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SPOOK THE HORSES: New Zealand Post-Hardcore Quintet Prepares Sophomore LP For Winter Release

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Delivering mercurial, heavily textured post-hardcore of the highest order, New Zealand-based quintet, SPOOK THE HORSES, has completed their sophomore album and are preparing Rainmaker for a mid-Winter 2015 release.

If you’ve ever sat and watched darkening clouds eclipse the sun, then you’ll be familiar with the kind of portentous intensity post-hardcore and atmospheric metal titans SPOOK THE HORSES evoke on their new album Rainmaker. Soundtracking the apocalypse since 2009, the Wellington-based act remains resoundingly heavy, but just as those clouds are eventually borne away by powerful prevailing winds, the band’s epic suites are imbued with strings, brass, synthesizers and nuanced guitar — the lineup including three guitarists — enabling them to turn suddenly glorious. SPOOK THE HORSES crafts monumental hymns atop a percussive baseline saturated with sound. Yet, like sonic kin Terra Tenebrosa, The Old Wind, or Cult of Luna, the spacious and ruminative passages threaded through their songs are as crucial as any outright aggression. Picturesque soundscapes, outbursts and scatterings of crestfallen vocals define their unique sound, while the band has steadily built a reputation for crafting immersive live performances, built on the back of extensive touring.

The tone of the band’s new record, Rainmaker signifies an evolution from the dense trio of guitars that defined their December 2011-released debut album, Brighter, into the arid and spacious; a descent to the dry, desperate earth. Tracked live at studio Wellington by James Goldsmith (So So Modern, Die! Die! Die!), mixed in Melbourne, Australia by Sam Sproull (Shihad, Cairo Knife Fight, Gatherer) and mastered in Stockholm, Sweden by renowned engineer Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, The Ocean, Kongh), Rainmaker presents forty-five minutes of undulating post-hardcore and atmospheric metal that shifts effortlessly between the lacerating and the sublime. SPOOK THE HORSES remains an amalgam of light and dark, crushing and fragile, and serene and seething.

SPOOK THE HORSES will independently release Rainmaker in February 2015 on digital and 12” LP formats, and as a precursory foretaste of what the album beholds, the band has leaked the dynamic fourth track, “Flood,” which is now available for free download via their BandCamp page RIGHT HERE.

Having taken their music to fans live extensively over the years, previously sharing the stage with such acts as Kylesa, La Dispute, Ulcerate, Jakob and many more, SPOOK THE HORSES has announced North Island 2014/15 preceding the release of Rainmaker, with several shows scheduled across the northern tier of their homeland from late November through January.

Be ready for more audio samples, tour announcements and more in conjunction with the release of Rainmaker through the turn of the New Year and throughout 2015.

SPOOK THE HORSES North Island 2014/15 [info]:
11/28/2014 San Fran – Wellington, NZ w/ Into Orbit, Skymning
12/06/2014 Great Job – Palmerston North, NZ w/ Gains, Robin
12/13/2014 Ding Dong Lounge – Auckland, NZ w/ Old Loaves, Proton Beast
1/17/2014 The Cabana – Napier, NZ w/ Heterodox

Ben Dentice – guitar
Donnie Cuzens – guitar
Callum Gay – guitar, synth/sampling, vocals
Alex Ross – bass guitar
Zach Meech – drums

CHILD BITE: Punk/Metal Marauders Premiere New Canticle Via Invisible Oranges; Strange Waste EP Release Day Draws Near

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

With the imminent release of their Strange Waste EP now less than two weeks away, today the gate keepers at Invisible Oranges hurl forth the tumultuous sounds of “Molestation Of The Arts” from Detroit punk/metal marauders, CHILD BITE.

Captured at Russian Recording in Indianapolis, Indiana and produced by CHILD BITE, Strange Waste fuses all walks of extreme from metal, noise, and hardcore without falling squarely into any of one those genres. A wholly bastardized hybrid of the Melvins, Dead Kennedys, Big Black and System Of A Down, CHILD BITE’s self-proclaimed “music for losers” is ugly, anxious and dangerously habit-forming.

Elaborates vocalist Shawn Knight of “Molestation Of The Arts,” “I am an artist and a designer. I often have internal debates about where the line is between the two; what is pure art, the difference between art and design, and is it ok for the two to blend. Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes not so much. This song is a very cynical critique on the art director/ad agency side of things, coming from an artist’s point of view. One way of looking at advertising is that it’s pure manipulation; a commercial’s job is to sell you a product or service; to make you want it more than the other options available. One tactic agencies use is hijacking whatever the latest trends are to seem hip… This way whatever they are selling comes off as ‘cool.’ Cool sells. That’s what this tune is about; major corporations attempting to appear trendy in order to trick people out of their money.”

