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CORRECTIONS HOUSE To Take Roadburn; Additional Live Abrasions Announced + Kuma’s Corner Burger Declared

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

CORRECTIONS HOUSE — the bastard sound manipulations of Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod), Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Sanford Parker (Minsk) and their minister of propaganda, Seward Fairbury — are currently in Tilburg readying to trounce the main stage of Roadburn. From there, they’ll traumatize Het Patronaat (also in Tilburg) before heading to the UK for their London debut with Consumer Electronics and Necro Deathmort.

The collective will be touting Writing History In Advance. Recorded live in Los Angeles in January of this year, the release features tracks from their Last City Zero debut and Hoax The System 7” and will be available on LP in limited quantities at Roadburn. Writing History In Advance will be available on CD, LP and digitally via War Crime Recordings in North America. Stay tuned for further info.

In related live news, CORRECTIONS HOUSE will take over Three Floyds Brewing’s Dark Lord Day Festival in Munster, Indiana later this month with High on Fire, Eyehategod, Brain Tentacles, Iron Reagan, and more as well as Roskilde Fest in Denmark in July.

But the mass CORRECTIONS HOUSE pandemonium doesn’t end there. Overcome by their scathing odes of emotional discontent and societal decline, legendary burger peddlers, Kuma’s Corner in conjunction with Dryhop Brewing who launched the Last City Zero beer, have forged a special CORRECTIONS HOUSE patty for all your meat-loving needs. The patty comes adorned with braised pork ribs, apple butter bbq, cheddar polenta, caramelized red onion and fresh arugula. Check out a photo below.

4/10/2014 013 Venue – Tilburg, NL
4/11/2014 Het Patronaat – Tilburg, NL
4/12/2014 Birthday’s – London, UK w/ Consumer Electronics, Necro Deathmort
4/26/2014 Three Floyds Dark Lord Day Festival – Munster, IN w/ High on Fire, Eyehategod, Brain Tentacles, Iron Regan, Witchbanger, more.
7/04/2014 Roskilde Festival – Roskilde, Denmark

CORRECTIONS HOUSE is a meeting of minds and ideologies that sees all four members incorporating their obvious individual talents and voices but simultaneously carving paths away from the sounds for which they are usually known. On Last City Zero, released last year via Neurot Recordings, they traverse tectonic plate-shifting doom and the downcast gloom of Kelly’s usual ouevre into mutated industrial hissing and clanging EBM beats from Parker, squalls and drones of oblique saxophone from Lamont and Williams’ familiar phlegm-drenched fire-spitting ire and all points in-between. Exclaim! in a 9/10 review, “Featuring dark, depressing atmospheres and exceptionally negative, apocalyptic vibes, Last City Zero is brooding, raw and corrosive, as well as breathtakingly beautiful,” while Crave agreed, “CORRECTIONS HOUSE have created something wholly original, incredibly touching, and most likely alienating. Bravo gentlemen, bravo.” Added Metal Hammer, “Whether it’s Mike IX Williams’ grim spoken word poetry or Scott’s coarse, monotone groan overlaying the clangorous soundscapes, it’s the utter bleakness that binds.”

CORRECTIONS HOUSE is diligently penning the follow-up to Last City Zero with additional touring to be announced in the coming months. Until then, suffer.

GHOUL: Cloaked Cult Premieres Hang Ten EP Via Bloody Disgusting; Weapons Of Mosh Destruction Tour II To Commence Today

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Today the cloaked criminals in GHOUL, in conjunction with the horror hustlers at Bloody Disgusting, heave forth the luscious sounds of their forthcoming Hang Ten EP in its entirety.

Recorded by Salvador Raya at Earhammer Studios in Oakland (birthing home of  GHOUL’s Splatterhash, Splatterthrash and Transmission Zero), mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering with cover art by Sean Aaberg of Pork Magazine, Hang Ten is pus-encrusted sonic surf metal celebration, boasting guest vocals from Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan) as Henchman #1 and the inimitable R.A. MacLean (ex-Deadbolt) as Kreeg, alongside Digestor, Cremator, Fermentor, Dissector and The Moron Cavern-Shackled Choir. Picking up where Transmission Zero left off, the limited edition six-song (mostly) instrumental 10” relays the tale of a Creepsylvania in ruins, and the terrible power struggle that ensues between two vicious motorcycle gangs.

Bellows Digestor, “Break out your booger board, put on your woolen bathing uniform, and turn your hi-fi up to 100! We are back with the ginchiest collection of totally tubular tunes we’ve ever… done… Look, I’m not doing this. If you don’t buy our new EP, Hang Ten, I’m going to strangle you with your own entrails while your children watch and cry. So, surf’s up, numbskulls!”

