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AUTHOR & PUNISHER Announces North American Live Incursion To Close Out The Year; Housecore Debut With Producer Philip H. Anselmo At The Helm Underway + Video Footage Posted

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Following crushing performances at this year’s editions of the Southwest Terror Fest in Tucson, Arizona and Housecore Horror Film Fest in Austin, Texas, master sound manipulator/one-man industarial doom conjuror, Tristan Shone, will bring his sonic decompositions know as AUTHOR & PUNISHER to the streets again for a final round of live invasions to close out the year. Set to commence on December 3rd in San Diego, California, Shone will level the stages of ten venues, with the audio punishment coming to a ceremonial conclusion on December 13th in Boise, Idaho.

Shone is in the midst of recording the follow-up to AUTHOR & PUNISHER’s critically-adored Women & Children full-length, released last year via Seventh Rule Recordings. The as-yet-untitled long player, and first for Housecore Records, is being tracked at famed Nodferatu’s Lair in North Shore, Louisiana with Housecore founder Philip H. Anselmo with the tour serving as a short breather between sessions.

Comments Shone, “There are four reasons to come check out this AUTHOR & PUNISHER tour. First, I will be playing mostly new material fresh from the studio with Philip H. Anselmo. Second, this tour will be painful as all hell, as I drag out a combination of both old and new Drone Machines that I literally have to climb over to get in and out of and will likely ruin me and the underpaid slaves I employ. Third, I will have the double LP of the 2010 Drone Machines album [out on Seventh Rule] on hand with me in the flesh with the machines themselves for the first time. Finally, in what has become a staple of an AUTHOR & PUNISHER show, Cutmod [Will Michaelsen] will be flashing his visual wares in full high count lumens as he has with me for the last two years.”

Check out AUTHOR & PUNISHER studio clips below.

12/03/2014 Ths Casbah – San Diego, CA
12/04/2014 DNA – San Francisco, CA
12/05/2014 Lee Golde – San Luis Obispo, CA
12/06/2014 Press Club – Sacramento, CA
12/08/2014 Wow Hall – Eugene, OR
12/09/2014 Tonic  Portland, OR
12/10/2014 Highline – Seattle, WA
12/11/2014 Hindenburg – Vancouver, BC
12/12/2014 Shakedown – Bellingham, WA
12/13/2014 Crazy Horse – Boise, ID

AUTHOR & PUNISHER — made up of one Tristan Shone — owes much of his uniqueness to the marriage of art, tech and music. From the early stages of development up to the present there has always been the evil twin of underground metal and dark electronic to temper the straight lines from his design and engineering. With a start in hobbiest tech and robotics competitions early on, Shone found a passion for solving technical problems while at the same time being introduced to the backbone of his interest in music: Sepultura, Melvins, Neurosis, Godflesh and Ministry, bands that served as a soundtrack and palette throughout his life. In employing primarily custom designed and fabricated machines, speakers and various devices that draw heavily on aspects of industrial automation and robotics, Shone – who boasts a BS in mechanical engineering and an MFA in visual arts — manages to replicate dejection, desperation and profound sorrow through his musical corrosion with curious poise and beauty. Shone’s fabrication and industrial environment and processes reveal emotions, anxieties, and elements of bliss inherent to the specific human/machine choreography. This interaction involves a certain level of continuous intimacy with material and mechanical motion, where a bond is formed enabling an honest incorporation into a sound device and performance; the core of AUTHOR & PUNISHER.
A&P Facebook


INANIMATE EXISTENCE: Tech Death Behemoths To Kick Off US Tour With Cannabis Corpse And Mammoth Grinder

Friday, November 21st, 2014

California technical death metal behemoths, INANIMATE EXISTENCE, will kick off a three-week bought of US live assaults next week supporting Richmond bongblasters, Cannabis Corpse. The tour will kick off in the Southeast, with the first show in Wilmington, North Carolina on November 28th, and whip counter-clockwise through the country across the Gulf Coast, up through California then eastward through the Midwest and back down the East Coast, coming to a halt in Richmond on December 20th. Additional support will come from Austin-based hardcore/death crossover outfit, Mammoth Grinder.