Adds Invisible Oranges, “This band could go anywhere, in the best way, and also have an uncanny ability to attract non-metal listeners, if their live shows are any indicator. I’ve seen people come in from the street and pay entry to see CHILD BITE sight unseen, only to watch the arty garage band they thought they were seeing devolve into a savage grindcore outfit before their eyes — and stay put. I’m not sure I’ve seen a band with as much potential to surprise people and cross over genre boundaries since I first heard Mastodon. That said, Strange Waste ain’t Remission. But it might just be Lifesblood. I’m psyched to see where CHILD BITE take their career after this.”

Get mind fucked with “Molestation Of The Arts,” RIGHT HERE.

And if you were asleep at the wheel, don’t forget to peep the band’s video for “Ancestral Ooze.” Written and directed by ex-Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Jeff Tuttle and featuring the Melvins’ Buzz Osborne, the clip is a tribute to the 1987 underground horror flick Street Trash and is still playing at Decibel at THIS LOCATION.

CHILD BITE recently wrapped up a US live invasion alongside King Parrot and Acid Witch on select dates. The trek included a stink on this year’s Housecore Horror Film Fest. CHILD BITE will play a special record release show on their home turf on November 21st before holing up in their practice cave for the winter to compose their next full-length, to be produced by Philip H. Anselmo. Further details to be announced in the coming weeks.

11/21/2014 PJ’s Lager House – Detroit, MI record release show w/ Acid Witch

Strange Waste will be released on CD, double vinyl seven-inch and digitally via Housecore Records November 25th, 2014. Preorder your copy today at THIS LOCATION.

MAID MYRIAD Confirms Northeast US Shows In December; East Coast February And March Tour Dates Being Booked

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Having released one of the most dynamic and impressive progressive crossover albums of the year with their debut album, With Haste On Its Breath, Ohio’s MAID MYRIAD continues to take these soaring, ambitious and infectious tunes to the people, booking new waves of regional touring in support of the record.

Next month will see the MAID MYRIAD trio playing a run of shows through the Northeast, beginning with a one-off gig on December 6th in their hometown of Akron, Ohio. Less than two weeks later the band will tour eastward, beginning December 18th in Clifton, New Jersey followed by Brooklyn, New York and Doylestown, Pennsylvania the next two nights, performing alongside the likes of Red Sun Rising, Flight 619, NY in 64, Natural Stranger, Carved Up, Witch Fist and more throughout the month’s shows.

A more intensive East Coast tour which will engulf almost all of February is currently being planned, including shows with MAID MYRIAD brethren East Of The Wall, El Drugstore and many others. Additionally, the band will be scheduling more live dates on their way to perform at 2015’s SXSW gathering in Austin and more. A full routing for the upcoming tours will be issued in the weeks ahead.

With Haste On Its Breath is out now in a six-panel digipak CD via Nefarious Industries — the home of a bunch of big, dumb noise — the independent label founded by members of MAID MYRIAD, A Fucking Elephant, El Drugstore and more. Additionally, the digital download by itself is now “name your price” direct through the label RIGHT HERE.

12/06/2014 Tangier – Akron, OH w/ Red Sun Rising, Flight 619
12/18/2014 Clash Bar – Clifton, NJ w/ A Balance Between, Pour the Pirate Sherry, Glengarry Leads [info]
12/19/2014 The Shop – Brooklyn, NY w/ NY in 64, Natural Stranger
12/20/2014 Mugg’s On Main Street - Doylestown, PA w/ Carved Up, Witch Fist

Recorded in Akron, Ohio and Keyport, New Jersey, produced and engineered by guitarist Jeff Klemm at Free Truman Productions, and mixed and mastered by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Adrenaline Mob, Foxy Shazam, etc.), With Haste On Its Breath brings out a solid hour of dazzling musicianship and powerful, dynamic vocals from MAID MYRIAD. MetalSucks, issued, “…it’s massive, melodic, introspective, and tortured, like a wonderful dream that quickly metamorphasizes into the kind of nightmare that continues to rattle and haunt you even after you awaken, stuck to your psyche like gum to the bottom of a shoe…”. American Aftermath offers, “The band combines an array of influences, including progressive rock and 90’s post-hardcore/emo, into a dynamic and emotional display of alternative rock mastery… Jeff Klemm’s near angelic vocals are sure to be stuck in your head all day. In fact, we guarantee that.” The Cleveland Scene made MAID MYRIAD their Band Of The Week, stating, “…the songs stay true to ‘kaleidoscope rock,’ the term the band has used to describe its neo-progressive rock. Heavily textured songs such as ‘Camera Eye’ and ‘Dance by the Moonlight’ have elements of Mars Volta. But the group slows things down for the simmering ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ and ‘Waiting for December,’ showing it can capably change gears.”