Get your ears waxed with Hang Ten, now playing at Bloody Disgusting HERE.

In their ongoing effort to terminate the weak, team GHOUL today kicks off a week-long West Coast jaunt of live abrasions as part of the Weapons Of Mosh Destruction II Tour. The band will be joined by their hardcore thrash accomplices in Iron Reagan as well as experimental punk/hardcore miscreants, Occultist. Following the obliteration, the band will wage war on Oakland headlining the first night of this year’s edition of Brainsqueeze Fest, alongside  Municipal Waste, Final Conflict, Negative Approach, Fucked Up Cannabis Corpse and more!  Be there or be square. For more info, point your browser HERE.

GHOUL on the Weapons Of Mosh Destruction Tour II
w/ Iron Reagan, Occultist:
4/09/2014 Club Red – Tempe, AZ
4/10/2014 Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
4/11/2014 Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA
4/12/2014 Rock City – Camarillo CA
4/13/2014 The Roxy – Los Angeles, CA
4/14/2014 Midtown Barfly – Sacramento, CA
4/15/2014 Branx – Portland, OR
4/18/2014 Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze Fest – Oakland, CA * [info]
*no Occultist

Hang Ten will be released on April 19th, 2014 via Tankcrimes Records.

STONEBURNER Brings The Dread With Life Drawing, Now Streaming In Full At Decibel; Release Day Draws Near

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

In celebration of its North American release now less than one week away, today the enablers at Decibel Magazine offer up a full stream of Life Drawing from Portland sludgesmiths, STONEBURNER.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Fester at Haywire Studios and mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering — both in Portland – and featuring a glut of talented guest vocalists including Krysta Martinez (Transient, Landmine Marathon), Benjamin Caragol (Burials, Hang the Old Year) and Joshua Greene (Bastard Feast, Ephemeros), Life Drawing is a sonic tidal wave of sickness, disease, and soul-consuming dread, its nine distortion-laden odes at once loud, ugly and physically and psychologically crippling.

Comments the band, “In the time that we’ve spent creating this monster we’ve gotten very high, and fallen very low. We’ve spent days blinded by love and light, and more than a few nights wandering in the dark, raging at the stars. Over the last couple of years we’ve forged friendships, made enemies, hated our jobs, had loved ones die, seen each other through loss, and laughed at our failures. If you take the time to listen you’ll hear it all in there somewhere; as raw, ugly, and honest as we know how to be. And fuck it all anyways. This works better than therapy.”

Bask in the sounds of emotional degeneration, courtesy of Decibel Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

STONEBURNER’s musical ancestry winds through Buried At Sea, Buried Blood, Heathen Shrine and others. Named after a subterranean weapon from the novel Dune, the band delivers a wholly organic orchestration of captivating, crustified doom metal, their torrid hymns bathed in internal agony, anguish and despair. To define STONEBURNER, one need only look to the list of bands with whom they’ve shared the stage: Yob, Sleep, Eyehategod, Neurosis, Buzzov-en, Weedeater, Saint Vitus, Watain, Tragedy, Noothgrush, Graves At Sea, Lord Dying, Drop Dead, Whitehorse, Windhand, Bastard Noise…

Life Drawing will be unveiled in North America via Neurot Recordings on April 15th, 2014 (April 14th in the UK/EU).

“…a bottom-heavy, cracked, ground-crawling rager dipped in mire and slime.” – The Portland Mercury

STONEBURNER patiently weave through three chapters and sixty-four minutes of progressive dooming sludge metal without ever repeating themselves or scratching an itch so much that it bleeds.” – HeavyPlanet

“Churning elements of sludge, doom and crust in a charred and emotionally charged study of turmoil, fearless self-examination and a determined drive to wring some genuine human essence from the modern-day vale of tears, Life Drawing is a daunting yet ultimately exhilarating album for anyone who believes that music should be as challenging and potentially transformative as life itself.” – Metal Hammer

DARK BUDDHA RISING: Finnish Black Psychedelic Doom Practitioners Sign To Neurot Recordings

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Ritualistic doom practitioners, DARK BUDDHA RISING, are Neurot Recordings’ latest signees. Hailing from Finland and with four albums already under their belt (most recently 2013’s Dakhmandal), DARK BUDDHA RISING conjures psychedelic sprawling space jams made up of expansive yet concentrated bellows of decaying distortion and broken-signal analog bleeps, cannoning across antimatter, and presented with staggering finesse.

