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BLOODTRUTH: Unique Leader To Drop Debut From Italian Death Dealers This Fall; Teaser Video Posted

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

California-based Unique Leader Records declares war with the addition of vicious Italian quartet, BLOODTRUTH, to their perpetually-expanding army of extreme metal architects.

Initially forged in 2009 as the side project of Fleshgod Apocalypse members Francesco Paoli and Paolo Rossi and now featuring the updated lineup of vocalist Luigi Valenti, guitarist Stefano Rossi Ciucci, bassist Riccardo Rogari and drummer Giacomo Torti, BLOODTRUTH heaves forth a sonic fire ball of speed, brutality and unadulterated hate. Fusing the cryptic atmosphere of early ‘90s death metal and evocative Gregorian chant, representing the band’s homeland and history, with methodical technicality, BLOODTRUTH are ceaseless in their ear-lacerating capabilities.

Following their two-track promo released in 2012, BLOODTRUTH is ready to release their debut full-length album, Obedience. Engineered by Francesco Paoli and Cristiano Trionfera (both of Fleshgod Apocalypse) at Sonic Hammer Studios, then mixed and mastered by Italian death metal producer and legend Stefano Morabito of 16th Cellars Studios (Hour of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Eyeconoclast, Unfanthomable Ruination, Inherit Disease), the ten tracks on Obedience tap into a wealth of unadulterated lyrical hatred released through incinerating waves of limb-removing, guttural metal. Colin Marks of Rain Song Design (Exodus, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Kataklysm) created some of his most intense artwork for the release, the perfect summary of the level of extreme comprising Obedience.

A visual teaser for Obedience has been released; view it below.

Obedience Track List:
1. Subvenite (Intro)
2. Surrounded By Blind Bigots
3. Throes Of Death
4. Suppurating Of Deception
5. Coerced To Serve
6. Quench Your Thirst
7. Summoning The Heretics
8. Foresworn
9. March Of The Fools
10. Obedience

Unique Leader will unload Obedience on September 16th, 2014.!/BloodtruthBand

COLOMBIAN NECKTIE: Los Angeles Sludgecore Unit To Unleash Twilight Upon Us; Artwork + Track Listing Revealed

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Los Angeles sludgecore unit, COLOMBIAN NECKTIE, is readying to unleash their mammoth debut full-length, Twilight Upon Us, upon unsuspecting masses.

Named after a method of murder where the victim’s throat is slashed and the tongue is pulled through the open wound, COLOMBIAN NECKTIE’s Twilight Upon Us, produced by Erol “Rollie” Ulug (Graf Orlock) at Bright Lights Studios, is the sonic equivalent of this violent and visceral act boasting thirteen maniacal tracks of dark, riff-heavy, emotionally stirring audio menace.

Twilight Upon Us Track Listing:
01. Stockholm ‘73
02. Guiding Light
03. Play The Game
04. Alternate Dimensions
05. Weep For the Future
06. Drought
07. Sleepwalking
08. These Three Words
09. Ready to Burn
10. Kevin’s Song

Since forming in the Los Angeles in the Fall of 2010, the band — vocalist Scott Werren, guitarists Juan Hernandez-Cruz and Ben Daniels, drummer Ben Brinckerhoff and bassist Alex DuPuis — has earned a reputation for their punishing riffs and maniacal DIY work ethic. Though clearly rooted in hardcore, tracks like the syncopated, sludgy death march of “Play The Game” and midtempo thrash of “Drought,” complete with squealing synths, add a welcome dose of variance to an album that’s uncompromising in its aggression. “We don’t feel like we fit in any one genre, we just kind of slam things against a wall and focus more on how it makes us feel than where it fits in,” Hernandez-Cruz admits. “Our influences range from Cave In and Snapcase to Orchid and Page 99 so we never try to limit ourselves when it comes to what we do stylistically.”

It hasn’t been a painless ride for the members of COLOMBIAN NECKTIE however and correspondingly, much of Twilight Upon Us is rooted in tragedy as evidenced in the ten-minute opus “Kevin’s Song.” “Kevin was a close friend of ours and former bandmate who actually brought the band together. When he passed away, something came over us and we started writing differently,” Hernandez-Cruz reflects. “The tragedy was really heavy because Kevin was just driving to a show in San Francisco and we knew it could have been any of us.” Instead of falling into depression, the band used their friend’s death as the catalyst to the manifestation of Twilight Upon Us.