INANIMATE EXISTENCE will be touring in support of their A Never-Ending Cycle Of Atonement full-length, released this past Summer via Unique Leader Records. Tracked by Max Zigman (Son Of Aurelius, Smaragos) at Parade Outrageous in Santa Cruz and produced by Zack Ohren (Light This City, All Shall Perish, First Blood, Cattle Decapitation, Warbringer et al) at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, A Never-Ending Cycle Of Atonement finds INANIMATE EXISTENCE elevating their signature, outlandish compositions to an entirely new level of profundity. A conceptual offering centered on Tibetan folk, each movement marvels at its own innovative density as intricate guitar structures coil seamlessly around complex rhythms and venomous vocal assaults as female vocal accents, clarinet, bass flute, harp, bongos and other nuances add to the record’s already confounding depth. No Clean Singing crowns, A Never-Ending Cycle Of Atonement, “…a fascinating effort, a true journey for your ears and mind that’s well worth experiencing again and again,” Last Rites notes, “INANIMATE EXISTENCE may very well take the crown as the one tech album worth listening to in a calendar year. It’s tighter than my old man’s wallet… and interesting enough to stand away from a field already crowded beyond breathing capacity,” while MetalSucks concurs, “A Never-Ending Cycle… fulfills the face-fuckery I forecast in January, with percussive endurance that grinds like jackhammers.” Adds Sputnik Music in a near perfect score, “A Never-Ending Cycle Of Atonement is meta in the sense that it recognizes the never-ending cyclical nature of genre stereotypes – bands that regurgitate and rehash the same material without the slightest incentive of breaking new ground – and INANIMATE EXISTENCE offer penance for their contemporaries; a public display of atonement in a brutal 45-minute package.”

INANIMATE EXISTENCE w/ Cannabis Corpse, Mammoth Grinder:
11/28/2014 Ziggy’s By The Sea – Wilmington, NC
11/29/2014 Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA
11/30/2014 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
12/02/2014 Club Dada – Dallas, TX
12/03/2014 Red 7 – Austin, TX
12/04/2014 Limelight – San Antonio, TX
12/06/2014 Club Red – Phoenix, AZ
12/07/2014 Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
12/08/2014 Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA
12/09/2014 Strummers – Fresno, CA
12/10/2014 The Metro – Oakland, CA
12/11/2014 The Garage – Ventura, CA
12/12/2014 The Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV
12/13/2014 The Core – Salt Lake City, UT
12/14/2014 Marquis Theater – Denver, CO
12/17/2014 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL
12/18/2014 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH
12/19/2014 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY
12/20/2014 The Broadberry – Richmond, VA

HIDEOUS DIVINITY: Bass Play-Through Video From Italian Death Metal Unit Now Playing At Gear Gods + Cobra Verde Streaming In Its Entirety

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Cobre Verde is the latest long player from Italian death metal draftsmen, HIDEOUS DIVINITY. Released late last month via Unique Leader Records and appropriately dubbed, “an uber-brutal, churning platter of tech-y death metal” by Decibel Magazine, Cobre Verde is a concept record based around Werner Herzog’s 1987 film of the same name.

Tracked at 16th Cellar Studios (Hour Of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Vomit The Soul), Cobra Verde thrusts forth nine smoldering tracks of discontent, revulsion and unrelenting audio deviance and includes a guest vocal appearances by Nile’s Dallas Toler-Wade on “The Alonest Of The Alone” as well as a ravenous rendition of Ripping Corpse’s “The Last And Only Son,” which Covering The Scene commends for its “Opeth-meets-Maiden absinthe tainted riff,” “Death-inspired bass groove,” and, “ultra-technical Schuldinerish guitar progression.”

In celebration of its release, premier tech site, Gear Gods, is currently hosting a HIDEOUS DIVINITY bass play-through video noting, “Ever since HIDEOUS DIVINITY…utilized Stefano Franceschini for their dark purposes, the quality of their bass work has been godlike. I have no need to praise the band’s dark works myself; that’s what YouTube was invented for. So feast your gluttonous eyes and ears upon this playthrough of ‘Sinister And Demented,’ a track off of the HIDEOUS DIVINITY’s just-released Cobra Verde (it’s a bit less spicy than Cobra Rojo).”


And check out Cobra Verde in all its maniacal glory below.

Cobra Verde is out now on Unique Leader. Order your copy at THIS LOCATION.