Comments the band of their new home on Neurot: “We are more than honored to be a part of the Neurot family. Their music has torn wounds so deep, they still bleed the black blood of inspiration. We share the profound principle towards music as necessity of our existence in this universe. To proceed into the last cycle of the Ennealogy with Neurot Recordings is a predestined path to spread the art of black psychedelia.”

Adds Neurot Recordings’ Steve Von Till: “DARK BUDDHA RISING are one of the darkest, trance-inducing bands I have ever witnessed. Neurosis was lucky enough to play several shows with them last year and each night I was completely hypnotized. This is true ritual music that should not be taken lightly. This is a deep, introspective conjuring of those aspects of ourselves that are uncomfortable to come face to face with, but necessary if we are to grow.  We feel very lucky to be able to work with them on their next sonic rite.”

DARK BUDDHA RISING will be touring Europe later his month with Mr. Peter Hayden. The Archmandal Tour will commences on April 19th and traverse eight cities. The band will also appear at this year’s Roskilde Festival in Denmark. See confirmed dates below.

DARK BUDDHA RISING – The Archmandal Tour 2014
w/ Mr. Peter Hayden:
4/19/2014 Guss39 – Bülach, CH
4/20/2014 Doomed Gatherings @ Glazart – Paris, FR
4/21/2014 Little Devil – Tilburg, NL
4/22/2014 Hühnermanhattan – Halle, DE
4/23/2014 Crass Pub – Chemnitz, DE
4/24/2014 TBA – Magdeburg, DE
4/25/2014 Stengade – Copenhagen, DK
4/26/2014 Püssy a Go Go, The Liffey – Stockholm, SE
7/5/2014 Roskilde Festival – Roskilde, DK

More DARK BUDDHA RISING news to follow in the coming month.

GODHUNTER Confirms Split With Secrets Of The Sky In Conjunction With June Tour; Vinyl Edition Confirmed Via The Compound/Battleground

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Tucson, Arizona’s GODHUNTER has confirmed an upcoming split release with their cohorts in Oakland, California’s Secrets Of The Sky, to be released in conjunction with their upcoming Western US tour together.

During the first two weeks of June, GODHUNTER will take their confrontational political sludge metal to the West Coast in support of their newly-released debut LP, City Of Dust, the announcement coming amidst an intense torrent of rave reviews of the album filtering in from all around the planet. The entire tour will be with Oakland’s progressive doom metal sextet, Secrets Of The Sky, beginning with both bands performing at the annual Doom In June Fest in Las Vegas June 6th and 7th, joining Novembers Doom, Christian Mistress, Acid Witch, Ides of Gemini, Demon Lung and more.

Now the bands confirm a new split recording being finalized for release in conjunction with the tour. Featuring dynamic, brand new material from both GODHUNTER and Secrets Of The Sky, the split EP will initially see a limited DIY release on cassette specifically for this collaborative tour in June. Then in September, a deluxe audiophile 10” vinyl version of the split will see a collaborative release between Earsplit’s The Compound label and GODHUNTER’s own Battleground Records, as with the City Of Dust album. Further details on both versions of the release will be made available in the coming days.

Following its release digitally and on CD in February, GODHUNTER’s City Of Dust will be available in a deluxe vinyl edition later this month, in a run of 300 copies on clear 180-gram vinyl with red splatter, poly-bagged with a black sleeve and full-color 12”x24” lyric/liner sheet and full-color jacket. Preorders for this edition are available via Earsplit Distro; all LP orders placed before May 1st will include a free copy of the album on CD. Preorder placement for the vinyl as well as and an arsenal of additional GODHUNTER merch can all be located HERE.

Stream all of City Of Dust at The Obelisk, RIGHT HERE.

GODHUNTER Confirmed Tour Dates:
4/12/2014 The District Tavern – Tucson, AZ w/ Amigo The Devil, Inoculara, Chamber [info]
6/06/2014 Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV @ Doom In June w/ Secrets Of The Sky [info]
6/07/2014 Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV @ Doom In June w/ Secrets Of The Sky [info]
6/08/2014 Stork Club – Oakland, CA w/ Secrets Of The Sky
6/09/2014 Frankie Teardrops – San Luis Obispo, CA w/ Secrets Of The Sky
6/10/2014 Billy O’s – Ventura, CA w/ Secrets Of The Sky
6/11/2014 The Complex – Glendale, CA w/ Secrets Of The Sky
6/12/2014 The Palms – 29 Palms, CA w/ Secrets Of The Sky
6/13/2014 The District Tavern – Tucson, AZ w/ Secrets Of The Sky
6/14/2014 Tempe Tavern – Phoenix, AZ w/ Secrets Of The Sky