“So much of the record is about loss and the struggle to try to cope in a city [Los Angeles] that isn’t always forgiving,” Hernandez-Cruz continues. “The silver lining is that this experience brought us closer as friends and musically in the sense that it made us all vulnerable and forced us to really listen to each other.”

Whether it’s the progressive bridge of “Weep For The Future” or ethereal intro to “Sleepwalking,” the bond the members developed over the past two years helped them dig deeper to incorporate elements that they never could have conceptualized in a perfect world. “This record has a lot of pain on it and a lot of unpredictable moments but it also feels good if that makes any sense,” Hernandez-Cruz summarizes, “and listening to this collection of songs, the listener gains the sense that not only are they not alone but that he or she can gain strength in the darkest of moments.”

Twilight Upon Us will be released independently on August 19th, 2014. Further details, including track previews, to be unleashed in the days to come.

FALLUJAH Masters The Art Of Levitation – New Track Streaming At A.V. Club; Summer Slaughter Takeover Looms + Canadian Tour Dates Announced

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

With the release of The Flesh Prevails, the forthcoming magnum opus from atmospheric death metal henchmen, FALLUJAH, now almost two weeks away, The Onion’s A.V. Club offers up fifth number, “Levitation,” for public consumption.

Mixed, mastered and engineered by sound savior Zack Ohren (Suffocation, All Shall Perish) at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California, The Flesh Prevails boasts guest appearances from guitarist Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Necrophagist), the chilling voice of Roniit Alkayam present throughout the album, and serves as the band’s most intricately arranged, methodically executed and plainly cathartic manifestation to date. A true master work of progressively tinged, otherworldly death metal.

Comments vocalist Alex Hoffmann of the track, “‘Levitation’ is a track made with the purpose of channeling the most dark and ethereal energies that the album has to offer, swaying away from speed and aggression and into more otherworldly and melancholic themes. This is my personal favorite track on the album and one that we can’t wait to play live.”

Adds A.V. Club, “The San Francisco death-metal outfit’s new album, The Flesh Prevails, broadens and deepens the band’s scope, incorporating spacious passages of atmosphere into chilling, brainy riffage. ‘Levitation,’ shrouds itself in ambience and melody even as it refuses to flinch in the face of man’s inhumanity to man.”

Rise up with “Levitation,” now playing at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, you can still sample “Carved From Stone” still streaming at Lambgoat, at THIS LOCATION as well as “Sapphire,” courtesy of MetalSucks, at THIS LOCATION.

The Flesh Prevails will be released via Unique Leader Records on July 22nd, 2014 during FALLUJAH’s participation in this year’s crushing Summer Slaughter Tour alongside Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Goatwhore and more. Additionally, the band will take part in the Summer Slaughter Canada Club Tour 2014. Set to commence just a few days after the US march draws to a close, the trek runs from August 14th to August 25th followed by three additional performances in Seattle, Portland and Santa Cruz. The band will be joined by The Faceless, Rings Of Saturn, Archspire, Black Crown Initiate and Fatality (on select dates).