“…without a doubt one of the best releases of 2014.” — Headbangorgtfo

“…a brutal death record that starts with progressive sensibilities but then moves at the speed of a grind album, minus the fact that every song is a five-minute demonstration of these guys being way better musicians than I could ever hope to be… Unique Leader knew damn well what they were doing when they grabbed these guys again for this album, as Cobra Verde is a great get. It’s well-produced and rings through super-clear, and that forty-three minutes of headbanging is enough to leave you with a bangover for days.” – No Clean Singing

The band sounds amazing and delivered a quality release that’s sure to impress death metal fans all over.” – Unhinged

Cobra Verde is an album upholding skillful songwriting, melancholy and ferocity, as well as glimpses of subtlety as key elements which present the album as an innovative and unique work endorsing the highly acclaimed values of HIDEOUS DIVINITY.” – Metal Wani

BARING TEETH: New Full-Length From Avant/Tech Death Metal Architects Streaming In Full At Revolver Magazine; Live Abrasions Confirmed

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

With the release of BARING TEETH’s blistering Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins full-length now less than one week away, today Revolver Magazine offers up a stream of the release in its entirety.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, BARING TEETH spews forth an immersive, compelling, and wholly haunting brand of audio sickness fusing seemingly conflicting attributes — streamlined songwriting and dizzying technicality, ambience and brute force, density and angularity, order and chaos — into a fully realized, cohesive listening excursion. Recently designated one of the best metal bands in North Texas by The Dallas Observer, the band’s forthcoming Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins long player is a true genre-bending masterwork sure to floor metallers of all walks. No Clean Singing notes, “Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins does more than throw a fresh coat of paint on an old style; it seeks to question and re-define the depths and mission of death metal. In the process, the album submerges you in a haunting despair that brings a cold clinical chill to your bones and its mesmerizing effect lingers long after the music ends. Feeding you misanthropy that blooms kaleidoscopically, it teaches that walls exist only to be mutated and destroyed until the newly scarred forms resemble nothing the mind can grasp with comfort.” Gear Gods gushes, “BARING TEETH’s sophmore slump-defier is Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins. It builds upon the Gorguts-inspired fractured take on extreme metal that the trio executed on so well with their initial release, but adds to it a much more oppressive atmosphere not unlike Deathspell Omega’s busier moments. But in contrast with many of the band’s peers, BARING TEETH have been sonically captured with a big, roomy, natural tone that makes the haunting moments gel in a way that scares the bejesus out of me when I listen with the lights off. The sound is akin to what you’d get if a couple seasoned jazz cats struck up an impromptu jam, and were then promptly possessed by the tainted soul of Lucifer, the rebel king of Hell.”

Elaborates guitarist/vocalist Andrew Hawkins of the recording, “This album was a really difficult one to make. We pushed ourselves as songwriters and as musicians, but I think the extra focus we placed on crafting a complete, focused album really paid off. Every song plays into the larger whole while still being brutal and catchy, and we wrote much more concertedly this time around. Our goal was to make an album that pushes the extremes of [debut full-length] Atrophy as far as possible, and we’re really happy with the result.”

Hear for yourself, courtesy of Revolver Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

BARING TEETH will levy their sonic abrasions in the coming weeks on a string of live assaults through Texas and Louisiana with additional onstage debauchery in the plotting stages. Stay alert.

12/05/2014 The Lost Well – Austin, TX
1206/2014 The Scorpion’s Den – Midland, TX
12/13/2014 Liquid Lounge – Dallas, TX
12/20/2014 Gatsby’s Mansion – Denton, TX
01/09/2015 TBA – New Orleans, LA
01/10/2015 Hangar 21 – Shreveport, LA

Previously known as Soviet, BARING TEETH is an act formed by three musicians having collectively spent time playing in a plethora of acts including Cleric, Between The Buried And Me, Broadcast Sea and others. Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins was captured by Alex Bhore (This Will Destroy You) at Elmwood Recording, mixed by Keith Souza and Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets (The Body, Battles, Daughters), and mastered by Alan Douches (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Swans).

Willowtip Records will release Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins on November 25th, 2014. Preorder your copy RIGHT HERE.

IDES OF GEMINI: Cryptic “Seer Of Circassia” Video Now Playing At Noisey; Old World New Wave Out Now Via Neurot Recordings

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Old World New Wave is the latest long player from West Coast shadowy sound conjurors, IDES OF GEMINI. Released in September via Neurot Recordings, the follow-up to the band’s critically-lauded Constantinople debut was recorded at Valley Recording in Burbank, California, engineered and mixed by Chris Rakestraw (Danzig), mastered by Grammy award winning producer Matt Hyde (Slayer) and offers up nine tracks of dark, mesmerizing soundscrapes.