“… one of 2014’s best albums. City of Dust is a structured and informed refusal of acceptance. In the sludge style, we rarely get this much substance.” – Heavy Planet

“…the eight component tracks of the 49-minute album come across with staggering intensity despite what’s usually a fairly grueling pace. It is as much a multi-chapter sludgecore manifesto as it is a collection of memorably-riffed songs… they’ve presented a multifaceted and passionate foundation from which to progress… City Of Dust is more than just a sludge record”. – The Obelisk

“…an intelligent, gritty, heavy beast and a force to be reckoned with… Godhunter’s brand of towering sludge is something to look out for in the future. 8/10″ – American Aftermath

“…that rare album where the whole is greater than the sum of its influences… one impressive achievement.. 8.5/10.” – Global Domination

“…you really feel the nihilistic tone in every word…This album is heavy as an elephant’s balls.” – Echoes And Dust

“What Godhunter do have in spades is riffs… this is only the beginning.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“The subtitle for City of Dust is ‘A Conversation Between Hope and Despair,’ and these words encompass the album’s themes of fear, despair, confusion, and yes, even a dash of hope.” –

“If the results sound as fresh as they do on this local act’s full-length debut, the genre has some vitality left in it.” – Tucson Weekly

CLOAK OF ALTERING: American Aftermath Broadcasting Mechanized Chaos From Dutch Fiend

Monday, April 7th, 2014

As previously confirmed, Crucial Blast will poison the reservoir of humankind this Spring with the release of Plague Beasts, the punishing third full-length from CLOAK OF ALTERING, one of the many monikers/projects of Dutch noise architect, Maurice de Jong, a.k.a. Mories.

Widely known within the darkest recesses of the extreme music underground for his works in Gnaw Their Tongues, Seirom, Aderlating, Mors Sonat, De Magia Veterum and more, with CLOAK OF ALTERING, Mories channels his deep fascination with the more mutated realms of electronically-damaged symphonic and industrial black metal into a brutally fragmented form of mechanized pandemonium. The man’s most twisted COA concepts yet come snarling forth on his Crucial Blast debut, Plague Beasts; seven new movements resulting in a thirty-eight minute blackwarped techno-celestial mindfuck.

Ahead of its release, curiously brave scribes at the American Aftermath colony have scrutinized and disbursed a sample from CLOAK OF ALTERING’s Plague Beasts, with the works’ middle track, ”Chaos Magician Of The Abyss,” issuing the following statement on their findings: “This is yet another solo project by Gnaw Their Tongues only man Mories except this time around we get more black metal goodness with less of the noise. Of course, being a product of Mories, it’s still odd and off its rocker, but it’s an amazing tune nonetheless.”

Survey the damage created by “Chaos Magician Of The Abyss” RIGHT HERE.

The opening/title track to the album is also playing at the Crucial Blast Bandcamp alongside preorders; tune in and get nuked HERE.

With Plague Beasts, Mories/CLOAK OF ALTERING delivers a ferocious affront to black metal form and structure, combining his otherworldly strain of sweeping symphonic black metal with bursts of intense electronic chaos, waves of nebulous synthesizer and spastic rhythmic violence that, at times, feels more like something you’d hear off of a Planet Mu 12″, at times resembling some twisted nightmare version of prog rock keyboard freak-outs, or vintage 16-bit game soundtracks being fused to the gristle and graveyard stink of second wave black metal. More than anything else from Mories, this stuff is closest in spirit to the malevolent necro-industrial and fractured drug-fueled machine-ecstasies of bands like Aborym, Blacklodge, Dodheimsgard, Mysticum, and Abigor. But as with anything that this guy is involved with, Plague Beasts seethes with a deliriously demonic atmosphere entirely its own.

Plague Beasts will be set loose via digital delivery and six-panel CD digipak on April 29th.

EARSPLIT PR: Roundup From The Compound – April 7, 2014

Monday, April 7th, 2014

ENABLER: Early Single From Second LP Released Via MetalSucks; Preorders Available – As the final touches are being put on the highly anticipated second LP from ENABLER, La Fin Absolue Du Monde, the first single from this dynamic album to hammer the public, has been released via MetalSucks. [More…]

EYEHATEGOD Spews Forth “Robitussin And Rejection;” New Hymn Now Playing At Vice/Noisey – Legendary New Orleans’ volume merchants, EYEHATEGOD, today spews forth “Robitussin And Rejection,” courtesy of Vice Magazine’s music gateway, Noisey. [More…]

PSYCHO: Selfmadgod Confirms First LP From Boston Grindpunk Veterans In Twenty-Two Years - Old-school Boston grindcore/punk act, PSYCHO, is back with the band’s first new full-length release in over twenty-two years! [More…]

