WIZARD RIFLE: West Coast Noise Rock/Psych Doom Exhibitionists Kick Off November Live Incursion; Here In The Deadlights Reaps Critical Hails Nationally

November 14th, 2014

West Coast noise rock/psych doom exhibitionists in WIZARD RIFLE have taken their big guns to the streets today to kick off their November live incursion. Set to commence this evening in Phoenix, Arizona at Time Out Lounge, team WIZARD RIFLE will ransack nearly a dozen megalopolises, with the ceremonies coming to hot, deafening conclusion on November 26th in Brooklyn, New York at Saint Vitus Bar.

WIZARD RIFLE will be touring in support of their Here In The Deadlights full-length, issued via Seventh Rule Recordings late last month. Tracked by guitarist Max Dameron at Breakfast Studio in Los Angeles, then toiled over for a year, with Billy Anderson (Sleep, Eyehategod, Melvins et al) and Jesse Johnstone sharing mixing duties, the album finds WIZARD RIFLE delving into far sludgier realms and reaching new echelons of monolithic heaviness in the process without sacrificing any of their propulsive grooves and cathartic dissonance.

The record has raised the eyebrows and grazed the ears of fans and media nationally. In their December 2014 issue, Decibel Magazine elaborates, “…with [David] Boe’s bass anchoring the compositions, providing a welcome low end that adds obvious heaviness, the music flows much better than it did on the previous album. A song like ‘Paul The Sky Tyrant’ swings with mighty force and grace, while the more progressive, Beefheartian moments (‘Psychodynamo’) and skronky passages (‘Buzzsaw Babes’) are able to show a little more restraint this time around now that the bass can deflect some of the attention. It’s a marvelous step forward – a promising band expanding literally and figuratively, and sounding all the better for it.” In a near  perfect 4.5/5 score About.com calls Here In The Deadlights, “a mind-boggling possibility for discovery for those willing to do the digging,” furthering that, “Here in the Deadlights provides the inspiration to willfully expand your musical consciousness.” Verbicide gushes, “sophomore slump be damned, WIZARD RIFLE has made a follow-up that trumps their excellent debut,” while The Needle Drops opines, “Often compared to King Crimson or Misfits, Here In The Deadlights sounds more like an early Uriah Heep album, sludgy, but playing heavily with volume and movement. Track after track seems to be an epic little escapade in its own right, building up into a crescendo of churning guitar lines and drum riffs, moving inch by careful inch towards the refined heavy rock sound they constantly seem to be searching for.”

WIZARD RIFLE Fall Tour 2014:
11/14/2014 Time Out Lounge – Phoenix, AZ
11/15/2014 Gary’s Place – Tucson, AZ
11/16/2014 Launch Pad – Albuquerque, NM
11/18/2014 Silver Dollar – Texarkana, TX
11/19/2014 Hi Tone – Memphis, TN
11/20/2014 Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN
11/21/2014 The Jinx – Savannah, GA
11/22/2014 Slim’s – Raleigh, NC
11/23/2014 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
11/25/2014 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
11/26/2014 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY

With a sound entrenched in a reverence for ‘70s psychedelic and punk, and innumerable contemporary acts without ever feeling like a proverbial retrogression, WIZARD RIFLE seeks to transcend boundaries beyond reference points and obvious nods to rock idols. Still, they’re commonly likened to King Crimson, Lightning Bolt, High On Fire, Misfits, Karp, Melvins, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Sleep and so many others. In 2012 the band released their debut LP Speak Loud Say Nothing to critical adoration on Seventh Rule. Teaming up with Nanotear Booking, they honed their live sound on several US and Canadian tours, sharing the stage with the likes of Yob, Church Of Misery, Black Cobra, Arabrot, Rabbits and Witch Mountain. Last year, the band relocated from Portland to Los Angeles, and immediately started work on the delightfully riff-encased bruiser that is Here In The Deadlights.

Here In The Deadlights is available on CD and limited red-inside-deep purple colored vinyl via Seventh Rule Recordings. Order your copy NOW at THIS LOCATION. For digital orders point your browser HERE.


LAE: Decibel Magazine Premieres Title Track To Debut LP From Montreal Psychedelic Post-Hardcore Outfit Featuring Steve Austin From Today Is The Day

November 14th, 2014

Decibel Magazine’s high-traffic online body, The Deciblog, has exclusively premiered the title track to the debut record from Montreal, Quebec-based LAE, as the album nears its public street date, now less than two weeks away.