In celebration of its release, today Vice’s music gateway, Noisey, reveals the occult conjurings of their erotic Daciana Birladeanu-directed “Seer Of Circassia” video. Elaborates singer/bassist Sera Timms, “The concept of the album traces the symbolic-psychological breakdown of a character over ten days [‘Seer Of Circassia’ takes place on day four]. We’re working within the structures of psycho-spiritual alchemical transformation, utilizing Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology. Essentially we have a story of the psychological conflict of opposing forces — yin-yang, male/female/dark light, etc. — each driven by desire. The masculine archetype in this story desires control and structure, while the feminine archetype desires recognition and equality as it has been repressed in the ‘Old World.’ Our protagonist is the Emperor, based creatively on the last Emperor of Constantinople, who represents the ego, masculine, solar consciousness along with control, structure, domination, force and power.”

View the gorgeously shot “Seer Of Circassia” video along with an in-depth interview with guitarist J. Bennett at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, check out a detailed Old World New Wave track-by-track breakdown at Revolver Magazine HERE.

IDES OF GEMINI is Timms, also of West Coast dark-psych conjurors Black Mare, alongside Bennett and drummer Kelly Johnston-Gibson. The band will bring their sonic séance to the stage next month playing Intronaut’s tenth anniversary show with additional IDES ceremonies to be announced in the coming weeks.

12/18/2014 The Roxy – Los Angeles, CA [info]

Old World New Wave is out NOW on CD and digitally via Neurot Recordings and on vinyl via SIGE Records. For CD orders, point your browser HERE and for T-shirt bundles, point your browser to THIS LOCATION.

[IDES OF GEMINI] put out a new album called Old World New Wave and there’s enough droney doom on it to make you feel like you’re stuck in David Lynch’s dreams.” – Noisey

“…an enjoyable dream-doom filled sonic journey from start to finish.” – Bearded Gentlemen Music

IDES OF GEMINI has a knack for atmosphere, for creating a world of sound and inviting the listener in. Their music has the feel of a classic horror film: all psychology, no fake blood or cheap startles. If there’s a goth revival afoot in metal culture — and, given last year’s releases by In Solitude, Beastmilk and others, there’s certainly an argument to be made for that — then IDES OF GEMINI is among its most evocative front-runners.” – Invisible Oranges

BLODHEMN: Second Full-Length From Norwegian Black Metal Project Released Stateside Via Indie Recordings

Monday, November 17th, 2014

One-man Norwegian black metal project, BLODHEMN, is pleased to spew forth its sophomore full-length, H7, upon unsuspecting ears. Led by one Invisus, H7 follows the critical accolades of his Brenn Alle Bruer EP and Holmengraa debut.

Carrying on the maniacal blend of no-nonsense thrash and high-octane heavy metal with traditional old-school black metal grimness, with H7, BLODHEMN is as vehement and aggressive as ever, yet on a much more grandiose scale. H7’s grisly assault of fast, blasting riffs are contrasted with lengthier, melancholic melodies and raw, salted wounds akin to the sounds of an ocean after a storm; serene yet ravaged, aching and sad.

Not to be outdone by the music, the lyrics on H7 are as complex as the blistering melodies they rest upon. Where tracks like “Flammens Virke” and “Slettet av Tid” disgorge blasphemous bile and ravenous anger, “Evig Heder” and “Veiten 3” tell of recent Norwegian history of war and of those who defended their country at all costs. “The H7 monogram is used by BLODHEMN as a symbol of Norwegian patriotism,” reveals Invisus, “an homage to late heroes and the hardship they had to endure. This, as well as the traditional tropes of black metal, take a large part in creating that trademark Norwegian grimness, lyrically. But my love for the west coast of my country, with its capricious weather and its grey, barren landscapes are a source of inspiration I always return to, be it words or music.” Just listen to closing track, “Holmengraa,” about the unforgiving treachery of the North Sea and the often brutal consequences for those who dare it for proof; the majesty of its riffs are outdone only by the viciousness of its subject matter. A new chapter in black metal is here and BLODHEMN is ready to defend it with sharpened teeth!

H7 Track Listing:
1. Flammenes Virke
2. Slettet Av Tid
3. Evig Heder
4. Veiten 3
5. Åndenes Ansikt
6. Fandesvenn
7. Holmengraa

Invisus – All studio instruments and vocals
Dan – live drums
Hauk – live bass
Ånneland – live guitar

BLODHEMN’s H7 is available in North America digitally via Indie Recordings. Order yours today at THIS LOCATION.

