Rock – Tempe, AZ
5/10/2015 Complex – Los Angeles, CA
5/11/2015 Opera House – Oakland, CA
5/12/2015 Dantes – Portland, OR
5/13/2015 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
5/14/2015 Rickshaw – Vancouver, BC
5/15/2015 The Pin – Spokane, WA
5/18/2015 Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO
5/19/2015 Record Bar – Kansas City, MO
5/20/2015 Nether Bar – Minneapolis, MN
5/21/2015 Double Door – Chicago, IL
5/22/2015 Outpost – Kent, OH
5/23/2015 The Shop – Pittsburgh, PA
5/24/2015 Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
* = no Lazer/Wulf

4/04/2015 e20 Underground – Montecchio Maggiore IT
4/10/2015 Bloom – Mezzago IT
4/18/2015 Impetus festival – Delemont CH
4/19/2015 Glazart – Paris FR w/ Conan
4/21/2015 Forum – Bielefeld DE w/Conan
4/22/2015 Schlachthof - Wiesbaden DE w/ Conan
4/23/2015 Feierwerk – Munich DE w/ Conan
4/24/2015 Desertfest – Berlin DE w/ Conan
4/25/2015 AB – Brussels BE w/ Conan
4/26/2015 Desertfest – London UK w/ Conan
4/28/2015 Vortex – Siegen DE w/ Conan
4/29/2015 Kellerclub – Stuttgart DE
4/30/2015 Weekender Club – Innsbruck AT
5/13/2015 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL w/ Usnea
5/14/2015 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH w/ Usnea
5/15/2015 Bug Jar – Rochester, NY w/ Usnea
5/16/2015 Mod Club – Toronto, ON w/ Usnea
5/17/2015 Le Ritz – Montreal, QC w/ Usnea
5/19/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Usnea
5/20/2015 Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA w/ Usnea
5/21/2015 Maryland Death Fest – Baltimore, MD
5/22/2015 King’s – Raleigh, NC w/ Usnea
5/23/2015 Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA w/ Usnea
5/25/2015 Siberia – New Orleans, LA w/ Usnea
5/26/2015 Walter’s – Houston, TX w/ Usnea
5/27/2015 Red 7 – Austin, TX w/ Usnea
5/29/2015 Sister – Albuquerque, NM w/ Usnea
5/30/2015 Flycatcher – Tucson, AZ w/ Usnea
5/31/2015 Complex – Los Angeles, CA w/ Usnea
6/02/2015 Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA w/ Usnea
6/03/2015 Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA w/ Usnea
6/04/2015 Press Club – Sacramento, CA w/ Usnea
6/05/2015 WOW Hall – Eugene, OR
6/06/2015 Rotture – Portland, OR w/ Usnea
6/07/2015 Chop Suey – Seattle, WA w/ Usnea
6/08/2015 Neurolux – Boise, ID w/ Usnea
6/09/2015 Bar Deluxe – Salt Lake City, UT w/ Usnea
6/10/2015 Hi-Dive – Denver, CO w/ Usnea
6/12/2015 Turf Club – St Paul, MN w/ Usnea
6/13/2015 Metal Grill – Milwaukee, WI w/ Usnea

3/26/2015 Blackwater Bar – Portland, OR w/ Deathgrave, Augurs, Shroud of the Heretic
5/08/2015 High Water Mark – Portland, OR * tour kick-off w/ Eye of Nix, Hiding, Shine of the Serpent
5/09/2015 Crazy Horse – Boise, ID
5/10/2015 Metro Bar – Salt Lake City, UT w/ Odium Totus
5/11/2015 Lost Lake – Denver, CO w/ Inter Arma, Yautja, Prison Death
5/12/2015 TBA – Lawrence, KS
w/ Ufomammut:
5/13/2015 Reggies – Chicago, IL
5/14/2015 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
5/15/2015 Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
5/16/2015 Mod Club – Toronto, ON
5/17/2015 Le Ritz – Montreal, QC
5/18/2015 Middle East Upstairs – Boston, MA *
5/19/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY
5/20/2015 Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA
5/22/2015 King’s – Raleigh, NC
5/23/2015 Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA
5/24/2015 HiTone Café – Memphis, TN *
5/25/2015 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
5/26/2015 Walter’s – Houston, TX
5/27/2015 Red 7 – Austin, TX
5/29/2015 Sister – Albuquerque, NM
5/30/2015 Flycatcher – Tucson, AZ
5/31/2015 Complex – Los Angeles, CA
6/01/2015 TBA – Los Osos, CA *
6/02/2015 Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
6/03/2015 Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA
6/04/2015 Press Club – Sacramento, CA
6/06/2015 Rotture – Portland, OR
6/07/2015 Chop Suey – Seattle, WA
6/08/2015 Neurolux – Boise, ID
6/09/2015 Bar Deluxe – Salt Lake City, UT
6/10/2015 Hi-Dive – Denver, CO
6/11/2015 TBA – Lincoln, NE *
6/12/2015 Turf Club – St Paul, MN
6/13/2015 Metal Grill – Milwaukee, WI
[* = no Ufomammut]