BENCHPRESS / MARTYR’S TONGUE: Get This Right Records Preps Brutal Hardcore Split For Release – Get This Right Records is preparing to release a bulldozing split between two heavy-hitters in the contemporary hardcore circuit; a brutal showdown between Pennsylvania’s BENCHPRESS and Puerto Rico’s MARTYR’S TONGUE. [More…]

DWELLERS: Heavy Rock Trio To Release Pagan Fruit This May Via Small Stone; Preorders + Track Previews Available – Salt Lake City-based, self-dubbed “gut rock” trio, DWELLERS, is pleased to spread the seed of their sophomore full-length, Pagan Fruit, later this Spring via the amplifier-advocates at Small Stone Records. [More…]

ANTI RITUAL: Self-Titled Debut From Danish Quartet Set For Release; EP Now Playing At Cvlt Nation – With a furious attack of hardcore, sludge and black metal fueled by antagonist lyrics, ANTI RITUAL makes their debut with a raging EP via Indisciplinarian and Vendetta Records, which is now streaming in its entirety at Cvlt Nation. [More…]

IRON REAGAN Presents Free 13-Track Spoiled Identity EP Via Decibel Magazine; Band To Tour With Ghoul And Occultist – In conjunction with Decibel Magazine, crossover maniacs and recent Relapse signees, IRON REAGAN, today announce the release of their Spoiled Identity EP available now for free through the official IRON REAGAN Bandcamp page. [More…]

FUCKING INVINCIBLE Completes Recording Of Debut LP As West Coast Tour Nears – Atomic Action! Records confirms the impending release of the newly completed debut LP from Providence, Rhode Island-based sonic butchers, FUCKING INVINCIBLE. [More…]

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS Currently Embarked On East Coast Tour – American horde, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, is currently crusading through the Eastern half of the country on tour now. [More…]

CENTURIES: Florida Hardcore Act To Embark On Western US Tour With Of Feather and Bone - West Palm Beach, Florida punk/hardcore outfit, CENTURIES, is about to undertake a new US tour, taking their live show to new sectors of the country. [More…]

SKINFATHER: New Single From SoCal Death Quintet Streaming At Decibel – As Streetcleaner Records prepares to release None Will Mourn, the debut LP from SKINFATHER, today the first single from the album has been released via Decibel Magazine. [More…]

PYRRHON: New Noise Magazine Hosts Exclusive Track-By-Track Breakdown; The Mother Of Virtues Detonates TODAY In North America – In celebration of today’s North American release of The Mother Of Virtues, the long-anticipated new full-length from New York experimental death metal peddlers, PYRRHON, New Noise Magazine is currently hosting an exclusive, in-depth, track-by-track breakdown of the record Exclaim! dubbed “an ugly menace,” and, “an intelligent, beautifully written slab of bleakness.” [More…]

GRAVES AT SEA: Portland Doom Miscreants Announce European Live Incursion; This Place Is Poison Preorders Available Now – Portland doom miscreants, GRAVES AT SEA, will embark upon a European live incursion later this month alongside fellow riff-worshippers Sourvein. [More…]

VANHELGD: Swedish Death Unit Releases New Track From Upcoming Third LPRelics Of Sulphur Salvation, the third LP from Swedish death metal quartet, VANHELGD, is set for Spring release in North America via 20 Buck Spin and internationally via Pulverised Records, and today the first single from the devastating album has been made available. [More…]

GOATWHORE Kicks Off Metal Alliance TourGOATWHORE’s forthcoming new full-length, Constricting Rage Of The Merciless, is scheduled for release in North America on July 8th via Metal Blade Records. [More…]

IN COLD BLOOD To Play Scion Rock Fest On Their First West Coast Appearance; A389 Confirms New 7-Inch – Reunited Cleveland beatdown metal kings, IN COLD BLOOD — formed by the brothers Melnick, Aaron and Leon, collectively formerly members of Integrity, Inmates and more — have been confirmed to take part in this year’s installment of the Scion Rock Fest, marking the band’s first-ever West Coast performance. [More…]

SERPENTINE PATH: Info On Second Relapse LP From NYC Morbid Metal Crew Released – Following a two-year release stretch since their bold self-titled debut LP was issued, Relapse Records this week unveils the release details on the highly-anticipated second LP from New York City-based morbid sludge metal executioners, SERPENTINE PATH. [More…]

Eolian Empire News: DRUNK DAD, HOT VICTORY, GRAVES AT SEA, PRIZEHOG, TOWERS, RABBITS And Additional Controlled Chaos – The latest heavy vibes from Eolian Empire, now nearly one year into the re-launch… Everything is fine, or so it seems. [More…]