“The strong melodic dynamic undercurrent of the album effectively precludes things from getting overly grim–so fans of Strid and old Darkthrone better look elsewhere for their kicks—but if you fancy vibrant riff-driven black metal delivered with an almost punkish insistency then H7 should be acquired in all haste. It’s sticks to the basics but it does so extremely fucking well.” – Metal Observer

“…a fine piece of art! All grimmy and epic, mixing thrash with black metal, the old school way, H7 stands out for its rawness, blasting riffs and fast pace. Melancholy and underground melodies are there to help knit the atmosphere.” – Crowsnbones

EARSPLIT PR: Roundup From The Compound November 17, 2014

Monday, November 17th, 2014

LAE: Decibel Magazine Premieres Title Track To Debut LP From Montreal Psychedelic Post-Hardcore Outfit Featuring Steve Austin From Today Is The Day – Decibel Magazine’s high-traffic online body, The Deciblog, has exclusively premiered the title track to the debut record from Montreal, Quebec-based LAE, as the album nears its public street date, now less than two weeks away. [More…]

Remembering Housecore Horror Film Fest Co-Founder/True Crime Author Corey Mitchell; Family Fundraiser Launched – In an overwhelming outpouring of sympathy and condolences, friends, fans and bands globally remember Housecore Horror Film Festival co-founder/best-selling true crime author, Corey Mitchell, who died of a heart attack Monday October 27, 2014 at Emo’s, venue home of the event. [More…]

COWARDS: Parisian Quintet Completes Second Album; February Release Date For Rise To Infamy Locked – Decimating Paris-based sludge/hardcore outfit, COWARDS, has completed the final stages of preparation on their second full-length helping of callous and remorseless hymns of self and communal destruction, and is now ready to contaminate the planet with Rise To Infamy this Winter. [More…]

PRIMORDIAL Reaps Widespread Media Approval In Germany; Where Greater Men Have Fallen Release Day Looms – Ireland’s PRIMORDIAL are making a serious impact on German press with their latest offering, Where Greater Men Have Fallen. [More…]

Crucial Blast Issues Free Carrion Anthems Label Sampler; Compilation Includes New/Unreleased Tracks From GNAW THEIR TONGUES, DEGENERATE SLUG, LUASA RAELON and PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING – Crucial Blast Records has just issued a brand new label sampler through a name-your-price BandCamp download. [More…]

Metal Grasshopper: Weekly Series Starring Down’s Philip H. Anselmo And Comedian Dave Hill Continues With Episode 3 Now Playing At Metal Injection – In Metal Grasshopper Episode 3, metal god Philip H. Anselmo puts delusional manchild, Dave Hill, to the test with a round of heavy metal flash cards. [More…]

FIRST FRAGMENT: Canadian Technical Death Metal Strategists Join Unique Leader Records; Debut Full-Length To Be Released In 2015 – Québécois technical death metal strategists, FIRST FRAGMENT, are pleased to join the brutal ranks of Unique Leader Records for the release of their as-yet-untitled debut full-length, set for unveiling in 2015. [More…]

CANNIBAL CORPSE & BEHEMOTH Confirm Co-Headlining North American Winter Tour - Two of the most prominent bands in the history of death metal are teaming up to take North America in 2015! [More…]

SORXE Confirms New Material For 2015 Release; Live Footage From Southwest Terror Fest Posted – With their debut album, Surrounded By Shadows, still fresh, and having just returned from their West Coast US tour with state mates Godhunter, Phoenix-based SORXE will continue to perform live over the coming months in support of the album while also writing new material for release in 2015. [More…]

MAID MYRIAD Confirms Northeast US Shows In December; East Coast February And March Tour Dates Being Booked – Having released one of the most dynamic and impressive progressive crossover albums of the year with their debut album, With Haste On Its Breath, Ohio’s MAID MYRIAD continues to take these soaring, ambitious and infectious tunes to the people, booking new waves of regional touring in support of the record. [More…]

CHILD BITE: Punk/Metal Marauders Premiere New Canticle Via Invisible Oranges; Strange Waste EP Release Day Draws Near – With the imminent release of their Strange Waste EP now less than two weeks away, today the gate keepers at Invisible Oranges hurl forth the tumultuous sounds of “Molestation Of The Arts” from Detroit punk/metal marauders, CHILD BITE. [More…]

SPOOK THE HORSES: New Zealand Post-Hardcore Quintet Prepares Sophomore LP For Winter Release – Delivering mercurial, heavily textured post-hardcore of the highest order, New Zealand-based quintet, SPOOK THE HORSES, has completed their sophomore album and are preparing Rainmaker for a mid-Winter 2015 release. [More…]