SORXE Confirms New Material For 2015 Release; Live Footage From Southwest Terror Fest Posted

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

With their debut album, Surrounded By Shadows, still fresh, and having just returned from their West Coast US tour with state mates Godhunter, Phoenix-based SORXE will continue to perform live over the coming months in support of the album while also writing new material for release in 2015.

Independently produced and released by the band, the monstrous Surrounded By Shadows has helped elevate the name SORXE beyond the Southwestern US circuit they’ve inundated over recent years, the album delivering almost an hour of cathartic, dynamic and devastating top-tier sludge/doom metal with an endless array of twists and outside elements morphing their creative sounds. With the record having received widespread critical commendations since its release in September, upon its release, the band took to the road alongside Godhunter for nearly three weeks of October, which closed down at Southwest Terror Fest where SORXE performed on the main stage supporting Author & Punisher, The Body and Neurosis.

This weekend, SORXE will travel North to Glendale, California, making their Los Angeles area debut, performing with Cough and Invdrs at Midnite Communion II this Saturday, November 15th. The event will include original art showcases from Lucas Ruggieri, Krist Mort, Farron Loathing and Raoul “View from the Coffin” Mazzero, as well as an array of merchants and other ceremonial contributions and more in addition to the live sets.

View live footage of SORXE at Southwest Terror Fest courtesy of Metal Injection RIGHT HERE, and stream Surrounded By Shadows in its entirety at American Aftermath HERE.

11/15/2014 Complex – Glendale, CA @ Midnite Communion II w/ Cough, Invdrs [info]

Comprised of former members of Graves At Sea, Via Vengeance, Magnetplan, Daughters Of Fission and more, SORXE’s dynamic assault is fueled by two bassists and multiple styles of layered vocals. A sprawling, diverse eruption of crushing doom, at times incredibly beautiful and tranquil, and at others overwhelmingly harrowing, its earthmoving riffs penetrated with undertones of grunge, psychedelic and ambient textures, Surrounded By Shadows was recorded by the band’s Tanner Crace in multiple sessions in June 2013 at Francisco Studios and February through June 2014 at The Vaulted Owl, the album mastered by Byron Villain Recording.

SORXE is currently writing new material to be released as one or several releases throughout 2015, in conjunction with more widespread stateside touring and beyond as the band continues to expand their reach into the extreme and psychedelic realms of music.

Order Surrounded By Shadows through SORXE directly, both digitally and on digipak CD, with artwork by Josh Graham HERE. A vinyl edition of the album is also in the planning stages for release in early 2015.

“…the dudes of Sorxe know about suffering… they also know quite a bit about painful guitar tones, how to balance two basses when their guitars are already crating more than enough low-end havoc. And man, do they know Through Silver In Blood and Celestial upside down and backwards.” – Decibel

“…Surrounded by Shadows draws on the best elements left from the largely washed out post-metal movement. They tradeoff atmospherics and churning, crushing riffs, vary their approach widely, and toy with structures and builds to create a full-album sensibility that each individual song feeds into.” – The Obelisk

“I could speak all day about the pedigree of the band members or craft thousands of paragraphs on why this album fucking slays. Surrounded By Shadows is, quite simply, exhaustingly complete. Gradually or suddenly, Sorxe unfurl coiled force and chew through 2014’s best releases.” – Heavy Planet

“When the album isn’t churning out skull-caving riffs, it’s enveloping you in sprawling, ambient, Neurosis-esque passages that can be as haunting as they are tranquil. Sorxe have crafted an album that is extremely heavy but accessible as well.” – American Aftermath

“There is something more eerie in Sorxe‘s presentation than in most other bands placed in the Post-Metal genre… The punctuation they provide to the more straight forward metal heaviness opens up a space for breathing and reflection, which benefits music such as this where constant pummeling can err turn into the aforementioned churn of tiresome bullshit.” – The Sleeping Shaman

CANNIBAL CORPSE & BEHEMOTH Confirm Co-Headlining North American Winter Tour

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Two of the most prominent bands in the history of death metal are teaming up to take North America in 2015! CANNIBAL CORPSE and BEHEMOTH will join forces beginning on January 28th in New Orleans, Louisiana at the House of Blues for a month-long winter live takeover.

Both bands are touring in support of their most recent and massively successful albums. CANNIBAL CORPSE released their thirteenth album, A Skeletal Domain, on September 16th and debuted at #32 on the Billboard Top 200. BEHEMOTH’s critically-adored tenth album, The Satanist, entered the Billboard Top 200 at #34 after its release on February 4th of this year.

