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Selfmadegod Records To Release New AGATHOCLES Album

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Selfmadegod Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of This is Not a Threat, It’s a Promise, the new album from Belgian cult grind “mince core” band AGATHOCLES.

The 27-song album was recorded at Soundshape Studios in Belgium, where the band has recorded most of their releases to date, such as the classics Razor Sharp Daggers, Grind Is Protest and Black Clouds Determinate.

AGATHOCLES frontman Jan AG comments, “This album contains all elements which AG uses to create their brand of mince core. Going from raw punk to d-beat to old-school straightforward grind, backed up with three different vocal styles. This time the lyrics deal with topics like losing your job and waiting for the repo man, scenesters, elections, the worldwide economic crisis, modern technology and the rise of Big Brother, and more. Get ready for another old-school, raw, mince core blast!”

This is Not a Threat, It’s a Promise track listing:

1. Black Tea
2. Houses Of Fraud
3. Straight Lane
4. Bits And Chips
5. Reduce The Pain, Refuse The Gain
6. People’s Property
7. Gaszilla
8. Soap And Joke
9. Hyvää Paivää
10. Financial Cris-Ass
11. Motherfucker (Swing That Axe)
12. Go With A Blow
13. Monkey Business
14. Troops Of Rhumania
15. Cut Off
16. God Save The Real Green Crocodile
17. Fangs Feasting On Funds
18. Cleptocracy
19. De Kiezer Heeft Nooit Gelijk
20. Aside
21. Ulkopuolinen
22. Stuck@Dumb.Com
23. More Patches Than Brains
24. Gallows Eve
25. After The Battle
26. Will Gone, Lobotomy Done
27. Manipulotiek

This is Not a Threat, It’s a Promise is set for release in mid October 2010. Music will be available to North American outlets this week, and interrogations with the band will be transpiring directly afterward. Please contact Earsplit to take part in the activities.

UNSUN: New Track Streaming Via Plug In Music

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Polish female-fronted goth metallers UNSUN, featuring ex-Vader guitarist Maurycy “Mauser” Stefanowicz, will release their sophomore album, Clinic For Dolls, on October 12 via Armoury Records. The follow up to their 2008 The End Of Life debut was recorded at Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader etc.) in Bialystok (vocal tracks were recorded at Studio X in Olsztyn). UNSUN features Mauser, vocalist Annelyse “Aya” Stefanowicz’s, bassist Heinrich (Decapitated, Rootwater, Masachist, Vesania) and drummer Vaaver (Induki).

In preparation for the release, Plug In Music is currently streaming “Home,” the seventh track off Clinic For Dolls. Check it out here:

Originally formed under the moniker Unseen, the dynamic four-piece changed their name to UNSUN to better describe their delicate balance of dark and light; something that would put a name to the bitter-sweet twist of Aya’s melodic vocal nuances. Connected by the sheer passion to play intense music, Mauser and Aya knew upon their first rehearsals that this wasn’t just another Mauser side-project, but his personal way of exploring new music. Soon the two recruited Wawrzyniec Dramowicz “Vaaver” from Indukti and Filip Hałucha “Heinrich,” who also plays bass in Vesania. First demo Whispers, recorded in 2006, caught the attention of various labels throughout Europe and in 2007 UNSUN signed a deal with Century Media for the release of The End Of Life. The band later shot a video for the song “Whispers,” which earned over three million views on YouTube and toured with Black River and Votum. They also performed at several high profile summer festivals in 2009 including Wave Gotik Treffen, Summer Breeze and Metal Female Voices Fest.

Clinic For Dolls finds UNSUN taking their brand of mesmerizing sound to new heights. A melancholic tour de force that’s at once heavy, emotional,  and full of passion. For fans of Nightwish, Epica, Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation.

TRIDENT’s First Show In North America To Brutalize Brooklyn This Saturday

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Black metal horde TRIDENT will play their first show in North America this Saturday, October 2nd in Brooklyn, New York. The Swedish five-piece will devastate NYC-area diehards at this special one-off appearance at Club Europa. This will be the only North American live action for TRIDENT for 2010, but is just a taste of what is to come. Stated bassist Alexander Friberg on the concert “We are proud to finally be able to show people of NY the might of the TRIDENT, and all of you should be prepared to face a storm of Nordic rage!”