Over thirteen movements verging on an entire hour of superb, dynamic material encompasses LAE’s Break The Clasp LP, which was recorded in full analog in a woodshop in Montreal by Today Is The Day and Austin Enterprises founder, Steve Austin, who became enveloped by the songs as he produced them, which led to his permanent involvement in the band as the main vocalist. With one of the most disheartened but beautiful displays of psychedelic, post-hardcore/rock possibly ever captured to tape, Austin’s gritty, visionary vocal delivery and final mastering incredibly fits the structures created by creators Ronald Jean-Gilles, Serge Nakauchi Pelletier, Stephane Desgroseilliers and Marc Lucas Ablasou as if they were incepted with this purpose in mind, resulting in a true masterpiece of whatever genre one may attempt to categorize the songs into. The unearthly, heartbreaking artistry will attract fans of Three Mile Pilot, Swans, Sonic Youth, Unwound, Slint, Shellac and more, yet Break The Clasp remains an unfathomably original album unlike anything currently out there.

Decibel today releases “Break The Clasp” to the planet. The second track on the album of the same name showcases LAE’s varied nature, integrating electronics and guest backup vocals courtesy of the band’s friend, Christina Frances Musacchio into the layered song. The exclusive premiere of the song is joined by a detailed account of its origin from the band, and a stellar write-up of the track by the trusted scribe who took on the premiere, who issues, “Sit back, y’all. Steve Austin-affiliated psychedelic post-rockers LAE are about to take you to another plane of existence via the title track of the album Break the Clasp…”

“Break The Clasp” and unleash the song through the Deciblog portal now at THIS LOCATION.

Additionally, American Aftermath leaked the album’s “Sister” alongside an interview with band architect Marc Lucas Ablasou, RIGHT HERE, and a trailer for the album is playing HERE.

Break The Clasp will see release through The Compound and Battleground Records in a collaborative effort, with the initial CD and digital release set for November 25th. Preorders for the six-panel, spot-varnish adorned, eco-friendly digipak are live HERE, and preorders for the digital download — which includes an instant download of “Break The Clasp” are now live HERE. A deluxe, gatefold 180-gram double 12” LP is coming in early 2015 as LAE begins touring North America in support of the album.

Performing under LAE-TSEU, their original moniker, LAE impacted their local scene in the mid 1990s, yet life’s plan impeded them from taking off until now. In mid-2013, the band went through a rebirth, re-envisioning their original songs with new life knowledge and a ravenous hunger to make them better than ever. The band invited Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) to record in Ablasou’s wood shop, utilizing accordion, trumpet, saws, organs, pianos, electronics and more to capture their long-awaited full-length on vintage analog equipment. During the recording process, Austin ended up performing lead vocals to the album in addition to other musical contributions, becoming a full-fledged member of the band. Mastered at Austin Enterprises, the album features otherworldly artwork by Sonny Kay (The VSS, Angel Hair, Gold Standard Laboratories label) and a layout by Kay and Dave Brenner.


LETALLIS: NYC Progressive/Death Metal Entity Independently Releases Second Album

November 13th, 2014

New York City-based metal outfit, LETALLIS, has just independently released the band’s second full-length album, Resonate, which is now available for free download worldwide with a physical edition to follow shortly.

Closing a six-year gap since the band’s 2008-released debut album, The World Awakened, LETALLIS now boldly returns with the most ambitious material yet, in Resonate. While the debut album featured a full lineup, this time guitarist Jake Calonius took over all production duties, executing all of the songwriting, the delivery of the vocals, guitars, bass, and drum programming, while also handling the recording, mixing and mastering duties except the vocals, which were recorded by Matt Conlon. The ambitious Resonate captures LETALLIS epic and melodic yet crushing style, blending elements metalcore with death and progressive metal, with over an hour of brand new material. While some of the tracks take a more vicious approach, other passages of the record emanate very organic and atmospheric qualities, forming a diverse album that fans of Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, The Black Dahlia Murder, Revocation and Inanimate Existence can immediately relate to. The vibrant cover art was created by Jeremy Kiraly.