Combining both bands’ headlining sets into one touring package promises to make this the must see metal tour of 2015! Support will come from two of Sweden’s finest metal exports: Aeon and Tribulation. Premium packages for the tour will include a meet-and-greet with both CANNIBAL CORPSE and BEHEMOTH, an exclusive t-shirt, early entry into the show, an exclusive screen-printed poster, and a VIP laminate. For further info, scroll on over to THIS LOCATION.

w/ Aeon, Tribulation
1/28/2014 House Of Blues – New Orleans, LA
1/29/2014 House Of Blues – Houston, TX
1/30/2014 Mohawk – Austin, TX
1/31/2014 House Of Blues – Dallas, TX
2/02/2014 Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM
2/03/2014 The Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
2/05/2014 The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
2/06/2014 House Of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
2/07/2014 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
2/08/2014 The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
2/10/2014 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
2/11/2014Comodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
2/13/2014 Union Hall – Edmonton, AB
2/14/2014 MacEwan Hall – Calgary, AB
2/16/2014 The Garric – Winnipeg, MB
2/17/2014 Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN
2/18/2014 Orpheum Theater – Madison, WI
2/20/2014 House Of Blues -Chicago, IL
2/21/2014 Egyptian Room – Indianapolis, IN
2/22/2014 House Of Blues – Cleveland, OH
2/23/2014 St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI
2/24/2014 The Phoenix – Toronto, ON
2/25/2014 Metropolis – Montreal, QC
2/27/2014 House of Blues – Boston, MA
2/28/2014 Webster Hall – New York, NY
3/01/2014 Theater Of The Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA
3/02/2014 The Fillmore – Silver Spring, MD
3/03/2014 The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC
3/05/2014 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
3/06/2014 Janus Landing – Tampa, FL
3/07/2014 Revolution – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Sweden’s AEON released Aeons Black in 2012 via Metal Blade Records and toured as part of the Summer Slaughter Tour in 2013. This will be the band’s first time returning to North America since. Tribulation, who also hails from Sweden, released the critically acclaimed and lengthy 75-minute The Formulas Of Death, in 2013 on Invictus Productions.

COWARDS: Parisian Quintet Completes Second Album; February Release Date For Rise To Infamy Locked

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Decimating Paris-based sludge/hardcore outfit, COWARDS, has completed the final stages of preparation on their second full-length helping of callous and remorseless hymns of self and communal destruction, and is now ready to contaminate the planet with Rise To Infamy this Winter.

Parisian quintet, COWARDS, has become an unrelenting force since their inception in 2012, imposing their ruthless blend of metallic hardcore and sludge through several vinyl releases to date, and having crushed live audiences all across Europe. Having only grown stronger with every step of their brutal journey so far, the band will now unload their second album, Rise To Infamy. These ten tracks stand up as their most cohesive work, brutally combining the heritage of Holy Terror/H8000 inspired-hardcore with devastating sludge and black metal savagery. Carrying a deep, oppressive urban coldness behind their spectacularly crushing wall of sound, the level of aggression spilled on Rise To Infamy is difficult to endure. Everything has been managed to inflict maximum aural damage; once again recorded by Francis Caste at Sainte Marthe Studio (Arkhon Infaustus, Eibon, Kickback) as with their previous output, the band’s monstrous tones sounds colder and more massive than ever. This is nothing but a monument of down-to-earth, unvarnished violence, punishing from start to finish.

COWARDS has now slated Rise To Infamy for 12” LP and digipak release on February 9th, with Throatruiner Records & RVINS Records producing the vinyl version and Deadlight Entertainment handling the CD. Stand by for samples of the album, preorder links, and extensive tour actions as COWARDS takes these distraught anthems on the road, leaving audiences appropriately categorized as victims.

Secret Handshake Recordings recently reissued COWARDS’ out-of-print Shooting Blanks & Pills debut LP, originally released on Throatruiner in 2012, now available in North America on CD and both clear and black 12” vinyl. Place orders now at THIS LOCATION. Also stream and download Shooting Blanks & Pills as well as the band’s Hoarder EP via Bandcamp HERE.