TRIDENT vs. America:
10/2/2010 Club Europa – Brooklyn, NY w/ Immolith, Evoken

TRIDENT are supporting their debut full-length World Destruction, a total sonic whirlwind of blistering, blackened death metal. The 10-track album was recorded at Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden with engineers Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) and Nico Elgstrand (Entombed) at the helm. The TRIDENT lineup features metallians Johan Norman (Soul Reaper, Dissection) and Ewo Solvelius on guitars, Alexander Friberg (Necrophobic, Karneywar) on bass, Tobias Sidegård (Necrophobic) on vocals and Jonas Blom (Grief of Emerald) handling drum duty.

The first video from World Destruction is set to be released shortly, filmed for the blistering track “Jaws Of Satan.” A trailer for the video is available here:

Interviews with TRIDENT are available in-person at the NYC show or via email/phone anytime. Stay tuned for more updates on this primal Swedish act, hell-bent on World Destruction!!
“Anytime a former member of Dissection’s The Somberlain lineup is involved in the creation of a new album heads are bound to turn… your only defense is to thrust your fists and horns skyward and scream along with this Swede-metal anthem…” - Hails & Horns

“Put simply, World Destruction is also an album made of many super cool parts – riffs, leads, rhythmic punches. At nearly every turn is a grisly accident scene worth rubber necking for.” - Metal Army America

“Overall this is a pretty intense and crushing debut with the combined years of experience and quality brought to the picture by the collective of veterans. For something so harsh this is very listenable.” 4/5 – Metal-Rules

JAVELINA Added To NYC Buzzov*en Show This Thursday

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Philly’s bastards of metal JAVELINA have just been added to the New York City date of the ongoing US tour for the reunited Southern sludgemongers Buzzov*en, this Thursday, September 30th. The show — a Brooklyn Vegan event — initially scheduled as one of those brutally raunchy “booze cruise” boat shows in  Manhattan harbor, was recently relocated to Public Assembly in Brooklyn. In addition to the mentioned Buzzov*en and JAVELINA, Black Tusk and Ramming Speed are also on the bill. And just so you all know, the initial ridiculous $35 ticket price has been lopped nearly in half, the show now running $15.

JAVELINA were about to announce a string of new tour dates – as these guys don’t like to sit around on their asses for very long – but bassist Herb Jowitt recently endured an incredible back injury which halted the tour in the middle of booking it. This one-off Buzzov*en show is the only one the band will be undertaking for the time being. Stated Jowitt about the affair: “Yeah I know I said my back is fucked up, but when you get asked to play with one of your favorite bands, you say fuck it.” Well put, brother.

Buzzov*en w/ Black Tusk, Javelina, Ramming Speed:

9/30/2010 Public Assembly – Brooklyn, NY

The thunderous, sludge-fueled rage of JAVELINA’s latest full-length Beast Among Sheep was dubbed one of Decibel Magazine’s “Top 40 Albums of 2009″, that just one of the countless amazing responses on the album from the media and fans alike. The notoriously bearded band has been pummeling the public with their brew-tality since 2006, and don’t plan on slowing down longer than it takes to heal up Herb’s back. Stay tuned for more JAVELINA news, injuries, mishaps and profanity in the near future. The band has a lot going on these days, but all in the planning stages.

“…adroitly flips the script between frenetic bar brawling and epic power chord beatdowns – your brain won’t know if you’re supposed to groove and head-bang or duck and cover from all the flying shrapnel.” 8/10 – Decibel Magazine

“The ghosts of drug-addled Black Sabbath and Venom smile up from the deepest pit of Hell.” - Exclaim! Magazine

“I hate it.”
- Murderface, of Cartoon Network’s Dethklok

DORO PESCH: Band Forced To Cancel New Hampshire Performance; U.S. Mini Tour To Commence Friday

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Due to a band-related family emergency, DORO PESCH was forced to cancel her upcoming show in Manchester, New Hampshire on September 30. The remaining U.S. dates will go on as planned however with the American mini tour kicking off in Brooklawn, New Jersey on October 1. The U.S. dates will serve as virtual warm up shows for the band’s Japanese debut this October as part of the on-going Fear No Evil world tour.

Said Pesch of the upcoming trek: “I’m so excited to return to American soil and see my American fans again! They will definitely be great shows as the band did all these summer festivals and we are on fire. I can’t wait!” Added drummer Johnny Dee:  “I’m super psyched to play in the States again! Especially to see so many of our friends in South Jersey and New York. I only wish the tour was longer. Before ya know it, we’ll be rocking the Japanese fans the following week!”