Summer Slaughter Tour w/ Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Thy Art Is Murder, Origin, Goatwhore, Decrepit Birth, Within The Ruins
7/17/2014 The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
7/18/2014 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
7/19/2014 House of Blues – Los Angeles, CA
7/20/2014 Nile Theater – Phoenix, AZ
7/22/2014 Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM
7/23/2014 Summit – Denver, CO
7/25/2014 House of Blues  - Houston, TX
7/26/2014 Scoot Inn – Austin, TX
7/27/2014 GMBG – Dallas, TX
7/29/2014 State Theater – St. Petersburg, FL
7/30/2014 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
7/31/2014 The International – Knoxville, TN
8/01/2014 Agora Theatre – Cleveland, OH
8/02/2014  Mojoes – Chicago, IL
8/03/2014 Skyway Theatre – Minneapolis, MN
8/05/2014 The Rave – Milwaukee, WI
8/06/2014 Crofoot Ballroom – Detroit, MI
8/07/2014 Rapids Theatre – Niagara Falls, NY
8/08/2014 Irving Plaza – New York, NY
8/09/2014 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
8/10/2014 The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
Summer Slaughter: The Canada Club Tour 2014 w/ The Faceless, Rings Of Saturn, Archspire, Fatality (8/14 – 8/20), Black Crown Initiate
8/14/2014 Dagobert – Quebec City, QC
8/15/2014 Les Founfounes Electriques Montreal, QC
8/16/2014 Mod Club – Toronto, ON
8/17/2014 Salle Nikitoutagan – Jonquiere, QC
8/18/2014 Rock Café – Trois-Rivieres, QC
8/19/2014 Le Magog – Sherbrooke, QC
8/20/2014 Babylon Nightclub – Ottawa, ON
8/23/2014 Pawn Shop – Edmonton, AB
8/24/2014 Sapphire Nightclub – Kelowna, BC
8/25/2014 Rickshaw Theater – Vancouver, BC
8/26/2014 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
8/27/2014 Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
8/28/2014 The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA

Formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007, FALLUJAH has since displayed a rugged work ethic, investing countless weeks on the road in North America and internationally. The band’s commitment to crafting forward thinking music has helped them build their own diehard fanbase from the ground up. The name is derived from a city in the Al Anbar province of Iraq that, at the time of the band’s formation, sustained the highest concentration of destruction and casualties on both sides of the fighting. The members of FALLUJAH have lived much of their lives in the post 9/11 world growing up with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as observing the tension between East and West and religious turmoil. The city of Fallujah represents the pinnacle of tensions, hostility and destruction that has come to define the world we live in.

The Flesh Prevails preorder packages are currently available at THIS LOCATION.

“Their space is the backdrop for a parade of awesome celestial events. Harmonized death metal riffing and fleet leads twirl around each other like planets in orbital ballet. Dexterous blasting sends comets hurtling all over the place. Stars collapse and explode within the universe of synthetics that swaddle each song. It’s a huge sonic palette that FALLUJAH uses, all harnessed perfectly by tech-death mixmaster Zack Ohren.” – Decibel

These musicians are of an unreal caliber; every single riff is constructed with the care and precision of an artistic mastermind. It is a masterwork not unlike the greats of the Renaissance; the Sistine Chapel of progressive death metal.” – The Monolith

“A true game-changer, the way that FALLUJAH has toyed with the death metal mechanic to combine it with unbridled emption and depth is nothing short of breath taking.” – Dead Rhetoric

OWLFOOD: Experimental Drone Folk Quartet To Kick Off US Tour En-Route To Gilead Fest

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Boston-based experimental drone folk quartet, OWLFOOD, will levy their bleached-out desert tones upon adventurous ears beginning next week. The short journey will begin on their home turf on July 13th and run through Brooklyn, Columbus and Chicago. The band will be joined by instrumental psyche rockers Windmills By The Ocean featuring members of Isis and Blacktail as well as the undulating and cinematic Taiga project featuring Bryant Clifford Meyer (Isis, Palms, Red Sparrows) on select dates. OWLFOOD will make their final descent in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on July 19th at Gilead Fest where they will share the stage with the likes of Thou, The Body, Inter Arma, Sea Of Bones and many more.     

OWLFOOD will be journeying in support of their fourth LP, Destroyers Of The Moon, self-released last April. Featuring one twenty-seven-minute movement, the soundscape evoked in Destroyers Of The Moon began as a drawing; a graphic landscape. Conceiving the composition in a visual register in which, for example, barren plains give way to mountainous peaks, allowed OWLFOOD to develop a fuller tonality; a sonority richer and more differentiated than any of their previous recordings. Fans of OM and Scott Kelly pay heed. Dubbed “a glorious epic landscape of cinematic swirls,” by Aquarius Records and, “beautiful and exceptionally original,” by Anti-Gravity Bunny, Destroyers boasts a host of collaborators including Greg Moss (27), Meghan Mulhearn (Divine Circles, The Judas Horse, U.S. Christmas), David Bently and Nicholas Giadone Ward (both of Hallelujah The Hills).