COWARDS Tour Dates:
11/14/2014 El Diablo – Lille, FR w/ General Lee

EARSPLIT PR: Roundup From The Compound November 10, 2014

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Remembering Housecore Horror Film Fest Co-Founder/True Crime Author Corey Mitchell; Family Fundraiser Launched – In an overwhelming outpouring of sympathy and condolences, friends, fans and bands globally remember Housecore Horror Film Festival co-founder/best-selling true crime author, Corey Mitchell, who died of a heart attack Monday October 27, 2014 at Emo’s, venue home of the event. [More…]


CORRECTIONS HOUSE Announces Winter Live Incursion; New Hymns RecordedCORRECTIONS HOUSE — the bastard sound manipulations of Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod), Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Sanford Parker (Minsk) and their recently abducted minister of propaganda, Seward Fairbury — are readying for another round of US live incursions. [More…]

POSTHUM: Norwegian Black Metal Missionaries Release The Black Northern Ritual Stateside Via Indie Recordings – Norwegian black metal missionaries, POSTHUM, are pleased to unleash the unholy fruits of their third full-length, The Black Northern Ritual. [More…]

ANATOMY OF HABIT: New Two-Song Mega Full-Length From Post-Metal/Noise Rock Experimentalists Now Playing In Full At Pitchfork – Following teaser streams from Heathen Harvest and Cvlt Nation, Ciphers + Axioms, the new two-song full-length from post-metal/noise rock experimentalists, ANATOMY OF HABIT, is currently playing in full at Pitchfork. [More…]

ABSTRACTER: Second LP By Apocalyptic Oakland-Based Blackened Crust/Doom Outfit To Be Released This Winter – Germany-based Vendetta Records and 7Degrees Records, Italy’s Shove Records, UK-based Church of Fuck, and US labels Fragile Branch Recordings, Sentient Ruin Laboratories and An Out Recordings are extremely proud and honored to announce the cooperative release of Oakland, California-based ABSTRACTER’s second full-length album. [More…]

GALE: Debut From Arizona Sludge/Doom Metal Faction Out Now – Another new name surges forth from Arizona’s flourishing sludge/doom scene in the form of GALE, as the outfit self-releases their debut recordings, Vol. 1. [More…]

CAR BOMB To Supply Direct Support For Meshuggah On 25 Years of Musical Deviance European Tour; New Album From Long Island Tech Decimators Coming In 2015 – Long Island’s explosive technical metal quartet, CAR BOMB, has been declared as direct support for the mighty Meshuggah on their upcoming 25 Years Of Musical Deviance Tour in Europe this December. [More…]

USNEA: Random Cosmic Violence LP Now Streaming At Stereogum – The sophomore full-length release from Portland, Oregon’s USNEA, Random Cosmic Violence, is now playing at Steregum in its entirety a week ahead of its worldwide street date through Relapse Records. [More…]

DER BLAUE REITER + ROSES NEVER FADE: Where Gothic Folk And Darkwave Meet – Decibel Magazine Hosts A Neuropa Double Shot – In celebration of two very special releases from Belgium’s dark ambient/industrial powerhouse, Neuropa Records, today Decibel Magazine thrusts forth tracks from DER BLAUE REITER and ROSES NEVER FADE. [More…]

RIWEN: Swedish Hardcore Unit Featuring Members Of Cult Of Luna And Totalt Jävla Mörker Release Three-Song EP Stateside Via Indie Recordings - Simple, raw, fast and unapologetic, RIWEN is a Swedish DIY hardcore project spawned by Cult Of Luna guitarist/vocalist Johannes Persson. [More…]

IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS: New Psalm From Denver Doom Conjurors Now Playing At Cvlt Nation; Band To Crush No Thanks Fest This Weekend - Merging In Light is the forthcoming EP from Denver doom conjurors, IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS. [More…]

ARCANE: Premier Australian Progressive Rock Outfit Signs With Sensory Records For Release Of Double CD Conceptual Masterpiece – With a strong foothold on the diehard progressive rock/metal circuit worldwide as well as a dominant place at the top of Australia’s prog scene, ARCANE has signed with Sensory Records for the international release of their epic new double-disc conceptual masterpiece, Known/Learned. [More…]

AMERICAN HERITAGE: Lambgoat Premieres “Mask Of Lies” As Prolapse Nears Release - With the release of Prolapse, the new LP from Chicago’s infamous AMERICAN HERITAGE, less than a month away, a mangling new single from the band’s sixth full-length has been dispatched by longtime hardcore/metal webzine, Lambgoat. [More…]

ANCIENT VVISDOM: “The Devil’s Work” Video Clip + Interview By Cleveland’s Foremost Practitioner Of Modern Satanism Now Playing At NoiseyANCIENT VVISDOM unleashed their long-awaited Sacrificial long player last week via Magic Bullet Records. [More…]

FORESEEN HKI: Debut LP From Finnish Crossover Crew Unleashed; Stream Helsinki Savagery Now Via 20 Buck Spin – Bearing the identity, Helsinki Savagery, the dominating, demoralizing and unfathomably infectious rabid debut full-length recording from Finnish crossover quintet, FORESEEN HKI could not be more appropriate, as 20 Buck Spin will demonstrate with the album’s official release next week. [More…]