While a CD version of Resonate is in manufacturing for release in the coming weeks, LETALLIS has self-released the album via BandCamp where the album is now streaming in full and available as a name-your-price download now; get yours RIGHT HERE.

Resonate Track Listing:
1. In All Forms
2. Within Reach
3. The Darkness Of Mere Being
4. Bed Of Stars
5. Viridian
6. Dissonant Hand
7. Idle Fears
8. Mirage
9. How Vast?
10. Betrayal
11. Reflecting
12. Resonate

LETALLIS was formed by several high school friends in New Jersey at the end of 2005, and released their debut album, The World Awakened in 2008, the whole time performing frequently throughout the state including opening for the likes of Powerman 5000, Candlemass and more, and even landing a day spot on the Vans Warped Tour. Upon graduating high school in 2009, the band members followed different paths, and guitarist Jake Calonius returned to his native NYC to study audio engineering and continue his exploration of music. Calonius began constructing the next LETALLIS chapter in 2010, and after nearly five years of dedication, has finally completed the band’s second album, Resonate.

A fresh juncture in LETALLIS’ lineage will soon be made apparent, as Calonius is currently reforming a new live lineup in preparation of taking the songs from Resonate to stages across the region and beyond in 2015. News of this new stage of the band will be announced in the months ahead.


DIMESLAND Premieres Intense Second Track From Debut LP Via Stereogum

November 13th, 2014

With the word now out on the streets about the impending release of Psychogenic Atrophy, the debut full-length from Oakland-based DIMESLAND, heavily popular online mag, Stereogum, has released one of the album’s most intense tracks, with an exclusive premiere of “Dying Foretold.”

With a ravenous hunger for the bizarre, DIMESLAND unloads a brain-roasting barrage of complex arrangements on Psychogenic Atrophy, its forty-minute lifespan culminating into what may be one of the most artistically experimental metal albums of the year, captured through a crushing analog recording courtesy of Justin Weis at Trakworx in South San Francisco (Ludicra, Cormorant, Slough Feg). One of the highlights of these eight deranged anthems is the concentrated attack of second track, “Dying Foretold,” now out of the cage via Stereogum. “You may recall this state-of-the-art metal act from September’s edition of The Black Market, where I credited the band as a close spiritual successor to the long-running prog-thrash unit Voivod. I stand by that comparison and would add another remarkable band to their lineage: the avant-death metal band Atheist, whose combination of incredibly frenetic rhythms with loose-limbed jazz swagger also constitutes a big part of DIMESLAND’s musical vocabulary,” issues the meaty write-up paired with the premiere. It continues of the track itself, “Though it runs for just under three minutes, ‘Dying Foretold’ provides more substance than a lot of entire metal albums do — a dizzying fret-tapped intro heralds a maze of riffs that sound like ’80s Metallica being sucked through a black hole. You could lose yourself in these contorted chords for days, but the jaw-clenching impact hits you on the first listen.”

Get sucked into the vortex of “Dying Foretold” now via Stereogum at THIS LOCATION.

Also get consumed by the album’s previously leaked, equally mind-boggling opener “Are They Cannibals?” RIGHT HERE.

DIMESLAND will independently release Psychogenic Atrophy digitally on December 9th, with a CD version directly behind it and a deluxe vinyl release early next year. Also watch for tour dates in juxtaposition with the staggered release of Psychogenic Atrophy to be issued shortly.

With its members hailing from The Residents, Wild Hunt and more, DIMESLAND produces a sound that is the result of a blend of controlled chaos and musical mutation, heavy tension and dark psychedelia, creating a place where aggression and imagination merge harmonically, rhythmically and lyrically to explore the terrain of psychological havoc and mental fracture. Their debut came to light as an EP entitled Creepmoon, released on Vendlus Records in 2012, the unique brutality of the songs drawing critical praise immediately, and the band’s frantic and dense live performances feature songs woven together with shorter pieces and textures for an almost nonstop presentation of sound. Forward thinking fans of Voivod, Gorguts, Loincloth, Deathspell Omega and Portal should not pass DIMESLAND by for a second.

Psychogenic Atrophy Track Listing:
1. Are They Cannibals?
2. Dying Foretold
3. Institutional Gears
4. Xenolith
5. That Cold Moment
6. Malfunctioning Gears
7. Bound In Stone
8. Odd Feats Are Bid And Won


CORROSION OF CONFORMITY To Kick Off Gwar Eternal North American Tour 2014!