Take in Destroyers Of The Moon at THIS LOCATION.

OWLFOOD Live Rituals 2014:
7/13/2014 Middle East – Boston, MA w/ Windmills By The Ocean, High Aura’d, Neptune
7/15/2014 Matchless – Brooklyn, NY w/ Windmills By The Ocean, 27, Thurn & Taxis
7/17/2014 The Fuse Factory – Columbus, OH w/ Taiga, DOT
7/18/2014 Burlington Bar – Chicago, IL w/ Taiga, Rare Animals
7/19/2014 Gilead Fest @ Oshkosh Masonic Temple – Oshkosh, WI [info]

“Frozen in time, Destroyers Of The Moon speaks to the weight demise of the satellite we most take for granted. If the celestial orb were to disappear (say from the CIA blowing it up to show America’s might), don’t focus on the ruined gravitational forces or tidal destruction but on the beauty that a moonlit night provides. That faint glimmer of hope turns to rubble, which turns to anger. These volatile mood shifts caused by such destruction are the same within Destroyers of the Moon. It’s brooding and plodding, but the moon’s removal from our nightly skies would be a gorgeous catastrophe in and of itself. And in those moments of loathsome solitude in the midst of pitch blackness, Owlfood is our new definition of vanity.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

UNISONIC: New Video From Heavy Metal Supergroup Now Playing At Metal Insider; Band To Release Light Of Dawn Full-Length Via Armoury Records Next Month

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

“Exceptional,” the new video from heavy metal supergroup, UNISONIC, is currently playing at Metal Insider. The song comes by way of the band’s forthcoming new full-length, Light Of Dawn, set for release in North America next month.

UNISONIC boasts a royal lineup of former Helloween vocalist Michael Kiske and guitarist Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, also ex-Helloween) alongside guitarist Mandy Meyer (Asia, Gotthard and Krokus), bassist Dennis Ward and drummer Kosta Zafiriou (both of Germany’s Pink Cream 69). Spring of 2014 saw UNISONIC produce the twelve new tunes that comprise sophomore offering, Light Of Dawn, all of them performed with surgical precision and punctuated by Kiske’s world-class vocals. “Our first world tour has really welded us together,” Kiske notes of the group’s unmistakable evolution. “The touring made us realize the importance of a congenial atmosphere for our creativity and how much I missed this team spirit over the past twenty years. Only musicians who feel really comfortable with each other can deliver their optimum performance.” Dennis Ward, a driving force within the unit, one of its main composers and, as on 2012’s senf-titled debut, its producer, agrees: “At the end of the day, you have to tour to get immediate fan reactions to your material. In this respect, the shows were very interesting and extremely encouraging. There’s no doubt that they gave UNISONIC enough energy to make working on Light Of Dawn child’s play for everybody involved.”

Metal Insider is currently offering up the first taste of the record with the fittingly named “Exceptional” video, viewable at THIS LOCATION.

Light Of Dawn Track Listing:

01. Venite 2.0
02. Your Time Has Come
03. Exceptional
04. For The Kingdom
05. Not Gonna Take Anymore
06. Night Of The Long Knives
07. Find Shelter
08. Blood
09. When The Deed Is Done
10. Throne Of The Dawn
11. Manhunter
12. You And I

Light Of Dawn follows the band’s For The Kingdom EP released digitally in North America in May. The six track collection features album track “For The Kingdom,” exclusive EP number  “You Come Undone” as well as four live recordings from their show at the Masters Of Rock Festival 2012 in the Czech Republic.

Light Of Dawn will see its Stateside release via Eagle Rock imprint Armoury Records on August 12th, 2014.

ACRANIA: New Lyric Video From London Death Squad Now Playing At Decibel

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Today, Decibel Magazine offers up the first helping of Totalitarian Dystopia, the forthcoming full-length debut from London death bringers, ACRANIA, with the official lyric video for “Festering With Dishonesty.”

Recorded with Stu McKay at Studio 6 in London with mixing/mastering by Chris Foster, Totalitarian Dystopia hurls forth a thirty-six minute maelstrom of audio wreckage through ten tales dissecting the impending fall of mankind. The record includes guest appearances from Tom Barber of Lorna Shore, Mendel of Aborted and Jamie Hanks of I Declare War, and promises to engulf an entire new legion of modern death fanatics worldwide.