NERVECELL: Dubai Death/Thrash Perpetrators Revisit Their “Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness)” Video Featuring Nile’s Karl Sanders; Behind-The-Scenes Footage Posted – Dubai death/thrash perpetrators, NERVECELL, will reissue their critically adored Psychogenocide full-length via Unique Leader early next year. [More…]

Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost Out NOW; Decibel Magazine Talks In-Depth With Author Mark Rudolph + New Trailer PostedMorbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost is a mega 155-page comic with illustrations and illustrated anecdotes from a varied bunch of metal musicians/authors. [More…]

TNT: Long-Running Norwegian Heavy Metal Troupe Releases 30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Live In Concert With Trondheim Symphony Orchestra Stateside Via Indie Recordings – Long-running Norwegian heavy metal troupe, TNT, is pleased to unleash their 30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Live In Concert With Trondheim Symphony Orchestra release stateside via Indie Recordings. [More…]

NEUROSIS Announces Trio Of Year-End California PerformancesNEUROSIS has just confirmed three more shows for 2014, set to take place during the final days of the year in California. [More…]

OVID’S WITHERING: Theatrical Blackened Tech Metallers Join Unique Leader Records; New Full-Length To See Release Next Year – Florida-based theatrical blackened tech metallers, OVID’S WITHERING, are pleased to join the expanding roster of extreme metal powerhouse, Unique Leader Records, for the release of their sophomore full-length. [More…]

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY To Kick Off Gwar Eternal North American Tour 2014! – North Carolina crossover icons, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, will kick off a near month-long run of live tirades with Gwar tomorrow to finalize the year. [More…]

DIMESLAND Premieres Intense Second Track From Debut LP Via Stereogum - With the word now out on the streets about the impending release of Psychogenic Atrophy, the debut full-length from Oakland-based DIMESLAND, heavily popular online mag, Stereogum, has released one of the album’s most intense tracks, with an exclusive premiere of “Dying Foretold.” [More…]

LETALLIS: NYC Progressive/Death Metal Entity Independently Releases Second Album - New York City-based metal outfit, LETALLIS, has just independently released the band’s second full-length album, Resonate, which is now available for free download worldwide with a physical edition to follow shortly. [More…]

WIZARD RIFLE: West Coast Noise Rock/Psych Doom Exhibitionists Kick Off November Live Incursion; Here In The Deadlights Reaps Critical Hails Nationally – West Coast noise rock/psych doom exhibitionists in WIZARD RIFLE have taken their big guns to the streets today to kick off their November live incursion. [More…]

USNEA Confirms Red Bull Sound Select Performances And Record Release Show; Track-By-Track Breakdown Of Random Cosmic Violence Posted At Cvlt Nation – With Relapse Records’ official unveiling of Portland, Oregon-based USNEA’s sophomore LP, Random Cosmic Violence, having taken place this week, the celestial/funeral doom outfit has released a meticulous track-by-track commentary piece on the album’s four movements via Cvlt Nation, as the band also announces a slew of year-end live appearances. [More…]

RABBITS Wraps-Up European Tour With A Plethora Of Gratis Media And Dope Merch; Videos, Photos And Audio As Well As FUCKRABBITS Merch Deals Enacted – Deviant, outsider horde, RABBITS, upon arrival back stateside following their Noise Rock On Parade European romp in support of their Untoward LP alongside Norwegian acts Årabrot and MoE, has just shat a plethora of new viral and physical media and product which you can either embrace or evade with hostility. [More…]


Contact or for interviews with the above artists, or bands listed below with current and/or pending tour dates; keep up to date on all Earsplit-related tour offensives at our Live Actions page HERE.


RABBITS Wraps-Up European Tour With A Plethora Of Gratis Media And Dope Merch; Videos, Photos And Audio As Well As FUCKRABBITS Merch Deals Enacted

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Deviant, outsider horde, RABBITS, upon arrival back stateside following their Noise Rock On Parade European romp in support of their Untoward LP alongside Norwegian acts Årabrot and MoE, has just shat a plethora of new viral and physical media and product which you can either embrace or evade with hostility.

After a three-week assault on Beligum, the UK, France, and Spain (and Basque country, ignoramus), RABBITS has triumphantly returned to their hometown of Portland, Oregon just in time for… a year-end wrap-up!  Look at the mess they made. The Sleeping Shaman was there to document the filthy fun in Manchester, UK, Shoot Me Again Webzine was there in Liege, Belgium for ill documentation of the invasion (not pictured: the tall-man’s virus that attacked several tour members the next morning), an attendee at the Rennes, France show wrote up a great review of the “drôle de bestiole mutante” (strange mutant creature) Untoward at Perte & Fracas, and that’s just the beginning of this post-melee melee.