DORO PESCH U.S./Japanese Tour Dates:

10/01/2010 The Pennant – Brooklawn, NJ
10/02/2010 Jaxx – Springfield, VA
10/03/2010 Crazy Donkey – Farmingdale, NY
10/08/2010 Holiday Shinjuku – Tokyo, Japan
10/10/2010 Holiday Nagoya – Nagoya, Japan
10/11/2010 Holiday Osaka – Osaka, Japan

Pulverised Signs Thrash Supergroup MEMORAIN

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Pulverised Records is proud to announce the addition of MEMORAIN to their growing roster of brutality. The thrash metal supergroup, founded by guitarist Ilias Papadakis, formed in 1999 and currently features Gene Hoglan (Fear Factory, Strapping Young lad, Zimmers Hole, ex-Dark Angel et al), Steve Digiorgio (Sadus, ex-Death, ex-Testament et al), Ralph Santolla (Obituary, ex-Deicide, ex-Iced Earth et al) and Chris Valagao (Zimmers Hole, Mechanism et al). Past guest musicians on previous offerings have included Nick Menza (ex-Megadeth) and James Murphy (ex-Death, ex-Testament et al).

The band recently completed work on the fourth full-length, Evolution. Further details and artwork to be revealed soon.

Commented Papadakis of the signing: “I’m really happy with the way things are going! Pulverised Records is the new home of MEMORAIN and I’m sure that with their experience they will do an amazing job with our new album! On Evolution, we have succeeded to combine old-school thrash metal, with a modern touch. Fast and aggressive, but at the same time, melodic with powerful. I’m sure that Evolution will satisfy the appetite of the diehard fans of thrash metal! I can’t wait to perform this material live!”

Added Pulverised Records A&R Manager Calvin Chiang: “We were approached by Ilias some time ago and honestly, there was no way you would not pay attention with all the well-respected musicians who continue to make such a strong impact and influence on so many metal fans worldwide involved. We are very excited and definitely looking forward to hearing how the new album will sound!”

Ilias Papadakis – Guitars
Gene Hoglan – Drums
Chris Valagao – Vocals
Steve DiGiorgio – Bass
Ralph Santolla – Guitars

GRIMUS: New Songs To Premiere This Wednesday On WSOU; Track Listing + Album Art Revealed

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

New Jersey death metal titans GRIMUS will be premiering several songs off their latest release, Gutter Earth, on Wednesday, September 29 via WSOU 89.5FM from 8:00PM – 10:00PM EST. The broadcast may also be streamed online at:

Gutter Earth was recorded and mixed by GRIMUS guitarist Marco Bobadilla and mastered  by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering. Artwork was created by bassist Michael Gonçalves.

Commented vocalist Bryan Martinez: “This EP to me is the darkest music we’ve ever written. I spent a lot of time with the lyrics and just unleashed all my hatred for everything that breathes in this disgusting place we call home. I hope you guys enjoy these songs as much as we enjoyed recording them and hope to see you at the shows.  Keep it dead.”

Gutter Earth will be released to the masses via free download here: and is also streaming on the band official MySpace page:

Gutter Earth Track Listing:
1. In The Gutter
2. Friends For (N)ever
3. The Situation
4. Decimation

GRIMUS Lineup:
Bryan Martinez – Vocals
Marco Bobadilla – Guitar
Michael Muñoz – Guitar
Michael Gonçalves – Bass
JP Andrade – Drums

GRIMUS Live Assaults:
10/07/2010 Market – Montclair, NJ
10/16/2010 The Meatlocker – Montclair, NJ (FREE SHOW!)
11/13/2010 The Crocodile Rock Cafe – Allentown, PA w/ Suffocation, The Faceless, Decrepit Birth

“Grimus are on a mission their bulldozer approach allowing for push ‘n’ pull dynamics and resounding grooves whose commanding presence look to set to lord it over moshpits everywhere” – Metal Hammer Magazine

DEL REY Album Released Today; Record Release Show Nears

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The release of DEL REY’s mesmerizing new full-length Immemorial is upon us, being released on North American shores via At A Loss Recordings today! The seven track opus takes any preconceived notions of bland, overdone post-rock boredom one might have and crushes them completely. The suave but punishing dual drummer attack, intensely layered atmospheric qualities and overall entrancing empowerment of Immemorial is truly intense and memorable from start to finish.