November 13th, 2014

North Carolina crossover icons, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, will kick off a near month-long run of live tirades with Gwar tomorrow to finalize the year. Set to embark at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, British Columbia, the band will crumble the stages of twenty-six venues, coming to a close on December 13th at Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, Maryland.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY continues to tour in support of their mammoth IX full-length released this past Summer via Candlelight Records. Dubbed “a triumph” by the Obelisk, the critically adored IX was captured by the band alongside longtime friend and colleague John Custer. Clocking in at nearly forty-five minutes, the record boasts all the groove-laden sludge/doom/punk concoction fans have come to expect from CORROSION OF CONFORMITY. The Onion’s A.V. Club champions the band’s “…smoke-wreathed grooves and sludgy rushes of belligerence,” furthering that, “the album is a meat-and-potatoes feast,” while Rock Revolt notes, “…this album contains the vital elements to satisfy the most fervid CORROSION OF CONFORMITY fan.” Decibel Magazine agrees elaborating that, “COC stick to the recipe that served them well on both 2012’s self-titled reboot and the follow-up EP, Megalodon: A little hardcore, a little crossover, a whole lotta Southern rock and (especially) doom metal, all stirred, shuffled, layered and frosted in ways that make guessing their next move impossible. But the band’s strategies are more expansive this time out, their tricks more finely woven into the fabric of each song.” Adds Blabbermouth, in an 8/10 rating, “COC are closer to their Animosity and (to some measures) Eye For An Eye roots than they’ve been in ages. Certainly IX is one of the loudest albums ever put down in this unit, so consider earplugs if you catch COC live.”

11/14/2014 Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
11/15/2014 Knitting Factory Concert House – Spokane, WA
11/16/2014 MacEwan Hall Ballroom - Calgary, AB
11/17/2014 Union Hal – Edmonton, AB
11/19/2014 The Venue - Fargo, ND
11/20/2014 Skyway Theatre – Minneapolis, MN
11/21/2014 The Rave – Milwaukee, WI
11/22/2014 Harpo’s – Detroit, MI
11/23/2014 The Intersection - Grand Rapids, MI
11/25/2014 The Vogue – Indianapolis, IN
11/26/2014 House Of Blues – Cleveland, OH
11/28/2014 Treemont Music Hall – Charlotte, NC
11/29/2014 Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA
11/30/2014 Irving Plaza – New York, NY
12/02/2014 Exit/In -  Nashville, TN
12/03/2014 The Orange Peel – Asheville, NC
12/04/2014 Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL
12/05/2014 Firestone Live – Orlando, FL
12/06/2014 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
12/07/2014 Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH
12/08/2014 Mr. Smalls Theatre – Millvale, PA
12/09/2014 Opera House – Toronto, ON
12/10/2014 Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre – Montreal, QC
12/11/2014 Upstate Concert Hall – Clifton Park, NY
12/12/2014 Toad’s Place – New Haven, CT
12/13/2014 Baltimore Sound Stage - Baltimore, MD

IX is currently available via Candlelight Records. Order yours today at THIS LOCATION.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY have released some outstanding albums over the years, from Animosity in the ‘80s to Wiseblood in the ‘90s to In The Arms Of God in the ‘00s. IX is their best of the ‘10s so far, a step above their 2012 self-titled album as they seem more comfortable now as a trio.” – Loudwire

“With IX, Weatherman, Dean and Mullin prove that their version of COC is capable of making a Southern hard-rock album to rival any in their own catalog…” – Indy Week

“…not only does IX deliver what we hoped for, but they surpass that with an unwavering confidence – the sparks are flying on this one.” The Sludgelord


OVID’S WITHERING: Theatrical Blackened Tech Metallers Join Unique Leader Records; New Full-Length To See Release Next Year

November 13th, 2014

Florida-based theatrical blackened tech metallers, OVID’S WITHERING, are pleased to join the expanding roster of extreme metal powerhouse, Unique Leader Records, for the release of their sophomore full-length. The as-yet-untitled follow-up to last year’s Scryers Of The Ibis debut, which Metal Injection christened, “one of the best, most well-written, well-played, well-produced, killer records of 2013,” “a masterpiece,” and, “a testament to creativity and the willingness to go above and beyond what your contemporaries are doing,” will be unleashed sometime in 2015.