Missed out on the sonic assault?  No problem.  Rabbits added the complete live show from Brighton to their FREE Live Love series, the seventh show in the series.  It’s a bit rough around the edges, but then, so are they. Snag it HERE. As a special bonus, a spooky-as-balls live version of “Meth Valley 99″ with Guro of MoE on guest vocals is up as well, recorded at La Residencia in Valencia, Spain on Halloween; get that one HERE.

Have you seen Whitey McConnaughy analog-damaged video for “So Fake It’s Real” yet? Or gotten the lowdown on Booze’s dirty gear at PureGrainAudio? Have you bagged your audiophile vinyl copy of Untoward? If not, DO IT. In the meantime, RABBITS head back underground to write the next batch of fuckered hits for the great unwashed, as a split 12-inch with another Portland band is due early next Summer and some other dumb ideas are in the works as well.

Also, RABBITS’s catalog including all three LP’s and other vinyl and cassette releases are available at a cut-that-shit deal right now. The crew is offering a deal for 11% off all 11 of their releases for 11 days, beginning NOW. Check out the diseased discography bringing with you the code “FUCKRABBITS” at THIS LOCATION [sale ends Monday, November 24th].

RABBITS’s third full-length album, Untoward, was released in August through Lamb Unlimited, the label spawned of Chris Spencer of Unsane and Alan Schneider of No More Records, the album exhaustingly tracked live to tape at Type Foundry, Portland in one day and mixed in two. The engineering duties on Untoward were tag-teamed by Jeremy Romagna (Trees, Tecumseh, Wives) and Fester (Nux Vomica, Usnea, Stoneburner), both of whom have recorded the majority of the band’s previous material, the tracks mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster Mastering, and the cover artwork hand-sewn by Anne Mersereau.

Stream all of Untoward and place orders for the digital and 150-gram LP cut at 45 RPM guaranteed to rip your face off RIGHT HERE.

USNEA Confirms Red Bull Sound Select Performances And Record Release Show; Track-By-Track Breakdown Of Random Cosmic Violence Posted At Cvlt Nation

Friday, November 14th, 2014

With Relapse Records’ official unveiling of Portland, Oregon-based USNEA’s sophomore LP, Random Cosmic Violence, having taken place this week, the celestial/funeral doom outfit has released a meticulous track-by-track commentary piece on the album’s four movements via Cvlt Nation, as the band also announces a slew of year-end live appearances.

USNEA has confirmed several new live appearances over the coming weeks, leading off with a show at the Wisp House in Salem, Oregon for Wednesday, November 24th with Urzeit and In Thoth. Directly after that, the band will take part in two Red Bull Sound Select Presents shows in both Portland and Seattle! The Portland gig is set for Tuesday, December 2nd, supporting Lesbian and Deavheaven, followed by the Seattle show the next night, Wednesday, December 3rd, also with Deafheaven.

Then on Saturday, December 13th, USNEA will give their hometown a vicious taste of the new album at the official record release show for Random Cosmic Violence at the White Owl Social Club in Portland, the set culminating in a performance of the entire new LP. The free show will also feature two acts the members of USNEA consider close friends, including California-based Cold Blue Mountain providing opening support, and bigtime local doomsters Lord Dying headlining the event. The band has also produced a limited 100-copy run of Random Cosmic Violence cassettes which will be available that evening, in addition to both the standard black and limited colored vinyl.

Check out the track-by-track breakdown of Random Cosmic Violence at Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

Also endure all of Random Cosmic Violence via Stereogum RIGHT HERE.

11/24/2014 The Wisp House – Salem, OR w/ Urzeit, In Thoth
12/02/2014 Holocene – Portland, OR w/ Deafheaven, Lesbian [info]
12/03/2014 Chop Suey – Seattle, WA w/ Deafheaven [info]
12/13/2014 White Owl Social Club – Portland, OR *Random Cosmic Violence release show w/ Lord Dying, Cold Blue Mountain [info]

Through their ruthlessly overwhelming style of black/occult metal-influenced funeral doom, USNEA has created a classic of the new millennium with Random Cosmic Violence. Not only an album which more than satisfies the urge diehard cult fans of the band since previous outings, Random Cosmic Violence packs a monumentally damaging and contagious dose of some of 2014’s finest metal of the slow-motion doom/death/sludge-influenced variety sucking endless new fans into its fathomless expanses. Recorded and mixed by Jared “Fester” See at Haywire Studios (Stoneburner, Rabbits, Nux Vomica) who supplies additional guitars to the title track, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Yob, High On Fire, Integrity), the artwork and design was handled by Justin Cory and Orion Landau. The album is available on CD and both colored/limited and standard black 2xLP right HERE and via digital download HERE.