Elaborates Decibel, “Thanks to ACRANIA, the world shall soon no longer need wonder what it would sound like if George Orwell served as spiritual advisor to a uber-brutal modern death metal band — these London slammers’ kinetic, oppressive, appropriately-titled debut full-length Totalitarian Dystopia will answer that question in fairly definitive fashion at the end of next month.”

Infestation is imminent with “Festering With Dishonesty,” now playing at THIS LOCATION.

The politically charged ACRANIA – a rare congenital disorder that occurs in the human fetus in which the flat bones in the cranial vault are either partially or completely absent – has spread their message through several independent recordings since their 2012 inception. Their debut split with Blue Waffle and “A Trophy Of Corporate Disfigurement” single, both released in their first year as a band, followed by their The Beginning Of The End EP released last year have helped the band forge a devout fanbase of pit-seeking followers. Having already toured with various acts around Europe including Cerebral Bore and Warpath, and with upcoming shows booked alongside Thy Art Is Murder, Blood Red Throne and many more, ACRANIA will continue to scoff their way through the scene and proliferate their message of maximized hostility through their blistering fusion of brutality, slams and blastbeats.

Totalitarian Dystopia will be released on August 19th, 2014 via Unique Leader Records. Preorder bundles will be available later this week.

YAKUZA: Bonus Track From Way Of The Dead Reissue Streaming At Revolver

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Today, Chicago experi-metallers, YAKUZA, hurls forth a mind-blowing cover of “Seraphic Light” from American jazz icon, John Coltrane.

The tune serves as a bonus track on the band’s Way Of The Dead reissue. Initially released in 2002 via Century Media, the reissue comes by way War Crime Recordings and was released earlier this week. Intended for a tribute compilation that was never released, the song was recorded sometime in 2002 with the Way Of The Dead lineup which featured drummer James Staffel and vocalist/saxophonist/War Crimes co-owner Bruce Lamont with  and former members Eric Plonka (Scientist) on guitars and Eric Clark on bass.

Turn up and tune out to “Seraphic Light,” now playing at Revolver at THIS LOCATION.

Throughout the entire month of July, YAKUZA, will reissue their first four albums along with one never-before-heard release all through War Crime Recordings. Amount To Nothing, Way Of The Dead, Samsara and Transmutations have been out of print for several years and in most cases, these reissues will contain unreleased bonus tracks and remixes.

July 1st, saw the reemergence of the band’s 2000 self-released debut album, Amount To Nothing and the aforementioned Way Of The Dead reissue. On July 15th, 2014, the band will revisit their Prosthetic Records albums: 2006’s Samsara, featuring two bonus tunes — a James Plotkin (OLD, Scorn, Khanate, Khlyst) remix of “Back To The Mountain” as well as “The Ballad Of Mr. K” — along with 2007’s Transmutations, which boasts Godflesh’s Justin K. Broadrick’s remix of “The Blinding.” July 29th, 2014 will see the unveiling of the never-before-released, “improvisational” recording entitled Kabuki Mono. YAKUZA’s moniker whenever they perform their mostly instrumental improvisational sets in Chicago, Kabuki Mono was originally recorded in the studio in 2001.

Newer developments for YAKUZA include a recent recording session at Soma Studios in Chicago with engineer and co-War Crime Recordings owner, Sanford Parker. The band has recorded over 100 minutes of improvised material (much like that of the Kabuki Mono recording) and plan to pick the best takes for release sometime early next year.

YAKUZA mixes punk and free jazz without allegiance to either community. They take bits and pieces from Eastern Music, and post-rock/jazz bands like Tortoise and Radiohead only to spin them into time-shifting hardcore sounds. Singer Bruce Lamont coughs out lyrics, then picks up his saxophone to duel with Chicago reedsman Ken Vandermark. Just when you think you’ve got them figured out, they lay a 43-minute spaced out groove piece on you.” – on Way Of The Dead

INANIMATE EXISTENCE: New Video From Technical Death Metal Squad Now Playing At Metal Injection

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

California technical death metal squad, INANIMATE EXISTENCE, are pleased to premiere the brand new video for “The Rune Of Destruction” from their recently released A Never-Ending Cycle Of Atonement full-length.