TOXIC HOLOCAUST: Portland Punk Metal Day-Ruiners Join Black Tusk For A European Takeover – Portland punk metal day-ruiners, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, will join forces with Savannah, Georgia sludge warriors/labelmates, Black Tusk, for a European campaign of live destruction this Summer. [More…]

GHOUL: Masked Menaces Launch New Hang Ten Teaser Track; Weapons Of Mosh Destruction Tour II To Cause Imminent Ruin – The masked menaces in GHOUL, today offer up a taste of their forthcoming Hang Ten EP. [More…]

THE BODY/THOU: Fully Collaborative Vinyl-Only Release Out Now On Vinyl Rites – Vinyl-only independent label, Vinyl Rites, this week releases Released From Love, a fully collaborative recorded effort between THE BODY and THOU. [More…]

BEYOND THE SHORE Debuts “Glass Houses” Video On; Tour With Arsonists Get All The Girls ContinuesBEYOND THE SHORE recently filmed some clips with guitarists Zach Hunter and Jared Loucks, as well as bassist Eli Masherbash, to demonstrate the track “Glass Houses” from their critically launded Ghostwatcher album. [More…]

MOURNFUL CONGREGATION: Vast Is The Agency Of Doom – 20 Buck Spin To Exhume From The Earth A New Release – Yet another shining jeweled crown to add to the growing reliquary of MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, 20 Buck Spin proudly presents Concrescence Of The Sophia to the North American cemetery. [More…]

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Added To Meshuggah’s 25th Anniversary Tour – North Carolina’s BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME will be opening for Meshuggah this June on a near two-week run of North American live assaults. [More…]

DIVINE CIRCLES: Solo Offering From USX String Contortionist Streaming In Full At A.V. Club – DIVINE CIRCLES is USX violinist, Meghan Mulhearn’s eclectic solo endeavor. On Oblivion Songs, Mulhearn manifests a wholly spellbinding, five-track sound collage; a soothing collection of intimate and experimental songcraft filtered through the Appalachian dusk. [More…]

TRIOSCAPES Announces May Tour – Dan Briggs (Between The Buried And Me, Orbs), Walter Fancourt, and Matt Lynch: the over-the-top trio appropriately known as TRIOSCAPES, will be embarking on a fourteen-date headlining tour this May! [More…]

MEGATON LEVIATHAN: Oregon Doom-Gazers Announce Upcoming Live Rituals; New Full-Length To Be Released Via Seventh Rule Recordings – Oregon doom-gazers MEGATON LEVIATHAN, are readying to kick off their first bought of live rituals in over two years. [More…]

FREEDOM HAWK: Virginia Riff-Wranglers To Kick Off European Tour – Virginia riff-wranglers, FREEDOM HAWK, will swoop into Europe later this week for a seven-date live incursion through Germany, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. [More…]

ILSA Completes Tracking For New A389 LP; Tour With Seven Sisters Of Sleep Nears – Washington, DC’s ILSA has completed tracking with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations in Baltimore for their fourth LP, The Felon’s Claw. [More…]

GOZU: Massachusetts Riff Rockers To Embark Upon First-Ever European Tour; The Fury Of A Patient Man Limited Edition Vinyl Out Now – Massachusetts rock hellions, GOZU, will take their riffs overseas next week for their first-ever European takeover! [More…]

FUCKED UP Unleashes All Out “Disorder;” Full Year Of The Dragon Artwork Revealed – With the release of the Year Of The Dragon EP, the sixth installment from Canadian hardcore punk unit, FUCKED UP’s ongoing “Zodiac Series,” now less than two weeks away, the band, in conjunction with mega music portal, Pitchfork, drops “Disorder.” [More…]

BUIOINGOLA: Debut From Italian Act Officially Out Now On Sentient Ruin Laboratories – The scathing yet inviting tones of Dopo l’Apnea, the debut album by Italian act BUIOINGOLA, is officially out now worldwide on cassette and all digital platforms as the second release for newly-established Sentient Ruin Laboratories. [More…]

Contact or for interviews with the above artists, or bands listed below with current and/or pending tour dates; keep up to date on all Earsplit-related tour offensives at our Live Actions page HERE.


FUCKED UP Unleashes All Out “Disorder;” Full Year Of The Dragon Artwork Revealed

Friday, April 4th, 2014

With the release of the Year Of The Dragon EP, the sixth installment from Canadian hardcore punk unit, FUCKED UP’s ongoing “Zodiac Series,” now less than two weeks away, the band, in conjunction with mega music portal, Pitchfork, drops “Disorder.”