DISCOURSE: Closed Casket Activities Signs South Carolina Hardcore Quartet; Debut LP Confirmed For January Release – Columbia South Carolina-based quartet, DISCOURSE, has hooked up with Troy, New York-based hardcore label, Closed Casket Activities, for the release of their first LP, Sanity Decays. [More…]

BARING TEETH: Avant/Tech Death Metal Trio Drops New Track At No Clean Singing; Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins To Drop Via Willowtip Later This MonthGhost Chorus Among Old Ruins is the forthcoming new long player from Dallas-based avant/tech death metal trio, BARING TEETH. [More…]

SECRET CUTTER: New Visual Evidence Released + Band Returns To Brooklyn Next Week; New Material Slated For 2015SECRET CUTTER continues to bring their Bethlehem-rusted and feedback-drenched sludgecore brutality to the masses abroad, booking new live shows while new visual evidence in the wake of recent encounters with the scathing act surfaces. [More…]

SAHHR: Blackened Death Malefactors Unleash “Slay The Savior” Video At Ghost Cult; Self-Titled EP Out NOW – Having unleashed the unholy harvest that is their self-titled EP on Halloween night, today California blackened death malefactors SAHHR are pleased to gore eyeholes with their “Slay The Savior” video. [More…]

BLOODTRUTH: Play-Through Video From Italian Death Metal Faction Now Playing At SickDrummer + Obedience LP Streaming In Full At Metalitalia – Italian death metal collective, BLOODTRUTH, released their Obedience full-length earlier this Fall via Unique Leader Records. [More…]

EARTH: Winter 2015 European Tour In Support Of Primitive And Deadly Announced – Following the September release of their glorious tenth full-length studio album, Primitive And Deadly, EARTH has announced a mammoth European tour commencing in January and February 2015. [More…]

RIVERS OF NIHIL: Pennsylvania Death Metal Assassins Debut New Video; Band To Kick Off Tour With Death (DTA Tours) – Pennsylvania death metal assassins, RIVERS OF NIHIL, have launched a brand new music video for “Mechanical Trees” on their official YouTube channel at THIS LOCATION. [More…]

Contact or for interviews with the above artists, or bands listed below with current and/or pending tour dates; keep up to date on all Earsplit-related tour offensives at our Live Actions page HERE.


CORRECTIONS HOUSE Announces Winter Live Incursion; New Hymns Recorded

Friday, November 7th, 2014

CORRECTIONS HOUSE — the bastard sound manipulations of Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod), Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Sanford Parker (Minsk) and their recently abducted minister of propaganda, Seward Fairbury — are readying for another round of US live incursions. Set to commence on November 30th in Boston, Massachusetts, the collective will raze nineteen metropolises, with the journey coming to a ceremonial close on December 20th. The tour follows the band’s crushing performance at this year’s Housecore Horror Film Fest.

11/30/2014 Brighton Music Hall – Boston MA
12/01/2014 St. Vitus – Brooklyn, NY
12/02/2014 Café 9 – New Haven, CT
12/03/2014 Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD
12/04/2014 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
12/05/2014 Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH
12/06/2014 Pro Arena – Dayton, OH
12/07/2014 Magic Stick Lounge – Detroit, MI
12/08/2014 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL
12/09/2014 The High Tone – Memphis, TN
12/10/2014 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
12/11/2014 Fitzgeralds – Houston, TX
12/12/2014 Hotel Vegas – Austin, TX
12/14/2014 Three Links – Dallas, TX
12/16/2014 Club Red – Mesa, AZ
12/17/2014 Complex – Los Angeles, CA
12/18/2014 Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
12/19/2014 DNA – San Francisco, CA
12/20/2014 Rotture – Portland, OR

CORRECTIONS HOUSE released their Last City Zero debut full-length via Neurot Recordings last year. Produced by Parker at Electrical Audio, Soma Studios, 60 Psycho Hum and Nodferatu’s Lair, Last City Zero is the audio end product of government conspiracies, societal ruin and psychological decay. Traveling far beyond the traditional confines of any one specific genre, Last City Zero is at once beautifully hideous, graceful and terrifying and continues to raise the brows of exploratory fans and critics globally. Said, “On Last City Zero, CORRECTIONS HOUSE survey the world with a bleak outlook, as much with scorn as sadness. The industrial/mechanical side feels indicative of how the soul is being ripped from the chest of society, whereas the cleaner side represents the need to hold on to our own individuality. The angry screams voice the fight to maintain what is ours and to retake what has been taken, and the spoken voices of reason and honesty instill reflectiveness and a lack of ignorance…,” Exclaim gushed, “Last City Zero is brooding, raw and corrosive, as well as breathtakingly beautiful,” while Crave agreed, “CORRECTIONS HOUSE have created something wholly original, incredibly touching, and most likely alienating. Bravo gentlemen, bravo.” Added Metal Hammer, “Whether it’s Mike IX Williams’ grim spoken word poetry or Scott’s coarse, monotone groan overlaying the clangorous soundscapes, it’s the utter bleakness that binds.”