Tracked by Max Zigman (Son Of Aurelius, Smaragos) at Parade Outrageous in Santa Cruz and produced by Zack Ohren (Light This City, All Shall Perish, First Blood, Cattle Decapitation, Warbringer et al) at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, A Never-Ending Cycle Of Atonement finds INANIMATE EXISTENCE elevating their signature, outlandish compositions to an entirely new level of profundity. A conceptual offering centered on Tibetan folk, each movement marvels at its own innovative density as intricate guitar structures coil seamlessly around complex rhythms and venomous vocal assaults as female vocal accents, clarinet, bass flute, harp, bongos and other nuances add to the record’s already confounding depth.

View “The Rune Of Destruction,” now playing at Metal Injection, at THIS LOCATION.

In related news, INANIMATE EXISTENCE recently joined forces with Rock the Nation booking agency with future live intrusions to be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

INANIMATE EXISTENCE’s A Never-Ending Cycle Of Atonement is out now via Unique Leader Records. Order your copy today at THIS LOCATION.

“…a fascinating effort, a true journey for your ears and mind that’s well worth experiencing again and again.” – No Clean Singing

INANIMATE EXISTENCE may very well take the crown as the one tech album worth listening to in a calendar year. It’s tighter than my old man’s wallet… and interesting enough to stand away from a field already crowded beyond breathing capacity.” – Last Rites

“A Never-Ending Cycle… fulfills the face-fuckery I forecast in January, with percussive endurance that grinds like jackhammers.” — MetalSucks

“…a blistering, perfectly paced journey into the denizens of death metal. This record encompasses progressive metal, technical death metal, hard rock and even NWOBHM… it will not only please you; it will seduce you.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“Your death metal parlor tricks include woodwind instruments like the flute and clarinet (Steve Marshall), bongos, acoustic ditties, haunting female vocals (Kaitlyn Kehl), and a decidedly unique atmosphere that immediately earns this record extra brownie points… [it’s] impossible to dismiss A Never-Ending Cycle Of Atonement, with its all-around effort, creativity, and faultless instrumentation.” – Metal Observer

“…a mind-blowing display of technicality, songwriting and brutality.” – Nefarious Realm

WOVENWAR Announces SoCal Record Release Shows In August!

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

WOVENWAR will be playing three record release shows in southern California in August at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, Soma in San Diego, and The Roxy in Hollywood. These shows are not to be missed and promise to be some of the most intense performances from the band, especially after honing their live edges on tour with Black Label Society July through early August! Tickets the record release shows are on sale now. Tickets and info for the band’s full list of current dates can be found at THIS LOCATION.

WOVENWAR features the talents of Jordan Mancino (drums), Nick Hipa (guitar), Phil Sgrosso (guitar) and Josh Gilbert (bass) of San Diego, California based metal act As I Lay Dying, and Shane Blay (vocals) of Oh, Sleeper. Over the course of this past year, Wovenwar completed work on new material and recorded with producer Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag). Mixing was handled by Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head, Trivium).

WOVENWAR w/ Black Label Society, Kyng:
7/17/2014 Bogart’s – Cincinnati, OH
7/18/2014 House Of blues – Cleveland, OH
7/20/2014 The Venue – Fargo, ND
7/22/2014 Mojoes – Joliet, IL
7/24/2014 The Orange Peel – Asheville, NC
7/25/2014 Center Stage – Atlanta, GA
7/26/2014 Soul Kitchen – Mobile, AL
7/27/2014 Minglewood Hall – Memphis, TN
7/29/2014 Pop’s – Sauget, IL
7/30/2014 The Vogue – Indianapolis, IN
8/01/2014 Emo’s – Austin, T
8/02/2014 Lonestar Pavillion – Lubbock, TX
8/03/2014 TrickyFalls – El Paso, TX
8/04/2014 Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM
Record Release Shows:
8/07/2014 Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA
8/08/2014 SOMA – San Diego, CA
8/09/2014 The Roxy Theatre – Los Angeles, CA