Year Of The Dragon boasts three tunes — the title track, a seventeen-and-a-half-minute epic anthem centered on dreams, expectations, compromise and hypocrisy and two classic Canadian punk covers: Cardboard Brains’s “I Wanna Be A Yank” and The Ugly’s aforementioned “Disorder.”

Gushed Punknews in a near perfect rating of the EP, “It’s hard to follow up a titanic track like that [“Year Of The Dragon”], so instead of going for the grandiose, on the flipside, the band coves two songs from The Last Pogo a documentary of early Canadian punk… Songs are treated with reverence, but not immutability. In classic FUCKED UP style, the band tears through the tunes with raw, uncoiling riffs and a charging, loose, drum beat that threatens to fly off the track. [Damian] Abraham, in lieu of synthesizing the original vocal takes, sticks with his gruff bark and of course, it works. It’s fast and fun and works as a nice contrast to the A-side, shows punk’s other great attribute. ‘Dragon’ can stand for the concept that punk is about tearing down barriers and sonic experimentation, but the B-sides counter back that punk can also just be about having a good time. This release demonstrates that there are more to these artists that being ‘the big, friendly stoner’ or the ‘difficult, distanced, director.’ Each movement adds a new nuance and creates another plane for interpretation. There’s a lot to take in here. It’s interesting, it’s nuanced, and frankly, it’s a blast.”

“Disorder” is currently streaming in all its riotous glory, courtesy of Pitchfork, at THIS LOCATION.

Year Of The Dragon comes swathed in the stunning cover creation of Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Skeletonwitch) – a vividly twisted depiction of chaos, collapse and imminent destruction replete with ghosts, zombies and a mammoth fire-breathing dragon.

To view the full creation, point your browser HERE.

Additionally, the piece will be on display at the Andrei Bouzikov art show later this month as part of long-awaited second edition of Tankcrimes’ Brainsqueeze Fest  in Oakland which will include a live ambush by FUCKED UP as well as Municipal Waste, Final Conflict, Ghoul, Negative Approach and oodles more. Further info and tickets are available HERE.

Following Brainsqueeze, FUCKED UP will pummel Lawnya Vawnya in Newfoundland and take a short breather before razing New York’s Bowerly Ballroom and the Field Trip Festival in Toronto in June. From there, FUCKED UP will conquer Europe on a ten-date run of live havoc through June 22nd.

4/19/2014 Oakland Metro @ Brainsqueeze Fest II – Oakland, CA
4/27/2014 Lawnya Vawnya – St. John’s, NL
6/06/2014 Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY Record Release Show
6/08/2014 Field Trip Festival – Toronto, ON
6/13/2014 B Sides Festival – Lucern, CH
6/14/2014 VK, Brussels, Belgium
6/15/2014 Gorilla – Manchester, UK
6/16/2014 The Cluny, Newcastle, UK
6/17/2014 Belgrave – Leeds, UK
6/18/2014 Koko – London, UK
6/19/2014 Point Ephemere – Paris, FR
6/20/2014 Hurricane Festival – Scheessel, DE
6/21/2014 Southside Festival – Neuhausen Ob Eck, DE
6/22/2014 Best Kept Secret Festival – Hilvarenbeek, NL

Year Of The Dragon will be available on 12”, CD and digitally via Tankcrimes on April 15th, 2014. The first wax pressing comes with a bonus six-minute edit of “Year Of The Dragon” included on a separate seven-inch flexi disc. Preorder your copy at THIS LOCATION.

“…a convincing demonstration of what can happen when a band works without limitations…” – Pitchfork

GOZU: Massachusetts Riff Rockers To Embark Upon First-Ever European Tour; The Fury Of A Patient Man Limited Edition Vinyl Out Now

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Massachusetts rock hellions, GOZU, will take their riffs overseas next week for their first-ever European takeover! Set to begin at the legendary Roadburn Festival, the band will wage a full-on volume ambush through ten select locales in the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia and Italy, concluding with a performance at Desertfest in Berlin.