“Random Cosmic Violence has a Floydian vastness that both balances and amplifies the overwhelming, crushing heaviness. Like the night sky itself, Random Cosmic Violence is full of terror and awe and ice and fire. It is a massive, monumental thing.” – Stereogum

“…perhaps what really vaults the album high above the average, apart from Usnea’s knack for generating titanic power and morbid, minor-key melodies, is the band’s skill in creating dynamic changes and salting this heartless sonic landscape with ingenious touches, which come like breaths of air in an atmosphere that’s being rapidly sucked into space, or poisoned with the smoke of burning tires in an urban dead zone.” – No Clean Singing

“Usnea balance knuckle-dragging rumble with high-minded elegance on this funereal test of endurance… This is what it sounds like to be swallowed by gravity.” –

LAE: Decibel Magazine Premieres Title Track To Debut LP From Montreal Psychedelic Post-Hardcore Outfit Featuring Steve Austin From Today Is The Day

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Decibel Magazine’s high-traffic online body, The Deciblog, has exclusively premiered the title track to the debut record from Montreal, Quebec-based LAE, as the album nears its public street date, now less than two weeks away.

Over thirteen movements verging on an entire hour of superb, dynamic material encompasses LAE’s Break The Clasp LP, which was recorded in full analog in a woodshop in Montreal by Today Is The Day and Austin Enterprises founder, Steve Austin, who became enveloped by the songs as he produced them, which led to his permanent involvement in the band as the main vocalist. With one of the most disheartened but beautiful displays of psychedelic, post-hardcore/rock possibly ever captured to tape, Austin’s gritty, visionary vocal delivery and final mastering incredibly fits the structures created by creators Ronald Jean-Gilles, Serge Nakauchi Pelletier, Stephane Desgroseilliers and Marc Lucas Ablasou as if they were incepted with this purpose in mind, resulting in a true masterpiece of whatever genre one may attempt to categorize the songs into. The unearthly, heartbreaking artistry will attract fans of Three Mile Pilot, Swans, Sonic Youth, Unwound, Slint, Shellac and more, yet Break The Clasp remains an unfathomably original album unlike anything currently out there.

Decibel today releases “Break The Clasp” to the planet. The second track on the album of the same name showcases LAE’s varied nature, integrating electronics and guest backup vocals courtesy of the band’s friend, Christina Frances Musacchio into the layered song. The exclusive premiere of the song is joined by a detailed account of its origin from the band, and a stellar write-up of the track by the trusted scribe who took on the premiere, who issues, “Sit back, y’all. Steve Austin-affiliated psychedelic post-rockers LAE are about to take you to another plane of existence via the title track of the album Break the Clasp…”

“Break The Clasp” and unleash the song through the Deciblog portal now at THIS LOCATION.

Additionally, American Aftermath leaked the album’s “Sister” alongside an interview with band architect Marc Lucas Ablasou, RIGHT HERE, and a trailer for the album is playing HERE.

Break The Clasp will see release through The Compound and Battleground Records in a collaborative effort, with the initial CD and digital release set for November 25th. Preorders for the six-panel, spot-varnish adorned, eco-friendly digipak are live HERE, and preorders for the digital download — which includes an instant download of “Break The Clasp” are now live HERE. A deluxe, gatefold 180-gram double 12” LP is coming in early 2015 as LAE begins touring North America in support of the album.

Performing under LAE-TSEU, their original moniker, LAE impacted their local scene in the mid 1990s, yet life’s plan impeded them from taking off until now. In mid-2013, the band went through a rebirth, re-envisioning their original songs with new life knowledge and a ravenous hunger to make them better than ever. The band invited Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) to record in Ablasou’s wood shop, utilizing accordion, trumpet, saws, organs, pianos, electronics and more to capture their long-awaited full-length on vintage analog equipment. During the recording process, Austin ended up performing lead vocals to the album in addition to other musical contributions, becoming a full-fledged member of the band. Mastered at Austin Enterprises, the album features otherworldly artwork by Sonny Kay (The VSS, Angel Hair, Gold Standard Laboratories label) and a layout by Kay and Dave Brenner.