Comments OVID’S WITHERING, “Unique Leader has been home to so many of our favorite bands, and it’s an honor to call ourselves labelmates to a group of true musical legends. Our partnership with UL lets us take OVID’S WITHERING to the next level while keeping control of the massive thematic vision collectively spanning the next two albums. See you in 2015!

Adds Unique Leader Records label head, Erik Lindmark, “In the overwhelming onslaught of extreme metal bands in the scene today it is great to find an act with so much originality and raw music writing
talent. We are pleased to welcome OVID’S WITHERING to Unique Leader Records.”

Named in part after Publius Ovidius, more commonly identified as Ovid, a Roman poet best known for the Metamorphoses, a 15-book continuous mythological narrative and among the most important sources of classical mythology, OVID’S WITHERING incorporates all the prime assets of death metal, symphonic black metal and metalcore into their own refined identity. While others dream, OVID’S WITHERING forges grandiose visions into tangible art.

Stay tuned for further OVID’S WITHERING missives in the coming weeks.


NEUROSIS Announces Trio Of Year-End California Performances

November 13th, 2014

NEUROSIS has just confirmed three more shows for 2014, set to take place during the final days of the year in California. While the members of NEUROSIS currently reside in numerous areas of the country, the Bay Area will forever remain the land of the band’s origin, and to commemorate one of their most active years performing abroad in their nearly three decades in existence, they’ll unite for a trio of concerts including two shows back where it all began.

The first of the year-end live run will see NEUROSIS playing at The Observatory in Orange County’s Santa Ana on Monday, December 29th. The next two evenings — Tuesday, December 30th and Wednesday the 31st — will see the band back in their native Bay Area lands, with two consecutive shows at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Supporting NEUROSIS on all three of these headlining shows will be an incredibly diverse and destructive lineup, including Portland’s morose d-beat hardcore icons, Tragedy, San Diego-based industrial drone man/machine act, Author & Punisher, and San Francisco’s sludge/noise rock outfit, Kowloon Walled City.

NEUROSIS Tour Dates:
11/19-23/2014 Bestia Festival – Mexico City, MX w/ The Ex, Monogatari, more [info]
12/29/2014 The Observatory- Santa Ana, CA w/ Tragedy, Author & Punisher, Kowloon Walled City [info]
12/30/2014 Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA w/ Tragedy, Author & Punisher, Kowloon Walled City [info]
12/31/2014 Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA w/ Tragedy, Author & Punisher, Kowloon Walled City [info]
5/24/2015 Maryland Deathfest – Baltimore, MD w/ Amorphis, Anaal Nathrakh, Goatsnake, Primordial, more [info]

The newly-announced trio of performances comes as NEUROSIS continues their massive 2014 live campaign, as the band has just conquered the Housecore Horror Film Fest in Austin, Texas, as well as Southwest Terror Fest III in Tucson, Arizona, and next week will headline the second annual Bestia Festival in Mexico City, Mexico. The five-day gala, set to run from November 19th to the 23rd, will include performances from The Ex, Monogatari, (SIC), Han Bennink, Terrie Ex, Marc Ribot, Ray Anderson, Bob Stewart and others confirmed, in addition to music workshops, film screenings and more will fill the festival grounds. Additional NEUROSIS concerts for 2015 are aligning, including the band’s return to Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore alongside fellow Neurot acts Ufomammut and Yob, where NEUROSIS plays on Sunday, May 24th with Amorphis, Anaal Nathrakh, Demilich, Goatsnake, Inverloch, Primordial, Winter, Tombs and more.

Following the release of their Live At Roadburn 2007 album and reissues of some of the band’s most seminal recordings — including their Souls At Zero and Enemy Of The Sun LPs and the Sovereign EP — throughout 2010 and 2011, NEUROSIS released one of their most ambitious albums to date, with 2012’s mighty Honor Found In Decay LP, all through their own cultivated Neurot Recordings. The album showcased the band taking their esoteric but leveling and categorization-free style of extreme music to even diverse areas of exploration, and following the record release show for the album, the outfit disbanded with their longtime visuals at their live shows, empowering their grand anthems to their fans in a monolithically more human approach. Since its release, NEUROSIS has been more active tour-wise than they have since before the turn of the millennium, and seemingly shows no time of ending the campaign any time soon.


Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost To See Release This Saturday; Decibel Magazine Talks In-Depth With Author Mark Rudolph + New Trailer Posted

November 13th, 2014

Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost is a mega 155-page comic with illustrations and illustrated anecdotes from a varied bunch of metal musicians/authors. Edited by renowned illustrator Mark Rudolph who’s crafted artwork for metal giants like Carcass, Coalesce, Battlecross and so many others in addition to regular contributions to Decibel and Metal Hammer Magazines, the book will see release later this month via a joint venture with Corpse Flower Records and CV Comics.

The second in a planned trilogy of metal-centric graphic novels. Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost serves as the follow-up to Rudolph’s 2012-released Satan Is Alive; A Tribute To Mercyful Fate. Less a literal take on the subject matter than that of the Mercyful Fate book, Morbid Tales! delves into the world created from Frost’s music rather than translating lyrics and boasts an extraordinary list of work from the likes of Rudolph, Justin Bartlett, Shawn Knight (Child Bite), J. Bennett (Ides Of Gemini), Slasher Dave (Acid Witch), Tim Shagrat (Acid Witch/Reaper/Shitfucker), Ravn (1349) and dozens upon dozens of others. The book also includes forewords from Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates) and Ivar Bjornson (Enslaved) with additional pieces from Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), Flo Swartz (Pyogenesis), Ben Ash (Carcass),Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Fenriz (Darkthrone), Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth), Jeff Wagner(author of Mean Deviation), Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Greg Macintosh (Paradise Lost), Trevor Peres (Obituary), Scott Carlson and Matt Olivo (Repulsion), Orvar Säfström (Nirvanna 2002), Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Chris Reifert (Autopsy) and John Paradiso (Evoken).

In a recent interview with Decibel Magazine, Rudolph discusses the impetus in selecting Tom G. Warrior as the basis of his recent graphic novel. “He definitely had an interesting upbringing and I respect how he took the inner turmoil and turned it into something rather than turning to drugs or less savory activity. His childhood is like a fairy tale. He was this kid that overcame these things to become a force. I was drawn to him because I also created my own worlds. And I was drawn to how he did that through music. I have a story in the book about my broad interpretation of him as a child overcoming those odds and becoming the Tom Warrior character.”

Read more at THIS LOCATION. A new teaser video is also available for your ocular enjoyment below.

Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost will be released via Corpse Flower Records on November 15th, 2014. Corpse Flower will also be issuing an accompanying, limited edition LP of Celtic Frost cover tunes later this year. Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, check out the host of preorder packages available HERE.


NERVECELL: Dubai Death/Thrash Perpetrators Revisit Their “Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness)” Video Featuring Nile’s Karl Sanders; Behind-The-Scenes Footage Posted

November 13th, 2014

Dubai death/thrash perpetrators, NERVECELL, will reissue their critically adored Psychogenocide full-length via Unique Leader early next year. Applauded by Metal Hammer for their, ”…thrilling contrast between oriental and musical culture,” and called a, “must have for every metal hornet,” by Legacy, the ten track offering was initially unleashed in Europe via Lifeforce Records in 2011.

In anticipation of its release on North American shores, today NERVECELL revisits their video for “Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness)” featuring Nile’s Karl Sanders on guest vocals. Elaborates the band: “This particular song is special as it marks the first extreme metal track ever to include both Arabic lyrics mixed in with English lyrics, and who better else to have come on board and collaborate on this theme with us than the legendary Karl Sanders from Nile. The word ‘Shunq’ in Arabic has two meanings: to choke or to be hung by the neck. The song consists mainly of ideas and knowledge gathered from sources that speak about Lucifer and the demons that serve him. The song ‘Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness)’ speaks about the battle of us humans and these demons in reality, in the end Satan himself brought forth to justice. The clip was directed by Shane De Almeida and edited by Ahmad Al Sharif in the city of Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates.”

Adds Karl Sanders, “As an American, hearing the Arabic growl is scary, as you have an immediate association with it. Also, given the nature of death metal itself – which aims to frighten – people are becoming used to English, so it’s not that scary. Arabic gives it a new level.”

During the shoot, the National News Paper of Abu Dhabi (capital city of the UAE) came out to interview the bandwhere vocalist/bassist James Khazaal talks in-depth about the video’s concept. Check it out at THIS LOCATION and view the video below.