WOVENWAR documented the recording process of their self-titled debut, due out later this summer. Guitarist Nick Hipa shot and edited the series, as well as the singles and teasers streaming at Guitar, bass, and drum studio videos can be seen now at

GOATWHORE Readies For Summer-Long Live Takeover; Release Of Constricting Rage Of The Merciless Looms

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014
Photo by Peter Beste

New Orleans metal tyrants, GOATWHORE, are readying to kick off a Summer’s worth of US live takeovers. Set to commence this Saturday, July 5th with a record release party at South Port Hall in Jefferson, Louisiana, the band will level stages on a short run of headlining dates before joining this year’s edition of The Summer Slaughter tour on July 17th alongside death metal icons Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Fallujah and more! Additionally, GOATWHORE will make a special appearance at this year’s Gwar B-Q on August 16th.

The band will be touring in support of their forthcoming new full-length, Constricting Rage Of The Merciless, set to make its final descent upon North America on July 8th, 2014 via Metal Blade Records. Spewing ten-tracks of unadulterated, subterranean metal as channeled through the historic likes of Motörhead and Bathory, Constricting Rage Of The Merciles serves as GOATWHORE’s most well-executed, sonically devouring composition to date and their first to be tracked to two-inch tape.

Captured at Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida with Erik Rutan at the helm, the record –at once predatory, epic, misanthropic and sadistic — harnesses the thick, battle-ready tone and energy of their live assaults in a way previous releases have not and is already procuring critical hails both stateside and beyond. In a perfect 5/5 rating, crowns the record “an instant classic,” Metal Injection dubs it, the new high water mark of the group’s work thus far,” while Planet Mosh commends GOATWHORE’s seamless ability to fuse “everything from hyperspeed melodic black metal (reminiscent of underground guys like Noctuary), to thrash metal’s crunch, to death metal’s ‘kill first, ask questions later’ ethos,” furthering that, “polished, deliberate bayou evil permeates each well-crafted tune.”

If you missed it, get deviant with GOATWHORE’s “FBS” lyric video HERE, where you’ll also find an assortment of killer preorder bundles still available for your unholy purchasing pleasures.

7/05/2014 Southport Hall – Jefferson, LA
7/06/2014 The Levee – Longview, TX
7/07/2014 Zydeco – Birmingham, AL
7/08/2014 Exit/In – Nashville, TN
7/09/2014 New Daisy Theatre – Memphis, TN
7/10/2014 Fubar – St. Louis, MO
7/11/2014 The Vanguard – Tulsa, OK
7/15/2014 Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
Summer Slaughter Tour w/ Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Thy Art Is Murder, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Within The Ruins, Fallujah
7/17/2014 The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
7/18/2014 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
7/19/2014 House of Blues – West Hollywood, CA
7/20/2014 Nile Theater – Phoenix, AZ
7/21/2014 Tricky Falls – El Paso, TX
7/22/2014 Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM
7/23/2014 Summit – Denver, CO
7/25/2014 House Of Blues – Houston, TX
7/26/2014 Scoot Inn – Austin, TX
7/27/2014 Gas Monkey – Dallas, TX
7/29/2014 State Theater St. – Petersburg, FL
7/30/2014 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
7/31/2014 The International – Knoxville, TN
8/01/2014 Agora Theatre – Cleveland, OH
8/02/2014 Mojoes – Chicago, IL
8/03/2014 Skyway Theatre – Minneapolis, MN
8/05/2014 The Rave – Milwaukee, WI
8/06/2014 Crofoot Ballroom – Detroit, MI
8/07/2014 Rapids Theatre – Niagara Falls, NY
8/08/2014 Irving Plaza – New York, NY
8/09/2014 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
8/10/2014 The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
End Tour
8/16/2014 Gwar B-Q @ Hadad’s Lake – Richmond, VA

“…a classic take-no-prisoners, leave-no-survivors type of GOATWHORE track. The band’s black metal influence is at the forefront … as guitarist Sammy Duet builds a dark atmosphere with his open chords and sinister progressions, while vocalist Ben Falgoust explores his full guttural range throughout the track.” – Loudwire on the track “Schadenfreude”