3/31/2015 Cafe Saint-Ex – Washington, DC w/ Public Suicide and Earth Girls
4/01/2015 Golden Tea House – Philadelphia, PA
4/02/2015 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY
4/04/2015 HC Stadium – Boston, MA w/ Arms Race, No Tolerance, Chain Rank, Anarchy Boys (+ after party at the Boilerroom)
4/05/2015 The Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
4/06/2015 Refuge Skateshop – Detroit, MI
4/07/2015 Old Mt Happy – Chicago, IL
4/08/2015 TBA – Indianapolis, IN
4/09/2015 The Rock Room – Pittsburgh, PA

4/11/2015 Texas – Austin, TX

WINO w/ Black Label Society:
4/03/2015 The Paramout – Huntington, NY
4/04/2015 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom – Hampton Beach, NJ
4/06/2015 Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ
4/08/2015 Rams Head Live – Baltimore, MD
4/10/2015 Piere’s Entertainment Center – Fort Wayne, IN
4/11/2015 Orbit Room – Grand Rapids, MI
4/12/2015 The Rave – Milwaukee, WI
4/14/2015 The Cotillion – Wichita, KS
4/16/2015 Mesa Theater & Club – Grand Junction, CO
4/17/2015 The Depot – Salt Lake City, UT
4/18/2015 Ace Of Spades – Sacramento, CA
4/19/2015 City National Grove Of Anaheim – Anaheim, CA

WRVTH w/ Ænimus:
5/06/2015 White Oak Music – Van Nuys, CA
5/07/2015 OMD – Las Vegas, NV
5/08/2015 Roxy Theater – Denver, CO
w/ Ænimus, Shapist:
5/09/2015 The Down Under – Omaha, NE
5/10/2015 Bada Brew – Crest Hill, IL
5/12/2015 The Metal Grill – Cudahy, WI
5/13/2015 The Rittz – Warren, MI
5/14/2015 Hoosier Dome – Indianapolis, IN
5/15/2015 Black Sheep – Springfield, IL
5/16/2015 Fubar – St. Louis, MO
5/17/2015 The Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK
w/ Ænimus, Memories In Broken Glass:
5/20/2015 Boiler Room – Dallas, TX
5/21/2015 Dirty Dog Bar – Austin, TX
5/22/2015 Yayas – Abilene, TX
5/23/2015 Dream Center – Las Cruces, NM
5/24/2015 Pubrock – Scottsdale, AZ
5/25/2015 Doll Hut – Anaheim, CA
5/26/2015 The CYC – Fresno, CA

YOB North American Tour 2015:
3/20/2015 Les Foufounes Electriques – Montreal, QC w/ Enslaved, Ecstatic Vision [info]
3/21/2015 Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY w/ Enslaved, Ecstatic Vision [info]
3/22/2015 Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA w/ Enslaved, Ecstatic Vision [info]
3/23/2015 Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD w/ Enslaved, Ecstatic Vision [info]
3/24/2015 Sinclair – Boston, MA w/ Enslaved, Ecstatic Vision [info]
3/26/2015 King’s Barcade – Raleigh, NC w/ Witch Mountain
3/27/2015 The Hideaway – Johnson City, TN w/ Witch Mountain
3/28/2015 The Earl – Atlanta, GA w/ Witch Mountain
3/29/2015 Hi-Tone – Memphis, TN w/ Witch Mountain
3/30/2015 Siberia – New Orleans, LA w/ Witch Mountain
3/31/2015 Walter’s – Houston, TX w/ Witch Mountain
4/01/2015 Red 7 – Austin, TX w/ Witch Mountain
4/03/2015 Launch Pad – Albuquerque, NM w/ Witch Mountain
4/04/2015 The Flycatcher – Tucson, AZ w/ Witch Mountain