In related news, NERVECELL will be laying waste to stages in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria later this month on the second leg of their Psychogenocide European Tour. See confirmed dates below.

NERVECELL Psychogenocide European Tour 2014 Part II:
11/15/2014 Crash Of Demolition Festival – Dresden, DE
11/21/2014 Met-Bar – Lenzburg, CH
11/22/2014 Metal Infection XV – Karlsruhe, DE
11/24/2014 Backstage – Munich, DE
11/29/2014 Jam Night Festival – Marchtrenk, AT

An album centered around manipulation and the deception of the human race for an agenda of a higher purpose, Psychogenocide was produced and engineered by Rami H. Mustafa at Spellbind Studio in Dubai, with drums engineered by Joe Haley at Red Planet Studios in Australia, then mixed and mastered by Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawscy at Hertz Studios (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated) in Bialystok, Poland.

Psychogenocide will be reissued worldwide on January 27th, 2015 via Unique Leader Records with preorders to be announced in the coming weeks.


SPOOK THE HORSES: New Zealand Post-Hardcore Quintet Prepares Sophomore LP For Winter Release

November 12th, 2014

Delivering mercurial, heavily textured post-hardcore of the highest order, New Zealand-based quintet, SPOOK THE HORSES, has completed their sophomore album and are preparing Rainmaker for a mid-Winter 2015 release.

If you’ve ever sat and watched darkening clouds eclipse the sun, then you’ll be familiar with the kind of portentous intensity post-hardcore and atmospheric metal titans SPOOK THE HORSES evoke on their new album Rainmaker. Soundtracking the apocalypse since 2009, the Wellington-based act remains resoundingly heavy, but just as those clouds are eventually borne away by powerful prevailing winds, the band’s epic suites are imbued with strings, brass, synthesizers and nuanced guitar — the lineup including three guitarists — enabling them to turn suddenly glorious. SPOOK THE HORSES crafts monumental hymns atop a percussive baseline saturated with sound. Yet, like sonic kin Terra Tenebrosa, The Old Wind, or Cult of Luna, the spacious and ruminative passages threaded through their songs are as crucial as any outright aggression. Picturesque soundscapes, outbursts and scatterings of crestfallen vocals define their unique sound, while the band has steadily built a reputation for crafting immersive live performances, built on the back of extensive touring.

The tone of the band’s new record, Rainmaker signifies an evolution from the dense trio of guitars that defined their December 2011-released debut album, Brighter, into the arid and spacious; a descent to the dry, desperate earth. Tracked live at studio Wellington by James Goldsmith (So So Modern, Die! Die! Die!), mixed in Melbourne, Australia by Sam Sproull (Shihad, Cairo Knife Fight, Gatherer) and mastered in Stockholm, Sweden by renowned engineer Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, The Ocean, Kongh), Rainmaker presents forty-five minutes of undulating post-hardcore and atmospheric metal that shifts effortlessly between the lacerating and the sublime. SPOOK THE HORSES remains an amalgam of light and dark, crushing and fragile, and serene and seething.

SPOOK THE HORSES will independently release Rainmaker in February 2015 on digital and 12” LP formats, and as a precursory foretaste of what the album beholds, the band has leaked the dynamic fourth track, “Flood,” which is now available for free download via their BandCamp page RIGHT HERE.

Having taken their music to fans live extensively over the years, previously sharing the stage with such acts as Kylesa, La Dispute, Ulcerate, Jakob and many more, SPOOK THE HORSES has announced North Island 2014/15 preceding the release of Rainmaker, with several shows scheduled across the northern tier of their homeland from late November through January.

Be ready for more audio samples, tour announcements and more in conjunction with the release of Rainmaker through the turn of the New Year and throughout 2015.

SPOOK THE HORSES North Island 2014/15 [info]:
11/28/2014 San Fran – Wellington, NZ w/ Into Orbit, Skymning
12/06/2014 Great Job – Palmerston North, NZ w/ Gains, Robin
12/13/2014 Ding Dong Lounge – Auckland, NZ w/ Old Loaves, Proton Beast
1/17/2014 The Cabana – Napier, NZ w/ Heterodox

Ben Dentice – guitar
Donnie Cuzens – guitar
Callum Gay – guitar, synth/sampling, vocals
Alex Ross – bass guitar
Zach Meech – drums