The entire Immemorial album has been posted for streaming on the At A Loss Recordings website:

DEL REY will perform at a massive hometown record release show at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall on October 8th in celebration of Immemorial’s release. More live actions for the band will be announced sporadically throughout the year and into 2011, but if you’re in the Chicago area, do yourself a favor and be there for the unveiling of the new album with the band and their hometown friends and fans.

DEL REY Record Release Show:
10/8/2010 Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

Promos of Immemorial and interviews with the members of DEL REY are available now. North American journalists are invited to direct all promo inquiries to Earsplit.

“When there’s no vocalist, folks tend to spend more time picking apart each instrument, its associated player. Longstanding Chi-Town quintet Del Rey solve that “problem” with their signature two-drummer/double-kit builds and crashes and a denser, more atmospherically layered sound.” – Stereogum

“Prog heads will grasp onto the experimental elements, psychedelonauts will want to be dragged along the jamming peyote desert floor ‘These Children that Come at You with Knives’ seems to be built on, and assholes will call it overrated hipster rock. Somewhere between all that, you’re likely to find yourself a rich LP worthy of multiple engagements.” - The Obelisk

“…Del Ray blends a heavy and sonic brew of heavy psychedelic, Afro-Cuban and tribal rhythms, improvisational jams, and just about everything truly awesome into their vivid neo-psychedelic instrumental trips through audio bliss!” – Hellride Music

Del Rey at The Empty Bottle from Michael Johnson on Vimeo.

DIMENTIANON’s Third Album To See Release On Paragon Records This October

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Paragon Records will unleash the third album from DIMENTIANON, New York’s masters of chaotic metal, on October 19th, 2010. Entitled Collapse The Void, the album epitomizes the turbulent mixture of black, death and doom metal that has become the band’s trademark style.

DIMENTIANON have been a force in New York City’s extreme metal scene since their formation in 1995, the band then known as The Forgotten. With countless regional concerts under their belts, and backed with a solid resume of releases including the band’s fist two full-lengths, multiple demos and a split release with funeral doom merchants Rigor Sardonicous, the DIMENTIANON of 2010 is by far the most powerful expression of the band’s chaotic nature to date. Founding member vocalist Mike Zanchelli has led the unit through many lineup changes, currently rounded out by returning bassist Maureen Murphy, drummer Pete Christopher and guitarist Zoltan Valter (Sectioned).

Collapse The Void was recorded and produced by producer Pete Rutcho (Revocation, Graveheart, Frozen, Ravage) and features five massive tracks;, the shortest being just over three minutes, yet with the two longer tracks running closer to nine minutes. A maniacal yet well-orchestrated display of crushing haunting black/death metal with plenty of unexpected twists throughout, the album will surely arouse interest in any diehard fan of underground extreme metal.

Collapse The Void track listing:
1. Return…
2. Breathe Deep
3. Fragmented Nostalgia
4. The Forgotten
5. All Good Things End

Stay tuned for more news on DIMENTIANON activities to be posted throughout the year and well into 2011.

WOLFSHADE: New Track Stream Available Now Via Decibel Magazine

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Esoteric and mysterious, WOLFSHADE explore hitherto uncharted terrain on third full-length When Above…, out now via Wraith Productions. An introspective voyage into bleak solitude and haunted resignation, When Above… offers seven mournful, organic lamentations that escort the listener to an altered state of mind, ushered there by hypnotic, trance-like odes to birth, regeneration, uncreation and (ultimately) demise.

Check out “Thrénodie Pour Un Astre Mourant,” the fourth track off When Above…, brought to you by Decibel Magazine:

Recorded at Raven Circle Studios in France, this time founding muse Kadhaas is joined by like-minded acolyte Samigina on the mystical journey, culminating in a new atmosphere for WOLFSHADE that is at once claustrophobic yet strangely comforting. This is music for the famished, betrayed, disillusioned soul. In the end, we are all alone.

“Epic and progressive, WOLFSHADE is working hard to elevate the genre to new heights… ” – Corazine

“When Above… is seven tracks of atmospherically dominant black metal with desperate almost overly-dramatic vocals.” – StereoKiller

“The band does a great job in keeping things fresh, but still maintaining the overall depressive atmosphere that will crush your soul during the almost 50 minutes of music presented on When Above….” -- Infernal Masquerade.

“Excellent album.” — Minacious

“This is the kind of depressed black metal I like best: minimalist and hypnotic, but not so simple as to induce boredom, with percussion that keeps things moving without being overly complicated, and keyboard/guitar sound that mixes elements of ambient sound and melodicism in a subtle, intriguing manner.” — TheOneTrueDeadAngel