CORRECTIONS HOUSE recently put the finishing touches on their forthcoming new full-length, set for release sometime in 2015. In the meantime, check out a live version of (half of) CORRECTIONS HOUSE’s cover of Neil Young’s “Cortez The Killer” from Roadburn below.

Further CORRECTIONS HOUSE news to be revealed as it develops. Stay tuned.

RIVERS OF NIHIL: Pennsylvania Death Metal Assassins Debut New Video; Band To Kick Off Tour With Death (DTA Tours)

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Pennsylvania death metal assassins, RIVERS OF NIHIL, have launched a brand new music video for “Mechanical Trees” on their official YouTube channel at THIS LOCATION. The Dave Brodsky-directed performance clip comes by way of the band’sThe Conscious Seed Of Light full-length. Fast, yet melodic and ambient, the tune evokes as much groove as it does relentless death metal speed and serves as a  stellar introduction for the uninitiated as well as an ideal illustration of the brand of musically tight and heavy hitting live show fans can expect on RIVERS OF NIHIL’s upcoming tour.

Guitarist Brody Uttley comments: “Working with David Brodsky on this video was a truly awesome experience. This guy has shot so many of our favorite bands over the years and to be able to work with him on something for our own band was truly surreal. We are also beginning our trek out to Los Angeles where we will be meeting up with Death To All, Obituary, and Massacre. We are super excited to be touring with bands that we all grew up idolizing! See you soon.”

The Reading natives will play a string of shows leading up to their tour with Death (DTA Tours)! The Swamp Leper Stomp Tour ‘14, also featuring Obituary and Massacre, begins Friday November 14, 2014 in Los Angeles,. All confirmed tour dates are listed below.

In related news, Uttley is offering guitar lessons while the band is on tour! Fans/aspiring guitarists can sign up for a lesson via Brody’s profile on Visit to sign up and to see when RIVERS OF NIHIL will be in your area.


11/10/2014 Dirty Dog Bar – Austin, TX
11/11/2014 The Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX
11/13/2014 LVCS – Las Vegas, NV
RIVERS OF NIHIL on Death’s (DTA Tours) Swamp Leper Stomp ‘14
w/ Obituary, Massacre:
11/14/2014 Club Nokia Los Angeles, CA
11/15/2014 Ramona Mainstage – Ramona, CA
11/16/2014 DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
11/18/2014 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
11/19/2014 The Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC w/ Untimely Demise
11/21/2014 MacEwan Ballroom – Calgary, AB w/ Untimely Demise
11/22/2014 Riddell Centre – Regina, SK w/ Untimely Demise
11/23/2014 Park Theatre – Winnipeg, MB w/ Untimely Demise
11/24/2014 Amsterdam Bar & Hall – St. Paul, MN w/ Untimely Demise
11/25/2014 The Metro – Chicago, IL
11/26/2014 Agora Theatre and Ballroom – Cleveland, OH
11/27/2014 The Opera House – Toronto, ON
11/28/2014 Club Soda – Montreal, QC
11/29/2014 Brighton Music Hall – Allston, MA
11/30/2014 Best Buy Theatre – New York, NY
12/03/2014 Empire – North Springfield, VA
12/04/2014 Tremont Music Hall – Charlotte, NC
12/05/2014 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
12/06/2014 Orpheum – Tampa, FL
12/07/2014 Grand Central – Miami, FL
RIVERS OF NIHIL will be touring in support of their debut full-length, The Conscious Seed Of Light. Recorded in March of 2013 at Mana Recording Studios in Florida with famed metal producer/musician Erik Rutan, the band began their project with the idea that they would release four separate albums tied together by one common theme, each reflecting a particular season of a year. Bassist Adam Biggs elaborates: “The Conscious Seed Of Light is intended to be representative of Spring and explores various themes concerning new beginnings, growth, and an attachment to the natural world in a post-human Earth. Unlike some concept records however, we wanted to allow each song to work on its own terms. Rather than have the songs rely on each other to move a specific story structure forward, they work within their own separate narratives, but ultimately serve the album’s broader concept.”

EARTH: Winter 2015 European Tour In Support Of Primitive And Deadly Announced

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Following the September release of their glorious tenth full-length studio album, Primitive And Deadly, EARTH has announced a mammoth European tour commencing in January and February 2015. The touring lineup shall comprise Dylan Carlson, Adrienne Davies and Don McGreavy, who have been perfecting the live renditions of new songs across three continents heavily since August, as well as revisiting older classics. EARTH will be joined by Black Spirituals and Don McGreevy & Rogier Smal Duo on nearly all of the confirmed dates, and additional performances are being added to the routing.