GOZU will be touting the fruit of their The Fury Of A Patient Man full-length released last Spring via Small Stone. The self-produced ten track monster earned widespread praise for its Chris Cornellian vocal swells and robust, riff-heavy swagger. Describes The Big Takeover of the release, “Besides wielding bruising riffs like katanas, the Cambridge, Massachusetts quartet shows an impish sense of pop culture humor with titles like ‘Charles Bronson Pinchot,’ ‘Disco Related Injury’ and the Welcome Back, Kotter referencing ‘Signed, Epstein’s Mom.’  But the primary reasons GOZU stomps most pot smoking riffmeisters into the ground are their two frontdudes. Guitarist Doug Sherman maintains a melodic touch even as his amps scream for mercy, and singer Marc Gaffney exudes as much soul as bravado.” Adds MetalSucks, “GOZU play the tunes on their sophomore album with a pair of great grizzled gonads. We’re talking balls, people, some truly tremendous twin testes. The kind so deeply and scraggily forested that those epic ball-beards have epic ball-beards; the kind that require a high quality wide-angle lens to get any real perspective on…  At times, The Fury Of A Patient Man plays like a de-progged Mastodon after a dozen successful anger management sessions, or a laid back King Giant. The consistently competent delivery, the thick lowdown chords, dynamic proficiency and attention to density all point that direction. It’s the kind of heavy rock that just about anybody can enjoy over a few foamy brews in a hazy basement bar on a Saturday night. And when your date agrees to take the evening back to your place, you can even pretend she’s thinking of you the whole time.”

A special deluxe vinyl edition The Fury Of A Patient Man was recently released via Small Stone in celebration of the upcoming European journey. Limited to 500 copies, the 2XLP set comes on 180gram wax with a wide spine jacket, poly-lined sleeve, and two colors — LP one is “clear green” while LP two is “solid purple.” Sides one, two and three feature tracks from the original album, while side four offers up exclusive vinyl only numbers with one original tune (“Break You”) and GOZUed renditions of Simply Red’s “Holding Back The Years” and D’Angelo’s “Shit, Damn, Motherfucker.”

GOZU Spring Tour 2014:
4/12/2014 Roadburn – Tilburg, NL
4/13/2014 Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE
4/15/2014 Feierwerk – Munich, DE
4/16/2014 Channel Zero – Ljubiljana, SI
4/17/2014 Magnolia – Milano, IT
4/18/2014 E20 Underground – Montecchio, IT
4/19/2014 TBA
4/20/2014 TBA
4/22/2014 Das Bette – Frankfurt, DE
4/23/2014 Musicon – Den Haag, NL
4/24/2014 The Underground – Cologne, DE
4/25/2014 Astra Kulturhaus Desertfest – Berlin, DE

Order the vinyl edition of The Fury Of A Patient Man at THIS LOCATION.

MEGATON LEVIATHAN: Oregon Doom-Gazers Announce Upcoming Live Rituals; New Full-Length To Be Released Via Seventh Rule Recordings

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Oregon doom-gazers MEGATON LEVIATHAN, are readying to kick off their first bought of live rituals in over two years. Set to commence on April 19th (coincidentally Record Store Day), Andrew James Costa Reuscher and MEGATON LEVIATHAN will be debuting the all-new, pure acid sounds of their forthcoming new full-length, set for release later this Summer via Seventh Rule Records. MEGATON LEVIATHAN, now one unified harmonic resonance within the spirit that remains, will be performing with the new addition of sound engineer Mort Subite behind the scenes.

4/19/2014 First Church Of The Buzzard – Oakland, CA
4/23/2014 TBA – San Luis Obispo, CA
4/24/2014 Tin Can Ale House – San Diego, CA
4/25/2014 Jawbone Canyon – Los Angeles, CA
4/26/2014 Whiskey Funeral Co. – Las Vegas, NV
4/27/2014 TBA – Santa Cruz, CA
w/ Withering Of Light
5/16/2014 Black Lodge – Seattle, WA
5/17/2014 Cryptatopa – Olympia, WA
5/18/2014 TBA – Portland, OR

In 2011, MEGATON LEVIATHAN reissued their 2009 demo on limited-edition vinyl through their own Volatile Rock Records. The 35-minute production takes listeners on a cerebral journey that transcends far beyond the traditional boundaries of metal and music as a whole. Alternative Matter surmised of the release, “If dissonance, reverb drenched vocal, soundscapes of feedback drenched seclusion and guitar riffs that could soundtrack the progress of a brontosaurus in search of food, make you prick up your ears, then MEGATON LEVIATHAN are a welcome addition to your collection,” Cvlt Nation gushed, “every song on this EP is a sunset and sunrise of melodic euphoria,” while The Bone Reader commended the outfit’s, “…slow-ish spaced-out heavy psych,” furthering that, “There’s a great get-lost-in-it meander to much of it, but ML aren’t just mindlessly jamming on a doomy riff: these songs have somewhere to go, they just don’t mind taking their time getting there.”

Further info on MEGATON LEVIATHAN’s upcoming new long player will be detailed in the weeks. Stay tuned.

“…for fans of all things dark and heavy and dreamy and melodic, droney and drifty and pretty and poppy and trance inducing.” – Aquarius Records