Primitive And Deadly, the immense tenth album from EARTH, was released by Southern Lord in September amidst widespread international touring of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and all of North America in conjunction with its unveiling. The album has swiftly since become the highest-selling EARTH title to date.

The New York Times reviewed Primitive And Deadly, stating, “Now, EARTH is reconciling its two moods, rugged and contemplative, and doing something it hasn’t done since 1996: hire vocalists. Mark Lanegan, once of the Seattle band Screaming Trees, appears on a few tracks, sounding like dread and survival and the white blues; when he sings, you almost feel a crust forming. But the clear-voiced Rabia Shaheen Qazi, of the younger Seattle band Rose Windows, suggests something fresher on ‘From the Zodiacal Light,’ a long song at the record’s tasty heart, essentially a series of long approaches to beautiful choruses, with dark words and uplifting chord changes.” Pitchfork’s grand critique of the album offers, “Primitive And Deadly even begins by recapitulating every phase of the band’s career, as opener ‘Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon’ attaches the finesse of latter-day EARTH to a touch of downtrodden, heavy doom… This is the closest Carlson has ever been to leading a rock band, to fully offloading his exceptional sense of control into a systemic and thorough whole… This might be the beginning of a new Earth.” A 4-star review from Mojo Magazine praised the album as “the most accessible and rounded album yet, With lyrics come more linear structures, but this remains snugly EARTH with customary power and unhurried, circular riffs. A presence as forceful as Lanegan could distract, but his growl merges with the whole – Qazi’s declamation is otherworldly. An Earth reborn, then.” The Guardian proclaimed, “If altered states and slow-motion meditation are your thing, EARTH remain the somnambulant motherlode,” Rock A Rolla praised, “This is as close as EARTH have ever come to perfection,” Kerrang’s 4K review included, “Painful slowness has never sounded so powerful,”  and Drowned In Sound oozed with, “Primitive and Deadly is the latest in a recent suite of triumphs – by this point EARTH are masters of their game, making music that’s bigger and more powerful than anything mere mortals should be able to create.”

Primitive And Deadly is out now via Southern Lord. The entire album is now streaming AT THIS LOCATION. A full live set from EARTH’s recent visit to Brooklyn is playing HERE and an extensive trailer for the album playing RIGHT HERE.

Primitive and Deadly is available direct through the band’s official store HERE, via iTunes HERE, and through Amazon HERE.

EARTH Winter European Tour 2015 w/ Black Spirituals, Don McGreevy & Rogier Smal Duo:
1/22/2015 OCCII – Amsterdam, NL
1/23/2015 La Maroquinerie – Paris, FR
1/24/2015 L’Epicerie Moderne – Lyon, FR
1/25/2015 Dachstock – Reitschule – Bern, CH
1/27/2015 Antigel Festival – Geneva, CH *
1/28/2015 Lo Fi Club – Milan, IT
1/29/2015 Init Club – Rome, IT
1/30/2015 Freakout Club – Bologna, IT
1/31/2015 Orpheum Extra – Graz, AT
2/01/2015 Kino Siska – Ljubljana, SK
2/02/2015 Arena – Vienna, AT
2/03/2015 Mochvara Klub – Zagreb, HR
2/04/2015 A38 – Budapest, HU
2/06/2015 K4 – Nurnberg, DE
2/07/2015 Club Manufaktur – Schorndorf, DE
2/08/2015 Volksbuhne – Berlin, DE
2/09/2015 Pipl – Moscow, RU w/ Nadja *
2/10/2015 Kuudes Linja – Helsinki, FI w/ Janne Westerlund *
2/11/2015 Debaser Strand – Stockholm, SE
2/12/2015 Vulkan Arena – Oslo, NO
2/13/2015 Truckstop Alaska – Gothenburg, SE
2/14/2015 Voxhall – Aarhus, DE
2/15/2015 Jazzhouse – Copenhagen, DK
2/17/2015 FZW – Dortmund, DE
2/18/2015 Vera – Groningen, NL
2/20/2015 Islington Assembly Hall – London, UK
2/21/2015 The Oobleck – Birmingham, UK
2/22/2015 Brudenell Social Club – Leeds, UK
2/23/2015 The Cluny – Newcastle, UK
2/24/2015 The Komedia – Brighton, UK
2/25/2015 De Kreun – Kortrijk, BE
2/27/2015 Kyttaro Club – Athens, GR *
2/28/2015 Borusan Müzik Evi – Istanbul, TU *
[* EARTH only]